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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Cheating in OUR own bed with b/f's best mate.

fetish 2018-06-04

Paul came back and sat at the table reading the paper while Matt pushed his finger inside me Iput my hand on his cock and rubbed his cock. We sat at the table drinking and eventually I got up and said better clear up a bit and MAtt got up to help but kissed me as I turned round. We started kissing and rubbing our naked bodies together and I said let's go into bed, we kissed for about 20 mins till he was hard again he put his condom on for more sex, I shall go on top of you I said, ride you slow and kiss.

The Dinner

fetish Makemyday 2018-06-04

You sit calmly dipping a strawberry into the chocolate, then the freshly whipped cream, and then you look squarely into my eyes as you giggle and lick its rounded tip clean. I look into your eyes, grinning as I whisper, "Your feet aren't ticklish, are they?" The look on your face says they are, as I wait for the waitress to near our table as she heads for the kitchen. "Sounds like a good idea," I say, dipping a strawberry deep into the chocolate sauce, "but I'm not quite ready to go just yet." Drawing the delicious fruit toward me, I stop short of my mouth and watch as the dark chocolate drips down onto your foot in my lap.

74% foot

Manning the Yard Sale

fetish AntaeusQ 2018-06-04

We tried. All the usual crap. "She was so adorable, and this one...Oh, I can't get rid of this one." She wasn't talking to me. I'm going to need it to hang the signs," she said from the living room. I tried not to think. Crap. She flitted her tongue against her top teeth when she spoke. She smiled a wide unselfconscious smile, full of teeth and pink cheeks. Her white shirt bunched and creased obscenely at her large breasts. She smiled, shook her head and once the act was done, she frowned weekly. She smiled and shook her head. I've read some of their emails. "I even think I've met her, shook her hand.

The Marriage

fetish zeta515 2018-06-04

Grabbing her robe, she covered her beautiful and voluptuous body with the flimsy garment and left the bedroom and the slumbering Max. Going into the living room, she glanced out the window and saw a short stocky grey-haired women dressed completely in white approaching the front door followed by a tall auburn companion, also dressed in white. While Charlene lubricated the end of the tube, Martha turned to Max, and grabbing the head of his limp penis, spread the head and smeared the lubricant over tip and into the urethra opening. Martha looked at Max's penis and then Rose and said, "Six inches?" This Martha placed securely into the end of the newly severed tube and looking at Rose said, "To prevent infections.

The Guest Ranch

fetish rrspence2002 2018-06-04

At a point in the trip, Fern removed her platform sandal, turned to her left, leaned back to the passenger door and placed her right leg into Don's lap. The toe rings that had adorned her left leg had been moved to her right foot shortly after Fern returned from the hospital and Don was able to turn and twist them while sensing Fern's growing excitement. These past 6 months had really toned Fern's remaining leg and she was able to balance well sitting back on her right haunch as her very short stump hung loose and trembled downward towards the floor. He lifted his right leg and reached it across to touch Fern's buttock like stump.

Sodomy with a Stranger through a Night Club Gloryh

fetish otter3440 2018-06-04

Finally, I felt her hand massage the base of my cock as her thick lips wrapped around the head of my cock to give it a slow, teasing tongue massage. Finally, my ass cheeks clamped together as my body thrust forward and my cock released a torrent of cum in her greedy mouth. Fortunately,the stall walls were designed with a paper thin material and the gloryhole was wide enough so that I could greet her puckered asshole with a well-deserved kiss. For the next 15 minutes, everyone in the bathroom could hear her tiny ass cheeks thump against the stall as her hungry asshole swallowed my turgid cockmeat.

Amazonian Quicksand

fetish sakura_inverse 2018-06-04

In the hot steamy jungle of the Amazon, Sakura took the love of her life, Angel, by the hand and gazed into her green eyes. When their lips parted, Sakura giggled as she saw Angel's red hair sitting neatly underneath her pith helmet. Angel was about to hop right in when she saw two tendril-like vines slinking through the mud. The ecstasy running through their veins made their blood race at a feverish pace, something which barely allowed Sakura to notice the vines creeping up between her thighs. The second that Angel felt the mouth of the snake press against her hand and her clit, she knew she was in heaven. The vine in Sakura's mouth pulled itself away as a trail of sticky sap was left attached to her lips.

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 04

fetish Tdisk 2018-06-04

Being able to remove her bra while leaving the corset in place gave him full access for milking and was an incredibly sexy way to display her breasts for intimate times together. They met Tina and Becca sheepishly explained their desire to have Mike's initials inscribed on the side of her left breast. Also, do you want the tattoo to look its best when Becca's breasts are engorged with milk or when they're empty? you certainly are well endowed." Tina reached out her forefinger and touched a spot on the side of Becca's left breast saying to Mike, "Here? She also found Tina's idea for an artistic tat showing a breast and milk to be much sexier than Mike's original idea.

Dirty Work Ch. 04

fetish awopas 2018-06-04

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed, immediately in a panic and as I faced away from him, I tried to cover my naked butt as best I could, squeezing one hand between the front of my legs and with the other trying to cover my exposed rear interlocking my fingers between my legs, looking over my shoulder to see if he was still looking. Of course this wasn't good enough for Sylvia who tweaked my left nipple and ordered me to greet him with a two hand wave. Of course once more Sylvia ordered me to put my hands at my sides and everyone began asking me questions.

And Then The Door Opened Pt. 03

fetish BadWriter 2018-06-04

By the time we were done in the shower and Katy locked me back into my belt and led me back to the dressing room Sid had returned with a large square frame on wheels which he rolled into the room. Kathy then washed my pussy thoroughly and a large bearded man I thought I recognized came forward and looked at my cunt closely. "Thank you all for your help tonight, enjoy your new whore and I look forward to seeing you again in five years." Sid and Kathy turned and walked up the aisle hand in hand and out the doors.

My fantasies

fetish 2018-06-04

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself, I am a normal 24 year old guy and like most guys my age I have an enormous sex drive! I love to fantasize about meeting someone off here just for sex and fun. My biggest fantasy would be to share a mans wife with them, I would love to have a horny guy watch as I service his wife before his lusty eyes. I am also up for some cock fun I love the idea of having two guys fuck my mouth and ass and swap over but finding two guys to do this is not easy! I would love to here from guys, girls and couples and if you want me to write something feel free to ask an I will gladly do so.

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 11

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-06-04

However, Linda indicated that Donna had suggested that they should also have the men wear a lockable penis chastity cage under the jock strap since she had found a perfect one at a local sex shop not long after meeting Ken. Linda noted that sounded like a great idea and she bought and sent one to all the member's homes so that they wear them at check- in tonight. Donna also found the plastic 5-5/8 inch shoe slides for showering and chastity-type belt with the vaginal insertable device while Ken retrieved the jock strap and penis cage from the nightstand and verified that it was identical to the one that Donna had used on him a few weeks ago!

Slap & Tickle Ch. 3

fetish Hudson 2018-06-04

She turned and got on all fours, she looked and Julie and said " stick that big dildo in me," Julie parted Linda's hairless lips and guided the large dildo into her wet cunt, pushing it all the way in until Linda whimpered with the pleasure of the fullness, I moved behind Julie pulling the panties to one side I took my cock and slid it into her, I pushed my dick in as far as Julies insides would take it, I grinded my groin against her arse, I could feel the rubber spikes pushing against her.

I Helped My Husband

fetish 425olds 2018-06-04

I slap the latex cock against my husband's face and lips and say, "If you want this cock, you need to beg for it, you want to be my cocksucker don't you, honey, tell me!" Michael moans and says, "Please, Kim, please let me suck your beautiful cock, feed it to me mistress!" That caused my pussy to twitch hearing my husband beg to suck my cock and calling me mistress. Bruce is holding Michael's head and then..."UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!" he begins cumming in my husband's sucking mouth. The night of gay sex ended for my husband as Bruce pulled out Michael's ass and cum in his mouth again.

Philaburton's Fetishes Ch. 02

fetish MeredithEighty8 2018-06-04

"Avery, oh my god, look at you!" Stepdaddy said excitedly, hiding his surprise as he placed his hand on my obviously pregnant belly. A couple of times when Mr. Philaburton was out of town on business, Stepdaddy would come, and we would spend the night having sex. I looked into his face and saw him grin before he pulled me off the sofa and onto the floor where he took his cock and pressed it between the lips of my wet pussy and started rubbing it up and down. I watched in disbelief as he pulled his cock all the way out of my pussy, dropped to his knees and began to lick my pregnant slit until I came in a long trembling orgasm.

50 years between us, a 10" cock is timeless

fetish Fridagirl 2018-06-04

'Do you like fucking', he retorted, his voice thick with desire, I guess imagining himself sliding in between my thighs was high on his mind, and this is what was my real turn-on, taking guys almost all the way, and leaving them with their cocks in their hands. I was always sent to bed around ten o'clock, but one night I remember later looking into the living room and seeing my mother with this older man, kissing passionately, with both her breast exposed, and daddy taking photos and video taping them. He too was naked but he had an enormous erection, 10 inches, I later found out, and it was this that mother liked most, to get him hard and let him rub oil on her body, everywhere, as daddy filmed them.

Learning Curve

fetish lennythelion 2018-06-04

Anyway, I've met this man who looks like he's going to seriously increase my knowledge bank in a short space of time. I saw him looking at me as I danced, so I put on a little show for him -- y'know, one hand in my hair, eyes closed, the other caressing my thigh, as I shook my booty up and down in a pair of tight shorts. He likes to dominate, was a little bit rough, but I didn't let him have his own way all the time. Does he want me to pee on him or is going to fuck my pussy with his fingers?

My new flat

fetish julieanneff 2018-06-04

I had not long turned 18 when i moved into my first council rented flat, before then i had been living at home and dressing up in the confines of my bedroom chatting to guys on web cam , some of them knew i was not a girl, but most of them did not.i am only 5ft 6in tall and weigh just under 10st i guess i have never been what you would call masculine . I had done it i had convinced him i was a girl i stood behind the door with my skirt puled up at the front and my little cock hard in my hand 10 seconds later i was gasping as my cum splattered over my fingers and the floor in front on me

More Than Personal Ch. 02

fetish TheJohnsonator05 2018-06-04

"I understand that this program is the next stage in security," said Welsh as he sat at a conference table with John and Nicole, "but I have to look out for my own interests in this deal." "Who knows," said Nicole gently grasping Welsh's cock through his pants, "If you and John agree on this deal, I might make them even bigger. "He couldn't resist them," said Nicole, stepping forward and moaning as she shoved her large breasts against John's chest, "Uhhh, No one can resist my boobs." "Uhh, that dress was so tight," said Nicole, moaning softly as she held her breasts, "My boobs are too big for it."


Romancing the Shoe

fetish CastleDJK 2018-06-04

He thought about his fetish...his long obsession with the foot and the shoe. When she opened the door, David was pleased to see that she looked exactly as he had imagined her -- dressed in a Tee-shirt with tight blue jeans and wearing long leather knee high boots. He slowly pulled down the zipper, splaying the long leather boot, revealing her luscious leg and finally her foot. David began with a few minutes of fetishistic foot fondling, cradling the gift in both hands and gently rubbing both the slightly tanned dorsum and the pale plantar of the body's foundation. Cindy took her left foot and ground it into his face, pressing it against his mouth and his nose.

Biggest That Will Fit In My Hole

fetish gentlyfirm 2018-06-04

Did the words "I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole" actually just come out of my mouth? Damn, I haven't blushed this hard since, well, I can't think at the moment so I don't know when, okay? "I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole." What the hell was I thinking? He doesn't know I'm here for a TV since all I said was "I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole." There goes that blush again. "I said, 'I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.'" My mind wanted to know when the woman was coming back, and why, but my body refused to let it work.

My experiences with a couple – Part 3 : The

fetish caneslice 2018-06-04

I wanted to stroke myself but I was afraid that he might slap me hard again, so I stood there with a dripping organ and pre cum running down … almost up to my balls. Maybe out of the realization of finding that my master was a true dominant or maybe I was carried away by my own excitement, I noticed that despite the harsh cane lash I received just now, I didn’t with draw my hand or shake it. I could not stand this sight anymore and I just touched my cock tip and wanted to rub but even before the second stroke my cock exploded, globes of semen gushed out as I almost cried out of excitement and then sat on the floor exhausted and tired….

Female Ejaculation

fetish ispycherrypie 2018-06-04

We exchanged a long, passionate kiss and when I pulled away she took my hand and said “last time you had your hand here” as she cupped it around her breast, “and I hand my hand here” as she cupped my bulge and squeezed. She said that when she came she was sure she could smell the musk of it and the pressure of the desk pushed the fluid back up her pussy lips to between her ass cheeks. I fucked that gooey mess like there was no tomorrow and we left a foot wide wet spot on the edge of the bed after we both got done cumming.

Clare's first black cocks

fetish 2018-06-04

This time I tried another approach and tried to see if she would suck my cock but again nothing and I could tell I was affecting the atmosphere and that I wasn’t wanted. He then stood up and got her to suck his cock and I had to watch as she took him in her mouth and her hands cupped his balls. She looked me right in the eye and as she came all over again said to me “Oh my fucking god, he’s good. There I was sat on the sofa now with my cock in her mouth watching as he stuck his fingers up her and made her cum real hard.