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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Got back home!

fetish moms_boy 2018-06-01

And Suddenly the door opened and that boy ran out and behind him my mom came out running.It was shocking view to me,as she was wearing only a tight and tiny green thong on her legs and T-shirt. Full brown thick body of mom,almost naked,was Giving a Real life domina look to Me. That lil bra could'nt hold her boobs for long,but she did'nt mind that,but remained hittng that boy.The boy was beaten by her very badly,and after 2hrs of her cruel dance she lit him go and Went to the Sofa and started dressing up In her usual wear-Tight leggings and short T-shirt.

Suckling lactating Summer

fetish 2018-06-01

s Gavin started his drive home, his thoughts turned, as usual, to his lush, ripe young wife waiting at home for him. As soon as they knew she was with c***d (she was actually only a week pregnant when they found out because he had insisted on her doing a daily pregnancy test since the wedding) he started to suckle on both her breasts up to ten times a day. And there she was, waiting on the doorstep – utterly gorgeous – stark-naked - fresh-faced – young - with a very distended belly (they had found out three weeks ago at the 20-week scan that she was actually expecting twins!) and enormous, leaking, milk-laden breasts – all for him!

Fire and Ice Part Four

fetish 2018-06-01

"Virgins may be great to some dragons, but for me, I prefer a the taste of a woman who knows what she's been missing," his tone became empassioned growls as he breathed in the full scent of her sex. Alexis moaned in euphoria, her fingers rushing through his silken hair with urgency. The muscle toned dragon growled in his wanton, bringing the luscious woman down to sit upon his massive sword. As the feel of his throbbing essence inside her brought forth more lust, though, she quickened her pace until she was slamming down on top of him. Just when Alexis felt herself reach climax, e roared loud enough to shake the cavern.


fetish Charles Petersunn 2018-06-01

Madeline attracted little attention as she wandered through the halls in her Templeton cheerleading uniform, other than the usual "smiles" from men who appreciated her school spirit, and striking figure. "I'm trying out for the squad, and I just wanted to come, like, and talk to you about it, you know." She said, more quietly, "Personally, and everything." It wasn't right, of course, to give preferential time and treatment to students simply because they were pretty girls with large boobs, but you couldn't deny the pleasure of their company. You see, Mr. Jones, I really, really, really want to be a cheerleader and I thought that it wouldn't hurt if I talk to you about it, and like maybe you could put in a good word for me, or something, you know."

Topaz: A Story of Restoration Ch. 02

fetish frillypanty 2018-06-01

Mistress Amber and Mistress Jet are the directors of our household, Miss Emerald and I constitute the 'second tier', Amethyst, Garnet and Opal each have their particular responsibilities, Sapphire is the general housekeeper -- responsible for the majority of the necessary cleaning, cooking, day-to-day shopping and general tidying. For their household duties Amethyst, Garnet and Opal were to be dressed accordingly in cotton underwear -- dainty panties, chemises and suspender-belts, all delicately printed with minute floral or other suitable decoration, and trimmed with broderie anglaise and little bows -- under plain linen blouses and skirts.

Caught while working

fetish TanPhFootLover 2018-06-01

Once I saw her drive off I could not get those shimmering pantyhose legs out of my thoughts, however I needed to clear the drain first in case she returned forgetting anything for work that day. As one her good friends, one of the waitresses, was coming over to the table to great us she leaned over my way ant told me I was not aloud to look at the legs of these ladies or I would be in for it. I looked down to see Amber had her feet around my cock again and the other girls helped to stroke my cock until I cut loose with a wave of cum squirting it all over their pantyhose covered hands and Amber's feet.

Visiting With Katie Ch. 01

fetish Authorman1969 2018-06-01

"Tell me Katie did you do this just hoping you would start our day with a spanking for not being ready?" I rubbed my hands over her panties, getting my first feel of her butt we had talked about so often. As she pulled down my zipper I thought to myself "I like where this is going, typical guy right?" She reached into my pants and wrapped her hand around my hard throbbing cock. I stop spanking for a moment to rub your butt cheeks and sneak a feel of your pussy. I took my bottle of oil and squeezed some into my hands and rubbed it into Katie's ass.


fetish Cosimo 2018-06-01

I lower my lips onto her foot hearing her breath escaping her now open mouth. My mouth opens as she pulls back my foreskin exposing the sensitive skin of the head to the warm morning air. I can only vigorously shake my head yes; her hand is drawing every bit of air from my lungs as it kneads my flesh into uncontrollable lust. Still crouching above me, she kisses two fingers of her right hand, the ones with which she just a moment ago had brought herself to a riveting climax, and places them onto my lips. Her hand is still cupping my balls, and it seems that every time her fingers close ever so softly they press another thick eruption from my cock.

Because I Want To Be

fetish The_Technician 2018-06-01

Mistress K doesn't ask me to count, which is good because I don't know if I could as she rapidly beats one cheek and then the other. I know what is coming next and I dread it, but at the same time I think to myself, "I want to be here, and this is what I am here for." You would think that the small leather flap would not hurt as much as the hard rod, but the tip of the rod also strikes, and the flap snaps like the tip of a whip creating an intense pain in a very small area.

EX-Wife Revenge

fetish 425olds 2018-06-01

Then she pulled my blindfold off and I realized It WASN'T my ex-wife who was working over my prick, It was some man I started struggling but I couldn't get away my ex-wife smacked me hard on the ass and pulled off her nasty panties and shoved them in my mouth, she then told me to quit trying to get up and to lay back and enjoy the blow job I was getting she told me the man's name was Bill and that he was bi-sexual and he loved to suck cock. When he was done he looked over at my ex-wife and said that I had very sweet cum and a lot of it, she laid the camera down and Told Bill to fuck her pussy, Bill got up and I saw his massive cock it must have been 11 inches long and as big around as a beer can, it was twice the size of my cock.

Contract To Exchange Wife And Husband

fetish chandan0707 2018-06-01

My mother asked the two men to come into the bedroom and asked my father to go into the other bedroom with their wives. The other woman took my father's penis in her hands and started to rub and then kept in her mouth and started to lick it. My mother started to kiss and lick their whole bodies in turns even the both woman licked my father and kissed him top to bottom thoroughly. My father asked one of the women to stand up and keep her vagina on his mouth and asked the other woman to lick his penis. Then my father entered into the picture and kept his penis in each of the woman's vagina in turns and gave some heavy strokes.

Sooner or Later

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-06-01

Its perfectly common for women like yourself on the end trails of their careers to feel resentful of attractive, bright young women coming in and stealing their jobs away from them." That is why I am more than happy to 'start out' working under you as a Jr. for a couple of years, then naturally move into your position when management thinks its time." You know your going to some day have to helplessly watch as a young professional woman half your age slowly takes your lively hood away from you. "I just know Amy wants to reach down and touch that wet, mushy puss puss thinking about losing her wonderful parking space. "I bet Amy wants to finger that big clitty of hers knowing that all her life's hard work meant nothing.

Lesson Plan Ch. 05

fetish GettingItDone 2018-06-01

Eventually I had to get myself ready for school, and remembering what Jerome told me, I picked out a tight black pencil skirt that went to about mid-thigh, and matched with a dark purple button up blouse, and a pair of black 4 inch heels. "Take the marker and begin writing on the door of the stall just how much of a nasty, piss loving, black cock, anal slut you are. As I showered, I wondered what his plans where; were we going watch a movie, why did he want me to bring $100 dollars in singles with me, was I going to be able to play with his wonderful black cock, would he allow me to climax?

The Unknown Assailant

fetish GingerKatt 2018-06-01

I woke to find myself blindfolded with my wrists bound and fastened with what felt like soft rope to the wall above my head. He continued to caress my legs and thighs with his hands as he planted soft warm kisses on my skin. His hands and mouth crept achingly slowly back up my legs, playing special attention to first my ankles and then the soft skin at the back of my knees. Kissing me again he slid first one and then another finger inside me, his arm holding me firm as my legs buckled once again. He kissed and nipped hard at my neck, with his other hand he slid an ice cube inside me.

Paddy's Pub

fetish dukemantee 2018-06-01

Julie came to the end of the bar and said “Hey Tom wake up! That night as Tom lay in bed, he thought about Julie and Brenda. Tom continued to slip down to the storeroom every chance he got to watch Julie and Brenda. Tom saw Brenda enter the ladies room and he quietly went down the basement stairs to the storeroom. As Julie held his cock straight, Brenda lowered her ass and pussy down close to it. Julie kept sucking her clit as the hot pee shot out, hit off her chin, and dribbled down Tom’s balls. When Brenda settled down Julie said “my turn, I want that big dick up my ass too.”

Her Story Ch. 01

fetish lucky_guy_49 2018-06-01

He loves to shave me, having his hands all over my pussy, and seeing the clean, smooth look close up when he's finished. I love when his balls come to rest on my face because I know he can feel that he is all the way in my mouth and throat, and that I've completely surrendered to him. With my eyes closed, I imagined myself as he could see me: My hands tied over my head, stretching my body taut, with two gold rings adorning my hard nipples. As I lay beneath him, feeling the warmth spread from my nipples to the rest of my body, I felt something pushing at my pussy lips.

His Problem Solved Ch. 04

fetish jollyrancher 2018-06-01

I only hoped that I wasn't making too big of a wet spot in my shorts because every time she made my balls vibrate I could feel precum easing it's way out of my foreskin. If it kept prodding me I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold back anymore and I started to tell her so when suddenly there was a little twinge of pain and I felt it slip inside my bladder. Her ministrations at my cock felt wonderful but I was beginning to have the old doubts when her hand released my balls and suddenly they started vibrating and shaking as she activated the device under them again.

Adventure Night Ch. 01

fetish Pghwriter 2018-06-01

Still on my hands and knees, I crawled over to her and, looking up at her, simply said, "As my Mistress wishes," and began sucking on the thick rubber black cock hanging from the harness she wore. Heather shook her head, her eyes still locked on me as I began to suck on Mistress Ali's cock again, deliberately looking at her the entire time. I began fucking back into Mistress Heather while working even harder on Mistress Ali's cock, my face and ass getting fucked at the same time. I didn't even look up, I just took it in my mouth and began sucking away on it like mad while Mistress Ali had her way with my open and inviting ass.

Creampie is Best Served Hot

fetish cpluver 2018-06-01

Jill said, " Wow, I didn't know you could make so much cum. I still remember the first time I sucked Jill's pussy for her, after my orgasm. Donna climbed off my face and I heard her Jill go downstairs with her, chuckling. " By the way, you might want to try swallowing Joe's cum. Then Donna said, "Yeah, I thought he was gonna choke on it when he started sucking me out. At the same time, I enjoy watching your hubby suck a massive load of Joe's cum out of my pussy. Jill just started laughing and said,"If we were already in bed, Donna said she would just use the spare key."

Lunch with Connie Lark

fetish CaspianTern 2018-06-01

Her Honor, Connie Lark sat on her large black leather sofa in her living room located in the quiet town of Cormorant Hill, CA. Connie got up slowly and walked around the glass coffee table to where Eric was sitting on the love seat. "Wow," she grinned "Well Eric this is new to me but I think my pussy is as wet as your cock must be hard right now. Eric was breathing quite heavily and when Connie pulled his briefs down to his ankles his cock leapt out at her. Connie's feet locked around Eric's cock with a vice like grip. Connie rammed her cum covered feet into Eric's eager open mouth and he lapped up his own filth with enthusiasm.

My magical night and weekend with Alexis

fetish 2018-06-01

I wanted to fuck her and wanted to blow my load deep inside of her ass, so I gently got her away from my cock, laid her down and proceeded to eat out her asshole. I told Alexis that I was about to cum, and this hot Shemale told me "I know baby, I can feel your dickhead expanding in my ass. When I had finished cumming, I leaned over to her and told her "Your turn!" Alexis's cock never went soft as I was fucking her. Your fuck-stick is soooo good baby!" Eventually Alexis's fuck pace began to pick up speed, she asked me "Baby, what do you want me to do when I cum?", and as I was panting, I excitedly told her "In my ass my ass.

Swimsuit Shopping

fetish Guy_Faux 2018-06-01

Amy didn't expect that her son would fill it, after all his father had been such a poorly endowed man, but she'd never thought he'd look quite so pathetic. Five minutes later Jamie stepped back out in a bright red Speedo that seemed just as loose on him as the first. Amy also noticed two young girls nearby, both about her son's age, who were snickering at the boy. The woman pinched the loose fabric of her son's Speedo and yanked it out, pulling the whole thing a bit away from his body. "It's very cute on you," Amy said, plucking at the backside, "Let's see what these girls think." Jamie's eyes widened when he saw the girls. "Still looks a bit loose," the blonde said, "Maybe just try a band-aid?"


fetish hots4bbws 2018-06-01

With shaking hands and trembling fingers, I picked up the telephone and triumphantly placed my order: "Three pizzas - the works and a six pack of diet irn-bru." I impatiently waited for my gourmet feast to arrive. I lethargically lifted my body from my couch and slowly, coolly, walked to the door. (Mustn't let on any show of anticipation to those pimple faced, lecherous pizza boys.) I methodically opened the door. Plump hands being lifted over her head, to the left, to the right, then her whole big body bending forward! It seems I was so completely immersed in the intense pleasure of the moment, I sincerely believe I left my physical body and entered some supreme spiritual state (I came six times!).

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 01

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-06-01

Donna also wore a pair of black suede opera pumps with 4 inch stiletto heels and needle pointed toes, which again met his new dress code that required the women working in the office to wear stiletto high heels. "Oh, it sounds exciting to me, and I'm sure I could quickly learn to wear what you say are ultra-high heels because I didn't have any problem going from 3-1/2 to these 4 inch stilettos," Donna responded enthusiastically. And since all these shoes that the Salveno's gave me are in yours and Karen's size, I think we should change the dress code minimum heel height to that of the stilettos they gave me!," Kevin announced and paused to wait for Donna's reaction.