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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kerry's Undies Ch. 01

fetish Paradiggler 2018-06-06

My mind kept fixating on those foul, coffee-coloured discharge stains inside her undies as I continued to lick away; the thought of that tiny, pretty white cotton crotch panel getting so very dirty in between her legs as it rubbed intimately against her vagina, pubic hair and anus was almost too much to bear. Her stained, smelly white underpants were down around her knees whilst all of this took place, finishing the process with numerous wipes of her anus and nether regions with white toilet paper, eventually repositioning her knickers up between her legs again where they would continue to be exposed directly to her pubic hair and regularly discharging vagina.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 06

fetish escalus 2018-06-06

"Yes," says Miss Lucy: "I can see that it must be." She moves on to the area around Clare's anus, parting her cheeks gently and drawing the razor over the almost non-existent stubble with a lighter touch than ever Matron brought to bear. Clare sighs involuntarily: she wonders if Miss Lucy knows that aftershave is the norm: but she's certainly not going to enlighten her, it feels nice, dangerously nice, having a warm hand between her legs instead of a stinging spray of aftershave. She is feeling sad – Tina is gone – but she cannot afford to lose herself in introspection as one of the girls she is working with is Tania Nye. Tania's idea of keeping things lively is to wait until both Wardens have their eyes elsewhere then creep up behind Clare and yank down her knickers.

Customs Pantyhose

fetish wrbxxx 2018-06-06

I am a woman and I know very well how pantyhose smell because I wear them every day," she said. A stretchy fabric of her pantyhose inside her pussy wrapped around my dick. I gently bit her big toe and started moving my hands up and down her leg feeling the nylons all the way. She slid on carefully one hand inside the hem of pantyhose rolling it up making sure it is going to be straight. Now that I am standing here next to you dressing up in a second layer of pantyhose, I think I don't need anything more," I replied. I looked down and noticed that the layer of pantyhose was no more inside her pussy. I want to feel you inside my pantyhosed pussy.


Imogen's Undies

fetish Paradiggler 2018-06-06

I have long liked Imogen and dreamt about her inner workings in terms of her vagina, anus and pubic hair and what goes on inside her underpants. All this indicated that Imogen is a very clean girl -- her discharge is not smelly but has a very natural taste and appearance -- it is simply a nice, healthy, feminine vagina cleansing itself against the pretty canvas of her underpants. I imagined her pubic hair getting caught in my mouth occasionally as my tongue wandered freely between her dirty vagina and anus, tasting deeply every flavour and odour that was on offer!

Dog Kennel Ch. 04

fetish Dylan987 2018-06-06

I also think you should have your chest, legs, arms and armpits shaved because a little girl dog like you should be completely hairless. "Come over here, Daisy, there's a good little girl, I'll shave you and make you look all pretty for your master, Kevin," she said laughing to herself. Once I was home and lying on my own bed thinking about what my life would be like now as Kevin's pet, I started to get hard again and couldn't help grabbing hold of my pathetic little cock and stroking it furiously for a few seconds until I came violently all over my smooth chest and face.

Dr. Office Pregnancy

fetish pregnantlover2001 2018-06-06

Brett's cock was still hard as a rock and he started to kiss Amber as they walked down to the beach. Brett was pumping his cock hard and fast into Ambers' cunt as she screamed out in pleasure. She closed her eyes again just as Brett's cock started to swell and he sent a hot shot of his young cum deep inside his Amber's cunt. He walked over to Amber and pushed her down on the sofa and got on top of her and once again drove his rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy. Brett pulled his limp cock out of Amber's cunt and she went in and got the baby up from his nap.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 03

fetish gbr2004 2018-06-06

"Mistress knows what is best for you Stevie, you must trust her and do what she says," April tell me as she finishes taking her stockings off. "Do you want to fuck me Stevie?" April asks me looking between her legs, "would you like to stick your cock in my pussy?" "But if you could do it without Mistress finding out, would you fuck me Stevie?" April asks, her tongue licking her lips till they look so wet. "Maybe you should tell them your Mistress likes her slaves to be smooth, or maybe you prefer that I tell them for you," she says as she lifts my face till I have to look up into her face.

Lizzy P.

fetish Alice_in_Pervland 2018-06-06

She wanted to be mad at Daddy for invading her privacy in such a debasing way, but as his big, warm hand started gently rubbing her tummy, putting steady pressure on her bladder, Lizzy found it harder and harder to be mad, and more difficult to hold it in. The first touch wasn't enough for him, so Daddy took Lizzy's hand and put it on the front of his pants, making her rub him discretely while the doctor was on the other side of the room. While Lizzy was distracted by Daddy's fingers playing roughly with her nipples, the doctor removed the sound and inserted an even bigger one, this time slowly fucking her with it while his other fingers pressed and rubbed against her g-spot, which was made clearly visible with the speculum still inside her.

Shoe Store Salesman

fetish JhMcKn 2018-06-06

"Becky needs a new pair or two of shoes Mel." said Emmy Lou. After Emmy Lou left, Becky reached down and pulled her DK's up over her stocking tops giving me a nice glimpse of her very hairy thighs. About this time Emmy Lou returned from the bathroom and stood in front of me and raised her skirt up to her waist showing me a belly full of totally grey pussy hair that was equally as thick as Becky's. Mel came to the door and let me in and immediately gave me a very big cardboard box that I was to take the Emmy Lou and Becky's home.

Changeling Ch. 02

fetish Michael142 2018-06-06

I walk back into the bedroom and David is sitting his on my dressing table, with the blue piece of paper in his hand, describing my sexy dream of being with another man. "Oh, David, it sounds wonderful!" I stop and looking him in the eyes continue, "Honey, don't think anything about this until we talk, okay?" I dress in a new bra and hook on a black lace garter belt, and David helps me with the sheer stockings, getting them on and snapped into the garter straps. You name is David again, and you are my sweet man, but I am still going to dress you up as a sweet little girl!"

La Rose

fetish Artemis_Daniels 2018-06-06

A gentleman, I thought rolling my eyes in my head. His hand embraced the curves my neck, my crimson hair pinned up on my head, some curls falling onto my ivory shoulders. I wanted to reveal my terrible burden to him, but I knew I couldn't. "You look very noble, Sir." I didn't mean to judge to I lowered my head. Clear as a beautiful day, his flaxen hair looking like wheat in a field and i was in this feild with this man inside of me, pleasuring me, making me feel like a person, loved and desired. I placed my hands on his chest and played with his nipples as he continued to dominate me with his massive cock.

Panties After Practice!

fetish kebbyman 2018-06-06

Tevis grabbed one called "Panty MILF Fuckers." The front picture showed a hot older woman spread eagle with her purple silk panties pulled to the side and a giant black cock buried balls deep in her dripping asshole. Conrad began to beat his meat furiously and with his unoccupied hand reached out and cupped Tevis' large tight goose egg sized balls and began to lightly stroke them helping his friend let go of the huge nut he knew waited to be spilled into his mother's panties. Tevis who's eyes were on the TV told the other guys to look and they all watched as the black guy pulled his cock from the MILF's pussy and unloaded a very large messy nut all over the woman's purple panties.

Me & My Wife Are Sisters Now Ch. 01

fetish gayindia1980 2018-06-06

After 2 minutes they all came inside the room and my wife free-felled on the bed and Jerry came near her and started kissing her, in the mean time Rob got naked and came on the bed. After getting undressed Jerry put his lips on my wife's pussy and started licking her and she was sucking Rob's dick like it was an icecream. Jerry also stood up and put his cock in her mouth, she started jumping like a mad bitch and moaning all the bad words and cursing me to not fuck her hard and tightly while sucking Jerry's dick. After around 15 minuted Rob came in her and after that immediately she changed her position to bitch style and asked Jerry to immediately start fucking her.

My Public Sex Addiction 6

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-06-06

For some reason, I was really into it, maybe watching the other two guys watching me get blown, although I really don't remember what any of their cocks looked like. and the guy slid my cock out while jacking it rapidly, pointing it directly into his wide open mouth, and I pumped about 6 big ropes of cum into him. Nothing violent or physical or anything (although I've heard those stories too), just like, a couple of times guys sucking my cock turn out to have their hand in my pocket, and they are pretty careful about it, so they don't actually take your wallet or money and stuff until you are actually blowing your load down their throat, which I admit does tend to be distracting.

Panty Rush

fetish stac2918 2018-06-06

I would get the panties out of the box most nights of the week, pick a pair which took my fancy on that evening, a silky soft pair to rub against my cock and a sexy thong to sniff the last traces of any fading scent out of. The red thong I wrapped around my cock and I lined the crotch of the cream panties up with my nose so as I slid them over my head I could smell it's amazing scent. The smell was too much for me, after a minute or so I slide the red panties down to the base of my cock exposing my shaft and with my left hand I squeezed my balls through the fabric.

The Princess Kiss

fetish momo_lady 2018-06-06

Angeline took the penis into her mouth and began sucking, meanwhile, thrusting the blade of her fingers in and out of the princess' pussy. "The princess is deep inside me...with...with her cock!" She reached down, squeezing the princess' breasts, feeling the pebble-like nipples press against her palms. "You feel so good!" The princess gasped, prying open Angeline's creamy, white thighs. "This is the first time I've ever wanted this curse." The princess moved her mouth, nibbling on Angeline's ear, down her neck and then suckling on her soft nipples, flecking her tongue on the tender mounds. "I am here to serve the princess for as long as she wants me." She kissed her back, feeling Freya's cock rub against her thigh. Freya shuddered, feeling Angeline's fingers caressing all of her below, her pussy, her cock, even her anus.

The House on the Right

fetish Majorkjm 2018-06-06

The living room window opened at the front of the house on the small porch and the kitchen had a door to the tiny backyard. Until three months ago he dedicated the rest of his lonely day to his only two hobbies: television series and classical music, well, he probably wasn't average in his love of classics. John slept on his knees, crying against the hard wall of his living room, long after the sounds quieted on the other side. Two days later, three months to the date his neighbors moved in the house on the right, he heard Penelope crying. He went to his backyard, jumped the low fence that separated both houses, opened their kitchen door and with the revolver firmly pointed in front, followed the cries stepping into their illuminated living room.

A Surprising Morning Ch. 02

fetish 1smokeeater 2018-06-06

After turning off the alarm so it wouldn't wake her, Jerry got out of bed and padded into the kitchen of their one bedroom apartment and started the coffee. Jerry looked at Peggy for a moment, then said, "You talk about our sex life?" As soon as you leave, Peggy will be getting a good spanking," said Jerry. "Peg, it looks like Gayle gets just as excited as you do when she gets her ass spanked," Jerry said. As Gayle came down from her huge orgasm, Jerry helped her to sit on the couch between him and Peggy. When his breathing returned to normal Jerry brought his hands up to grasp two different sized tits, Peggy's small and firm and Gayle's bigger and softer.

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 02

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-06-06

"Look, DeDe and Jock, Jen and Louie, you are two couples on a double date that decide to come to a porn shop to see what it's all about and maybe get a little thrill. I couldn't hear much of what Jerry was saying but I could see Jay and Kim both nod their heads and give a little bit of a chuckle at a couple of points. I started to walk in their direction but Jerry gave me a "stay" gesture with his hand and after another few seconds of conversation with Jay and Kim, headed over to me. I went with the lead (like Jerry had said, it was like a dance) and found myself kneeling on the floor (actually the loading pads) with Kim, facing her, and still getting kissed all over my face by her.

Close call.

fetish shoeluvr 2018-06-06

Well, as I was fucking my girlfriends heel I hear her mom talking and hear her getting close to our bedroom door and I'm too far away from the closet so I know I don't have time to run to the closet, put the heel away and pull my pants up. As her mom was in the bathroom and I can't really go anywhere else in the house because I didn't want to chance it by walking out and her b*****r seeing and knowing there's a heel in my pants, that'll be awkward. As I was getting ready to fix my jeans my girlfriend tells me to wait and pulls out my cock, places the heel under it with her left hand and gives me a hand job with her right hand.

Jessica's Fondest Wish

fetish worzel 2018-06-06

Kaye got into a kneeling position next to her bed and April pulled out of the box a rod with two leather wristbands attached. Kaye wanted to play the game so she offered both her hand to April, who pulled the mittens over the gloves pulled the laces tight, did up the strap and padlocked it on! April stood up unzipping her own crutch zip and mounted Kaye's face, rubbing her pussy into Kaye's mouth. Kaye saw a blindfold in April's hand and had just started to react when it was pulled over her head and the lights went out. True to her word April got back very early and asked Kaye to put a business suit on, she went the whole hog charcoal grey jacket, Leather pencil skirt, stockings, the works!


fetish Middleagepoet 2018-06-06

Bobbing my head I noticed the dark roots nearly four inches long leading out to a wavy blonde that rolled out over her shoulders, ran down her back and then curled back over her right arm to then cascade over her thigh and down to her knees. Carefully running my fingers over her scalp, I watched the hair curl over my hands, the shampoo foaming up as I worked down the back of her head. Over her shoulders my fingers worked in and out of the curling mass and I noticed my hips moving slightly in and out with the motion as some of the hair had flopped out of the sink and ran down the front of my body.


SuPrise sex

fetish dgg 2018-06-06

He sat me up then, changing his mind, pushed me roughly back down and began running his hands up and down my body. Catching my breath, I frantically tried to compose myself, my brain searching for a way to process the pain as his hands wandered down to my pussy and my legs instinctively opened. Fuck me like the little slut you are!” I began moving up and down along the shaft of his cock. If you don’t cum, you are going to feel pain like you never felt before! Again, I frantically turned it sideways to catch my breath as he shoved his hard cock deep inside my still wet, freshly pleasured pussy.

My Cowgirl

fetish msound1 2018-06-06

Katy sleeps like the dead, so there were a couple of times where I ended up dry milking her while she was still asleep. She had to pump by herself at work (thank you again Medela), but whenever she came home I would either milk her by hand or nurse from her breast directly. I wanted there to be a sort of a line, a demarcation between the Katy who worked as a division director and the Katy that loved nothing more than stripped naked and being milked like a cow. We'd been going at it for a couple of years at this point, and though I'm sure she'll keep being my Katy-Cow for years to come, eventually we'll have to end this phase of our relationship.