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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 15

fetish black saphire 2018-05-31

Steph's phone beeped and after she read the message, she started looking around, trying to see where Dave was. She felt the panty slide back over her pussy and then Dave started to use his palm to fuck the vibrator deep into her. He pulled the pussy cream coated vibrator out of her cunt and slowly worked it into her ass. Dave started to fuck her ass with the other vibrator and Stephanie clutched at the bedsheet as both her orifices were stimulated. Dave grabbed hold of the belt around her waste and with one hard action, he pulled her ass back swiftly against his cock. Her body shook in orgasm and no sooner had her pussy stopped spasming than Dave started to fuck her hard again.

Hazardous Women

fetish RetMarut 2018-05-31

Abercrombie's heavily muscled arms coiled loosely around her midriff; his wide chest almost a winged chair for Paz' back. Deep into their sexual comfort, or after Paz took Abercrombie into her trust, he told her about another woman he knew who also placed propriety in its correct context then used her wiles and tools to advance. Despite initially excising snippets or whole swaths of Marianne's rise, the German nonetheless intrigued Paz. She found favor in another woman knowing her travails. Unlike the clientele she formerly entertained, who regarded her as a flesh-and-blood trifle, or the men who controlled those establishments who treated her as exploitable meat, and Abercrombie who ultimately respected her, Olgun would be hers to adore or abuse as she wished.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 20

fetish Many Feathers 2018-05-31

These were much bigger, considerably so...placing these tits in the top three of the girls there, one being Bella of course, Marsha, and one of the two girls from my old high school, which I had seen for the first time as she stood there smiling fondly at me. Sandra was number two, looking a bit nervous, though excited, actually fingering her nicely trimmed, but hardly bare blond little cunt as she lay there. Just like old home week in a way." [Soft Break][Soft Break]"Yeah, who'd have thought that one day we'd actually finish what we once started," she said, reaching down grabbing my cock, and then impaling herself with it.

The Inside Shower

fetish Frog_Tattoo 2018-05-31

Insisting I strip, she started searching, first running her fingers inside my mouth, and then down my chest edging towards my hardening cock. She gave an audible gasp as my piss started to flow, filling her mouth, running down her chin, like my cum had done so many times before. Pulling her firm cheeks apart, I pushed the head of my cock into her tight hole and started to force it inside without stopping for any lubrication other than her natural juices. I manoeuvred my cock inside her, forcing more of my piss to stream out over her hard little clit; then as I pushed deeper it started to spray up against me, splashing up and running down my chest.

My Tenant's Huge Cock 2 Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2018-05-31

"Oh Baby, look at it, look at Kathy pumping that huge hard cock in her hand, god baby its so fucking big." "FUCK IT DARLING.......FUCK YES, THAT FEELS SO GOOD....SLAM IT IN MIKE....BANG THAT CUNT AS HARD AS YOU CAN....GOD THAT COCK IS SUCH A PUSSY PLEASER....IT FILLS ME RIGHT UP...... I screamed out as his huge cock was drowned by my pussy juices again and the sound of my dripping cunt every time he slid back into me, filled the room with wet squelching sounds. He just kept pounding and fucking me senseless for what seemed like ages before I finally felt his cock stiffen up and throb more intensely inside my soaking wet pussy.

Mum's New Panty Slave Ch. 03

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-05-31

The second the cock slid out of her Neil was ready to slide his tongue into his mother. Father and son came together, dad tied up again, and Neil licking the final load from mum. and even though this footage I've taken of you would embarrass our family, I'm sure your wife would take you to the cleaners!" She told him, displaying the video camera she had grabbed, "So I want you here three times a week to let my son have your nice short thick cock spurting in his mouth!" Again Neil obeyed quickly, pulling the slip down over his cock as he slid down to plunge his tongue into mum and eat his own creampie.

Introspection Ch. 02

fetish edibles123 2018-05-31

Maddy quickly lifted my cocktail dress and pulled down my girlie black panties, Jill held my outstretched arms and clamped down hard, Tess towered above me with a devious smile and handed Maddy a heavy wooden spoon. Every time in last two months I told you I was going to the gym, I have been getting fucked silly by hot black cock." Tonight will be your first initiation and you are going to take their huge cocks and cum in both your voluptuous hot mouth and your tight toned little ass. "It's important for little sluts to plead with their eyes for big hot dick," Maddy instructed.

The Gold Digger Ch. 05

fetish carvohi 2018-05-31

Ruth tried to explain they'd probably still be able to keep Carol under those circumstances if she had the sense to keep her hands to herself, but she was still fondling old penises and tickling old pussies with abandon. Ruth decided they had to get Carol away from the old people so they locked her in a room in the cellar. She couldn't see how people like Ruth wouldn't understand how a little toddle on the end of a rangy old dick or a quizzical tickle inside a dried up old puss could make someone feel young, pretty, virile and worthwhile again. As he explained things to Ruth, he had plans for Carol, plans that would significantly alter her current life style, and more importantly it would place meaningful new constraints on her current freedoms.

Mrs Lamb

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-31

To help to raise money for the eventual purchase of a car I was always willing to do odd jobs around the village which is how I got to know Mrs Lamb better. She was wearing three scarves, one round her head as normal, one loosely knotted around her neck, and a large one tied around her waist, over her skirt. Mrs Lamb pulled away my dressing gown, leaving me stark naked except for her restraining scarves. She loosened my gag, pulled it down round my neck and as she eased the wadded scarf out of my mouth she pushed a breast in. There I was, naked on her bed, tied hand and foot with her silk scarves and gagged with her breast.


fetish distorria 2018-05-31

Maula was impressive looking but she didn't seem to know this. They were blood red and felt like water against her skin. Her hand involuntarily slid across her stomach and caressed the pale flesh. She couldn't help one hand from creeping to her cunt. 'Fuck it, why not?' she thought then she pulled him in the apartment by the belt. He was much bigger than he looked in his tight black pants. He took random objects and slid them inside of her dripping hole. She had a strap on underneath her bed and she rammed his ass until he begged her to stop. His back and chest were covered in gory scratches and the sheets were soaked in blood, shit, cum, and piss.

Ultra-Mint Lip Gloss

fetish picturepainter1 2018-05-31

But today, as a surprise Sally had planned to wear some ultra mint lip-gloss for the sucking which she knew would make John’s cock tingle so beautifully and make him cum even harder. As she did she felt the rough hands of the security guard mauling at her breasts and she moaned gently as she opened her red lips before closing them over the man’s thick cock. The guard pushed deeper as Sally felt her breasts being mauled this time by the older man who was clearly enjoying himself as he touched and caressed the teenagers fat melons. Releasing the cock and leaning back Sally lifted her breasts as an offer to the men and they started to wank furiously before shooting in long strings of cum splattering her far and fat breasts.

Monday morning thoughts

fetish WonderWoman22 2018-05-31

He blinks tiredly, sees, he is in no danger, and closes his eyes again, waiting for the moment when he is needed and they will pop open again. He sits up a bit now,to watch as his thick head slide into my wet lips, eager and warm. My lips circling his tip gently, he bucks up toward my lips, wanting to feel his tool back in my warm mouth, like a couple that snuggles together in the cool morning. Slowly he slips his already hard cock into my wet warm opening. feeling my slick walls sliding so deliciously over his hard shaft.

Wrote this for my girl, she liked so much that she

fetish MRP0075 2018-05-31

You feel yourself being dragged through the house and taken back outside and you know your being put into a vehicle. The voice in the darkness is asking you questions that you would have no possible way of knowing the answers. But I'm here to cum inside you over and over again till you are pregnant." As you whisper back to me, "I'm all yours love." I know that I have you broken enough from your stubbornness to do what ever I want. My body locks up as you feel a gush of warm fluid enter you, and you grin knowing that I am being satisfied.

Food & Oral Pleasures

fetish bushido84 2018-05-31

Her breasts press into the fruit, I can see her try to pull up, uncomfortable with the contact to the wet flesh, but my gentle hand on her back prevents her. This time I held her hair and turned her head, forcing her lips to open as I shoved my cock in a bit harder this time. Looking to stimulate it before removing my cock and reaching from more fruit to taste myself. I hand her the fruit from her pussy, telling her what it is and watching as she turns her head from my balls to accept it without letting go of her pussy. I watch as she turns, her eyes glassy, her mouth open, her face sticky, stained, and a canvas of brunch.

Ann Summers

fetish 2018-05-31

I wanted to tell you about my Ann Summers you know i have a real thing for ladies panties, love the feel, their comfortable, pretty and awesome to stroke off in or with. 'yes i replied, i'm looking to buy panties for myself. she smiled and asked 'what i liked', i pointed to a pair of red and black laced ones,and commented how pretty they looked. Silence...what i commented, you look so good in ladies panties, thanks i said. I blushed slighty, then noticed she had unzipped and removed her skirt to reveal her panties, suspender belt and stockings. True to her word she gave me the suspender belt and stockings and smiled and said enjoy!

Opening Night: Act 04

fetish Smother 2018-05-31

My hands fell gently to the drape of the fur that had gathered around her thighs and crumpled up where Michelle's legs met the sheets, the movements of her hips almost imperceptible through the fluffy mound, acquiescing while she took whatever pleasure from me she wanted. I almost didn't want to open the envelope but when I looked over at Michelle she was making impatient hand gestures for me to get on with it. These colour-coded arm bands will let the other guests here tonight know what level of," she paused to make sure her choice of words was exactly what she wanted to say, "engagement you would like when you are mingling.

Cleaning Up Mandy

fetish rick_oh 2018-05-31

The thirty year old married woman then said, "You may undress." The young man, maybe all of 20, quickly removed his clothes and stood by the bed. With her firm breasts against the young man's chest, Mandy slowly and steadily rocked her hips. The young man's cock felt good inside her pussy. He lasted longer than before, and after a good fifteen minutes of vigorous fucking, he spurted inside Mandy in the most intense ejaculation of his life. Several orgasms later, Mandy lay on top of her husband and guided his aroused cock inside her. Only after licking Mandy's pussy to orgasm (Is that sperm that I'm licking, he asked himself), was he allowed inside her sweet pussy.

Sorry, She is Tied Up...

fetish Kip Carson 2018-05-30

Sherry was very nervous about her big date with Ron. The two had only met yesterday, but he looked so good she couldn't say no when he asked her out. He removed his pants and began rubbing the head of his 11 inch cock against her mouth. She felt his weight upon her and he began rubbing his giant cock head up and down her wet slit. He began rubbing her pussy juices all over her ass hole and made it really really wet. Ron savagely thrust his cock into her ass, going deeper and deeper inside of her. Ron moaned and she felt his hot wet cum explode inside of her ass.


fetish Ragnaroking 2018-05-30

Twenty minutes of exhilarating foreplay (Jessica had to respect a man who payed to show a working girl a good time!) and Jessica finally found herself completely stripped, and sprawled across the massive bed. Not wanting their session to continue atop soiled sheets Jessica gestured toward the bed and snapped her fingers, intending for the room to reset. John slowly applied pressure to her midriff, and for a moment Jessica almost blacked out as a shock-wave of pleasure coursed through her body. The differences were well within the normal fluctuations of a biological body, but Jessica had spent hours perfecting this digital one and she knew immediately that John had hacked into her profile and was altering her avatar on the fly.

Going in the Garden

fetish lunaswift 2018-05-30

The stranger continued kissing her and in her drunken state Beth wondered if maybe she could get away with quietly peeing. Another squirt of pee splashed onto the grass and then her bladder finally relaxed, the aching muscles inside her releasing the tension that had been there for what felt like forever. The other person didn't stop kissing her for a moment but Beth tensed up when she felt a hand beginning to slide over her back and then cup one of her buttocks, squeezing gently. Beth's piss trickled through cold fingers as the hand began to gently stroke her clit. The other person was still kissing her and Beth felt only pleasure as the finger slowly slid up inside her before gently beginning to fuck her.

Smoking Dragons

fetish Alaisiagae 2018-05-30

She got a special thrill out of tying me up, administering corporal punishment, and using a strap-on to furiously fuck my ass, while Nhung liked to leisurely smoke and watch her sister torment me. She lit another 120, inhaled, held the smoke for a long time, and then exhaled a narrow white column that slowly drifted over my head. My upper body was secured so that only my head was left mobile enough to watch the girls smoke, while my lower half was completely locked down in way that spread my ass cheeks wide open. This was a prearranged signal for Trinh to rapidly pump me in concert with each smoke ring's escape from Nhung's open mouth.

First Time for Us Both With Panties

fetish chuckp7860 2018-05-30

I told her that I loved to, In fact, I never thought I was that big and I guess most guys have a really hard time making a woman climax just with penis penetration but I always licked any female I had been with first or together as in a 69 option, but I at least allowed her to climax with tonguing her sweet pussy off before I entered her with my cock. "I want to wear those, that's for sure and look at that", she reached down and slipped her hand inside my underwear and had my cock in her hand in a second.

Busted in Balloonville Ch. 04: Bedding Down

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-05-30

With her bra and her chef's whites back on, it was hard for Jeff to believe that just a few minutes before he had been squeezing one of Tracy's enormous breasts as his cock pumped a load of hot jizz deep into her throat. "You need to hurry over to the Balloonville Bed and Breakfast and make sure you can get a room," she said as she pulled a small piece of pink rubber shrapnel from his shoulder. Janice's cheeks puffed out as she blew into her balloon, and the red orb blossomed big enough for Jeff to read the words "Balloonville Bed & Breakfast". "My name is Suzette, and I'm here to get your bed set up." She tied the helium balloons to his chair, and asked, "Now, how hard do you want me to make it?"

Sniffing Her Dirty Knickers

fetish mrstixx 2018-05-30

I turned up at his house and walked into his room to get his jeans and shoes after looking round i noticed and overnight bag & a pair of jeans that were far too small to be his. As i picked the jeans up i noticed there was a pair of pink knickers with black bows at the sides inside them belonging to his girlfriend. I put his things on the floor and walked back over to the jeans and picked out the knickers. I lifted the crotch up to my nose and took a big sniff, it smelt great and my cock began to get hard straight away.