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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Naked Souls Ch. 03

fetish Tara_Neale 2018-05-30

This time her whole mouth enveloped the head of his cock as his hand continued to very slowly stroke at the tumescent flesh. He held her head in place as his hips began to slowly rock back and forth, augmenting her own movements so that a bit more of his throbbing flesh slipped past her throat. Just when she would taken flight and raced to the bathroom, locking herself safely inside until her young lover gave up and went away, she felt the solid sting of a slap upon her outer thigh. Linda was shocked to find that she mindlessly obeyed her lover, shifting back and lifting the weight of her hips up off his face just a bit so that she was on her all fours above him.

Sweet Child of Mine

fetish ArthurianMorgaine 2018-05-30

"I'm just going to rest here for a bit, just hurry back Love," she said as she closed my eyes softly. "Love, I didn't mean to wake you, I just wanted to cover you up and kiss you before leaving you to sleep for a bit," he said, feeling bad for waking her. As the doctor left the room, Andrew squeezed her hand tightly. They left the doctor's office, Morgan a little happier than before and Andrew practically skipping. "It's not just lotion," he huffed and she couldn't help but giggle, "It is cocoa butter and it'll keep you looking sexy when you get so big you are going to pop.

Sissy Jessica Kinky Office Shagging Ch. 02

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-05-30

Hi again this is Sissy Jessica Howells , the kinky 0lchfa schoolgirl with an excited cock inside her navy, blue panties. "That's a good girl Jessica, pick granny Christine's nose," Said Christine laughing. "Well Jessica, my friend is enjoying perverted sex with you," said Sue Lewis. "Go on my pretty Jessica, pump your cream inside Mrs Wells, you cruel bitch," laughed Adele. Removing my cock from Christine Wells, I turned to Sue. Within two minutes I had stripped Mrs Lewis down to her black panties and matching bra. Christine Wells was on her hands and knees, licking Joanna's booties. "Fuck me my kinky schoolgirl, make me pregnant Jessica," screamed Joanna. I fucked Joanna Curl against the wall, creaming inside her, within ten minutes.

South Beach Cop ( Couple does what they must to st

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-05-30

I sat naked on the bed and watched as my beautiful naked wife took the cop's uniform off revealing his taught muscular body and his enormous semi hard cock. I looked on as my sexy wife started licking the cop's enormous cock like a Popsicle. Janice looked up at me and nodded as she continued to lick the cop's big dick. ''Come on boy,'' the big cop said in a deep baritone, ''stop hesitating and start fellating.'' He chuckled and pointed to the floor beside my wife. ''You like having a cock in your sexy mouth don't you baby.'' She wrapped her fingers around my hard dick and stroked it as I continued to blow the cop's big dick.

Got Jerked in Male Room

fetish eyewank 2018-05-30

One type has a "round cylinder peep hole" that a buddy can stick his cock through to have it sucked. That helped me strip naked and sit in the booth quickly and start viewing dirty movies. Before I could get the bag open, a buddy sat in the booth next to mine, looked at me naked, an decided to stay. He closed his booth door, put money in the slot for movies, and immediately dropped his pants and started jerking off to my delight. With my porn movie and full erection keeping me horny, I moved closer to give him full access to my dick. He got a hold of my dick and started jerking it.

A Foot Dream

fetish ShowMeSoles 2018-05-30

By the look on your face and the muffled groan of disgust, I gathered that my dream self had imagined you to be terribly embarrassed by what your feet would smell like after that workout and, no telling how long you had continued to don those worn out sneakers. Your toe wiggling in a vain attempt to pull away from my hungry nose did nothing but excite me further, just feeling your foot moving just beneath that thin fabric against my face was very stimulating. Your breath caught, and I saw your leg tense as your foot slowly curled, pointing those cute unpainted toes right at me. This time, with bare foot flesh against my face, the smell did even more to arouse me.

Big Butt Queen Ch. 01

fetish bbwlove_it 2018-05-30

I slightly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Rita's meaty butt right on top of my cock. Which measures like 40-28-50, Rita has that sexy hourglass body I always admired, with the waist of a top-model but the ass of a Big Beautiful Woman. I sank my fingers into her thick butt flesh, squeezing those love handles like a stress ball, soft and hard, hard and soft, making my cock throb and push up. At the same time I was keeping my beautiful whore's fat ass down to hit her spot as hard as I could, right there where she wanted it. Noticing their glances, Rita would accommodate their lust by walking like a whore, wobbling the oversized ass to the left and to the right.

Mom, daughter fun Part 2

fetish mrcooldude234 2018-05-30

We've spoken a lot about who I should dominate and I was thinking about this guy I don't like, his a real jock and loves using women maybe I should ask him to come around and have me and my mom show him whos really in charge here. Calling him bitch and cock sucker, I've never been so horny in my life the feeling of forcing kyle was really turning me on so I begin thrusting harder in his mouth my mom hitting his ass hard and laughing at him. "You like" I ask him yes I do he tells me, Mom insters the dildo in his mouth, he just smiles as we both thrust slowly into his mouth and ass.

June's Panties

fetish peebudy 2018-05-30

He decided to walk down to the larger bathroom, to see if anyone else was working late, and because he felt like taking his time in the bathroom, the image of June in her skimpy running outfit racing back through his brain, causing the usual stir in his trousers. She let out a small moan of disappointment when his flaccid cock slipped out of her cunt, but her eyes regained their sparkle when she saw him stand up and start remove his shirt and tie, kicking off his pants, so he was now totally naked. June closed her eyes and pressed her hips down just a bit, allowing the head of John's cock to pass through the tight ring of her ass.

Delicious Communion

fetish SxRx 2018-05-30

She quickly lay beside me and gazed at my 'rocket' wickedly, and then with both hands she grabbed my cock with one at the base of the long shaft and the other fondling my helmeted head. She arched her back, then reached behind with her left hand and felt for my cock and balls, leaning round so she was able to gather my large balls and tug and pull. We rested for but a moment and then, like a phoenix rising, I began a slow fucking pace, in and out, in and out, making sure to stroke the full length of my cock. Soon I could feel my balls tighten and my ass muscles grip, and my thrusts went into overdrive as I began to come hard and long.

Just Meat

fetish jusduit 2018-05-30

"Round is right," Another voice said as the hand grazed over the smooth but very hard curve of his muscles. The flesh of her breasts were both inviting and challenging, practically shouting, "Come and get us!" Her long blond hair looked natural, though it had to be died of course, and the rest of her body was healthy trim. There was a moment of hesitation, for Bart knew now it was Musk who was sucking the head of his cock. He felt what had to be Cherry's face around his balls, her tongue lashing away, probably lapping up his cum spilling from Musk's molten pussy. He felt the fingers withdraw from his ass, and the pussy leave his softening cock to wave in the relatively cool air.

Training Husband to Swallow

fetish domdame 2018-05-30

"I know that you will be more likely to agree to things when you are worked up, and I also want you to have a chance to choose if this is something you are willing to keep doing when you have a clear head, so after you've had your first taste, and I remove the gag, I will ask you one more time if you agree to a week of training. The whole scenario had made him so hot in fact that it only took a few minutes of me jerking his cock before he was on the verge of cumming and I asked him, "Chance 1, do you want to go through with this and swallow your cum for me, you know that after I put this gag on you there is no backing out?"

Reformatory Girls Ch. 12

fetish escalus 2018-05-30

"Yes, whatever," says Ruth: her thighs are starting to tremble, Miss Lucy's fingers are turning her to a mass of wet jelly, she is so close. "Oh, this is so good Clare," says Miss Lucy, her fingers circling over her clitoris, opening her labia, spreading her juices between her legs. But her tongue finds its groove again, she gets a good purchase on Miss Lucy's vagina, the two girls steady into a shared rhythm, two parts locked together into a single entity, and Miss Lucy's breathing becomes even more rapid and shallow until she flexes against Clare's lips, rotates herself like a crazed Dervish, gasps and groans and thrusts and cums, oozing and squirting her juices into Clare's mouth.

Marie's Perfect Breasts Ch. 05

fetish Tdisk 2018-05-30

Mary's hands weighed the mass of Marie's large breasts and said, "Nancy, these tits are just about like yours. Mary said, "Nancy, let me talk to you in private." The two women walked to the other side of the room and Mary continued, "You've pumped your nipples for a long time and been pierced for at least a year. Paul fondled Marie's breasts and said, "Nancy was right. He tied her wrists together behind her back and said,"It may be uncomfortable but pulling your arms all the way back certainly does make your chest look great." He then fitted the collar on Nancy's neck and snapped the catch closed. Paul lifted Nancy's left breast with his hand and unhooked the clamp from the nipple ring.

Making a Maid Ch. 03

fetish garamel 2018-05-30

When I entered the bedroom Millie stood by the foot of the bed dressed in a black bustier a garter and stockings, "Where are you panties?" As I began to answer she waved her hand and said "Shut it, if I want an answer I'll let you know, and don't stand there with your mouth open." she then stepped to her right and I saw stacked on the bed three of our pillows, "Now lay down, right here, face down." as she patted the stack , " and get that ass in the air!" Oh Shit I thought I'm going to get another spanking.

Amber's Exam (Amber & Nicole)

fetish Welladjustedadult 2018-05-30

Nicole tried to look away but found herself drawn to the scene unfolding before her eyes - her closest friend bent naked over the examination table, about to have her bottom probed by a thermometer! Nicole looked towards her friend, then away , embarrassed to be talking about Amber's school record while she was naked on the exam table. Because she was spreading her legs apart, the net result was that her barely hair-covered pussy was coming into full view of the doctor, Nicole if she looked up, and the nurse too. Nicole had noticed too, being unable to look away from watching the punishment spanking, that her friend's normally unmarred white bottom was turning a rosy shade of red from the abuse it had received in the last few minutes.

Caught in the Act

fetish SirAerus 2018-05-30

Arielle said she would have gladly let me smell her dirty cunt any time I wanted to. She moves off of me, takes a deep drag of her cigar, leans down and blows the smoke right into my face. Arielle moved off me again, and blew another cloud of smoke into my face. She hadn't touched my cock the entire time she was sitting on my face, despite it being rock hard and staring right at her. So she took another drag, put just the head of my dick into her mouth, and worked the shaft with her free hand. As soon as I had no more cum to shoot, she took another drag of her black&mild, moved back up to my face, and kissed me.

Furry Photo Shoot

fetish furryfan 2018-05-30

"I don't look like women that do this, you know, like pose naked in magazines" Laura said. "Ready to walk The Green Mile?" I said, smiling as I led her down the stairs to my studio, and as Laura solemnly nodded we went down the steps. Laura glanced over and saw the hairs peeking out from the fold of her lowered arm, and I smiled when I saw a bit of redness color her cheeks, which looked sweet on her. "May I?" I said, moving over to Laura with the towel, but instead of handing it to her I rubbed it along her sides, drying the skin which had started to shine from the sweat that was now coming down from her armpits in waves.

Your walk

fetish blackbull1999 2018-05-30

But you don't scream loudly because he puts one of his big hands over your mouth and tells You are lying on the ground and he's directly over you, one of his hands on your mouth, You hope he pulls out but instead, he takes your face in his hands and jams himself deeper You feel the end of his swollen cock jamming He begins to squeeze and you feel your air cut off again. You feel him rub his cock between your legs. cock between your lips and smears it back and forth, trying to get both of you wet. He must have dripped some pre-cum because it doesn't feel completely dry. You feel him completely bottomed out, poking your insides

Girlfriends WORST Day-Locked Toilet

fetish RickDixon 2018-05-30

I got out of bad and made my way to our house's ONE bathroom. I let out a breath of annoyance and walked back to my room and tipped left and right due to the ache in my bladder. I looked at the toilet and hopped in place desperate to release but went downstairs. Right before I approached the doorway, my brother (whose room is right across from the bathroom) went in and shut the door. To hear the water pouring from the faucet and then the splash made my bladder feel like it had tightened inside of me. My legs had been crossed so tight I lost feeling in my bladder by the time we got to the school. Karen walked up and said, "Tour's here.

whitedogs lucky lotto cuckold story chapter 2

fetish Skatana28 2018-05-30

"oh yes that's what I meant to say" I nervously studdered out "um hum, will I'm Tracy one of Kim's roommates" she said rather confident knowing she had me squiming before her, she then paused for a second and looked sternly at Doofas and threw her arms up "well...what the hell are you waiting for, you know the routine when I come back from my jog." "oh yes I'm sorry great superior one Miss Tracy" Doofas exclaimed as he jumped into action and headed back to the kitchen, Tracy's gorgous face broke out into a huge grin as she chuckled "damn pledges, they can really be quite stupid" "ah pledges?" I asked her nervously "yes pledges, I guess Kim didn't tell you, are other roomate Michele is dating a fraternity pledge master" she paused as Doofas came back into the room carrying a big metal bowl filled with ice water and a couple of fluffy towels, i watched intently as he very carefully began to pull off Tracy's ankle sweat socks and once she was satisfied he was doing it correctly she began again.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 04

fetish sethwaite 2018-05-30

My cock twitched at Ann's voice and I was picturing her in her new tight blouse and how it would stretch across her tits, that vision had me laying back in my chair with my eyes closed hanging on every word. I started to relax a little and began to enjoy the sensation of Sarah's warm hand feeling the head of my cock and then turned my thoughts back to Ann and our conversation. I looked into Sarah's eyes while she stroked and then said to Ann "I bet they would Ann, in fact why not slip the bra on and send me a picture on my phone and I can confirm it." "Sarah said it looked nice" replied Ann.

slave girl

fetish 2018-05-30

Could I worship you on my knees Could I swear a pledge to Follow where you lead? Could I kiss your perfect toes Your swelling tool Your yummy asshole? Could I suck and lick And bite? Would you let me be better Than your wife? Could I crawl and beg and plead To be your slave, your willing Doggie? Could I wear a collar Proof of obedience Your eager screw. My open thighs Open pussy, open ass A mouth to use Hard and fast. Make me your slut In private or in public Your dirty little secret To control and fuck. Whip me, pinch me Yours to train. What would you like? What do you want? And no one has to know.

Husband Loses Bet, Or Does He?

fetish subFLmale 2018-05-30

I lay there looking up watching as five of my best friends jacked their cocks and shot huge loads of hot thick white cum all over my body, covering my chest, stomach, cock and legs. I was already hard and worked up and it did not take long before I shot my own load of cum down his throat fulfilling another of my secret fantasy's of being sucked off by another guy as my wife watched. As I entered the house Debbie gave me a huge kiss and then said "Game over." She smiled at me as she stroked my cock "This made me so hot, do you think you can top this?"