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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 02

fetish yellowfrog 2018-06-07

While the nurse prepped him, Bob and I told Dr. Gayle about his prostate massages and of course how that was the ONLY way he was experiencing ALL his climaxes. Now I had Bob to myself, my lovely anal whore into whose mouth I would eagerly pee, sighing deep and smiling as it flowed out of me and into his mouth. While Bob was on all fours talking about my stepdaughter and how he was starting to date her, I applied lots of sports ointment on my fingers and generously massaged his prostate with the ointment. Just as Bob was standing there, chatting with two lovely shemales, the numbness wore off and the ointment's deep heat started to heat up his prostate!

My First cuckold couple

fetish brigantes6969 2018-06-07

I love slow teasing fucking and I penetrated her at different angles so my cock went inside her and my cock end rubbed along more or less just one wall of her cunt which always makes women moan a little as it’s so unusual to do that. She was getting just as excited by my dirty talk as John was and I could see my unusual sex techniques were pushing her close to the edge much quicker than just normal sex and I told her what a filthy bitch she was and that she should be ashamed of herself and she came explosively after about 3-4 minutes.

Room Service in 1447

fetish jacketjack 2018-06-07

The next time you see these," you say, opening your robe to reveal the panties again, "they're going to look just a little different." You linger there a long moment, your hand brushing over the satin encasing your sacredness as you stare knowingly into me. His heaving breath gives way to moans, his voice rising now and I know he's on the edge and then he too breaks over as you shout out, "Yesssss, all of it inside me, deep in me, yesss" and he's grunting, heaving, emptying himself as he fills you. The sound of blood in my ears again, a drumbeat dopplering lower as time spreads; a single minute folds out impossibly and finally the closet door opens.

My Daughter the Dancer Ch. 02

fetish Sean Renaud 2018-06-07

He's either really good at looking out of the corner of his eye or he doesn't need to watch what he's doing at all with shoes cus he didn't miss a beat, even pulled up my socks when they were getting a bit slack." Rena replied with a shrug. He wasn't in any rush to get up, not when Lara was wearing a pair of open toed high heels with her toes painted bright blue, and except for one girl in low cut hiking boots with sexy purple frilly socks peaking out over the top the others were all wearing common tennis shoes.


fetish 2018-06-07

i slowly run my finger over ur pussy and up to your clit through ur panties slightly pushing on ur clit increasing the pressure as i start to slowly rub it gently in circular motions gradually getting faster and faster. I change direction on ur clit while my other hand pushes ur panties to one slide running a finger along your wet pussy lips up to ur clit and back down again before sliding one finger knuckle deep inside u. you instantly gasp as i slide in another finger, the combination of two fingers inside u while ur clit being rubbed makes you begin to moan, your breathing getting deeper harder and faster as i start to rub ur clit harder and faster building up a rhythm.

David's Summer of '61

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-07

Standing in front of the sun there skirts appeared almost transparent and I clearly became aware of every shapely contour of their legs and thighs. She appeared to be standing 'too' close to my face for comfort, and again I was aware of gusts of wind lifting the front part of her skirt giving me tantalising glimpses of knees and lower thighs. Sometimes she looked down at me, asking me questions, while pulling in her dress; other times she'd stand above me, legs apart, with the wind blowing her skirt from side to side. Cynthia was continuing her conversation with Phoebe and began reaching around for things to pass to her including my mug. "Pass me that plate please Cynthia," said Phoebe, clearly tidying things away.

Part 2 - Meet up with Kelly

fetish ahsleymills 2018-06-07

Love, Kelly.” When I opened the bag, I instantly smelled her perfume and inside the bag was some sexy panties, thigh high stockings, and a sort of slip/nightie top. I loved how the layers of silkiness slid over me, and she liked it too with one hand rubbing my cock and the other feeling my stocking covered legs. Kelly reached down, pulling the straps of the slip back up my arms to my shoulders, covering the sexy bra. “Here, let’s try it” she said, “Get on your knees and pull your panties down.” Kelly took out a tube of lube from her bag and squirted a little on to the plug and my ass.

The Passage of Lydia Part 2

fetish fifebi 2018-06-07

I felt slightly detached watching this awkward girl release her hot hard cock from panties and tights and one hand stroking slowly as the other caressed nylon and found a bra clad nipple to tweak. Aunty Bev began to stiffen, her breathing faster and louder, I looked up and her eyes tight shut and her bottom lip in her teeth. As Aunty Bev reached it she glanced up at me and winked saucily then I felt breath on my glands and the softness of her lips as they slid down my cock, I was reminded of a stocking being put on a leg.

Rebecca's Naked Interview

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-06-07

For seven months, I had been working on scoring an interview with the infamous man known as Anon de Sade. As long as I agreed to the conditions, I was allowed to ask de Sade any questions I saw fit. "And the answer is 'Yes, fucking way.' You see, Mr. de Sade has instructed me that if you want this interview, then you will at least come to understand his philosophy, and how he helps his clients. "It's why I'm here interviewing you, Mr. de Sade," I said, feeling the vibrator beginning to warm up and increase in speed. I refused to allow a huge vibrator going off in my pussy to get in the way of getting this story!

My Wife's Co-Workers Are Making Her Fat

fetish Mr_Null 2018-06-07

Days became weeks and weeks became months, until the day came when the most direct of her colleagues, Anne, noted that as time had gone by, Sam had developed more than just her job skills. Still, Sam was pretty shocked when, while they were out to lunch, Anne teasingly pinched the small, soft roll of pudge that had gradually formed on her previously flat belly. As the table watched in quiet delight, Sam's belly slowly but surely pushed the zipper of her slacks all the way down as it finally succumbed to the call of gravity and dropped, hanging heavily over the top of her black satin panties.

Pregnant Becky...again.

fetish helmetdark 2018-06-07

Becky answered dressed normally for a kept woman housewife… barefoot and in a matching purple sweat suit of a soft stretchy material, it looked expensive. I tucked my face in towards her long pale neck and let my hot breath fall behind her ear and raise the little hairs there…I grabbed her tits hard and squeezed at them. Feeling like cumming I rolled to my back and Becky wasted no time climbing on to my still rigid pole. Perching on her tiptoes she angled her self into my cock and worked away furiously, each stroke almost the whole length of my cock from the head down to the base slamming it home…I lost count, trying not to cum, at three of her orgasms.

The Janitor

fetish dedimm 2018-06-07

I pump my fat drooling cock as I begin to lick your seat to try to taste your hot cunt. I would do as I pleased though squeezing your fucking hot ass cheeks through your tight skirt, running my hands down the backs of your stocking-clad thighs, squeezing and molesting your body until I lift your skirt, bend you over, tear your panties to the side and plunge my red cockhead into the seething depths of your horny, leaking sex. With a fistful of your skirt I'd hold you in front of me and fuck your cunt like a big black bull just released from prison after 20 years without some sweet pussy.

Naughty, Dirty Boy.....!

fetish Turpitudus 2018-06-07

It was so exciting to be sat there in my pvc shorts, leather dog collar, black long pvc gloves, fishnet hold up stockings and some cheap black patent high heels. It felt so utterly horny to be gently teetering around the secluded car park, heels clicking a little, pvc creaking and my cock rock hard in my pvc shorts! He left me there for so long I was about to walk off when his window went down and his hand came out to rub the bulge in my crotch. I leaned in a little to touch his cock with my gloved hand and he let me carry on as he held the leash over it and sat back while I rubbed and took a fist to it.

Dear Terri

fetish Tuxgod 2018-06-07

I sat at your feet with the lotion in hand, dressed only in a jock strap the clearly revealed my lack of size, rubbing your feet and legs knowing that in the not too distant future the door bell would ring and Patrick would be here to claim his woman. I could see the buzzing going on in your head and in your body merely through Patrick's touch. I listen to you talk to Patrick and worship his meat, I glance upward and see you not looking at me or holding my head in place, but stroking and kissing Patrick's massive dick. He tires of your stroking and swings the head to your lips and you open your mouth and let him slip as much as he could inside.

Checking In

fetish Daniel_Steele 2018-06-07

The tape tore away a few straggling hairs before Vance slapped the last of his stash into Miranda's waiting hand. And that, my friend, won't be flying around here anymore." Miranda unzipped the leather case and placed its contents on the foot of Vance's bed. Take a good look at what a real cock looks like," Miranda said. She rested the long plastic member on the crack of Vance's ass, letting him feel the weight. Miranda pushed the tip of her plastic cock into Vance's hole, gently rubbing the crown in tight, corkscrew spirals. Don't you bitch?" Miranda's hand took another stinging bite out of Vance's ass. Jason slapped his spent cock against Vance's face before stuffing it back into his scrubs.

Beth's Day At The Box Store

fetish fossie123 2018-06-07

Then with a look of lust on her face she grabbing my hair and pulled my head down next to her lips, in my ear she whispered "nice cock big boy" Taking a deep breath she pulls on my hips and the head of my cock pushes into her tight ass. Looking at me she said it's going to be pretty hard to explain my cock to the doctors if you wreck the truck so keep your eyes on the road. A car pulls up and stops, Beth wave's and two people, a man and woman get out of the car to watch her pounding her cock in my ass.

The Return Visit Ch. 01

fetish A for M 2018-06-07

"oooohhhh, that sounds like it is just the ticket… not too big, not too small… buzzes in all the right places… after all this will be the first time you have something up your ass… right baby?" He answered with another groan, and with that, they stepped up to the counter. She grabbed his hand again and it was shaking slightly, even her nerves were a little on edge, but she took a deep breath, looked in his eyes, and said "you know what we need to get now…" They had discussed the brands, or maybe it was more that she told him the brands she was deciding between. Once back out in the car, she looked at him and said "Are you having a good time baby?

Love What You Eat, Eat What You Love

fetish curious476 2018-06-07

Pamela was a little younger than Aunt Dorothy but she looked like she had been used a lot more. "You know?" Pamela said with a leer as she looked up at Aunt Dorothy, "Tonight doesn't have to be a total waste." Is it hard because you want to suck Pamela's sweet pussy" She said it in a detached sort of way, as though she were asking if I wanted to suck someone who was not here. "Do you like it?" Aunt Dorothy asked as leaned forward and ran a finger through Pamela's pussy. Aunt Dorothy licked her lips sensuously, and looking into my eyes and said to her "Go ahead, do him. "I could tell" Aunt Dorothy said and as I looked at her and noticed for the first time that she was standing there totally nude.

Dating Julie Ch. 01

fetish livingboytoy 2018-06-07

My male ego also thought it was a good idea to make her feel like it's not all about just sex, by telling her that I love it when women are in charge of the relationship. The interesting thing, when she finally let me suck her juices out of her tender pussy, my dick sprung to life and it started wagging with happiness, just like a dog's tail when it sees its owner. I was so happy I would spend the night at her house [which likely meant we would fuck] that I didn't care to remember to stop by the sex shop and buy that dildo.

Boy Toy - The End.

fetish tygress77 2018-06-07

"If I were you, I'd get crawling, unless you WANT someone to see you like this." I stepped aside and prepared to watch the Toy scoot himself into my apartment on his hands and knees. Toy looked to the spatula and my vibrator but hesitated a bit before crawling up onto his hands and knees. I closed my eyes and let him pleasure my ass feeling that tongue twisting into the tight hole as I started to really rock on the vibrator. "Slower, faster, harder, oh god toy, you were so close..." my voice trailed off in frustration and he yanked me back down again, his tongue started working my over active clit.

More Than a Little

fetish WFEATHER 2018-06-07

The nipples were certainly noticeable, but definitely not erect - exactly what one would expect of a young woman fresh from a shower and lounging naked on a bed while reading a book about the impact of Hollywood on the French film industry in the 1920s. I slowly moved around the bed, creating different angles, the camera capturing more pictures. I wanted to capture Sara in my arms and share a long, slow kiss with her as I pressed gently into her young and yielding body. I stepped back and took a look at the readout on the digital camera, not surprised to find that I had taken nearly sixty pictures of the young beauty.

The Amazing Betsy Freinlich

fetish Subtext 2018-06-06

Betsy laughed as we hit the incline, her thick legs and broad hips pumping like pistons below me. I suddenly felt like I was loosing my grip on her shoulders as my body began to drain of energy. I had to listen to all the stories about her wealthy, junk merchant husband and her amazingly huge belly and how she was breast feeding all the kids in the neighborhood because her milk wouldn't stop flowing. "I want you to let go, Steve." she said to me, her eyes looking compassionately into mine, "I want you to trust again." "That's it, let it go!" she said as I felt the diaper begin to fill with all the things I had held inside all those years.

The Film

fetish cupbearer 2018-06-06

So it was that, in the first two years of us knowing each other, I had a fling with both gamine, dark-haired Kelly and also hippyish, red-haired, cheerful Daisy, and each of them at various times also had a bit of a thing with curly-haired, earnest, round-faced, long-nosed Vanessa. The more I read and reread the script, and saw Kelly's monsters come together, and rehearsed with Daisy and Vanessa, the more nervous I became, but paradoxically I also became more reassured; after all, it wasn't going to be real but a technical process.

PnP Gang-Bang--Pt. I: Prepping.

fetish 2018-06-06

I told him that I didn't have time to douche because I got his text to come play just as I was finishing work. I was about to use the shower douche already hooked up in the shower stall, but Mike intervened "Let me slip into you and unload this back-up of piss in me, okay." "When you feel the piss coming out, don't worry, that's what we're doing this for...just let come out whatever wants to come out and we'll clean you up after," he said. At first just a little trickled out, but then once I got used to the feeling I just opened up and let come out what would.