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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Naughty Patient Ch. 02: Incident

fetish c1999 2018-06-04

I was wondering if I could speak to him?" came a frantic feminine voice from the other end of the line. And if her last visit to his office was any indication, poop wasn't the only thing in her panties; there would be a lot of her juices as well. "But it's not too bad. Here she was, a middle aged woman with a load of poop in her panties, standing on display in front of her Doctor, with her messy ass right in his face. When she was fully exposed is when more of the smell hit his nostrils as his face was only a few inches from her sexy shit covered ass. And it wasn't bad... natural... He was experiencing ALL of her, her body at its most natural.

Dear Diary - Pick up date not a normal date

fetish MichelleSissy14 2018-06-04

This one night I walked in, the doorperson (Andrew) took my hand and kissed it as he always does “gorgeous Michelle” he said, I gave him a quick peak on the cheek wiped my bright red lipstick off saying “And all this could be yours if it was not for that slut” I nodded to his lover sitting at a booth. Fran the bartender walked over sliding a glass of white wine in front of me saying “from the man at the end of the bar” I looked and smiled at this handsome well dressed man in his mid to late 40”s He nodded back raising his glass as I did. I whispered in his ear “make love to me like I know you can” I took his hand and went into the bedroom, let my dress fall to the ground one more time.

~ Suck His Dick, or Eat Me Out! ~

fetish CuteGuy2Use 2018-06-04

MOST OF YOU REMEMBER MY EX WIFE TRACY, THE NATURALLY BOSSY LOVE OF MY LIFE THAT CUCKED ME FIRST. "That hesitation of having to think about wanting to suck a man's cock, or eat wet pussy, tells me you are the perfect man to be a submissive cuckold". She tells me to this day, that if we are single when our k**s get married off, ( we didn't have any together) she is coming to get me and we are heading back to Nashville to be the Bossy Bitch Cuckoldress wife, and Dick sucking submissive sissy husband that made us happy and content - I do miss my Mistress Tracy.

A servant and Mistress

fetish unterschar 2018-06-04

The Mistress strode angrily into the kitchen and ordered the cook to I watched helplessly as the Mistress took the weeping girl and at my nose, the snarling face of Mistress DeMarcco glaring at me with The next day I was ordered to make an appearance before the Mistress. recommendation from Mistress DeMarcco after just three days! whole days I felt like spring had finally arrived after a long, cold, evening, to the Master and Mistress and his guests. The Mistress was furious, eyes filled with tears and her and legs exposed for everyone, the Mistress standing tall and dark and After a long time of this she began working on my legs, striping my

Needed Some Help

fetish Sexwriter1271 2018-06-04

"W-what the fuck?!" Will yelled as he stumbled back falling onto the couch, landing on its soft cushions as his massive donkey dick slid through the teens hands and bobbed against Will's tiny frame. "Haha, you must be a little extra excited tonight..." Kim said under her breath as Wills cock head thickened in her hand. The head towered over Wills tiny frame as Kim pumped her hand up and down the large dick. "Oh, it feels so good, keep rubbing it!" Will yelled as his huge monster cock stretched in Kim's small hands as she griped it, slowly jacking It off. "Fuck, it's so much baby!" Kim said, pulling the long dick out of her as cum poured out of her pussy onto the floor.

Wife and I Discover a new Desire

fetish yesplease8 2018-06-04

Instead of answering, I asked her, "Do you have any new fantasies that are turning you on?" Kim gently flicked her tongue against my hard nipple and my cock stirred. "Well, for one, you have to admit, you like eating your own cum, and two, you get turned on thinking about watching another man fuck me, so you're open to being in the same room with another man who has a hard cock, and lastly, I just think you'd like to try cocksucking!" she finally adds. I want to watch as you lick a hard cock, and then watch it slide into your sexy mouth and see your cheeks draw in as you begin to suck...

Must Be Something Wrong with Me

fetish Charles Petersunn 2018-06-04

It wasn't like some sort of group thing, you know, although I suppose that would be pretty cool, just thinking about that makes me dizzy, imagine being in a room full of naked hard penises, just full of them. "Well, like for instance, the other day, I played with one during class, Dr. Lowenstein, I mean, like right during class where everyone could have seen me and I could have gotten into such terrible trouble." Emily then proceeded to recount the experience. "I mean, I'm not really good at dissecting frogs or anything, but there are some things I can do." She rested her right hand lightly on his forearm, trying to give him a sign, a suggestion, of what kind of help that might be.

Caught In the Act

fetish secretanon 2018-06-04

My flat mate and longtime friend thought I was gay and there is no way to explain to her that wearing panties and sucking another guys' dick is not gay in anyway, but I did my best to make it less embarrassing and explain what me and Ash do in our little adventures. I wanted Ash to blow his load all over my face and I wanted to fuck Cindy since high school or at least feel her luscious ass checks in my cock as she gave me a butt job. Jerking off in my panties, I watched as Ash pulled out his dick and came all over Cindy's face.

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 8: Katie's tied up

fetish Erocus 2018-06-04

I lean down and kiss her navel and lick her pussy tasting her musty juices as she raises her pelvis to great me, "OOOhhhhh don't stop licki..." Her words are cut off as my tongue increases it's pace and my fingers start going in and out of her sopping wet pussy faster and faster," fuck..OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Katie moans loudly as she bucks against me as her body starts convulsing, "I'm cumming...OH SHIT!!! Katie continues to look down at herself as my cum trickles down her neck and onto her chest, "I think I need to shower!" She sits up on the edge of the bed and removes her destroyed nylons, slips off her blazer and shirt.

A Prostitute Enters The Room

fetish disturbingjulia 2018-06-04

I told you to get your fat fucking ass off the goddamn floor and it took you at least five minutes. I don't know why I bother wasting all my time with you; you're not worth it at all. Can't you make it harder than that, I bet an eighty year old man could get it harder than that, and just look at those balls. You think a woman would want to fuck you with balls like that; you've got to be kidding me. Don't even waste my time; you couldn't possibly think that I could get wet from those tiny little balls. Big fat tits, you look like a big ugly cow.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 08

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-04

On my left side I felt Miss Emily's feet begin massaging my waist and upper legs and watched as she lifted up the hem of her very full skirt to reveal a cream petticoat decorated with an almost transparent hem of silk Point de Rose lace. I tilted my head upwards and backwards to watch Sophia Hetheringham, wearing a vast dark grey and blue silk skirt, hand her empty cup and saucer to Davies. I pushed my head as far back as possible and watched Miss Sophia lift her skirt hem and allow two silk petticoats to spill out over my face.

Farmers House Party

fetish JustJimColo 2018-06-04

I guess I was a little embarrassed because I had no idea what Sandy had told them, and it must have showed because Melinda gave a soft warm laugh that put me back at ease and assured me it was a good thing. As Melinda got closer, it felt like her pussy clamped down on my tongue and then suddenly it opened wide as she bore down and my mouth was filled with a thick cream. When Sandy finally came down, she told me the last couple women were disappointed that they never got their turn with her "oral wizard." I looked at her and she laughed.

Discretion is the Better Part...

fetish peachesmelba 2018-06-04

Time spent perusing girlie magazines and lingerie ads wasn't for the usual reasons - not that he didn't enjoy looking at naked girls and was no longer a virgin with women either - but he liked to look at the ads and imagine how it would feel to be wearing the clothing in the ads. He felt his nuts tighten as she stroked a few times, fucking him with one and then suddenly two fingers, but as she cupped her hand upward, fingertips reaching inside to massage his prostate, he groaned, gripping the arm rests of the chair hard, as he shot load after load down the back of the girl's throat.

There's Always Room for Tentacles

fetish SeedeeBeetoo 2018-06-04

Noel looked up from her book in the right direction and caught the eye of a good looking man: coffee-colored skin, navy blue double-breasted suit, red silk tie, white shirt with gold cufflinks, polished brown brougham shoes. Pleased to meet you, Jonathan." Noel flashed him a smile that she knew would send shivers up and down his spine and straight to his cock. He looked back at Noel just in time to see her panties rip open and dozens of tentacles shoot out of her pussy! With that, Noel's pussy tentacles threw Jonathan face down on the soft rug in the living room. Jonathan screamed as best he could with the tentacle gag still in his mouth and Goddess Noel finally let him shoot the load he'd been building up all night.

Bound for Fun Ch. 03

fetish DocAutomata 2018-06-04

"We, uh, should probably talk to Rachel and Chelsea before we get too excited," he said, obviously as caught up in the moment as I was if the rising tent in his shorts was anything to go by. Master had a hand to his face, clearly embarrassed, and Chelsea's head was swiveling between us so fast I was worried it would come off. During my explanation, the girls wanted to see some proof of the collar's powers, and Chelsea was curious about what I had looked like before Master and I owned it. "Are you sure about this, Jen?" Chelsea asked as Rachel calmed her snickering.

If you wank to Brittney, you will like this

fetish 2018-06-04

'You like strong drink Mariel', asked his friend, I smiled, 'Not really, it just numbs me a little, makes me last longer', he looked slightly perplexed at my reply, 'I get to many orgasms it hurts', his face relaxed as he started to understand, 'So I numb it and fuck longer', both men was amused and shocked, as the realization that they were confronted by a young powerful sex machine in a delightful shape, appeared to know what she wanted, perhaps if they disappointed me there would be hell to pay.

The Event Pt. 02 (A Spin-Off)

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-06-04

Inevitably, they miss a blowjob at some point in time, and and end up stripped naked, running the halls and streets, looking for anyone willing to fuck them and make them cum... Most guys - the good ones anyway - who come across a woman like that, will deliver their load in her mouth. She was neither needing to suck cock, nor was she at the state anywhere close where she turned into one of those shameless, fuck-doll cum-sluts. did you not get a load of sperm in time?" I asked Mandy, wondering if somehow she was on the threshold of becoming one of those cum-slut zombies, the kind who demand orgasms and attention.

Don't Date a Pornstar Ch. 01

fetish geoffelectron88 2018-06-04

Girls like her enjoyed getting fucked, and wanted men who could do it properly. I was pretty fucked up, but I remember that her pussy looked different from the rest of her; her labia were long and meaty, and her hole was gaping open. As I sucked her pussy she moaned loudly - the thought that I was giving a professional porn star this much pleasure made me extremely proud. She smiled politely and gave me a nod to keep going; without thinking I start to pump frantically in and out, feeling my orgasm approaching already. I had gotten quite good at giving girls head over the years due to my disappointing size; she came hard a few minutes later and thanked me, complementing my skill.

Two Weeks Of Panty Fantasy

fetish tida55 2018-06-04

I would go to her room shortly after she left and find the fresh pair panties she just took off and lay there on her bed with fresh pair on my face sucking and smelling the juices out of them and another pair wrapped around my cock stroking my dick until I filled the crotch of her panties with my load of cum. I could tell she could taste my cum because she got a little weird look on her face smiled and started rubbing her pussy with her other hand and started sucking on the crotch of the panties and was looking right at me the next thing you she motions with a finger come here.

Weekend Discipline

fetish amypussy 2018-06-04

He started out, holding shit just over the weekend, but he enjoys the sensations of having to wait so much that I have decided to make him hold his bowels all week long. "Tom, you nasty little shit holder, your gonna have to get fucked in your ass...I'm sorry to say... I however, am really going to enjoy this very perverse act, and have been waiting all week to bury a huge dildo in my sissy husband's packed asshole. not as dirty as I thought...I'm gonna fuck it so hard, your not gonna be able to shit for another nasty...shit holding...sissy bitch." Of course, it's a fake dick, so I can fuck him as long as I want.


fetish ZotDragon 2018-06-04

I wasn't surprised that he didn't mind getting a little breast milk on him from time to time when I leaked in bed. So there I was, kneeling above my husband, working his cock back and forth in my cunt, when he sat up and kissed my neck, which I liked, then worked his way down to my breasts, which I also liked, then I realized he was sucking on my left nipple, which I normally liked, but he wasn't sucking to give me pleasure, but to drink my milk. At first it seemed strange that Michael liked to suckle from me, but then it became the most normal thing in the world and I started looking forward to lying down in bed and having him latch on to me.

The Start

fetish kodos9000 2018-06-04

Anything your fucked up mind can think of doing in this truck right now we'll do, but then that is all I want to hear about it deal?" she was serious all right I knew Megan's looks and this was her no bull shit look. It seemed like forever until I stopped tonguing her ass I pulled out and told Megan to suck two of my fingers, normally she would ask why but I think she knew where I was going with this. All it took was a look at her ass in the air and that was it I shot my hole load into her mouth it must have taken her by surprise because she gagged a little and let my cum dribble down my shaft and all over my balls.


fetish cvillerook 2018-06-04

Astrid assumed her position on the milking floor. Hand milking was sure to be an agony given her slips of late and her tenderness. Astrid knew that since she was not being bred today a camera would be place behind her so everyone that wished could see her surrender. He attached the milking machine's heavy cups to her nipples and flipped the switch. Large hands spread her plump ass and a thick cock head took position at her puckered opening. A younger man approached Astrid and pulled the cups off her nipples. Using gloved hands he pushed a clear plastic hose into her ass, then he stepped to the side and turned the water quickly on and off repeatedly.

The Sweet Factory

fetish tarred 2018-06-04

Quickly Jake and Charley stripped Susan, cleaning off layers of fluff, gum and chocolate until she was standing almost naked in front of them. "Bye bye!" The belt shuddered and started moving, Charley turned and started to walk away as Susan reached out and grabbed the back of her overalls. Charley screamed as the chocolate engulfed her body, she turned quickly from human to a sweet, shapeless blob which shuddered for a moment before lunging towards Susan. They landed in the thick, sweet ooze, Susan felt the weight of Charley's body pressing against her, she reached out grabbing the back of Charley's neck before pushing her head towards her.