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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Supersized Boyfriend Surprise! Pegged

fetish 425olds 2018-06-02

I can still remember the first time we did this and how surprised I was at how good this looked and how turned on I got watching the dildo as his anus opened up to receive it. Each time my pelvis hit his ass I felt sensations rush through my body as the dildo continued to vibrate my clitoris. The combination of my thrusts, the vibrations, and the feeling of control that I had seeing him strapped to the table with his ass in the air had me approaching orgasm after only a few minutes and I really increased my thrusts. I held it there for a second but then started moving slowly out an inch or two and then pushing back into him so that my pelvis hit his ass each time.


fetish 2018-06-02

Tracy said she took along time getting changed she says that she put on a normal nightie then changed into a baby doll one and back into the normal one again and finally she said she thought fuck it give Dan a treat and she put on a very small thong and a very short see through negligee and went back down to Dan. Tracy then asked Dan if he wanted her to suck his cock he of course said yes but added that he wanted to lick her pussy so Tracy took off her thong and helped Dan to get undressed she knelt infront of him as she pulled his jeans and boxers down his already hard cock sprung free and straight into her mouth.


fetish 2018-06-02

Their bodies found their way around each .Their legs were entwined, arms around each other and his hand was on her bare ass Their eyes locked and then their mouths did with passion. His left arm was under her shoulders and his right hand moved down her body to gently position her legs so they were separated… bent… she understood and she let them fall wide open for him. He kissed her then said, “let me do this for you…” and next she felt his fingers gently part her folds and push inside her. Soon he felt her convulsing around his fingers and he continued to work them, drawing out her orgasm as she When his fingers had first penetrated her she had felt an

Biology 101 Pt. 03

fetish jasliz 2018-06-02

Time passed and no one knocked, giving me the time I needed to prepare since I hadn't thought about class because of how excited I was for my evening with Tami, which ended up being more than I bargained for. "Jessica told Justin she watched the clips he made for this 'ejaculation study' of yours with Tami. He let me suck, stroke and lick his member for ten minutes before I felt him preparing to ejaculate like normal. I still had my breasts in my hands, squeezing my nipples as I felt his long shaft bottom out inside my anal canal. It was a good thing too, I could feel my body cramping up on his huge shaft, it still felt good but I knew if he took too long it wouldn't last.

Mistress Monique Pt. 02

fetish bleedndkn 2018-06-02

After some time she said, "Now it's time for some relief for your poor aching balls." Mistress Monique got off the bed and walked behind me, then slowly worked her cock into my ass. Mistress Monique moved behind me and told me that I had to ask her for this punishment, saying, "If you want out of that cock cage and out of my life just let me know right here and now since you aren't holding up your end of the bargain and cleaning my apartment perfectly. Their rhythms began to synch with me in the middle and my chastity cage bouncing against his balls, until I could feel Ben's thrusts and Mistress Monique's breathing both quicken.

Me and My roommate: In her panties Part 1

fetish stanlok 2018-06-02

She waited a few moments and then said,"Well looks like Miss Kristen is going to spank you, get out of my room worm and when i call you, you better run back in here." "So I didnt know that when i asked you to be my roommate that I got a sissy, a little worm who likes to dress in girls panties and bras and smell used panties and play with his little cock. You know what until you learn to be a real man, a man with a real cock I am going to call you Stephanie, cause all I see right now is a little girl,OK?" You like a cock in you ass little girl?" she yelled." or do you want to admit that you are a man, I can feel your cock baby.

Red Light Blowjob

fetish DarknessHasLife 2018-06-02

She reached up to his mouth and licked her tongue over his lips to clean off the pre-cum. She can feel pre-cum dripping down and her tongue licks it clean as she sucks him back to his head. Looking up at him she swirls her tongue around the tip of his dick while her hand strokes him up and down. She sucks him back down to his base and begins mouth fucking him hard and fast. She can tell he is getting close to cumming so she begins stroking him fast and swirling her tongue around his head again. He looks down at her and pushes a single drop of cum on her lip into her mouth with his finger and releases her hair.

First Time Milking

fetish Kessler 2018-06-02

Linds saw this and reached in with her left hand grabbing the shaft of my cock between her fingers and stroked it while Joan continued to relentlessly rub and squeeze my sensitive head. She smiled at me and said, "Relax now, I am going to move it around a bit so you get use to my finger." Linds continued to stroke me between her toes as I felt Joan's finger moving up down and around inside me. Joan laughed and said, "Why thank you." She then raised her right leg and gently placed her calf across the top of my cock and began to rub it back and forth.

A Different Sort of Cuck Ch. 04

fetish Subone1 2018-06-02

Susan then called me at work, "Would you like to wear some stockings and a garter belt for me tonight Timmy?" she said seductively into the phone. I looked over at the girl in the other cube and our eyes met, "I would drink your piss if you handed it to me in a glass," I said in a loud but defeated voice. We need to make sure you stay hard all night tonight, so I want you to take your medicine," she continued, looking down at the blue pill in her toes. "I want to make sure I get your face in these pictures, great blackmail material if I ever need it since you're wearing stockings and garter belt!" she chuckled.

Daddy's Little Cow Ch. 01

fetish KindAsCake 2018-06-02

Everything about her was round and yielding, the smooth flushed cheeks, the kissable little shoulders, the generous pink tipped breasts, the gently rounded belly, the spankable ass, the quivering thighs always wet with her juices all the way down to her sweet little chubby toes. "Uh huh, I can tell, pretty much like every day isn't it?" He accepted her greeting indulgently, she was a needy little thing and 8 hours was a long time to be without her Daddy. He pulled her in for a long slow kiss, his hands stroking her wet skin. He gently squeezed her right breast causing a wet spot to bloom in the fabric stretched over her plump nipple, "Mmmmm feels like you need some attention little cow."

Happiness is a Warm Pouch

fetish doctorpluto 2018-06-01

Jem hooked her thumb on the rim of her pouch and stretched it open, watching it snap back and send ripples all throughout her rubber body when she let go. Drink and be better." And before Sally could voice her objections, the freakish marsupial cupped the back of the human's head and thrust her open mouth toward its breast. With a sound like a rubber band snapping, the new tail synced up with Sally's body, its four foot length curling around the opossum on top of her. "Breed now!" The she-opossum hissed, rubbing her rubber body against Sally. Sally felt a rush of feeling in her loins, then a starburst of pleasure and release as he pumped load after load of hot, slippery latex seed into his mate.

What You Want

fetish SapphoSoul 2018-06-01

From the lowest point of the triangle I glide my index finger up along my plump outer pussy lips so that they surround the fabric and make it cup my clit. The red triangle pointing to my entrance, I take its direction and insert my middle finger into my pussy, the sensation is amazing. Wanting more I place the pad of my middle and index finger at my entrance and bite my lip as I try to push the digits in. I know what you require and I oblige, placing the middle finger from my other hand within the hole between the ample cheeks of my ass. Removing the finger from my ass and using the hand to place the other ear bud onto the tip of my clit.

Customer Service

fetish fishophile 2018-06-01

"We'll try the pink." He gracefully pulled the woman's feet from the shoes, and by the time Therese had found the new pair, the red shoes were back in the box and the packing neatly arranged on top. This time Therese handed the box straight over, receiving a "thank you" from the man. "Good." He packed away the trainers in the empty box, then handed the red pair back to Therese. They looked deeply into each other's eyes for a few seconds, then he broke the gaze, taking the shoe from her and placing her feet in both pumps with the same gentle grace. A few customers, three assistants, the old owner over by the cash register, and Therese, now totally blushing.

pregnant emily pt 1

fetish vinney 2018-06-01

Emily rolled her eyes discreetly as several women behind her giggled when Ulysses entered the room. Ulysses always flashed Emily a nod and soft smile as she left, making eye contact, ignoring the chattering pregnant women for a split second. Waiting for the instructor, Devin, to arrive, Emily pushed thoughts of Ulysses out of her head. Emily legitimately needed assistance with a certain pose Devin instructed the class on. Turning to smile at Emily, Ulysses said, "Oh, uh, sure. Emily smiled again, averting her eyes from his large muscular buttocks, getting into her car and thinking about Randy. It was purely coincidental that her hand traveled far south enough to accidently slide into her sweatpants and caress her pubic bush when the image of Ulysses on top of a woman popped into her head.

My First Bathroom Incident

fetish GirlWithBoots 2018-06-01

Another clench, a pause and I drag my hands up and over my thighs, massaging it in, feeling it so wet, not drying, dripping a bit down the sides of my spread legs. I'm frozen like that for several moments, feeling my hands cool, the erratic dripping into the water. As I walk down the stairs, already preparing in my head what I'm going to say to you, I feel a last drop that had been clinging to my pussy lips slip down the inside of my leg, past my knee, my calf and finally stall at my ankle.

Reversals Ch. 01

fetish RachelClark 2018-06-01

And the best thing is, most of the senior promotions, like yours, are going to womyn!" Julia wasn't sure if Samantha was more excited about her promotion or that women had taken so many of the positions. It's going to make having a baby with him almost impossible unless I give up on the idea of breastfeeding my baby like I wanted to." Julia brought her hands to the side of her head and began rubbing her temples with her fingers trying to ward off an approaching headache. "Role reversal," Samantha said, more to herself than to Julia, the words having some deeper meaning as her expression shifted to satisfaction, almost excitement.

Sam and his Queen

fetish QueenAmynSam 2018-06-01

The Ben climbed on the bed and Amy leaned forward and began to tease and suck his cock, watching Sam the whole time making sure he was paying close attention to how much she enjoyed sucking another man's cock. Sam fought and begged from the very beginning, when Williams cock broke into his tight ass he cried out so loud that William slapped him in the face for fighting and told Amy to gag him. Amy took Ben's cock all the way in her mouth as she watched William face fuck Sam. Sam knew how to answer, if he said anything but 'I love your cock in my mouth' he would suffer some cruel punishment that Amy and William will think up.

Cuckolded by 18 Year Old Girlfriend

fetish aweatherly 2018-06-01

If you'd asked me if I would want to watch my girlfriend fuck another man in front of me a year ago, I'd have promptly punched you in the jaw. "Why do I get so turned on thinking about my girlfriend fucking other men?" All of the results were talking about cuckolding. They were so turned on by their girlfriend being sexy and sexually liberated that they themselves got possessive of her, and having another guy interested in (or even fucking) their girl made them not only jealous, but physically competitive. That was definitely how it made me feel when my girlfriend taunted me about other guys wanting to fuck her.

Stacey Baby

fetish Writerotic 2018-06-01

I took her out of the room and whispered in her ear while I cupped her pussy mound in my hand and squeezed, When her ass was throbbing and red and gave off a lot of heat, I paused, looking at the crisscross patterns on her skin; her pussy glistening in the moonlight as she panted, but I wasn't through yet. Stacey sounded in rapture and my hand was totally covered in her wonderful juices so I kept pumping faster and faster till her orgasm crashed through her body like a tsunami; she buried her face in my shirt and squealed as loud as she could with each pulse of her orgasmic tide,


fetish songwriter503 2018-06-01

Of the three things that really got her off -- gentle sex, overt forms of humiliation, and having a dominant lover, I was really only into the dominance part, and last time, her fragile little body was only able to take so much of the more vigorous forms of dominant that I tend to like. I knew that Kara could call a time out whenever she wanted to, and hoped she would do that if she needed to, but I didn't give that too much thought as I moved her onto her side, with one leg straight beneath me, and the other up, with that knee close to her chest.

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 04

fetish anonymous3 2018-06-01

We sat for another thirty minutes, Faye's hands continuing their work. Nasty bad-egg smell; strangely, much like Tasha, I pictured Faye's pretty face and heap of dark hair while her big load sat on my face, negating my bad impression of the odor. "Would you talk to my lady friend?" Tess had been standing there straight-faced as Tasha made her remark. I looked Tasha in the face, with her slight smile and mischief-giving eyes. Tess took a deep breath, and I heard a long, lady-like exclamation escape her. I thought Tess probably counted off a full minute, giving me time to register and appreciate her work. Tasha wiped and flushed, then washed her hands one more time.

The Babysitter Threesome

fetish NewWriter1 2018-06-01

My cock was throbbing but I wanted to see Ariana's face and tongue on our babysitter's pussy and watch her taste the juices from the pleasure I had just given Jessica. I pushed my wife's face hard into Jessica's pussy, getting even more turned on as they moaned in ecstasy to what was happening. I told my wife to sit on Jessica's face so I could watch Jessica taste Ariana while I fucked the babysitter. As my wife continues to fuck her, I place my tongue on Jessica's wet, waiting pussy lips and she cums instantly, splashing my face with her sweet juice. I thrust hard and fast; both my wife and Jessica are moaning; Jessica begs for me to cum in her ass.

The Perverted Girl

fetish 2018-06-01

The boy's cock got so hard he couldn't take it anymore, and he reached out into his pants, and began stroking his cock. Every time he saw one of those women spit on the cock he moaned silently, it made him so excited, he wanted his cock to be spat on too, he wanted to feel a woman's lips around his hard cock, sucking, spitting, stroking. "Myesh...culm imn mel mooth" She wanted his cum so bad she didn't even bother to let go of his cock with her mouth as she said the words. He was getting close to his climax and she suddenly backed off a bit, spit on his cock and as she came back to it he exploded in her mouth.

Janet Helps the Fantasy

fetish vinceh23 2018-06-01

After about ten minutes, Janet raised herself on her elbow, looked at me and said, "thank you, panty boy, I sure did enjoy that." She put her hand down to her swollen labia, stuck a few fingers in her vagina and brought the sweet nectar to her lips, tasting it and commenting, "I sure enjoyed that." Repeating the action she then put her fingers in my mouth, "I just know how much you like that. I do as I'm told and Janet then stands over my face, legs apart and tells me to look up her skirt, saying "I know what men like to do. I stand there, bra filled with tits, panties tight with my erections, and starting to leak a little pre cum.