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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Trust Me

fetish MaskedRider 2018-05-30

I started to kiss my way up her thighs when Cherry told me she had not cleaned up after the last time I had cum in her. I took out my cock through one of the sides and started rubbing my cockhead over her hairy pussy lips, getting it wet with a combination of her juices and my precum. I felt her get up and next thing I knew there was a hairy pussy in my mouth and a tight asshole trying to engulf my cock. My ass was starting to get sore, but the huge cock that was fucking it felt so good. The ass that I was fucking felt equally good and before long I was shooting my cum into it.

Coyote and the Wolf part3

fetish eloeelwe69 2018-05-30

“Well, this will give me plenty of time to get you ready.” Grabbing a leather strap and a heavy cloth bag, he moved back to Lupo's head. Lupo could feel the heat from the iron rod, growing more intense as Lunk moved it closer to his skin. “There, that takes care of all that nasty hair, now to give you a little color and a nice sting to go with it.” Lupo felt Lunk wipe the burnt fur away and slap his nuts painfully before moving back to the fire to reheat the rod. With a slightly twisted grin, he thought “Oh goody, pay back time!” Moving toward Lupo's nude form on the rack, Ku'o bent down between his legs, breathing hotly on the exposed skin.

100% True me and my aunt.. working to fuck her.

fetish twitch_ed 2018-05-30

I thought to myself what the fuck she’s sending me a text message randomly. “Oh whoops, then just your house then?” I replied hoping she’d get the hint that I am actually wanting to fuck her. I’m thinking awesome I am so getting there; I hope this actually works out. I said to her “I’m sound about it I was more worried about you, a 24 year old asking you for no strings attached fooling around is a bit much” I was hoping she would read the no strings attached and think awesome I can get laid with no worries of a relationship, that’s what I think about it.

Drinking from My Aunty's Womb

fetish conh 2018-05-30

In the previous chapter I had a girls night in, and I drank from the fountain of youth who turned into my new pee pal Hilary. She soon finished, and so I said "I've got lots more." She let me slip back into her with the tube still inside. "Let's do it anyway." They held me down while Jeanie tied string around my balls, forced me into those tight panties to control my erection, then put my pink shorts on me and the white top. "Well, CHRISTINE," she whispered, "Pick up that potty and behave yourself." and led me into the living room where Di was busy sitting on Steve's face.

Oops!! Ch. 02

fetish Darksyde 2018-05-30

Sarah saw the piss streaming through Claire's panties, and felt her own pussy get wet. Claire started to moan as she started rubbing her pussy through the wet panties, while she was still pissing! Claire began breathing heavily as she rubbed her pussy through her panties, going faster, with more and more urgency. Claire took the initiative then, moving her hand down to Sarah's now soaked panties, and began to softly trace the outline of Sarah's pussy lips. Sarah reached down and felt Claire's wet pussy through her panties. The stream slowed to mere drips, and Claire began to moan louder and louder, now grinding her pussy on Sarah's mouth.

Hyper Jae: Cocko Bell

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-05-30

"Alright, that's $8.02," said Alisha, looking back at Jae. She could actually see the veins on his cock pulsing, they were so big! The manager came out of the back and gasped when she saw Jae. She was a taller woman with short blonde hair and generally looked like the sort of person you'd see screaming at six-year-olds playing soccer. Jae's cock was likewise growing, its head rising up as Alisha bent low, slipping her panties off. Soon, his cock was far enough away from the remains of the counter that Alisha could bend over it, licking her lips as she looked back at him, reaching back to finger her mound, pulling away glistening strings of her juices.

The Salon

fetish Leslie 2018-05-30

Eric watched in awe as Linda sat in a small chair right in front of him, crossing her legs, and lighting up a cigarette. With the cigarette hanging from her mouth, she began to trim away my hair with shears, the clippings falling all around me, and we chatted like Eric wasn't even there. Pre-cum was staining his shorts now, so Linda took the shears and cut them away, leaving him nude. After toweling him off, Linda began to slowly stroke his cock with one hand, smoking with the other. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...I love giving pleasure!" Linda squealed, and she took his cock in her mouth, her gorgeous lips wrapping around it. With two beautiful, buzzed women, smoking and sucking his cock, I knew he was going to cum like a madman.

A Twist in His Sobriety

fetish jjsharshaw 2018-05-30

Jack took a mental snapshot: Sweat trickled down her long, lean face to her throat where it moved on down in rivulets to the top of her breasts. "Oh," she gathered her hair again and pulled it off her neck letting the night breeze cool her, "you have that midwest tourist look about you. Her voice was slow, she locked eyes with him, "I think they fucked like minks and then she soooo icepicked him - and, rubbed her breasts with his blood and then had a massive orgasm." Fiona saw it in the mirrow but couldn't form a thought except to think that the blood running down *that* woman's throat and onto her breasts was so erotic.

Seth's Fetish Ch. 06

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2018-05-30

The desire to see Dana swollen up with my child, and the fact she still wasn't, led me to cheat on her with her mother, Donna, who not only shared my fetish, but indulged me in it, both by letting me suckle her milk-filled tits, and accidentally getting pregnant. You see, Darlene is lactating because of her birth control, and when it becomes too painful for her, she asks me to drain her breasts, and naturally I am happy to oblige, since, what with having my son to feed, Donna hasn't been able to come over much any more. In the mean time, make sure you get Dana pregnant." With that last command, Donna left and I headed down the hall to talk to Darlene.


fetish DevotedToHer 2018-05-30

"Very good, come inside." said Mrs. Shaw bluntly as she stepped aside for the younger lady to enter. Closing the door behind them, Mrs. Shaw said, "You'll find Mr. Anderson in the bedroom at the end of the downstairs hallway." Robert." She said and smiled up at him from her position bathing his legs. She sucked her husband and stroked him faster and faster, thinking of Robert's cock as she did. The next day, when he showed up, Mrs. Shaw let her and she went to Roberts room. Taking care of all the necessary tasks quickly she asked again if he wanted a bath and again he said yes. Once his clothes were removed she began washing him up as usual and she noticed his cock was already hard.

My Weekend Whore: The B&B Stay

fetish call_me_dana 2018-05-30

Jim was forcing his cock into Kate's drooling mouth, growing erect and thick as he pushed it in and pulled it back, teasing the whore's mouth with his monster black beast. She pulled back just enough to let Kate spit the gag into her hand then proceeded to push her cunt firmly to the mounted girl's mouth. Kate was gushing and spraying all over the table even as JoAnne grabbed her head and rammed her face into her cunt. when she was nearly pulled out, her hands would simultaneously slap Kate's ass cheeks causing her whole body to jump, tugging on her nipples and then JoAnne would bury the dildo in her cunt until it seemed like she felt it in her belly.

Infusion of Goddess Energy

fetish AnaTG 2018-05-30

Seconds later I feel the guy push deeply into my pussy one last time spraying my cervix with cum, injecting it deeply into my womb. Just as I feel the guy getting harder in my mouth I hear another grunt and hot sticky cum spraying all over my toes. Then I hear the door open and the familiar click of Ana's heels could be heard entering the room with another man beside her. Then I hear the distinctive intake of breath as a cock slips inside of Ana. Each time he slides inside of her I can feel his balls rub across my forehead.

I Like to Watch

fetish ofloveandlust 2018-05-30

When she sits at the edge of the bed and pulls the stockings up her long legs I think again about taking her. I know she finds them uncomfortable but as she walks back to the closet and I watch her ass separated by the thin strap of black fabric, I know that her date nights are not for her. I could sit there watching his hands move over her bare breasts and down her back to the perfect curve of her ass. I like the look on her face as her eyes close and her lips part when his fingers first find her erect nipples. She takes his erection in her hands and works it slowly until he is long, and firm, and ready for her.

Telephone Tease

fetish MissKinkyCatriona 2018-05-30

Miss Catriona, an experienced phone-chat specialist, arranges a session of booked chats with the theme "Sheer Nylon". My first phone client has requested an "office" scenario, and so, when he calls, my visitor and I will be in my dining room, where the large table will take the place of my executive desk, and where there's also a spacious armchair, close by. Each of these fine specimens of mature manhood - one that I have to imagine, the other all too sensuously real - is immediately pressed tightly between a pair of exquisitely nyloned feet as I stroke and slide, squeeze and squash, mischievously, demonstrating thoroughly-honed footwork skills and quickly generating an encouragingly high level of arousal in response.

Step s****r Feminisation part 1

fetish jojotheclown123456 2018-05-30

" Haha you scream like a girl" she said maliciously,I then heard a squirt as if someone squished something on their hand, then I felt her gloves pulling my ass cheeks. After 2 more slaps I heard the words "stand up", to much pain I did and saw my s****r hold the inflator to my buttplug, " I think we will leave this hanging out like a little tail to remind you you are mine, go on say it, say I am mistresses slut". Next came the most humiliating part Mistress pulled out 2 petticoats and a a small black maids dress. I pulled on the petticoats then put on the tight-fitting maids dress feeling Girly and gay, then mistress tied my apron on and commanded me to twirl, I did as she asked feeling very feminine.

Pretty Little Slut

fetish Steve1980 2018-05-30

She came over to my side of the bed, grabbed hold of my cock, and pulled it toward her. She went into the closet and came out with a couple items: A pink lace thong, and a black silky camisole. "And now, my pretty little slut, I need you to eat my pussy." I started below her pussy, lightly licking right up the middle, stopping just short of her clit. You're my pretty little slut, and that's all. I rested my right hand on the front of my wet thong, slowly rubbing my balls and cock. As I started moaning, I felt my wife's hand under my camisole, pinching my nipples.


The Pissed Off Nurse

fetish movieye 2018-05-30

My mom is sitting impatiently on the other side of the screen, texting my dad that we're running late. "Jeff, could you bend over please?" The nurse has her gloves on, and to my surprise, she's dabbed the fingers of her right hand with lubricant. She starts stroking me, and for a split second, I think about jumping away, but it feels too good, the warm lubed fingers massaging my prostate and the other gloved hand squeezing my dick. I reach down to pull up my shorts, but then Nurse Levy grabs my dick and whispers in my ear, "Next time, don't be in such a rush and steal people's parking spots!" The nurse steps around the screen to my mother who is already standing impatiently.

Sharon our Mom gets trained 4

fetish 2018-05-30

A little while later Karen was all done and she spread Sharon's pussy-lips, Karen licked the mature woman's pussy and soon Sharon came, bucking her hips up Karen lifted her pussy, juices dripping all over her Sharon's face, and leaned Sharon started to move her tongue up and down the crack of Karen's ass, letting Sharon reluctantly let go of Karen's ass and faced the two boys. Rob pushed a little harder and soon he felt his cock entering her tight ass. He turned around and let his cum covered cock dangle before Sharon's eyes. All three boys quickly knelt in a semicircle around Sharon's face, while Karen The boys soon stood in one line and Sharon licked her lips at the sight.

chastity fantasy i wish would become real one day

fetish dav78945s 2018-05-30

"I promise that anytime either of us says, "Honey, we need to talk," that I will immediately go into the bedroom, strip, put on my chastity belt with the lock ready to be closed and kneel at your feet holding my hands behind my neck." Since initially the only pleasure I get out of your submissive nature is beating you, I am going to beat you every single time you want the key to take off the chastity belt. Promise that when you are in your chastity belt, you will enthusiastically and immediately do anything I want that is mentioned in any materials you give me to read, whenever I even hint at it.

It's What She Didn't Know

fetish clipperdreams 2018-05-30

The younger barber asks the older barber, "Mario, do you want to see how much she trusts us?" "Miss, if we cover your eyes, will you still trust us?" I'm a little nervous when he asks that, but I'm already in the chair. During the summer I love to walk by open shop doors and hear the buzzing sound. I'm just so turned on and tuned into my body that all I feel, all I want, is the shaving of my neck. I wonder if there are more customers, until I feel clippers on either side of my head as well as the back. This is so new to me and feels so incredible that I still have no idea what it means, I just know I like it and want it.

A Changed Relationship Ch. 03

fetish MarthaD 2018-05-30

Finally, for the first time in a week, he took charge of the action and began aggressively sucking and tonguing my nipples and firmly caressing my clit. I'm going to tease you to the edge with my feet and if you feel like you're going to cum I want you to ask me to stop. "Mmmmm baby I'm gonna suck on your heart just like I wanna suck on your cock." Come here and kiss the chocolate off my lips. Maybe his orgasms are always like that, but since they are normally inside of me I had never considered how much cum a man can produce when he's teased to frustration for an entire week.


fetish 2018-05-30

Slowly, she rolled over her feet and onto her knees, stretching out her tied wrists in front of her as she sank her chest onto the floor, keeping her ass high in the air to try and tempt him to leave his work unfinished, to lose control and dive upon her, plunging into her pleasure center and wresting an shuddering orgasm from her body. This time, after her ankles were tied together, she felt him wrap the rope tightly up her calves and thighs, securely fusing her legs together. He tensed, his arms squeezing even more tightly around her waist and then he lifted his head from her soaked pussy, groaning loudly as he sprayed hot bursts of cum deep into her throat, his ass and thighs flexing with each spurt.

Business Trip

fetish Pantyhose_Lover 2018-05-29

She slowly began sliding down in her seat, trying desperately to get my hand higher on her thighs. As she began rubbing it under the blanket, I moved my hand up from her thigh to her nylon clad pussy. As I began rubbing her pussy through her soaked tights, she unzipped my pants and slid her hand inside, pulled my cock out of my pants and began stroking it hard. A few seconds later, I came so hard my fingers ripped her nylon crotch with pressure and slid deep inside her soaked, burning, still contracting with pleasure pussy. As she suddenly felt my 2 fingers slide deep inside her during her orgasm, she couldn't resist anymore and let out a loud moan.

Madison Turns Another Leaf Ch. 01

fetish GusBus77 2018-05-29

Megan who was also very turned on by John had already had sex a colossal amount of times with him following their first, which Madison witnessed and was also now lactating, though not via pregnancy. She was worried a bit about her baby being away from her for a bit but she knew John was a good father and that Megan, seeing as how she lactated, would be in charge of nursing him too. After some tugging and yanking at the thought of sucking the milk from Madison's breasts he came with a very satisfying finish and proceeded to finish his shower.