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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fun with the morning newspaper

fetish riederfrank 2018-11-14

As I turned the pages the paper would rub against my naked skin, an incredible sensation rushing through my body. While she started to breath heavily I grabbed the paper, secretly pushed it under my body and slowly rubbed my erection against it. From that day on every time I would meet Chloe she would make a vague reference to newspapers while staring at my crotch and watching my squirm as the buldge in my pants would grow. These were happy days, but to this day my wife indulges me with my newspaper fetish, and every time I meet one of her female friends I wonder whether she knows.

The Best Gag

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-14

He climbed out of the press of people and tried to catch his breath in the back corner of the room. Oscar went to thank her but she was already conversing with a couple standing near the other corner. The bag itself contained a shirt for a show he liked, it was even in his size, as well as a couple volumes of a manga he had been meaning to pick up and a card with some kanji written on it. Oscar tucked the card in his pocket and thanked her for the answers before heading back into the crowd. He let out a sigh and turned to wait for the seven floors to pass, only to realized he wasn't the only one in the elevator.


fetish vauntaray 2018-11-14

Almost as if she were aware of my intentions, Eliza would arrive at Navya’s room the minute Navya got done with her work out session. We opened the balcony door to let the winter sink in, switched the lights off, pulled up a blanket to cover the three of us, at least partially, and started with Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Eliza in the middle, with Navya and I flanking the sides. And thus, ten minutes into the movie, just as the discussion on ‘making love’ came up in the movie, Eliza turned to me and started kissing, almost biting my ear, unabashedly, and right in front of Navya!

The House Party

fetish OldGeezer 2018-11-14

A spotlight illuminated the door, through which the young man who had parked my car entered, dressed only in a loin cloth, and holding a metal chain, which I saw in just a few seconds was attached to a collar around the neck of a naked woman who was crawling on all fours, eyes fixed on the floor. His cock was already hard, and she cupped her hands under his balls and proceeded to suck him, her blonde head bobbing as she worked moving down the shaft until her lips were pressed down deeply. After having fucked the woman’s cunt and her ass, the giant made his way round to her face, and forcing his dirty cock through her lips, he proceeded to fuck her face, holding her head in his huge hands as he reamed her throat.

Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night

fetish MamaMinx 2018-11-14

All he got was a glimpse of her beautiful naked ass in the air, with me pounding away like a mad man as both hands raked polished nails down Mistresses' back! I looked out the side window to see that we were pulling into the long drive way to the mansion and I began fucking her like a stallion in heat, ramming her pussy so hard that it hurt me, but was determined to accomplish my goal before I came. I in turn could not hold off any longer and on its own my right hand slammed down on her beautiful ass cheek three times in a row as my seed jettisoned deep inside her glorious pussy.

The Word Of Mouth Lounge - Part I

fetish FirstBlush 2018-11-14

Liz swerved so that her hips came off the floor, her weight resting on her shoulders and toes, while I unbuckled the leather belt, unbuttoned and unzipped and tugged the faded jeans down to just above her knees, revealing black lace hi-cuts that matched her bra, and immobilizing her thighs appealingly. Its narrow tip insinuated itself beneath the filament cluster pleasuring Liz to insane heights, paused for effect, then slid into Liz’ throbbing love hole to begin a vibration of its own. As Liz threatened to snap the ropes altogether during her fierce and sudden release, I knew I was getting some hot stuff all right and was sure the occupants of the Word of Mouth Lounge would agree.


fetish Kandikiss51 2018-11-14

She wondered how much rush hour traffic she’d fight this time on the way home. Just then Jim came up to her and offered his arm, “Hi sexy, table for two on your left honey.” “I wouldn’t think, I’d want to lay you down and make love to you, right then and there, in the sand.” “Oh my sexy darling, I love you more than I did the first time I saw you.” The feel of her pussy lips, the softness of her skin, plus the taste, made him want to lick and suck her cunt indefinitely. “Oh Jim, I love what you're doing, I am close to cumming too. She wrapped her legs around him and screamed, “Oh baby, fuck me harder, it feels so damn good!

A Squirt Here, A Squirt There - Chapter 2, Part 1

fetish Miss_Iris 2018-11-14

Sending a order to her brain, she felt the feeling rush to her bladder and soon enough, her pussy lips spread and her pee-hole began to squirt out hot, honey-colored urine that soon drenched the plant in her pee. She let out a soft, blissful sigh as her pee continued to water and rain down on the plant and felt the relief flush her body hot and her nipples to pucker and tighten more under the shirt. The patter of the piss hitting the metal was turning her on as she continued to let her pee rain freely and she reached a hand under her shirt to roll a pebbled nipple.

Confirmed Domme

fetish Orallee69 2018-11-14

She raked her pussy up and down my face, rubbing her clit on my chin, my lips, my tongue and even my nose. Then I felt Ariel’s mouth sliding down over the head of my cock, easing its way down until she had taken the whole shaft in her mouth. Ariel’s mouth went to work on my cock again and I hoped that she would suck me off as a reward for making Vickie come and for licking her ass. Just as I thought I felt the first sighs of an impending orgasm, Ariel abandoned my erection. “His cock is already throbbing; he’ll probably come quick and get soft on me,” Vickie said pouting. “Don’t worry,” assured Ariel, “Lee; you’re not allowed to come unless I tell you.


fetish Irish_Guy17 2018-11-14

Okay, I knew he was away from the house a lot, but I thought he was working hard to build up the business. I couldn't wait to send him the e-mail when he was at work, and when I got a reply saying "Awl, thanks honey, love you too," I felt pretty satisfied. I said I wasn't feeling well to stop him trying to screw me: I couldn't bear to think of his sweating body crawling all over me after he'd been fucking all those other sluts. He said he thought I'd look good in school uniform. Feeling me touch his dick made him rock hard, and I opened my legs wide so he could smell the juice running from my cunt.

Janice's Week Away - Chapter 3

fetish Havasmoke 2018-11-14

A few had arrived a little earlier than Janice and looked like they had gotten a head start on the free drinks. The guy introduced himself as Neil and he smoked Marlboro Reds. Long drags with her lips sliding down the cigarette until it popped out of her mouth with a little sound. She noticed that Neil was watching Kathy closely and realized he liked what he was seeing. Janice was enjoying this and as they finished their cigarettes she asked Neil how long he had been a smoker. Janice thought that was a marvelous idea and went inside with Neil and Kathy. As they headed for the bar, Kathy whispered to Janice that Neil was quite a good looking man.

Kinky Regression

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2018-11-14

Helen becoming impatient orders Becky to bring Hayley into the room. “There’s a good little girl, look what mummy has found in her bag.” Mummy Hayley takes a used tissue from her handbag, wiping his mouth clean, kissing him sloppily on the lips. Helen orders Hayley to put her new sissy-baby onto Lowri’s lap. “That’s lovely Holly Grace, milk Mummy Lowri dry.” Mummy places his small finger towards her nose, Alan seems to know what is expected of him. Helen is delighted as she presses her face close up to the sissy-baby. “There’s a good little ickle wickle baby, give Mummy Lowri a wet sloppy kiss.” Alan Leighton Jones has enjoyed his time as a pretty baby-girl with two extremely confident mummies covering his every need.

Under the Desk

fetish colleenslittletoy 2018-11-14

In the drama that played in my head, she towered over me as I lay under her desk, standing above me like some kind of beautiful goddess, her long legs stretching upwards, disappearing under her tight mini-skirt. For some reason, the vision of Marie and Bob making out with me at their feet aroused me yet, at the same time, caused feelings of humiliation. My sense of pride took control and I vowed to sexually conquer Marie before her date with Bob. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to seduce her into bed and satisfy her so completely that she wouldn't want to go out with him.

Black Sissy for White Couple

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-14

Watching Robert Wiles sucking my husband Daryl's cock totally turned me on. In most of these videos, a macho-looking Black guy with a big dick slams his cock into the asshole of a weak-looking, submissive sissy of a White guy. Robert Wiles screams as my dear husband Daryl Winston slams his cock up his ass. Daryl pounded his thick White cock into Robert's masculine Black ass until the macho Jamaican stud begged for mercy. Yes, I wanted to get fucked in the ass by the same Black man who sucked my husband's cock. My darling husband Daryl Winston came all over my face, so turned on was he by the sight of Jamaican bisexual stud Robert Wiles fucking me in the ass.

For her....Tied Up!

fetish uliveonce 2018-11-14

Your legs wide open, and you feel me gently stuff one leg of your tights slowly inside your wet pussy, and then slowly push the other leg deep into your ass hole with my finger. Your loving the sensations, and just as your getting close to anothe orgasm, you feel my slippery wet tongue tease your anus again, before gently easing right up inside your tight ass hole. I know you're close to cumming, so I go back to the vib and licking you, going from your pussy to your ass, exploring deep inside each and back again.I feel as you near a massive orgasm, but I stop, and it drifts away, frustrating and teasing you.

Desperate at the Museum

fetish lunaswift 2018-11-14

She perched herself on the edge of the toilet seat and Mel wondered whether she should look away, finding that her brain seemed to want to torture her, forcing her to watch as the sound of peeing echoed round the toilet. Mel realised she wanted to take this a step further and stood up, pulling her dress over her head and feeling the need to pee begin to grow in her, a result of the amount of liquid she’d drunk before work. Sue smiled at Mel and they walked out of the office, leaving the manager to his thoughts as they made their way back to the slum house, holding hands all the way and not caring who noticed.

Playing the Part

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-14

While her mind wandered, Abby knew that many men had said the kinds of things her agent just told her. Abby reminded herself she'd at least be able to work with Dylan and knowing the script wasn't likely to change, it meant he'd be kissing her a whole lot of times during the next several months, and Abby just couldn't see any downside to that. How does doing photo shoots have anything to do with smoking?" Abby was already very irritated by the whole thing and Howie wasn't helping. Abby laughed and said, "I don't know about famous, but it is pretty great to finally get an opportunity like this.


Holding Nothing Back

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-14

His hope was that his little girl would eventually find the right guy who would love her the way she wanted to be loved because the one thing he was sure of was that Bradley was a giver and a pleaser. Eric saw a coffee cart outside and said, "It's been a long time since anyone called me perfect, but thank you for the compliment." The girl's laugh encouraged him so he said, "If you'll let me buy you a cup of coffee, I'll come back and talk to you. Both of them wanted to have as much overlap as they possibly could and from the long, passionate talks they'd had about love, romance, intimacy, giving, and sharing, any doubts Bradley could tell this was the guy she'd been waiting for.


The Art Of Finger Fucking

fetish Gil_Renard 2018-11-14

She reached for the door handle of her office, turned, looked up at me, and said, “I don't know your name.” I grinned, "I'll tell you my name after you suck my cock." Tzarina smiled in approval, "That's so fucking hot. The anticipation of your possible visit had the most arousing and soaking effect on me.” Tzarina grinned, and slid her middle finger into her mouth, sucked on it, and slowly withdrew it through her full, pursed, red lips. I undid my zipper and pulled my semi-erect cock out of my pants, as I watched Tzarina’s long, delicate finger, disappear and reappear from inside her.

Dirty Old Pervert 4

fetish megalanthropus 2018-11-14

It took me at least an hour to stop thinking horny thoughts about her dusky Indian face and her warm brown doe eyes, as she looked up at me while she sucked my cock. She continued sucking Michael’s cock, and after another minute Michael gasped and said that he was going to come. It was slower process, since the heat of the first fuck was gone, but the three guys were young and prolific enough that they got hard when Judy went one to the other, sucking or pumping their cocks with her hand, as the occasion arose. Another ten minutes later Dashawn planted his mouth between her legs, while she sucked Michael’s cock, and gave Will a hand job.

Sibling Spanking Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-14

So attached, Maureen slowly pulled the tight control panties up and Lynn let out a little scream when she felt the prongs penetrating her inside channels. Lynn reddened in the face but sat on the toilet, pulled down the panties and took a breath without the prongs in her, and let her pee fly. It was about 8:00 A.M. on Saturday morning and Donna got out of bed and put her robe on, coming to the door with an annoyed look on her face, even though she really was thrilled with getting to watch Lynn on the toilet. Lynn did not wait for further instruction and lowered her tight control panties, allowing the prongs to slip out of her over-stimulated orifices, and with only her pajama tops on, got into Donna's bed and took her dominant niece in her arms.

Rachel's Ravishment - Pt II

fetish Minidevilette 2018-11-14

It reminded me of my step – mother and, although I’d had some bizarre thoughts about Elyse lately, I didn’t want to be thinking of her in the same vein that I had Maitena. “But,” she continued, “you need to be taught how to harness it.” She stopped as she looked me in the eyes for the first time since I’d said goodbye to her yesterday. Her clothes clung to her curves but draped softly around the rest of her, accentuating rather than revealing and I realised I’d spent so much time wondering what she looked like under her tailored suits because she hadn’t flaunted it for the world to see.

College Girl's Punishment Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-14

Nick was quite a bit older than Glenda but he enjoyed the assertiveness of his wife and looked forward to seeing her spank his daughter with her panties down. Barbara, realizing her shame would be complete, and seeing her father staring at her soiled panties and at her pubic mound and vaginal lips on open display, bent over and held her bottom cheeks apart shamefully. Her legs splayed, showing all of her feminine charms to her father who tried not to be too obvious in his interest in seeing his daughter's private places, including the rosy vagina with puffy lips that was displayed lewdly during Barbara's increasingly movement of her legs during the spanking. Barbara frowned but walked over to her father and said, "I'm sorry, Dad, for not doing a better job at keeping myself clean and having Glenda need to spank me."

A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 05

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-14

Annette rose and welcomed her and then indicated that there was a third lunch companion, Justice Lesley, one of the three-judge panel that had sentenced Eleanor and also released her from correction. Gail blanched and Eleanor somehow refrained from smiling at Justice Lesley's statement, which was tantamount to an order to the senior correctional officer. While Gail was starting to understand the situation she was in—she knew that all her friends would soon hear via the women's grapevine about her being spanked in the ladies room of The Lounger—she did not respond quickly enough to Judge Lesley, who expected such deference based on her status.