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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Spying more hot neighbours undressing - part 2

fetish peteash 2018-06-03

After a fruitless couple of hours waiting for any bedrooms to go live (lights turning on or movement) on a Saturday night I decided to go and scope out the other side and try my luck. Normally when you spot a potential location there is a certain amount of ground work required establishing lights on as bedrooms not stairways and occupied flats v automatic lights etc so I wasn't getting expecting too much on the first attempt. Normally there are indicators like movement in a window and during the moments of excitement I fluster around getting the focus right ( I have missed so many good views due to having been over- eager with focus adjustment in my excitement.

The Massage

fetish bob778 2018-06-02

"O.K. Linda, you can relax, we're gonna get started now." I walked over to the padded massage table and waited. "Oh this is warm and feels good" you said as you slid into place and lowered your face through the hole in the middle of the table. "I'm gonna start with your arms tonight then well work our way down your back to your legs." I stated as I began to massage your left wrist. You stopped pushing back and relaxed on the table, now the tingling in your wrist and hand and begun to get really warm and the skin on the back of your hand was feeling the air in the room move across it.

Twin Re-Education

fetish Atgod 2018-06-02

Jason's parents never really cared for him, they much preferred to look after his younger twin sisters Jacy and Lucy, even though they had recently turned 18. "I'm only doing this because you helped me out with that man earlier," she explained, " my magic is very old and strange, but your not going to become a magical fairy or whatever..." She trailed off awkwardly, "anyway!" She exclaimed, "this seed pod is imbued with a complex magic of mine, if you hold it and think of a person and say the magic word they will gain a new personality, similar to their old one but..." she smiled yet again, showing off her perfect teeth, "filled with lust," she giggled.

Libby's Guilty Secret

fetish MELD9003 2018-06-02

"I don't know why you get so embarrassed," Cheryl giggled, smiling at her friend as she stood red faced, looking down awkwardly at the floor. "Yeah, like I said it looks good," smiled the redhead, admiring the black knee length skirt and tight red long sleeved top, "pass me mine over please mate." Libby swallowed hard and tried not to look, feeling her heartbeat quicken; she felt sure that sooner or later Cheryl would work out why she was always so shy and awkward whenever they got undressed in front of each other. Slowly, Libby turned her face towards the pretty redhead; gently brushing the tears away with her thumb, Cheryl softly kissed her on the lips, making the brunette's eyes widen behind her glasses.

Buffy Barks at Me

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-06-02

After licking my face, Buffy started strolling around the house, still on her hands and knees, occasionally stopping to sniff at things, her sexy ass still swinging from side to side because she was enjoying our walk and dogs wag their tails when they go for walks. After finishing with licking my face for the second time, Buffy got onto her dog bed, first putting her hands in as far as she could reach and then swinging one leg at a time over the heavy wicker rim so she remained on her hands and knees. Buffy’s hands treaded the futon like the front paws of a mating female dog and she made happy, whimpering doggy sounds as I probed my tongue all around her adorable love hole and started licking between an inner and outer pussy lip.

Ms. Marca Ch. 38

fetish Ms. Marca 2018-06-02

His eyes were fixed on me and he mouthed "I'M GOING TO CUM!" I looked back at him and mouthed back "I LOVE TO FUCK A BIG COCK LIKE THIS!" Having said that I moved my ass on to the edge of the bed I pulled my legs up and out and placed the dildo in my hot pussy and let it rest in my hole about half way without holding it. I watch as his eyes follows my fingers up to my lips as I lick them and suck them and than I mouthed back to him "I LOVE SUCKING COCK!" He smiles and nods his head yes and blows me a kiss and shut the blinds to his window.

Now That's A Fine Cigar

fetish cigartradercc 2018-06-02

She held the tube in her fingertips and slowly, sensually placed the tip of it in her mouth, rolling it between her moist lips, savouring the first flavor of the cigar. I think you'd better do something about that first," indicating his erection," I can't imagine you'll enjoy yourself all bound up like that." She purred low in her throat, lifted the cigar to her lips, inhaled deeply, held it for a moment, and giving his cock another squeeze, blew the thick chocolate flavoured smoke just past his face. Show me how much you like to watch me smoke." This time she inhaled again, slowly rolling the fat cylinder between her wet lips, caressing it, and blew the smoke in his face.

The Power of Lust Ch. 03

fetish Quin 2018-06-02

For the tenth time Judy patiently explained to her husband Ben why she no longer wished to visit the Community Centre; emphasising her feeling of annoyance at how the committee continually took advantage of her goodwill, taking her for granted. Judy had asked Ben if he minded her going out for a drink with her friend Helen. "I'm sorry," Judy said, "But I wouldn't feel comfortable going out dressed like a streetwalker -- and anyway, this is my first time out with Helen, I can't imagine what she'd think of me! Judy walked back to Ross, "I've phoned Ben," she said, "I don't need to be in any hurry to go home."


Panty Power Ch. 04

fetish black saphire 2018-06-02

I felt his hard, hot cock slip slowly into me, spreading my pussy lips and inner walls. I clamped my pussy hard on his cock, trying to milk him as I felt another orgasm fast approaching. My whole body shook and I felt my pussy clenching and unclenching on his hard cock. I focused on the cock in my mouth, sucking and massaging Richard's balls to draw out his cum and hopefully trigger off my own climax. I grabbed the panties from his hand and lifted my skirt, giving Richard a nice view of my matted pussy hairs. Then I walked over to Richard, kissed him hard and placed my soaked panties in his hands.

A Drinker's Better Moments Ch. 02

fetish topwise 2018-06-02

Craig and Crystal were kissing while Dave and Laura and Josh and Jennifer were talking over wine and beer. I felt the movement in my cock, I held it back to let it build then I shot load after load of my jizz out into the water, some landing on Kris' tits and lips. Kris' hair was getting wet, and my back was getting slick as I covered her body as I began rocking over her, thrusting my dick deep into her pussy. She let my dick fall from her mouth and she slid back down my legs moving her head underneath my cock so that her hair was being drenched with the rain and my piss.

She Rules Wife and Husband Ch. 01

fetish Quietoldie 2018-06-02

This turns out to be a longer and more satisfying fuck than our usual three minutes and with thoughts of young Jim in my own mind I enjoy a very satisfying orgasm just before Peter spurts in his turn. Then once she's got a good look at it she'll probably want me to kiss it and suck it." She feels his cock jerk a little. She wants to save fucking for David whilst he's here." Peter turns to spoon me. "She thought you might like to feel the spunk of another man around your cock whilst you fuck her. Next time she'll want you to go down on her and swallow his spunk like a good little cuckold should.

Flow of Passion Ch. 03

fetish Iread2relax 2018-06-02

suddenly I realized Flo was sleeping with her head between my legs and was gently sucking my cock. My lovely Flo, then took all of me into her mouth and sucked me into another glorious orgasm. Soon the woman slid Flo's dress down and started sucking her nipple. Guys took out their cocks and started shagging and girls put their fingers deep into their pussies and enjoyed. I watched as the second man took juices that dripped from her overheated pussy and entered her ass hole stretching it wide. Completely unawares I started as once again as Flo entered the bathroom and once again covered my cock in her palm and whispered softly in my ears.

Miss James's Lesson Ch. 05

fetish The Wu-Tang Pen 2018-06-02

Her hand came up from the floor, her red silk scarf held loosely in her fingers, and she began stroking his thighs and balls with the soft fabric. Miss James lay back on the hard wooden floor letting her pussy get eaten and her mouth get used. Calmly Miss James continued and slowly he relaxed (still keeping his body raised), letting himself get used to the new and pleasant sensations that passed from his anus to his balls and cock. "Now, now you naughty boy" came his teachers stern voice, "You're going to learn to take your punishment like a man." She pushed some more and slid another two inches of the big thick dildo into his ass.

Her Daddy

fetish littlegurl4daddy 2018-06-02

Their little ones --Samuel, three; and Jessie, two-- sharing a crib at the foot end of their bed, watching as their momma choked on Daddy's long, hard cock. Look at me, let me see your eyes, oh Fuck yes..." Stanley moaned, head falling back as his hand curled in her hair, shoving her down further on his cock. Abby moaned, her body lifting off the bed slightly as Stanley sucked hard on her tit, milking from her while the machine milked from her other side. Abby screamed out as best she could, her body jerking and thrusting about as she came, hard, her pussy muscles clamping down hard around Stanley's cock as he continued to fuck into her again and again.

Tis the season (male view)

fetish Storygal 2018-06-02

Heading to work he went about his usual day teasing his co-workers of the party that was going to happen that night. “Ready for tonight are we?” he flirtatiously said to Lanna just teasing her, he knew that she didn’t like it. Markus saw his wife bouncing up and down on another man’s cock and could hear him groaning with anger which turned Lanna on even more. Noticing a light come from the hallway of the printer he saw Lanna stumble against the wall and smile at those as well, it was clear she would be making her way to the bathroom and Markus noticed another guy going after her….Larry the postie stopped her in her tracks and began speaking to her.

Jimmy's Clean Sweep Vol. 02

fetish goldengob 2018-06-02

Stephanie dropped her handbag onto the floor, placed a hand on my neck and pulled me to her, planting her mouth onto mine. She cupped her hand to my cock as the piss flooded out, through the fabric, down my legs, down her arm, and dripped, then flooded onto the floor. Stephanie stood up, walked around behind me, put her wet hand through the fly of the shorts, between my legs and grabbed my dripping penis. I suggest when you have to pee, you sit down like a girl on the toilet, and when you are done, you will think of me and wank until you come in your pants.'

Adventures In Hose Ch. 02

fetish jeffreysub 2018-06-02

As I felt myself becoming more and more aroused, begging for release, I thought about Jennifer's beautiful legs and bright sparkling blue eyes and how her beautiful body begged to be worshiped. One thing that drew my eye as I went up to shake her hand was that Jennifer's breasts stood out, her lovely red dress long and gracefully covering up her beautiful legs. "So what took you so long?" I asked Angie, trying to keep my eyes on her face and not on her beautiful breasts, regretting that I couldn't look at her even more attractive-looking legs under the table. I couldn't help but notice several females who were playing on the arcades looking over at me with mocking eyes, or at least that's what it felt like.


fetish LostInTheMadness 2018-06-02

Your hand found its way back into my hair, you forced my head so close to the water that I could feel the wetness on just the tip of my nose. I tried to suppress a gasp as the ice cold water hit against my face, feeling like a thousand tiny needles being poked against my cheeks. I was happy to have your hand pushing down on my head as you forced me back into the water. I had no idea how long you held me under the water, it felt like an eternity to me waiting for a much needed breathe, but for you it probably wasn't even a minute. I had no air, my eyes were wide open for the first time ever under water.

Stripped in the Ring Ch. 02

fetish bigdaleforever 2018-06-02

Igor Sarkolovski in a casket match for the WCWA Word Heavyweight Championship at Devil's Night so you can do whatever it is you've got in mind for Tina and her friends?" Danvers said just to make sure he understood. With the arena abuzz, the music for Igor Sarkolovski started and the ring announcer said, "Ladies and gentlemen the following match is for the WCWA World Heavyweight Championship and it is a casket match. Sara, Sabrina, and now the WCWA Women's Champion Terrific Tina (just for clarification she won that title at Devil's Night), from Moscow in the Soviet Union weighing in at 339 lbs, the unbeaten Igor Sarkolovski!" I stood behind the curtain awaiting my own entrance when the crowd erupted in boos and catcalls at the large Russian wrestler.

Amy's Anal Reward

fetish amy pussy 2018-06-02

"Ohhhh, nasty girl, don't you try to make me cum too quick with that sweet asshole, you know I like to take my time and make it last Amy, don't you dare make me come too quick, I want to work it long and deep and if you make me cum too fast I'll have to punish you!" As Doug gets ready for work in his usual business attire he asks Amy to get out one of the bags of dry pinto beans from the kitchen. Later that night Amy sets her alarm before going to bed, getting really for tomorrow's morning toilet ritual with Doug.

The Baby Sitter Part 2

fetish simonenglish 2018-06-02

Hannah who had been licking out Cheyenne was now fingering her hairless pussy on the bed. Simon was really close to cumming after having been the middle of a wank when he had heard CHeyenne's orgasmic scream moment before. We all want to feel that cock in us tonight!" And with that Cheyenne got up off the floor in front of Simon and got onto her double bed. "Slow down girls," Simon said, "I'll make all of you cum soon" And with that he moved onto the next girl Hannah and began to slowly lick her cunt too. Over the next amazing 45 minutes, Simon made each girl cum twice and the room reverberated with the sound of wet sloppy pussys and girls moaning.

Lickr (tm)

fetish lickr 2018-06-02

If you're interested in the app I think you're interested in, you won't mind licking my armpits clean for me!" When I got to work, I immediately closed the door of my office and went to the website. "23 year old female, in need of pussy cleaning unwashed" I went to bed and jerked off to the incredible kinkiness of licking a stranger's pussy in a train bathroom. I opened the message and it said "32 year old woman, in need of pussy licking unwashed, armpit licking and ass licking unwashed." "39 year old woman, in need of pussy cleaning unwashed". All day at work I could smell this lady's pussy on my face...

Theodore James: Fuzzy Cuffs Ch. 01

fetish Mewzik_Kitten 2018-06-02

Pear-shaped with smaller, maybe between B- and C-cup, breasts, and fuller hips, his eyes were drawn to the way her yellow Kimya Dawson t-shirt was faded and vintage looking, pulled taut over her breasts and flat stomach, and then down to her black jeans, the knees faded almost to the point of frayed. "Uhm..." she rested her slender hands on the countertop and leaned forward a little bit, taking her time in looking at all the different pastries and treats the cafe had to offer. 'I've always wanted a house in a smaller town, Sweetpea, what do you say?'" Willow smiled as she imitated her father. "Yeah dad, I'm sorry - I'm coming." With a smile the man closed the door, and Willow turned back to T.J.

Wife in Control Ch. 05

fetish wifetoy 2018-06-02

I walked upstairs to find my wife standing in our exercise room dressed in a black leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes. On the bed in our room, she had laid out a pink thong dance panty, a brand new pair of pink Capezio Ultra Soft dance tights, a pink high neck leotard, white leg warmers, and a pair of pink leather Capezio ballet shoes, all of which she had ordered in my size for the occasion. She led me through a series of stretches on the bar as I admired my tights covered legs with my toes pointed in the dainty ballet slippers. While I struggled to take her cock, I watched the scene in the mirror- a ballerina roughly fucked in her tutu and tights.