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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Shoe shopping!

fetish azroger 2018-06-02

Renee is an early 30something...tall with long legs and near perfect size 7 1/2 feet..nice ass and tits that i knew would fill the body hugging black dress she described she would be wearing. She asked, "so do you like the shoes, or the feet in them?" I was amazed such a young girl picked up on my fetish. I pulled the other shoe off and again inhaled the scent..this time i pressed my nose into the bottom of her toes...then putting her toes in my mouth..she was moaning and was coming from me sucking her feet! She got on her back and i put her feet on my shoulders and fucked her pussy harder and harder..holding her ankles in front of me, sucking her toes and licking her soles...i was getting close and she knew it.

My Ex-Girlfriend and Her College Jock

fetish easyballs 2018-06-02

Julie moaned and almost whimpered in reply "Mmmm Yeeeess baby I am!" I risked a quick glance and saw Tyrone had his hand in her pants and was obviously finger fucking her going by the way her hips were bucking, her legs were opening and shutting almost involuntarily by themselves as he worked her pussy over. Once I knew it was all clear, I pulled my cock out and started rubbing myself, at the thoughts of Tyrone banging Julie back at her house like he did at college. I climbed the stairs slowly and it wasn't until I was half way up the stairs, and between there and the outside of Julie's bedroom I could hear her moans, Tyrone's grunts as he was obviously fucking her behind the closed door.

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 2

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-06-02

"Go on Carly babes, give James a lovely blow job, drink the twat dry," cackled Auntie Jean. "Come on now Belinda, there is no need to get so upset, Auntie Kimberley loves you," said Kim in her strong welsh accent. "I love you Carly Lloyd, fuck my ass off, my pretty sissy," said James in a pathetic voice. "That's my Carly, fuck the dopey bastard, look Belinda my niece is riding your pretty boyfriend," said Auntie Jean. "My pretty Belinda, going to give you the Auntie Jean special, Carly loved it," said Jean in a menacing voice. "You must pick my nose before you fuck Belinda Beynon," said Kimberley. "Go on Carly, fuck Belinda Beynon," screamed Auntie Jean.


The Piss Empire Pt. 05

fetish nopjans 2018-06-02

Believing that a pitcher of wine would be quite enjoyable with her bath, Liliana needed only to pull on a lever discreetly concealed in the walls of her quarters. He looked up and beheld the magnificent figure of Empress Liliana, naked in front of him, pissing indifferently into the bowl he held. After emerging from the bath and toweling herself dry, a task that might normally have been performed by an attendant, Liliana took hold of the letter Debora had smuggled inside herelf. The day after the city leaders ratified Helena's right to urinate anywhere, she appeared on General Klote's property with a contingent of soldiers.

The Shoe Store

fetish MercyMia 2018-06-02

Before he could stop, he imagined kneeling in front of her, his head close to her skirt, breathing in the mixed scent of her perfume, sweat, and the leather skirt and boots. He placed her bared foot on his thigh and reached for the top of the other boot zipper. She pressed her foot firmly against him, returning the pleasure his hand was transmitting between her legs. He lifted her second foot and rubbed the toes against his nose, inhaling the smell of her feet long enclosed in the leather. He pressed his flat tongue on her arch, inhaling her foot scent. He took a deep breath and adjusted her in the chair so he could press his nose against her clit.

Jennifer Changes To jennie

fetish kimnormundie 2018-06-02

I sat there and typed, "I Jennie Fucksalot, my new name, do here by state that I am giving this information as well as my very life to any and all men, women, or objects that want to use me for the dirty filthy no goof piece of fuck meat that I am. When this week was over I felt like a new girl or should I say a dirty filthy no good piece of fuck meat. I went back to my computer and saw this message, "Welcome you dirty filthy good for nothing piece of fuck meat. I got up and went to the bedroom and looked in the closet and saw clothes that bimbos, sluts, whores, strippers, and I would wear and be proud to do so.

My Little s****r's New Job Part 2

fetish CrazyCaligula 2018-06-02

She got off the bed and was walking with me towards the door while wiping her face with her panties. After covering my cock in precum and saliva, she wrapped her pouty pink lips around my prick and started bobbing her head while I saw one of her hands steal away under her skirt. “Then take off your clothes, fold them and put them in the corner and stop fucking wasting time.” I said, rather harshly. She’s 5 ft now, B cups where budding breasts used to be when we started fucking and an ass that just keeps getting bigger and better. “And it just so happens that I have a job just for you.” I said smiling, “Just don’t tell Marissa.”

dukes mound brighton uk true story

fetish tandyben 2018-06-02

He then said he wonted to fuck me, but i said not this Sunday but id meet him next Sunday, then as i was bent over sucking i felt some one lift the back of my dress up, then rubbing a cock around my bum hole, by now my black friend was getting very excited the other guy walked off, my friend then very f***efully turned me round ripped my suspenders down to my knees & bent me over the bench, i was trying to stop him, but i got a bit frightened so i gave in ( so glad i gave in it was very sexy )

More than he bargained for !

fetish 2018-06-02

"You are much smaller than I imagined David, are you really sure you want me to sit on you, I think my 22 stones will crush you like a bug". "O.K. David, strip down to your underpants and go and lie face up on the bench, time is money let's get started", pointing to a long low padded bench which he had not noticed before. She laughed and looked at him contemptuously, "There is no safeword David, you wanted to be squashed and trust me you are going to be" ! "That was your wife again David, she wants me to carry on so I think we will go for another hard bouncing session by which time I should be really ready to make you give my fanny and arse a good licking.

The Pool Fools

fetish Cal Y. Pygia 2018-06-02

A chorus of shrill giggles and a commotion in the yard below stole my attention from my own half-pleasant, half-miserable state as I first heard, and then saw, the other Pool Fools, Julia, Charlene, Tammy, and Bette, enter the pool area, having paraded themselves through our house--Pam had obviously left the front door unlocked for them--and file onto the deck, each and every one of them as astonishingly naked as my sister!

Rebecca the Maid

fetish innoncentlykinky12 2018-06-02

While Gary was heading home from work, Rebecca notices a hidden stash of porn in a secret compartment in the drawer. He stops his work and approaches closer to Rebecca in the living room. Gary says, “I like what you did yesterday in my office, why not show me again?” Rebecca was hesitant, but Gary moves his body closer to hers. Gary starts to finger her pussy as she moans to the movements. Gary’s long thick juicy cock goes into Rebecca’s warm pussy and starts to fuck her hard. “Suck it dry servant,” Gary says and so she begins to suck his penis. “Good servant, very good,” Gary says as he enjoys his cock being sucked by Rebecca.

Bumping into my husband's ex

fetish lauren003 2018-06-02

We chatted breifly about Amanda and he told me that his facial fetish started off when he was dating her back in his matric days, that she was the first girl who's face he shot his cum onto. After gagging on his cock about 5 times I started to suck him fast and hard and he soon neared cumming. He thrusted slow but hard and deep from the tip of his cock just being in my bum to his entire shaft being completely in while he moaned as his cum shot into my bum. He gave me a kiss and said thank you for the anal sex as it really ended his day on a high after giving me the facial that made him completely horny and wanting a good fuck.

Sex chat & mess'n around.

fetish SEABASS_87 2018-06-02

We talked about how they had fucked/sucked her for a while then I wrote this, I hope someone gets a kick out of it. The smell of your heated cunt filling the room, the head of my cock burning into your back, while I watch the bl**d trickly down your leg, then bring you back to the bed, smash your face down into the pillow so you cant make a sound when I open you up and bite the inside of your ass cheek, Then before I let my fingers any where your pussy or your ass I'd clasp your neck with both hands and drag your face towards my aching cock,

My Name is Fred Ch. 03

fetish gushogan 2018-06-02

Missy and I (and Versh when she came over) watched a lot of TV in the TV room while Sarah took pictures of "Mannie." Then Sarah shot Versh in this little black cocktail dress that Pro-sports had given her and liked Versh to wear when they did dinner and such. Sarah was about two feet away carefully composing shots telling Versh to touch her clit, rub, and then shooting more pictures. Shot three was harder—and harder on Sarah to frame it—Sarah wanted Versh to put her face near my crotch and stick out her tongue so the tip barely touched the tip of my cock.

The Dream Daughter

fetish MissKaneda 2018-06-02

"I'd step right on your little body and grind you under my awesome shoes." Her foot twisted, slow and seductive right before his eyes, and his mouth parted with shocking desire to see that bit of brittle rubber being slowly reduced to a pile of pink crumbs beneath his daughter's mighty foot. A little rivulet of sweat ran down his nose and dripped to the floor with the faintest sound, and just when a bit of mumbling started to rise from his throat, Kat erupted in a little peal of girlish laughter and walked away, her heel pointedly pressing firmly to the ground with her first step, snapping his pencil in half with a resounding, splintering crack.

Dirty Sister-In-Law

fetish grooveguv 2018-06-02

I have this thing about women with large tits and hairy pussies, and my wife keeps on trimming her bush all the time, saying that it's dirty to have hair down there. When she saw me looking, she said, 'George, I know it's difficult for you, but you can undress if you feel like it.' Aaaarrrgh, I was about to cum, so I got her away and pulled her to myself, to kiss her mouth tasting of my ass and cock. As I started licking the rim of her ass, I felt her taking the big toe fresh out of her pussy into her mouth. This time, she took my cock into her mouth and inserted a finger into my ass, driving me crazy.

A Happy Veteran

fetish DrLit 2018-06-02

I said to my wife, "I want to go to Viet Nam to fuck you at every location that I served in 1969 to 1971. I also wore panties to fuck my wife with my cock pulled out of the leg hole of the thin stretchy silk. Eventually my wife said, "I love your thick cock in me so much, but I also want your cum load. I want your cock and cum in my ass." She took off the strap on and bent over still wearing the body stocking. After a few pounding strokes my wife said, "Come on big boy, fuck me harder.

Roomate Knows

fetish SCSatin 2018-06-02

There I stood, no shirt and boxers down, in my girlfriend's roommate's green satin panties wrapped around my erection. How was I going to explain that for the past two weeks since my girlfriend let me stay at her place over the summer for college classes that I had been using her lingerie to relief my needs. She grabbed the panties from my hand and went over and fished out the matching green satin bra from her top drawer and went into her bathroom. She opened her eyes with a Why did you stop expression but then nodded when she saw me rap a pair of her black satin panties around my cock.

Bare Down There

fetish FloridaSmoothie 2018-06-02

The second or third year of my buying the magazine, they printed the first pictures of a male without any pubic hair. Not only would shaving help my penis and balls feel and look more sensual, but hair would no longer get caught in condoms when putting them on or taking them off. When I first started visiting nude beaches in the late 1980's, most males were not shaved or even trimmed down there. Then gradually, at the local legal nude beach in Florida I visited frequently I started observing other straight males sporting much less pubic hair, and eventually joining me as totally bare.

Forbidden Weekend

fetish skybear 2018-06-02

Blog 4: Inquiring minds would probably like to know, Special Friend and I have decided a couple of nights out on the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Toasting to our spouses and trying hard to fill the lonely hours eagerly awaiting their return would be in order. Finally the cold has departed Florida although the Gulf water temperature is very cool so SF (Special Friend) and I decided a couple of days on the boat would be just the thing. After very slowly getting in the water as she laughed, every time I kicked my legs I would feel the plug rub my special place.


fetish kayakkid 2018-06-02

Carlo wasn't ever going to get around to marrying her she knew, so when Martin came along and asked, Kirsten said yes. Kirsten rolled over him, got up on her knees, reached back between her legs and sat slowly back on his hard-on, feeling it spread her open and go up inside. When Kirsten felt Carlo getting bigger inside her, she began to cum. Once again the camera was set and Carlo stood at her side, but his time when the shutter snapped, Kirsten's hand had snaked around Carlo's waist and taken hold of the big cock that hung between her lover's thighs.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 04

fetish SylviaG 2018-06-02

"I can't believe you convinced him it was his fault," Carl said with a grin. I leaned forward and began to whisper, "Now fuck me Carl before my husband comes home and wants his turn. "Carl fuck me baby," I cooed in his ear, "Come on it's me Julie. "That was not nice Julie, she had nothing there," Carl said as we went out into the street. "Carl and I have done nothing Jenny," I said trying to sound convincing. Barry took the next day off so I never got another fuck out of Carl. Besides I was getting a little worried just in case 'big mouth' spread it around and Barry got to hear.

The Nicest Way to Meet

fetish xxkissmytoesxx 2018-06-02

I pulled the covers up to my chin and closed my eyes thinking about how anxious and excited I was to see Mike the next day. I also spent a healthy portion of time fantasizing about his foot fetish and how excited I was to have him suck on my cute little toes. With all these thoughts of my Mike running through my mind, I was getting myself all worked up and just as I was about to slip my hand under my panties for a little playtime, I heard a soft knock on my front door. I'm not really sure how he makes it feel so good to this day, but I felt like a pool of melted wax when I felt his tongue run over the tips of my five toes.

Unlucky day

fetish blsbls123 2018-06-02

So after her friends got away, she was persuaded to come into my garage so we could discuss her punishment....persuaded my a 12 gauge pump shotgun. I grabbed her head and skull fucked her until she puked on the garage floor. I got 2 fingers in her ass and licked her pussy while she sucked my cock some more. I worked a finger or two in, and then tried to get my cock in. I fucked her pussy and tried to slide back into her ass, still wasnt happening. I sat on the floor so she could blow me again, this time Marve stood behind her and licked her pussy and ass. As she was cleaning that mess up, i went and got her purse and cell phone.