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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Home from Work

fetish J_Mar 2018-06-04

Reluctantly pulling my mouth away from its prize, I look back down at your face, checking to see if you still slumber. Eyes flutter behind closed lids, ragged aroused breathing escapes a mouth partially open. My heightened arousal causing a slow but steady stream of pre-cum drops to fall from my member against your mouth. With a primal drive of its own, my monstrous cock seizes the chance, lowering towards your open mouth and pushing its way inside. Stunning feelings play behind my eyes as my huge cock is drawn down along your tongue, passing deep into your mouth and through into your throat. Pulling my cock into your mouth I feel your tongue press hard against the underside of my shaft massaging, driving me wild.

Goddess Mina: Falling Further

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2018-06-04

My goddess lies to my side and begins to use her feet to outline my face and neck, I know this is a pre-curser of things to come and I am rock hard. My goddess then snaked her body up on to mine and she shifts her weight to my hips I can feel the heat coming off her pussy. Goddess then shifted her position and sat on my chest with her facing my feet. I would gladly remove my pants and show my goddess my love by cumming for her and cleaning every drop as she uses my face as a foot rest. I dream of being her footstool my upturned face there for her use, I love her feet with every fiber of my being; I would do anything to be under them.

A Slippery Lesson

fetish FantasyRed 2018-06-04

He eagerly used his tongue and lips to lick and suck on my clit, pausing occasionally to cover my entire pussy with his mouth and suck hard, pulling blood flow down. As I came, I felt Jarrod's tongue slide inside my pussy and all around my lips as he worked to taste and swallow every ounce of my juices. When I sensed he was close to coming, I focused my sucking hard and fast on the head of his cock, while I used a free hand to stroke his shaft in unison with the movement of my mouth. Jarrod used one hand to hold my hip close to his crotch, and reached the other around to fondle my breast and nipple as he fucked me.

Emergency Cast Member

fetish spandexman 2018-06-04

I spent most of the day getting ready to play Trixie LaRue, and shaved what little extra body hair I had, not that I really ever needed to and then had Kim and Roxy help me with make-up, jewelry, big gold hoop earrings, a thick curly platinum-blonde hair, a special panty girdle, controltop nude pantyhose, and a special 36FF bra with silicone breasts, soon looked like a gorgeous babe, and with the tight red knit dress, black leather belt, shiny black 4" highheels and even black satin elbow length gloves really looked luscious, so much so my thick circumcised 8" penis strained inside my padded panty girdle and pantyhose.

Demanding Satisfaction Ch. 1

fetish kyriele 2018-06-04

Look at what you've been missing all the time you were fucking this little white boy!" I'd like to say that I pulled his zipper down slowly... You want to suck on a real man's cock, you better be begging like a little bitch for it. I just want to feel your fucking cock in my mouth!" Dante smiled at me then and I started rubbing my clit through my panties. I saw the wetness start on Austin's little pink panties, precum, and his cock was twitching from the sheer excitement of sucking Dante's huge cock. " Dante smiled at me, like we shared a secret and slowly started to rub Austin's cock through his panties while he rode him.

Voracious Appetite

fetish BobCollier 2018-06-04

When he got close to coming, Holly pumped hard on his cock until he shot his cum. Holly then pulled me into his bedroom to fuck her wet pussy, where she showed her appreciation for letting her play with his cock. I had been boasting to him how well my lady sucks a cock, so I gave her permission to put her lips on his big dick and bob her head a whole minute long. Holly swore they never fucked, but he made her pussy come in puddles with his hand as she cuddled next to him and sucked on his cock. She saw that my hard cock was ready to come and finished jerking me off with her hands.

My Trainer : No means Yes

fetish Firehydrant 2018-06-04

She would get down nose to nose with me and say, “Can you do another pushup?” I’d say, “No.” Then she’d say, “Well, in my book, no means yes!, so do another pushup.” It f***ed me to try harder and I realized all that time I was able to do that third pushup. When I said, “No!”, I’d have them say, “No means yes!” Mishy helped me for three years without even knowing it. When I ask her if she’d let me take off her sports bra, she says, “Please, don’t.” But we all know what that means. When I asked her if I can take off her shorts, she says, ”You can’t do this to me.” Of course this means, “You can do this to me.” I slowly remove her shorts.

Shawna's Second

fetish Oli 2018-06-03

I poured two glasses of water, put an ice cube in each, handed one to Rob and sat down next to him, crossed my left leg over my right and let the hem of my dress ride up on my thighs. " I told him the law firm had been contacted by Mr. Booth about a possible criminal complaint against him, that I needed some background information and wondered if he could help me get it." Rob took a long drink of water and shifted in the seat so he was looking directly at me. " Rob looked deeply into my eyes , wiping away the stray tears with his thumb."I went through all of that because I had to meet you, and learning about your past only made me want you more.

The Boy's Story (Chapter 10)

fetish gazzy43 2018-06-03

He puts firm pressure on and I feel the plug slip past my muscle and he pushes it right into me so that the base is flat with my arse. He is doing the same with his popper bottle then I feel him start to apply the pressure and I feel my arse opening up slowly as he keeps pushing this giant dildo that he loves millimetre by millimetre into my love tunnel. My Master tells me to roll on my side and he lays down beside me and starts kissing me while one hand slowly manipulates the dildo inside my stretched arse.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 06

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-06-03

Bobby soon understood that behind the Mistress' beautiful eyes and bright smile abided an attitude of possessiveness. Pressing an index finger into the butt end of the condom Mistress pushed it inside-out and sucked the remaining cream still clinging to the latex. "Please enjoy me, Mistress," Bobby said amidst the kisses he kept planting on her neck, shoulder and ear. You know," she said changing course, "Layla told me that when you're here, at this spot that feels so good, it's because you're pressing at the entrance to my cervix." She groaned again and maneuvered her hips around, apparently trying to intensify whatever felt so nice.

In The Woods

fetish masterbaiter09 2018-06-03

I started to date a new girl and she was not as good. After she hung up, Tiffany pushed my back and started to kiss her way down my chest towards my rock hard dick. Instead, I pulled out and bent her over got her asshole wet by licking it (it was clean she had just showered) then slide my dick in. I fucked her in the ass hard and fast for a few minutes, finally I turned her over on her back on the back seat and slide my dick in as I was kneeling in front of the seat. My dick was so hard and my cum shot into her wet cummie pussy. I kept fucking her till my dick stopped spewing cum.

Fucking Two Nasty Sluts Ch. 02

fetish theprince 2018-06-03

Prince grabbed Jenna by the hair and pushed her face into Jill's asshole. That's my little shit eating piggy slut!" Jill was loving it, and she wanted to make sure that Jenna knew exactly how dirty she was being. Prince held her head down and fucked her throat as Jenna puked up around his cock and balls like a cheap ghetto whore. Prince pulled his cunt juice coated cock out of Jenna's fucked pussy. She was loving the feel of Prince's hard thick cock raping her asshole, gaping it, while her slutty horny cunt was being slapped into sexual ecstasy. Prince's cock was spurting thick cum into her asshole and Jill was frigging her cunt while grinding her own pussy over her lips.

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 02

fetish TConcord18 2018-06-03

I started off strong, but now the upper tier girls have just kicked my ass." Sean said with a look of failure. I didn't waste any time as I pushed my dick deep inside Ashley's soft pussy. As my cock pumped in and out of Ashley's pussy, her moans turned into straight screams. "It's ok, Rob. Now let's see what we can do about making that beautiful cock to cum for me." Ashley said straddling me. "Maybe we can fuck a few more times tonight." "Definitely" Ashley said with a smile as she curled up next to me. After about 15 minutes, Clark walked into the room and let me know that I was actually going to be the second match of the night.

Samantha Becomes a Piss Mop Ch. 01

fetish showife 2018-06-03

She dutifully walked over to John and stood in front of him so he could play with her body, she then repeated the same thing with Tom. Here was my lovely wife, fully being the slut I wanted her to be, letting two men feel her up that she hadn't even seen 30 minutes ago. I wasn't sure if Sam was going to be able to hold that position or not, but when she heard him open his zipper she started to tremble a bit and began to close her mouth. I could hardly believe it, but it wasn't long before Sam's mouth was entirely filled with piss and it began to flow over her lips, down her chin, and over her body.

Spanking the Teacher

fetish Cuda_Candy 2018-06-03

"I've got half a birthday cake at my apartment if you want some dessert," Beth smiled. It was several minutes before we got our breath back when I finally noticed Beth's head was in my lap. With the distraction of my hand caressing her firm flesh through the silky fabric, I failed to notice that Beth already had three of my shirt buttons undone and was working her way down. Beth rolled off my lap and stood before me, her robe falling off one shoulder and the belt loose enough to expose a pussy covered with dark hair, yet very well trimmed. Beth's chuckle turned into a laugh as she removed my watch and placed it on the coffee table.

Blood Rite

fetish papadog 2018-06-03

He already had the heavy stainless steel-handled knife open in his hand when she moved her right index finger to the aureole of her right breast and said, "Cut me here...just a little bit." He again placed the dull side of the blade against her and then rotated the surgically sharp blade so that it would prick her skin. When she was sure he was done she raised her eyes to his and with the hard head still in her mouth and said,"Suck Sess." Then she leaned back against the couch, a smile of satisfaction across her face, very happy with her Blood Rite initiation.

A Momma's Boy

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-06-03

Sometimes Tom would use the time as an opportunity to indulge in his favorite dirty habit: jacking off on his wife's pretty panties. She had held the phone receiver out to him, and said 'momma wants to talk to you.' Tom had nervously held the phone to his ear, and listened as his Mother-in-law's proclamations fell on him like a ton of bricks. or was it your mother?" He had never thought of his underpants as being "little boy" before, but suddenly he felt very childish and ashamed as he stood there in front of his new governess, fully dressed as she was. Standing in front of his fully dressed Mother in law, wearing only his panties, hands bound behind his back, about to be milked by her with that awful thing.

Bon Apetit

fetish Miss_Angeline 2018-06-03

I'm covered in a mess of chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and I can taste vomit in my mouth. It had gotten to the point that I had walked out of my favourite Fetish event because a gorgeous girl was covered in whipped cream and partiers were was licking it off her naked body. I let the director know my hang-ups over the food thing; he thought it would make for a fantastic shoot. Oh and one more little thing Sweetheart, we're just gonna go ahead, cover you in whipped cream and lick it off. One of the guys puts some syrup on his fingers and he holds them right in front of my mouth.

Ask Alice

fetish lostindavoid 2018-06-03

She stepped away from the mirror, went to the bedroom door, opened it and walked down the hall to the living room in the Honolulu townhouse she shared with her boyfriend Nelson. With a small weak smile on her beautiful Japanese face, Alice Mihara stepped into the living room full of men. "Fill your hands with cock like the women in the porn movies," Nelson said. The guy backed away and Alice looked at her messed up face and hair in the mirror. Nelson stepped around, aimed his erection at her up turned face and spewed several high pressure jets onto her cheeks, nose, lips and chin.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 13

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-06-03

If this sounds interesting then we will fill out the paperwork in just a moment but keep in mind that for every man I lock up for you, before you can claim him as yours, you will need to send 3 more women that definitely want the same lifestyle…no maybes or women that don’t really know what it is I do, but I do assure my talents to be permanent as you can see.” Pointing down to show that I once again adored her feet with kisses regardless of the embarrassment I was feeling. Each time I feel like I can’t reach a new low, Misty comes up with some new sadistic way to embarrass and humiliate me and push me further into her control.

Collar Me Ch. 04

fetish puppyplay 2018-06-03

The man walked off and left Marcus alone in the aisle clutching onto the pet bed and fake tail. Marcus went into the bedroom down the hall and left Kim in the living room with the television on one of her favorite drama shows. Now you're a real puppy." He stepped back and watched as Kim ever so cautiously looked back at her backside to see a tail sticking proudly from her asshole at the end of the plug. The dog-ears that Marcus had adorned her with shown through her hair out the tops of her head and her collar looked perfect around her neck. Kim stopped and looked up at Marcus as he stopped at the door to the exit of their apartment.

A M on M story a friend asked to tell for him

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-06-03

As the last lock snapped, Sir Jack opened the cab door, and said, "Are you comfy boy?" With that he slipped, a chain with nipple clamps on me, and asked, "You comfortable boy?" I quickly said, "Yes Sir" to avoid the smack, but I got it anyhow. The voyeurs, still watching from the running boards, wanted in to the cab to play with me, but Sir Jack told them to buzz off, he had to get going, he had a date with destiny. He then took off his belt and said, "This ass whipping is going to teach you a real lesson boy, and it's going to be a good one to save you from these vultures that want to fuck you."

The Music Teacher

fetish SpankerSam 2018-06-03

But the pale green of Mrs. Jackson's eyes made her look even more appealing. From where I stood, I could look at Mrs. Jackson's feet. After practice, Mrs. Jackson suggested that I stop by her house with Sophia for some individual practice. I just like looking at them." Mrs. Jackson laughed. Mrs. Jackson turned on the piano stool and told me to pull my chair closer. I lifted my head and looked at Mrs. Jackson. I opened my eyes and looked at Mrs. Jackson. When my fingers slipped beneath her dress, Mrs. Jackson opened her thighs wider. I slowly worked my finger deeper as my mouth continued to suck her toes.

Start at the Feet

fetish Blue69lover 2018-06-03

She'd mentioned once or twice that the thought of having attention paid to her feet was something that turned her on. She did so and felt the warm water cover her feet and ankles. Taking a bar of cherry oatmeal soap, he lathered up one foot, making sure to get between and under the toes, around the heel, and up the back of her leg a bit. Assuming he would now make love to her, she was surprised when he knelt by the bed and started massaging her feet. Reaching the big toe on the second foot he sucked hard, almost as if he thought he could suck the juice from her pussy.