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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 03

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-06-03

Sam looked up sort of shocked with her mouth hanging open and Mark sort of let out a laugh. Mark opened it and said, "look man, I know you want this, but I am no dick. A few minutes of Mark and Sam kissing and groping and he spoke, "look man, I am not into being a jackass, but there are a few things you need to consider while we drive to the dorm. Slowly Mark pushed Sam to her knees and she engulfed his cute hard cock which looked ready to go again.

Eat, Drink and be Married

fetish Aladylover 2018-06-03

Lucy yanks off the small cotton pants, who's only purpose must have been to provide some degree of modesty while escorting her guest to the door that and holding back the mess inside her, stop it spilling down her legs. "Cum, Jesus I though he was gonna rip me a new hole - Thats what you call a real man" and then it came, as I knew it would "Not like you, you little neddle-dicked wanker!" She then changed topic again (as drunk people often do) "Hurry-up, I need to piss, then go to bed, Oh, and your getting fuck-all tonight" She said as she reached behind and yanked my flaccid small cock.

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 04

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-06-03

I was sure she was about cum when she suddenly pulled away moving back down my body, and holding the leg of her panties to one side positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, slowly lowering herself down and taking me fully inside her soaking, warm love hole. "It's been a long day and Lucy and I are off to bed, we'll see you in the morning." With that they both got up, holding hands and giggling they strolled into the villa, again, just like Olivia this gave me the most wonderful view of two bottoms sashaying away from me, pert, young and encased in pretty panties.

Craiglist post leads to sex right next to me

fetish 2018-06-03

After her juices flowed into my mouth, I whisper " do you want to go again?" Sarah face said it all, but this time she changed her place...I moved her to the couch, and right into her pussy. As she talked more about how most guys eat her out for a bit, then go right into slamming there dicks in.....I lowered down, and started to suck her toes. I said thank you, was about to get up when Sarah grabbed my cock, and went to sucking again. Sarah turned her head, and said, I want to ride you...right now...I said go for it....I want your boobs in my face. My cock held out but I gripped her body as I let my white cream exploded in her soaking wet pussy.

Pantyhose Feet Ch. 01

fetish JakeApathy 2018-06-03

She sits down on our leather couch, looking at me expectantly at me- and more significantly, at the freshly prepared martini in my hand. There is much wonderful scent and sweat clinging to both her pantyhose-covered foot and the shoe, and the scent that first escapes is pure pleasure. I waste no time in licking the inside part of the shoe, which just a moment ago had held her blessed foot. A scent so HERS, with her sweat, from her feet, covered in her exquisite shoes and pantyhose all day, containing her attitude, her uncrackable demeanor, her cruel, merciless commanding of me, and her wicked, wicked ways. I lick and suck each and every toe, taking time to taste her saltiness, smell her pantyhose foot smell.

Online Cuckold Looking for Love Ch. 03

fetish subboy129 2018-06-03

Princess Jessica then came up behind me and said, "You aren't moving fast enough SLAVE!" and with that, started whipping my back with the thick leather belt, yelling at me to move faster. Around 8am, I finish licking clean all the boots and I move to Princess Jessica's perfectly pedicured feet to start worshipping them. "Hi baby, I hope you had a decent night with Jessica." My only reply was this: "Goddess, I was happy to be with Princess Jessica doing as she wished so that you could have a great night with your co-worker with the BBC." She instantly grinned and said that she would love to talk more about her night with me in the bedroom.

Sorority Auction Continued-- Male Slaves

fetish Chrs_Straight 2018-06-03

Then Craig heard a quick step, a slight grunt, and he was kicked in the balls. Craig heard more steps, and then he felt another quick kick, more accurate this time, that stunned him. He was blindfolded and twenty women were taking turns kicking him in the balls. Almost instantaneously, Craig was hit from the front by another shocking kick to his balls. Hands gripped Craig by the shoulders and attempted to left him, but he was so devastated by the kicks that he had no strength left. It was like some woman, or several women, were toying with him, taking practice shots at his ruined balls. As if on cue, the women holding his arms and legs gracefully let go of him and Craig dropped to the floor.

Idle Hands

fetish Nimrods Son 2018-06-03

“Is there something I can do for you, Andrea?” he asked, taking a firm grip of the top of his towel, willing to lose the feeling in his fingers before he’d let it slip an inch. Counting the strokes wasn’t at the forefront of his mind as he laid there, the ache in both his cheeks certainly felt like it’d reached double figures before Andrea finally stopped, releasing him from her hold and letting him struggle to his feet. An admiring smile found its way onto Andrea’s lips as she watched, encouraging Ben to be a little firmer in his motion, sweeping along his length from balls to tip with the soft satin covering his hand like a glove.

Pantyhose outdoors

fetish tonyhose 2018-06-03

It is so exciting and sexy standing there in just sheer pantyhose and heels with the slight breeze blowing on my hard cock through the nylon. "It's ok" he says " don't worry, I wear them myself sometimes and I like a nice cock in pantyhose." " Oh" I say relaxing a little. " Yes please" he says and grabbing the camera he snaps off a series of pics as I start by licking the length of his shaft and then closing my mouth over the end and beginning to suck him. "Definitely, yes please" I reply, and as he hands me the camera and drops to his knees he takes hold of my cock and without hesitating closes his mouth over the end, squeezing the nylon around it.

Interesting Job Ch. 2

fetish barchetta88 2018-06-03

When she had called to tell him about her day, he had asked about the dry cleaning right away and when she told him that she didn't have time, he went off. I hung up the phone, got my things in order, picked up Mr. Ping Pong Paddle, and set out down the hall. When I entered, I was treated to Suzanne, naked and bent over the arm of a leather couch in Robert's office. Robert asked Suzanne to describe what was happening to her. Suzanne was a mess and her bottom was bright red and glowing…when Robert finally said enough. 'Is it in place' Robert asked, to which Suzanne replied 'Yes.' Soon, I heard a door open and Robert's voice saying something to Suzanne.

Two Women and the Glory Holes

fetish pjwolf 2018-06-03

Hesitantly, I asked, "Rach,...have you ever heard the term 'glory hole?'" Rachel looked perplexed and shook her head. Rachel tentatively reached her hand over and touched the top of the cock with her fingertips, causing it to twitch a little. Rachel watched in awe as the cock began to grow in her hand while she stroked it. This was too much for me to watch as I began to rub my breasts through my blouse with my left hand and my right hand slipped under my skirt to massage the wet part of my panties. "Mmmmmmm!" Rachel's right hand immediately left her pussy and took hold of the third cock, spreading her pussy's wetness all over it.

kate 9

fetish sissychris 2018-06-03

Off my balls and run up my crack, and started licking my bum hole, , her other hand went between her legs, I could see her finger stoking her clit through her knickers, her head pushed forward I could feel her tongue penetrate me , her finger was moving faster over her clit, I could feel her hot breath on my bum , her head moved back and forth pulling my balls tighter, she let out a moan as she orgasamed, She stood back and looked again, then went to her draw and pulled out some tights, she rolled a pair into a ball and pushed them into a cup and repeated in the other cup , then shushes the bra again, there perfect

Horseville (Horesville?)

fetish abroadsword 2018-06-03

We had a bit of a celebration on Friday when we shoved the last pair D size tit rubbers in a girl what worked down the five and dime, Sam promised her he'd do her some time and he decided she would be the very last, hell he even scrubbed up and used a new knife blade and everything, he never even charged her seeing she was a girl, just done a deal so's I could fuck her a couple of times a night and four times on Saturday and Sunday for the next week which was real good of him, except she been letting eight inch cocked big titted tranny homos poke her so I was like a mop in a bucket when I was inside of her.

Marriage Transformation Ch. 06

fetish jealouscuck 2018-06-03

Without much trouble, she had slowly seen Chris become submissive enough to role play about her getting fucked by a guy with a big cock. Just as Dan turned to go greet them, Elizabeth said softly, "Get Chris to buy two pairs of the sexiest panties when he gets me this big black cock, will you? She hoped that Dan would be skillful in getting Chris to buy them sexy matching panties. Coincidentally, Dan had made sure he was stocking a shelf near the big black dildo that Elizabeth wanted. Chris needed to get the dildo and get out, but he did not want to appear like a man on a mission so he picked up a few of the fake cocks and looked closer at them.


Sperm Bank

fetish Menssana 2018-06-03

"Like I said, I love it and I do get turned on by holding all these men's..." she hesitated for a fraction of a second and looked me directly in the eyes. Her hand moved a bit faster, and I watched her breasts, and looked down at her hand on my cock, and could feel the sensations rising slowly, coming up through my thighs. As the last spurt came, she kept wanking me through it so the feelings remained and died away, and a few seconds later, she stopped and held my still hard penis in her hand, a dribble of come had run down from the tip and over her thumb.

Road Trip Ch. 04

fetish jlltec 2018-06-03

Gail looked at me for a long moment, my cock bouncing and said, "Rick...Strip!" She wiped some more from my balls and held her fingers out to me, "Do you want some?" My wife quickly answered for me, "Yes he does." I laughed, and I lowered my head and she put her fingers into my mouth feeding me some of her husbands cum. She laughed and said, "Sure, why not." She sucked Gail's fingers clean of Rick cum. We all laughed as she said, "Finger lickin good!" Gail leaned her head toward me, pushing my cock out of the way and licked the last major dollop of cum from my balls and swallowed, then she kissed Rick and shared the taste.

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 04

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-06-03

She was right, especially as she went on to say "If you remember, Lucille, he loved the fantasy about watching you being fucked by your father." She added "As you know my son is not your husband so that sort of thing cannot be permitted. I was so excited as I said "I will do anything you say Mummy." I couldn't explain it to myself but I really wanted to be her little girl and be her Juicy Lucy. She had started to talk about which rooms she was going to concentrate on tomorrow but I nervously interrupted and said "I know we are not in the Confessional, Mrs Miller, but would it be possible to discuss some of those special things?" I took a deep breath and said "You remember me telling you that Brian fucked me yesterday, Mrs Miller?

The Visit Ch. 04

fetish stateofdenial 2018-06-03

He lost count after a dozen edges and then after a dab of icy hot on his anus she told him that the only way she would stop is if he agree to a video confession. "Well, I don't think she is going to let you go and I don't know what you want me to do." She paused, looking at him. Either that or you like seeing me with a fake cock." She eyed his swelling member and looked up to see him eyeing the dildo. "I think you want my strap-on more than your letting on." She strolled off as he got cleaned up and gathered up his things.

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 11

fetish watchdwag 2018-06-03

I could tell that Lee was moving around trying to get the best angles of the camera as she moved slightly to the right so she could zero in on Carl who was now tasting the juices between my wife's legs as she continued to lick and suck on Wanda's prominent nipples. The DVD went on for some time as it showed my wife savoring Wanda's delicious pussy until Carl came into view and sat on the top of the couch, his feet resting on the cushions as he pulled Anna up in a sitting position and Wanda and Anna traded places. My eyes, which had been focused on Lee's pussy, now was glued to the TV as I watched Anna licking Carl's ass and balls as he pumped his cock.

Pain Loving Cum Slut

fetish theprince 2018-06-03

I tell you that I'm nothing better than a pain craving slut that needs you to split her asshole open with your cock while you spit in her face and debase me beyond all limits. You tell the guy not to be gentle with me and to just grab my hair and fuck my face like a cunt. Soon every guy who takes his turn up my swollen asshole adds to it by slapping my face or my ass, whipping me with their belts or twisting my nipples until thy start to tear. Every one in the bar has a good laugh watching this nasty cunt hole of a slut piss in her own mouth and try to drink it.

The Girl Without Boundaries

fetish smudgebucket 2018-06-03

I slipped two fingers up inside of her and began fucking her as my mouth sucked on her wet clit. "Now start slowly Hon but then I want you to use my face and mouth just like a pussy. Do a good job baby and I'll let you fuck my ass some time. I forgot that it was her face I was fucking as she slowly twisted her finger on my ass and I felt it slide up inside of me. "Oh god, your dick feels so fucking good inside of me." She turned her head from side to side and her long red hair danced all around her shoulders. When I was finished she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

Bought By a Rich Man

fetish humiliationexpert 2018-06-03

Eventually Andrew had made fun of her flat ass and she'd very publically dumped him with a huge slap to the face outside of school in front of most of the year. It was at this point that Andrew reminded the girls that both Rowan and Aimee hadn't had their humiliation for the day. "You've reached the widest point, just a quick push and it's in place Rowan!" said Andrew. She fell to her hands and knees in pain, her huge round ass on display to the girls, the plug visible between her cheeks. Every so often Rowan would tease her and shove Aimee's face deeper into the hairy ass.

Christmas Party Cuckholding

fetish azid619 2018-06-03

The song came to an end, and another slower song started up, and with that, my wife turned back round to face the guy and, clutching his necktie in her hand, pulling his face close to hers, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered something into his ear. "That went down nice and smooth with a good rich flavour," She said, turning her head slightly back to face him, "and this whiskey is pretty nice, too!" They both shared a small chuckle. Thank you, sir, that's very kind of you!" She grinned, turning around to face him, planting a big kiss onto his cheek. "Um, thank you for fucking my wife real good, sir." I submissively replied.


First Visit to the Salon

fetish bilbo181 2018-06-03

The sequence of events that follow in only the next few seconds would normally be of no significance, but their familiarity mixed with intense anticipation, gives them a whole new life: the sounds of someone approaching a door, the small pause as their eye goes to the peephole, checking who is at the door, knowing that they can now see me but I still have no idea what, or who, is behind the door, the hand going to the catch, the slight resistance then creak as the door begins to open... "No mistress." I felt her gloved hand give my cock a few gentle strokes, and had to concentrate just to make sure I didn't come right then.