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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Bukkake Diaries 2: Depraved Mercy

fetish NomDeClavier 2018-06-05

Throughout the week I tried on different outfits that Elise had bought me: elegantly professional but revealing skirt ensembles; a couple of slutty school girl options; designer jeans and tops for clubbing; over-the-top stripper heels with fence-net thigh highs and impractically strappy bras and thongs; and even a sexy ultra short lab-coat style dress. I waited anxiously until the door cracked open and through it stepped the red-haired shop girl, but it took me a moment to recognize her. Mercy snapped my thong back down on the butt plug and then I listened to the sound of her heels striking the floor as she walked away without another word.

Filthy Fuckers

fetish theprince 2018-06-05

She was scooping the cum mixed with her cunt juice out of her freshly fucked pussy and rubbing it into her mouth and face.... His cock was throbbing as he watched Lisa scoop the cum out her cunt and smear her face and hair and mouth with it. I want to feel it enter my cunt and poking at my fucking throat from the inside." "I am going to push my face into that cunt and snort your fucking cunt juices till my head is swimming with your scent.." Prince rasped. Lisa gagged hard and spat on his cock and balls, rubbing the filthy throat slime in. Lisa could feel her face being used as a mop on Prince's cock and balls.

In Service

fetish smittensunny 2018-06-05

I dry my Mistress gently and lovingly from her gorgeous neck to her perfect toes, but again I know not to linger, not to attempt to invoke a sexual response from my GODDESS. Mistress is pleased by my fear and respect and when I finished applying the lotion she pats my head, as she does her dog, and tells me I am a 'good boy'. I know I have pleased my Mistress when she places her hands on my shoulders and lovingly pushes me downward so that she is able to straddle my face, a gorgeous thigh astride each cheek and her perfect pussy inches above my mouth.

justa cucking

fetish driveherbinight 2018-06-05

I pulled my cock out and came so hard that the first shot went over her head and hit the pillow, the second shot landed on her forhead and the remainder glazed her tits and stomach. One night after she came home and we had great sex I told her that I wanted to watch her get fucked. The plan would be for me to hide in the closet and she would bring a guy home and let him fuck her in our bed. She licked and sucked that cock while the other guy slid her dress up, pulled her panties to the side and started licking her pussy. The first guys cock stayed hard and soon he was fucking her while his friend dumped a load in my wifes mouth.

Colour Blind Ch. 02

fetish sarahsmith1989 2018-06-05

Despite cooling down a little, the waiting gave me time to work out in my head just how I would berate the owner. "I can take down the clip right away, but it wouldn't make a difference if you gave me a century to pay, I just couldn't come up with the money, can I offer you some merchandise?" The owner suggested. Well, we always have extra guys in the store." The owner danced around his point, "and it sure would be good for business, if we had something to keep the customers happy." I had seen it a million times in porn scenes, since I was alone now, I had the perfect chance to do something I thought looked silly but always wanted to try.

Disha's Dilemma Chapter 1

fetish maxwellspanx 2018-06-05

Disha found Dan in the darkened living room where he sat slumped on the couch, watching the news while nursing a beer in his right hand. “Thanks Dan. I’ll need your love, Look...” Disha showed her hand. “I’m her… husband.” Dan felt the back of his his head before then offering his hand to greet Mike.. Mike stepped up to Disha and placed his bucket-like hands on Disha’s narrow shoulders. “Just got to make a bit of room for the love egg.” Mike watched the stain on Disha’s face. MIke barked like annoyed teacher, “Take it easy Dan. I’m just looking after your wife.” Suddenly, Mike found his way inside, causing Disha to bite into his shoulder as she felt him open her up.

Girl's Dorm CFNM

fetish Horhay_J 2018-06-05

This happened over and over, to the point where basically every time I took a shower in her dorm I'd have to traipse my wet and naked self back to her room through the hall. And so, naked, half hard, and a mess with my own cum, I snuck through the hallway of the girl's dorm to the shower to get cleaned up. And so after only a couple months, probably right around the time that she first made me cum in my pants as I just described, it got to be that as soon as I entered her room I'd take all my clothes off.

Skiing Tights:Après Ski

fetish MFrederique 2018-06-05

Every ride up the lift Marlene asked me about the pantyhose: were they warm enough, too loose or too tight, if my cock was comfortable, if they rubbed the wrong way – or the right. Toned masculine thighs in sheer pantyhose, eager cock bouncing out the front and furry tail hanging from the back. I never even imagined you in pantyhose and a tail!″ Marlene stripped off her sweatshirt and stood wearing only her socks. Marlene turned around, facing away from me, my wrists together, and her plush rump pressing against my wet hard on. And when I was spent Marlene rubbed her cummy face against my pantyhose and while she fingered the tip of my cock.

Classroom Surprise

fetish loveyou18 2018-06-05

He sits on the other side of the room, but I stare at him all the time. He was chewing gum. He had gotten up to spit out his gum. Ohh my goshh... But I was honestly just growing more and more wet. I was in complete shock. He traced the outline of my bra. My body is extremely sensitive to touch, so the second he kissed my collarbone, then to my shoulders, I was already moaning. He took off his uniform shirt completely and softly wrapped it around my mouth. He unhooked my bra while he did so. He started to use his mouth on my nipples, and began to suck them softly. I nodded as best as I could. I nodded. I nodded. 'Ohh...

(2) A stranger joins us for some fun (cuckold, bis

fetish horacy-xxx 2018-06-05

Jane got off my face and sat on the edge of the bed and the boys stood in front of her with their hands on their hips pushing their erections towards my wife who took them in her mouth one after another just for a couple of seconds just to turn around and kiss me passionately to share the flavour of young cock with me, "I'll need some help" she whispered. I kept loosing the sense of time as the next thing I remember was when my wife sat on the guy facing him inserting his amazing cock in her now loose pussy and the other italian stood over his mate and Jane took him in her mouth.

Creampie Lover Ch. 04

fetish jealouscuck 2018-06-05

Cynthia said, "Oh, no you don't, Little Boy." She stunned me by telling me to stroke Kevin's cock until it got hard again. Cynthia laid down on the bed and said, "Honey, why don't you show the boys how to make up for a small cock?" I started sucking her slick pussy and slobbering up her crack while I rubbed my entire face all over her waiting sex. Then she shocked me by saying, "Honey, when Kevin mounts me, grab his cock and guide it into my pussy right on top of Jason." I was a little concerned, but she said, "Do it right now." Kevin spread his legs on the outside of Jason's and got in position.

Night Nurse Ch. 02

fetish thelimeyfromhell 2018-06-05

After she had left I tried to read my book, but my mind kept going to what had happen the night before and what treat she had for me. "Yea, but tonight I was thinking of going a bit further?" As Helen said this she reached into a backpack she had on the table and pulled out a small carrier bag. After Helen had opened the bag for me she pulled down my bed clothes. "These smell great, I thought you was just trying to get me yesterday when you said they had run out of toilet paper." Helen then got up, straightened her dress out, and picked up the panties.

Office Management

fetish Misslexia 2018-06-05

For the rest of the day I tortured him by going in and out of his office, flashing my cleavage every time I leant over his desk and giving him a tantalising glimpse of my panties every time I sat down and crossed my legs; I felt so horny!! "Flipping heck," I thought, "these knickers are already soaked!" I sat on the toilet with my legs open and rubbed my panties right into me. Afterwards I simply changed my dirty knickers and replaced my skirt and walked back into the office holding my soiled panties. I asked "Are these your wife's knickers Paul?" He squeaked and nodded again.

Property Auction Piss-Up

fetish Richard963 2018-06-05

Ohura was a small Japanese girl dressed like an American schoolgirl with a white blouse, a blue and purple tartan skirt and long blue socks on. I stood up and moved behind Ohura and aimed it with my hand at her cunt. Ohura raised her head and made some exclamation of pain but Lee pulled her head back down again, to carry on licking her cunt. As the stream lessened, Ohura grabbed hold of my head with both hands and pulled my face into her crack. She climbed off me and turned around, then she put her hand between her legs, and grabbed my stiff prick again before presenting it to her own arsehole, then slowly she moved down onto me until I was mostly inside her rectum.


fetish davidramsey 2018-06-05

It took a while, but I finally got the robe off her and was doing the fore play stuff sucking her nice tits and kissing her. However, I kept telling her I was not upset and love the feeling of sloppy seconds. WOW I couldn’t believe it, my wife that said she could always wait for me to fuck her, had fucked someone, and at least 3 times or maybe 3 guys, I finally slid out from under her after she had cum hard a couple times, and I stuck my cock back in her and fucked her as hard as I could. I told her I would love to do this again, and asked if she would call me after he fucked her so I could enjoy the sloppy seconds.

Milk Club Ch. 02

fetish Britguy45 2018-06-05

"As far as my being a 'cow' is concerned, Bob told me when I was pregnant with Natalie that mother's milk was a great turn on for him, and since then I have been able to indulge him." she told me. "Well as long as you are here," said Heather, "You can make yourself useful and keep Victoria company while I take my shower." With that she handed a bottle of anti-stretch mark cream to her daughter and headed for the shower. "Oh, yes," I replied, smiling up at Natalie, "I love having my belly rubbed, I always have, but its even better now I have a good excuse."

Panty Moments

fetish london_james2010 2018-06-05

I did not see her on the day before Kelly was returning and that evening I felt particularly horny so after I had eaten my Indian take away I found myself again in front of that mirror wearing a pair of white, satin bikini-type panties with my rigid cock rearing out of the low-cut waist band. I excited myself looking in the mirror and seeing: my cock snuggled in the pouch of a thong or, more likely poking out the top; the outline of it in panties that were not see-through; my balls leaking out the bottom; the black nylon or fishnet stockings on my legs, the black silk of the camisole against my skin and the tightness of the waspie or suspender belt round my waist.

Old Friends Ch. 02

fetish EmeraldSolitaire 2018-06-05

Jackie my little slut if you want to fuck me you have to eat your dessert first." "That's good to hear Jackie, if you're lucky I may never let you go, I might just keep you like this forever, my little sex toy. Patrice got up and filled the other glass with champagne and then came to the chair and sat on Jackie again. "Oh my little slut, did you think I was going to let you drink from that glass?" "So Jackie do you want to fuck now?" Patrice asked, with lust in her voice. "Why not Miss Patrice, I worshipped your body as you wanted and you said when we drank champagne I'd get to fuck you."

feeding them cum!!!

fetish ynot692k1 2018-06-04

this super hot mom and daughter come to eat. they order a burger to share. so after putting the mayo, right there on the line in full upper view to customers, and if at side window or door you could see me wacking it off. i stared at the mom and daughter and jerked furiously, looked at my counter girls tight ass and busted my fat nut all over the bottom bun! i put the cooked burger right on top, lettuce, tom, and onion toothpick cut it in half, making sure to split my cum. sent it out and watched as mom and cute young daughter ate my cum and loved it!(they thanked us for the BEST burger ever!!!)

Mother's and Son's making headline News.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-06-04

My son in his teens was a serial wanker, his bed-sheets were riven with dried cum, and running my fingers over his dried semen excited me, to know his balls had dropped and he was now entering his manhood phase, finding women attractive sexually, was like me finding a new man in my life, a second coming, (pardon the pun), and I began to feel like a girl again, being sexy and wanting him to appreciate me as a woman, then as a mother.


Period Play - Perverse Pleasure

fetish KinkyCatriona 2018-06-04

Your mouth is filled with my lusciously rich, sweet, thick, dark blood, and I can see that you're savouring its taste as you struggle to swallow it. I'm pissing onto the knickers stuffed in your mouth, and immediately you look as though you're going to drown in blood and piss, right there on the bathroom floor in front of me. I'd love you to settle into a nice steady rhythm now, sliding in and out of my slippery, blood-drenched cunt, fucking me deep and hard. I squat back onto your face, pushing down hard again as you work your tongue back into my blood-drenched, juiced-up fuck hole, giving it another thorough working over.

Forth of July surprise anal MMF again

fetish 2018-06-04

I gave my only order for the whole hour "ride his cock in your ass he sat on the sofa while I lubed her slutty asshole again before she sat on him "oh my fucking god thats deep" she rode his cock in her ass like a little whore she bounced harder than he had fucked her all night for 5 minutes before he moaned as he unloaded in my wifes ass. What a holiday that was we all went to the bedroom for the rest of the night (more like morning) she kept her slut outfit on and teased us between naps we all teased and fucked until 11 the next morning and definitely confirmed that me and her BF have a bad cum fetish by the end just telling each other we shot a load in my wife had the other hard waiting to feel her dirty hole!

Bad Girl Smokes and Jerks Off Daddy

fetish GeorgeTyerbyter 2018-06-04

Then I speed up the fucking when I blow the smoke makes me want to ..oooo, I don't know.” She challenged him with a belligerent stare, a sly smile twisting on her face. Jerk it off." She finished blowing the smoke in his face and looked at his boner, noticing the belch of man juice making it's way down the stiff shaft. At some point during one of the many jizz shots, she let go of his ejaculating dick, the spurt following her hand to her face while she quickly brought the cigarette up to her lips. "Oh GOD daddieeee!" she squealed, pumping his spitting dick."I'm sorry my smoking did this to you!" Cum glopped down over her cigarette, coating her jacking hand and making the naughty handjob more slippery.

The Grand Master Key Ch. 01

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-06-04

Watching her from a crack in the maintenance room door, I saw a single pair of panties fall to the floor unnoticed. No, not me, I waited until she was in the Laundromat and then I grabbed the panties and headed back into my apartment with them. Thinking of her, just a few steps down the hall separating her wash, I pulled her panties over my head, positioning the crotch over my face and began to stroke my cock. I slipped out of my apartment and made sure she was still in the Laundromat before walking over near the elevator and dropping the panties on the floor. I quickly returned to the maintenance room and grabbed a thermostat I was tinkering with when I first saw her pass.