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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wake up call

fetish trevor54a 2018-06-05

She started caressing my cock, slowly moving up and down and it was getting hard as a rock. Slowly she moved over, placed herself on top of me, guiding my cock into her hot pussy as she gently lowered herself down. You know, when you wake up and feel like you're gonna cum any second - if you just jerk your cock a couple of times. I opened my eyes, saw my smiling girlfriend riding my cock. Immidiately I felt the cum exploding inside of me, forcing it's way viciously through my cock. The load felt so huge and hot I felt a sting of pain as the first spurt erupted from the top of my cock into my girlfriends hot and moist pussy.

Winter Treat

fetish skriblur 2018-06-05

As I close the vestibule door, Francie opens her puffy quilted knee-length coat. A tiny gust of body heat and girl-scent blossoms out, getting warmer and stronger when she unwraps her scarf and takes off her hat. Francie slides her glasses up on top of her head like the cool girls do - though she probably sees as well without her glasses as she does with them all fogged up - touches her fingers to the wall and heads toward the bathroom. As I squeeze through the half-open door, Francie's parking her little butt on the seat: her skirt hiked up, her underpants at mid-thigh, she settles in and exhales.

Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 03

fetish jpb209 2018-06-05

I reward her by reaching round to frig her clit - her legs are apart and as she approaches climax I seize the butt plug with my left hand and forcefully pull it out and push it in repeatedly. Her mouth slowly opens, the shit encrusted plug moves towards her and my left hand continues to play with her clit. I felt more shit passing down my system and told her, "Quick - put your open mouth over my hole." She did and a liquid mass exploded over her, she choked down what she could but the rest ran onto her hair and all over her face. I could see her mouth still working on the shit, brown drool escaping to run down her face just like brown liquid was slowly oozing from her stinking ass.

Cheating girlfreind.

fetish feir 2018-06-05

Idk if anyone can relate but when you haven't been fucked for a long time you have no idea how good something so simple as being filled by a cock feels. I got angry and said "You've been telling other women you love them, you've even arranged to meet up with one, why haven't you met her yet?" he still didn't admit it, then i said "You even told one that i'd uploaded my boobs to this site and slagged me off for that when all the time you've been sending them cock pics." He started helping out with the k**s more, treating me every day to dinner when he wasn't at work, and spoiling me with his time and effort more than when we'd first got together.

Coffee, Tea or Chastity

fetish stateofdenial 2018-06-05

He suddenly felt so very vulnerable, exposed as her hands continued push his legs apart. She maneuvered herself on top of him and worked his numbed yet rock hard cock inside of her. Arms bound, head covered and his tethered cock and balls aching for release. Again." Her hands moved past his legs and up his body as she positioned herself over him.This time he spread his legs wider and lifted his hips to help get her inside of him. Are your feelings that suppressed that you can't even tell the woman who has tied you up, had her way with you; in the most perverse manner mind you; and is now asking you what you want." Her gaze cut right through him.

Weekend Valkyrie ending

fetish gmikeisbad 2018-06-05

We rolled around sideways and through some more ball yanking and nose rubbing and his teeth in my mouth few times we got into a position of me kneeling on top and him kneeling facing me and we slowly raised up off the mats to cheers, whistles and clapping from the women. A lady said, "Wriggle hard little ornaments, you want to be out of that foam and into your clothes before the sun comes up Monday morning." As she closed the roller door with us still in the driveway out the front of the clubhouse in full view of the street.

Ode To The Aquarius King: Broken

fetish Kandy5647 2018-06-05

He had tied his Queen to a chair and forced her to watch this "little girl" as she called her, fuck her king in front of her. The King watched Adam lube up his toned olive ass so he could get on all fours and take his Queens' 12" dildo. He watched his Queen enter Adams' back door and go to town fucking his ass. She pulled out of Adams' well fucked ass then turned her attention to her King. Just as he was about to scream Adam took his white cock and jammed it into the Kings' mouth. Adam howled for the second time that night as he emptied his balls into her Kings' viciously fucked ass.

The Confession

fetish GoodyGoodyTwoShoes 2018-06-05

He asks how big their penises were, their race, body type, favorite thing I did for them, what I liked best, how many men there were and how many used me at once," Lily said, then covered her mouth with her hand moaning deeply. Kenneth pulled his mouth away from Lily's ass and looked up at her as he quietly let saliva drip onto his fingers before pushing them inside her tight asshole. "When my husband and I married in this church, after the ceremony," Lily took a deep breath as her legs began to quiver from the pleasures between her thighs, "we had sex and conceived our first child." Timed perfectly at her husband's words, Lily yanked the priest's curtain open then stepped inside, closing it behind her.

Cuckold couple

fetish naughtycouple09 2018-06-05

The first time you spend the night at the cuckold couples home, and if you sl**p in the guest room, slip into their bed at 4:00 a.m. and awaken them by crawling between the Hotwife’s legs and fucking her Spend the night later at the home of the cuckold couple, with you and the Hotwife sl**ping in the master bedroom this time, and the husband sl**ping alone in the guest room Use the Hotwife's cell phone to take pics of her sucking and fucking, and send them to the cuckold husband while you’re having sex Have the cuckold husband lay next to his wife in bed, kissing her while at the same time holding one of her legs, helping spread her wide as you fuck her (even better if she cums like this)

First time my wife Janet cheated on me.

fetish jerrytubes 2018-06-05

Then she told me they talked for a few minutes, and she got her wine and came on home. He spread my wife's legs apart and stuck his big cock in Janet's pussy. Then, Terry told her, "OK, Janet, I'm gonna pull out now, I'm about to cum!" At this point, my wife was about to cum for a second time, and she said, "Don't you DARE take that cock out of me, and just pulled him in further with the legs she had wrapped around his ass. He said he felt like he came for about a full minute, and my wife got off again, too.

Haley's Story

fetish MrSizable 2018-06-05

You bend over and I pull my cock out of my boxer briefs, holding it in my hand I take the pre-cum covered head and rub it along the wet lips of your pussy, to make for an even easier entry I feel my way into you, using only my hips to guide me, and I feel as the head is sliding it's way into your tight, soaking-wet pussy, until at last I reach the end, the deep g-spot that makes you throw your head back in ecstasy and let out a loud and guttural groan of pleasure you're sure you've never felt before. "Oh god Haley...I can feel your pussy throbbing on my cock, you're getting ready to cum aren't you babe?"

Eight Hundred Nerve Endings

fetish MissingGreen 2018-06-05

When you pull it off and relieve some of that terrible pressure on your poor sensitive nipples and all those teased, fraught little nerve endings, it will feel so wonderful. Feel those waves of pleasure flow from the tips of your fingers, through your breasts, all the way down into your clitoris.” She let go entirely, her body convulsing, her hips bucking, as she could feel it, deep between her legs, her clitoris bursting with thrilling joy, her panties soaking with her arousal, and she no longer cared, she wanted everyone to see, she wanted everyone to know what a horny little slut she really was.

Service the Bitch Ch. 01

fetish rapidpulse18 2018-06-05

Here’s the deal: Whenever I want sex you’ll be the one that provides it.” She was saying until I rudely interrupted (and wished I hadn’t), I said it wasn’t possible she was my friends mother I just couldn’t do that, it was simply out of the question what the hell was she thinking anyway. If I thought at this point I now had this woman under my control, I was being very naive because, Mary placed her hand on my erection and my entire body went like jelly. My head hurt like hell, I squeezed Mary’s panties in my hand, and with that thought in mind I drifted off to sleep knowing the best was yet to come.

Wife in Control Ch. 02

fetish wifetoy 2018-06-05

After filling me with the Progasm, she made me pull up my panties, tights, and the control brief, which snuggly secured the invading Progasm in my ass and crushed my tingling cock and balls uselessly into my body. "You need to look like a well dressed college sorority girl to perform the nasty service that you are going to provide tonight" She had selected white satin panties, ivory cable knit sweater tights, white extra firm control panties, a gray tweed miniskirt, tight black knit turtleneck, wide black suede belt, and black suede, peep toe, Mary Jane pumps with a 4 ½ inch heel. As I continued to service her ass with my tongue, she inserted the cock shaped portion of the rabbit into her now creamy pussy and slid the switch forward so that the dildo portion came to life and began rotating.

Gwen: The Pregnant Pissmop

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-06-05

Gwen had a dreamy, happy look across her face as she stooped forward (her heavy breasts rubbing along the piss coated tiles) and as the camera took in this video golden moment she dipped her head toward the trough. From there was no stemming the intense flow of my piss as it hit Gwen's face and sprayed over her mouth, her nose, her eyes and her hair. I couldn't keep it going forever though and as the yellow stream reduced to a slow trickle Gwen bent forward and took my penis in my mouth to fully catch the last few drops of my urine, sucking them in gently as I looked down into the big, unmistakable whites of her eyes.

Nurse's Confession

fetish mdt123 2018-06-05

What shocked me despite being in this profession for 20 years was the lack of regard for modesty toward male patients and the opportunity for me to examine closely literally hundreds of young guy penises to do testicular, hernia and penile exams that are legally required for many physicals. Particularly in group physicals or when legally required, I like to get new assistants either nursing students or just first time chaperones to help with the charts and cleanup etc. I don't know about men doctors but as far as a woman this has to be the best of all worlds, a stable marriage and yet ability to see & intimately touch good looking naked guys/girls daily and get paid very well for it!!

Movie Rental

fetish Tepin 2018-06-05

When I put the first one in, it took me until the end of the first scene to realize it wasn't the movie I'd rented - I'd picked one that was all men giving a huge facial to the woman but instead the girl rode him like a horse until he came and then moved up and lowered her freshly filled pussy to his face. I'd never spanked anyone before so I figured I'd start softly and work up - even so, the first smack seemed to echo in the basement followed immediately by a sharp intake of breath from Sue. We could both hear the sound of slaps and the occasional moan from the screen as I gave her ass a few more swats, slowly increasing the force but making sure to constantly change location and speed so she wouldn't know where or when the next one was going to land.

Admitting My Secret Ch. 01

fetish bi_hengst 2018-06-05

Julie rubbed the slick head of her girl cock over my asshole as the stranger continued to fuck my mouth with long languid strokes. Julie fucked my ass hard and fast as the stranger expertly sucked my hard dick until I spilled buckets of thick creamy cum into his mouth. The stranger fucked Julie hard and fast as I licked and sucked her swollen pussy lips and her hard clit until her body exploded in the most powerful climax I had ever witnessed. The stranger continued to fuck her until he was ready to cum then he pulled his magnificent cock from Julie's cunt and pushed it into my mouth.

Tracey - The Garage Incident Part 1

fetish picturepainter1 2018-06-05

He began to fuck me slowly and steadily, kissing my face, eyes, forehead, lips and neck.”“Do you like sex?” The Policewoman suddenly said, out of the blue!“What, what?” Tracey looked at her. His kisses on my face and neck became burning pleasures as the buzzing deep down in my cunt increased with each stroke of his cock.”The Policeman reached out to his colleague under the table and pulled her hand over to his throbbing manhood which she immediately close her fingers over tightly without taking her gaze off Tracey.“I felt him increase his pace on top of me, and I started to cum!

Miss Bradshaw

fetish Lynabo 2018-06-05

Miss Bradshaw stood up, leaving Joe on his knees at her feet and opened her cloak standing in front of him with her feet slightly apart, looking down on him. "That feels so good." Now Miss Bradshaw weighed in at eleven and a half stone and most of this was on poor Joe's upturned face so he could just about draw breath through his nose. Then she gripped his nose with her right hand and shook his head, slapping his face with her left."Now understand this clearly," she said in a raised voice," You are my slave and I will do whatever I like with you." At this she laughed out loud. Miss Bradshaw sat exhausted by the effort on Joe's pounded face, and then she lifted herself up and looked down at her slave.

Wet Fantasy

fetish Mouse36 2018-06-05

She stepped in front of James, stopping their progress, she leaned up and whispered into his ear, "I'm so wet, my pussy is aching for you, and she can't wait for you to touch and kiss her and taste her juices". Leaving her clothes on the floor he stood, Alice's hands running over his bulge and unzipping his trousers, letting his enlarged manhood free. Suddenly it stopped and she walked over to James and pushed him playfully down on the floor, sitting on the edge of the bath. She turned off the shower and stepped out, a drop of pee seeping out as she did so, travelling down her leg only to be kissed away by James.

A Washing Line Tale

fetish Lynabo 2018-06-05

She was a shapely long-haired blonde, and was pinning a pair of black nylon panties to the line. He thought especially of those black panties as they hugged her inner thighs, the reinforced crotch nestling against her most private, intimate parts. Being honest, stealing grated on Alan's conscience, but oh how he needed those black nylon panties. Sally had pictured her admirer as a tall, handsome, lonely man desperate for a woman's love, who had seen her and fallen at first sight. Just imagine the shock on poor Sally's face when her handsome lover turned into a spotty runt of a teenager who stared adoringly at her as if he would bore through her with his eyes.

Love Meat

fetish master-george 2018-06-05

The guests formed a double line as the meat walked into the room, her heart racing, little knowing what its master had prepared, to the centre of the room, where a small black iron dais stood, with a broad square vertical iron frame mounted on it. She didn't need attention to her nipples or sex now, it was barely enough for her to keep the trembling at bay as she reached behind and loosed the dress, a caress over each shoulder freed the straps and she allowed it to fall slowly to the floor, stepping out as the maiden drew it off the platform.

Appointment By Card Only. part four

fetish midsummerman 2018-06-05

Bruce's cock bulged in the tight plastic cage as she took his leash and led him to the stool and had him kneel close to its rear; his balls tingled as he watched her lift her black skirt then sit slowly, spreading her magnificent cheeks across the small padded seat as she sat. 'I will pay you any price when she is ready, I must have her as part of my collection; please let me see her in private, I promise I will not make her anxious.' The other males who were there, peeping through the lattice, on their way to the function that Ruth had mentioned to Bruce and treated to a tour prior to it, stood with their cocks bulging at the array of submissive females in various costume; several of them leaned toward being dominated by stronger women themselves, but all who witnessed this particular lounge could not help but be aroused by the show of feminine beauty there.