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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish qqnforyou6 2018-06-06

Each time my aunt would walk into the room I would steal a glance and fantasize about how her feet would feel in my hands, on my face, and in my mouth. "Sure," I said as my aunt led the way out of the family room, offering me many glances of her feet along the way. I could feel your eyes on my feet when I was in your presence," my aunt said in a soft whisper as I slid her shoe from her foot. Looking across at my aunt I felt my panties begin to grow wet as I watched her lips and tongue caress every inch of my foot.


Mirror, Mirror

fetish TheLitGirl 2018-06-06

"No" he said huskily, gently moving his hand over the aching nipples straining against the bodice of her thin gown, making her arch into his palm, until he gripped her harder, the moan escaping her lips sounding more like cry of joy than anything else. She wanted to feel his hand and lips on her everywhere, wanted him inside her, pumping in and out of her, playing with her till she burst, she wanted—"Oh!" she thought as his hand was flicking her swollen nipple, his right hand smoothing its way down the dress, lifting it off the floor and past her black strappy high heeled sandals.

All In The Mind

fetish noglory 2018-06-06

She compared her heady feeling of her present nakedness with how restricted she could feel when dressed up: her legs sheathed in sheer silk stockings with lacy suspenders; her body moulded by satin bra and pants under a figure hugging little black cocktail dress and bedecked and pierced with expensive jewellery; her hair, now free to drape in dark, fragrant drifts around her face and shoulders, would be styled and bound up with floral decoration or with butterflies and bows; her face, now fresh and unadorned apart from that part obscured by her gag, would be powdered, rouged, lipsticked and mascara'd into almost a different identity; even her feet felt somehow freer in the cool clean crisp embrace of her white plimsolls and ankle socks than in her fashionable sharp pointed high heels in shiny black patent leather.

Norwegian Apron

fetish oggbashan 2018-06-06

What made Sven's behaviour at Brigitta's party even more odd was that he had returned to Silverbridge for two short visits since that party, and behaved with the Vixens as normal, even though he was newly married. "Brigitta, what was wrong with Sven last year?" Lisa asked. I listened to Sven for a while until he said that he would be tied to Gerda's apron strings. Gerda was and is my friend and I had been upset that Sven thought so little of the woman he was going to marry. "I went to Norway for Sven and Gerda's wedding, arriving a week before the event so I could see friends and relations. What Gerda wanted was to try one of Lisa's large aprons.

Trick or Treat

fetish Joseki Ko 2018-06-06

The party that you're going to be having but didn't see fit to invite me, gee I don't know what caused me to want to fuck you," he said as he tossed her backwards onto the floor. He felt her hands moving over his chest as she moaned her excitement and pleasure as the rough way that he was taking her. Cyndy had just a moment to think before she felt the thick head of his huge cock rubbing against the opening of her body. Cyndy pulled her mouth from his cock and looked around. He placed the soiled napkin in her hands, pushed his cock into his pants and walked out the front door leaving it open.

Stepsister's Nylon Punishment

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-06-06

From her massage, I became extremely aroused and she must have noticed it because just as I was about to come she suddenly withdrew her feet from my cock and took off her heels. I felt the smooth fabrics of her tights and smelled the familiar scent of her sweaty feet I had enjoyed so often on my own. I thought that my dick was ready to explode when she took it between her sweet and sweaty little nylon-encased feet and gave it a gentle but still firm massage. Sara continued with more teasing, scratching my balls and my penis with her toenails through the reinforced fabric of her yellow shiny smooth tights.

The Scat Chronicles Pt. 01

fetish TheBrownestEye 2018-06-06

He trails his fingers across his wife's nipples, the fleshy nubs pointing straight up like his cock, his stiff pole twitching and bubbling up pre-cum as Morgan gives his balls a squeeze. He slips his fingers inside the warm channel, and she draws a deep breath that she lets out as a purr while the girl returns the dildo to her ass and pushes it in again, squirming a little and biting her lip. Of course she would look familiar - it was only a couple of hours ago that he and Morgan were watching this girl eat her own shit online.

Pippa's Story

fetish Pippa 2018-06-06

She held me by the forearm gently stroking my silk gloves as she said, "I think it's time that you met the rest of us Pippa, because I get the feeling we're all going to get to know you pretty well tonight." She smiled knowingly as she looked me straight in the eyes. Marikka ordered Stef and Dee to prepare me and, they started kissing my face, lips and neck intensifying my excitement and making my dick throb wickedly. We drank some more and I explained to the group that my mission was complete and, following strict instructions, I must now return to my wife and graphically describe my evening while she tried to coax another erection out of me.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 05

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-06-06

Chapter 2: After Todd, licks his girlfriends pussy clean of Mark's sperm, Mark further humiliates him by slapping the shit out of him and telling him how he fucks Sam better. Consumed with the thought of licking a man's anus I haven't realized that Mark has stopped fucking Sam until... "Not until the bitch starts licking my asshole." Mark says all the while remaining calm, cool and dominant. "Uhh yeah the little bitch had it coming" I say toward the door, "I will hit you up later dude, me and Sam are having one hell of a fuck session." I tried to sound confident and cool, but it was hard with my mouth inches from Mark's asshole.

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 05

fetish asianspankee 2018-06-06

kind of." I reply, not sure why I said that, but I do actually start to look forward to my spanking sessions with you despite knowing well in advance that it's going to hurt, a lot. "Today we're going to do things a little differently, however." With that you open your office door and usher in your 3 employees, whom I've seen before around your store many times. Rick and Tammy are the two college students who work part time as inventory clerks and cleaning staff at your store. When you pause to rub my now bright red buns, I suddenly hear the high-pitched giggles from Tammy which I haven't paid attention to earlier during your repeated swats on my bouncy cheeks.

A New Way to Ride

fetish davegdb 2018-06-06

There is nothing hotter to me than a woman giving me a nice wet dick sucking, where she has been sucking my cock, playing with my balls, then getting on top and riding my dick like a rodeo cowgirl. As I move up to kiss her, and rub her tits, the feeldoe now rubs against my own balls and cock, hmmm, the vibration feels good, as I kiss her and grind against her body. Slowly we embrace and feel the heat of our bodies, the vibration of the feeldoe deep within her and against my balls and cock.

Next Door Is Very Handy...Part 4

fetish Croozer 2018-06-06

I quickly realized I could cum easily, so I stepped back, fetched her black nylon panty off the bed, and laid it in her hand, then put my penis against it and rubbed myself. She whispered, "I'm going to do this to you with every one of my new slips, but you must promise to excite me with new things like you did last night...except I won't sl**p throught it." I told her I would, and in seconds, was filling her new red half slip, her hand, and her left breast with my semen.

Who else wants to join the prolapse fetish army?..

fetish elpapirriqui 2018-06-06

It seemed so far from the sexual bliss I had seen in Queen Panther’s eyes and those of the other girls I’d seen prolapsing that I concluded that all this info came from puritans having hang-ups about anal sex to start with. The basic thing one has to consider before going any further is that the anus and internal membrane of the colon, which is projected outside during prolapse, are very sensitive; reason for which anal sex is so gratifying. If you want a butt hole to really enjoy sex, you have to teach it to fully relax, so it can be stretched open for the biggest cock without pain; but you also have to strengthen the muscle for it to tightly close when it’s not used for sexual pleasure.

Black 2-Piece Swimsuit

fetish sc43dpr 2018-06-06

I raised my body up slowly and pulled my swimsuit down and she reached back and helped me get it over my feet and then tossed it aside, into the clear water beside her. We were now pressed against each other's flesh with my shaft halfway buried along the length of her splendor and the head alone, again, was showing, this time, visible through the floating dark, curls of hair that so nicely covered her desire. I leaned her back and we watched as the little clouds of semen floated in the water between us, some of which deposited themselves all throughout the soft curls surrounding my still hard shaft and some of which were floated away by the remaining waves.

Sara Gets Spanked

fetish Epiphany 2018-06-06

He gently rubbed her cheeks, and slipped his hand quickly between her legs, feeling the warm moisture. His finger found the opening to her pussy and he slid two fingers quickly inside, soaking them with her juices He moved his fingers in and out as his other hand slides up her back and locks into her hair, pulling it back hard and causing her to gasp. At the same time, he pulled his fingers from her dripping pussy and brought his hand down fast and hard on both cheeks, two swats on each side. I want to cum for you." he slid his hand down her back and swatted her ass one more time before letting his fingers find her still wet pussy again.


A Glory Hole Makes a Bad Day Better

fetish HornyKip 2018-06-06

Not two minutes after I released my trouser snake, a man came into the booth next to me. The man then released his lip lock on my rock hard tool and began to slowly take more and more into his warm wet mouth. Pushed hard into the hole and the man's willing mouth and shot rope after rope of gooey spunk down his throat. I was about to end the video feed and pull my card, when the booth next to me came back to life. I waited for a little more than a minute while the new man got situated. I stroked him for a minute or so, then said, "This isn't good enough." I found the tongue of his zipper and pulled it down.

Draguette Ch. 01

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-06-06

Draguette realized she was standing on a wide platform that seemed to run the entire length of the huge hall, raised above the chairs and tables occupied by screaming men. The crowd was expecting to see her model, to see her walk up and down the platform while her nudity was on display for those up close, and on the huge high-definition screens for those sitting afar. Draguette tossed her red head back and smiled, her pretty face and huge emerald eyes and full mouth and perfect teeth delighting the crowd. As the crowd cheered and watched the action on the screens, the Mandarin prince placed his hands on her nipples.

Office Feet

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-06-06

As the time for the meeting had come and gone, Shelley found herself back in her office semi exhausted. Shelley laughed and sat back in her chair, propping her feet up against his stomach. Crossing her legs and dangling one foot, she pointed towards the floor and James instinctively dropped to the floor at her feet. She smiled at James and placed one foot squarely on his face as he sat there. James recoiled with embarrassment and tried to hide his "situation." Shelley dangled one of her feet and encouraged the boy to keep going. James tried to keep going as he kept looking over at her feet. After cleaning up James sheepishly went back into Shelley's office area and asked if there was anything further.

Night Shift Pt. 05

fetish Peethagoras 2018-06-05

Sam wasn't to know that the normal attire for a night shift was no clothes at all, and that it was easier to step out of a skirt or dress than to roll jeans down your legs and pull them over your feet. Susan, now into the swing of things, zoomed the camera in to Anne's hand as it slowly pulled down the zip. Anne was tempted to pull Susan's panties down right away just to find out how wet her pussy was, but thought better of it lest she eat Susan's succulent cunt and forget to expose her lovely breasts. Anne was getting really turned on by this and rashly suggested, "Susan, let me position myself so that I can open my cunt and see if you can squeeze your cream out to land in my hole."

pantyhose at Dr office

fetish 2018-06-05

There was this SUPER hot MILF sitting across from me with a short black skirt, black pantyhose and sexy heels. I looked up after gazing at her sexy legs, she kind of smiled a bit and said, why don't you take a picture, it will last longer. I told her how sexy I thought her legs were in the pantyhose and asked if she was going to let me take that picture. I buried my face in her ass and began to lick her pussy from behind, right through the sexy sheer. I licked and tongue fucked her pussy and ass from behind for at least 5 minutes.

when we met

fetish spanker69 2018-06-05

I got to your neighborhood, I didn't turn in time so About this time, you noticed a dirt road and told me to turn you were going to take my hand to lead me away from the car. those spanks you held the chain in your hand and told me to with the chain you led me back to the car; stopping at the My reminder was a hard pinch to my left nipple. Suddently you stopped; put the vibrator away and told me back around to the car door and told me to pull up my pants. the feel of the clamps and the weight of the chain that comes stopped in order to give me time to just savor the orgasm.

Double Date

fetish magas911 2018-06-05

"Jessica's tits look fucking amazing tonight," Melanie said, right off the bat. With Melanie, Jessica, and I still clothed, the buck naked Grant looked like a Greek God. His cock and balls swayed low as he stepped around the carpet. Her juicy ass swaying, her big tits bouncing, Grant rubbed his cock against my girlfriend's thigh and dug his lips into her neck, making her tilt her head and moan slightly. "I want the titty bitch to suck me off now." Wordlessly, following his command, my girlfriend lifted herself off my face and crawled over to where Grant's wet shaking cock dripped onto the carpet. I drifted asl**p with my dick in my hand, and woke in the morning to find Grant gone and Melanie cleaning cum from my girlfriend's fucked asshole.

The Babysitter: Chapter Two

fetish Acebottom 2018-06-05

It was another Friday, which meant that Joe and Sara were off to a party, and once again I was around at their place to babysit the k**s, which, of course, really meant swanning around the house in a skirt and heels, imagining myself as the stereotypical cute teen girl babysitter. I chose a simple touch of blush and mascara, wanting to make my pretty little babysitter self have a youthful innocent look about her. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and began to stroke, letting out a little sigh of pleasure; my pretty, girlish face looked a sight with my mouth open, gasping in sexual anticipation.

Anal Intensity (Part 1 of 2)

fetish 2018-06-05

My holes belong to you -- every one of them." I'm totally obsessed with anal sex, probably because I don't get it at home. Lucky for me, S is also totally obsessed with anal sex (that's how she gets off, and I've got the pictures to prove it). S is obsessed with the idea of receiving anal, and also with the idea of giving it. Her man won't play along, but I'm game, and said so. After all, if she's willing to let me in her holiest of holes, why would I deny her mine? We had been talking about anal play for a while, but last week she told me that she had a surprise for me.