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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Taste Test

fetish Jamie_in_dresses 2018-05-29

Come on sweetie, one little taste wont kill you." She rested her fingers on my lips stroking them back and forth as she gripped my cock hard, staring me down until I gave in and parted my lips slightly. Lick them clean, taste all that sticky boy cum." She was fucking my mouth with her fingers and I was sucking them eagerly. Stroking my now very hard cock, she grinned her dirtiest grin and said, "I have the perfect tool for you, little boy." She fucked my face, one hand holding the back of my head, whilst I sucked greedily on her cock and reveled in the mixed tastes of her and I.

Found Out and Sissified by Wife

fetish smilinwillie2001 2018-05-29

The slideshow was still going on the screen, I leaned back and started stroking my cock through my shorts and thinking about what it would be like to suck a real cock. Slowly I began to pull out my stockings, lingerie, panties, had a dozen cock shaped toys, prostate massager, cock rings, cock pump, pocket pussy, various lubes. She fucked my mouth for about five minutes, occasionally pulling the spit covered cock out and slapping my face with it. I sucked on her tongue like it was a cock and she pushed it I and out of my mouth while she worked the rubber cock in and out of my ass.

The elevator ride

fetish 1000wetwords 2018-05-29

She runs her lips over his shaft then fondles the tip of his cock; she is looking up at him, very worried that she might not make him cum by the 42nd floor, her eyes almost in tears. He says in a calm tone “33…….34……Oww you are going to get hurt!” Tears start pouring down her face as she attempt to fully swallow his cock, she looks up at him and moan just to see him glaring over her… “41……42….Oooppps. He grabs him and looks at the girl: “Try with this guy, maybe he would suit you best” He pushes the guy into the elevator and turn his back around and makes his way to his room.

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 1

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-29

About 2 hours later my wife had me jack-off for her while she played with her pussy her boyfriend got hard again and this time my wife said he was going to fuck me in the ass, about that time I shot a load of cum in my hand and she made me eat it. All of a sudden she quit licking and I felt a Big hard cock invading my asshole she had her hand around it and was feeding it into my ass (my wife fist fucks me twice a month) it felt real good after about 3 minutes.

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 03

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-05-29

Once Jay had removed Kim's thong, he began to stroke her fanny as it moved in time with her rhythmic licking of my cunt. Just as Kim had done, Jay's body was moving in time with his pussy licking and this aided the motion of his cock inside my mouth. Over my head I heard Kim say, loud enough for the microphone, "Baby, I know you just came but if you stop licking my clit now before I come, I'm going to kill you!" As I pulled my head back, his dick slipped out of my mouth and Jen, who had dropped to her knees next to me, took over slipping his cock into her mouth while stroking his fat shaft with her left hand.

Where the Wild Things Were

fetish jujou2006 2018-05-29

"Then it's a date!" said Raven with a happy smile as she courteously opened Jujou's car door. Raven looked sideways, Ann sort of snickered and Doris smirked and snorted as she set the shot glass on the bar and poured a shot of Vodka. "MANLY enough???" said Doris as she bent down and pushed her face into Jujou's "What's THAT supposed to mean...GIRL?" Doris paused, smiled and looking at Jujou over her shoulder said "Hm...maybe there are some balls in them jeans after all..." Doris pointed to an empty chair in front of the bar and said, "You...slave, get up on that there chair, I want everybody to get a good look at ya." "Thanks Johnny" said Raven as she took Jujou by the hand and led her through the door.


Assisting the Governess

fetish encountersxxx 2018-05-29

She was a large woman, not especially tall but with huge breasts and big hips, long flowing blond hair which should have looked out of place on someone her age, but which went perfectly well with her gregarious personality and the long kaftans which she always wore. The man had propped himself on his elbows, The Governess was sitting beside him, jerking his dick and alternating her attention between me and him, and I was at the end of the bed with my skirt around my waist, panties pulled to one side, my fingers sliding through a very moist slit. Later, I got calls from The Governess because some of her clients had asked for my presence and in particular the man with the silver-grey hair had offered quite a large sum of money.

Jimmy Has a Sexy Summertime Fetish

fetish andtheend 2018-05-29

Only, now that she told him that he had a fetish, now that she made him feel bad about loving how she looked in just her panty and bra, it wouldn't surprise him if she no longer wore matched sets of lingerie. Just because I'm a normal guy who likes panties and bras, doesn't mean that I have a fetish, Christine." He looked at his ex-wife, as if she had just stuck a knife in his heart. Yet, aside from the obvious, a man wearing or carrying women's panties around in his pocket to feel the soft silkiness of them, while at work, or a man who has a collection of woman's panties and bras and who masturbates over handling them, what does a guy with a fetish look like?

Educating Pam Ch. 10

fetish Tnewbie 2018-05-29

I laughed and answered, "well since you asked nicely Pam," and I leaned forward and started sucking on her clit. Pam replied, "I know, I am just practicing for later." I slapped her left cheek with the hairbrush and again she let out with an "ouch!" This went on for the next six slaps and all the while I was lightly stroking her cunt and her clit. I kissed her and said, "I am just getting warmed up." I took my hand off of her cunt, moved back along side of her legs and picked up the hairbrush.

Indian Goddess, Mistress and Wife Pt. 02

fetish kiare 2018-05-29

I waited like that for about 5 minutes and heard her moving in her room' Then she came to me put her feet on the back of my head and pressed to the ground and said ' Do you know Ronnie, What makes me annoyed, your rogue tongue, that lied to me, I want to torture to my heart's content and see that it never repeats with anybody else.' Then she rolled my head to oneside, so that my right cheek touched the ground and she put her bare feet on my right cheek and said 'I will make you understand, what's devotion and what's sex.

the tranning of a slave

fetish harmrm 2018-05-29

Lil tells me she has something that would be perfect for you and leads us to the blouses hanging near the back wall. I tell her I will look for a skirt that will accent the blouse. You and Lil head to the rooms while I walk around looking. Once in the room Lil tells you to remove your blouse. I tell you how great you look in the blouse and you smile again. As you step out of the skirt you look at Lil and she is looking at your clit in your lace panties. Lil opens the door and tells you to walk up and down the aisle.

Pantyhose cocksucking-a fantasy.

fetish tonyhose 2018-05-29

I invite him in and as he sees John standing there in his sheer black pantyhose with his stiffening cock, he comments about us starting without him but it isn't long before he has had a drink and stripped off and slipped on his own tan pantyhose. He comes in and after introducing him to John and Dave, we are soon all sitting around in just our pantyhose, or in Peters case he is wearing a pair of sheer tan pantyhose over a black suspender belt and black seamed stockings. As I thought this I felt Johns balls tighten and his cock stiffen as he began to cum and keeping my mouth over his cock I sucked him until I felt his cum spurting through the nylon of his pantyhose.

champagne nipples and peppermint lips...

fetish mrclitoralman 2018-05-29

The base of his palm lightly brushing the nylon over her mound and teasing her clit, she moaned as she slowly gyrated her hips, alternating from pushing her ass against the hardness of his bulge and her pussy down against his hands, feeling the swell of pleasure radiating from his touch. Pressing his face between her legs his tongue teased between her slick pussy lips and she felt his thumb pressing against the rim of her ass as his other hand wrapped around her thigh, his fingers circling over her clit, the pulsing ache of her pleasure building, she moaned and pushed her hips down on him, gyrating against his tongue as he lapped over her pussy.

My Wife's Sissy Panty-Sniffer Ch. 02

fetish cuck3995 2018-05-29

My small cock started to rise, as I was very excited for my wife to have cum from a real man up against her big tits and beautiful pussy. When I confirmed this, Pete replied that his big cock was getting hard and he was seriously turned on knowing she had his cum against her skin. Without even looking at me, Pete told me to get undressed and put on the worn bra and panties. Pete stood over me as I lay on the floor with my little cock sticking up through my wife's panties. Pete continued jerking and told me he was going to cum all over my wife's panties, which, of course, I was wearing. I continued laying there, humiliated, wearing my wife's worn panties, covered in another man's cum.

Encounters with Mia: Eighth

fetish a_quietguy 2018-05-29

Sure, go ahead and wiggle your ass, I know you like having my fingers shoved up your hot cunt. Does that mean you are ready to stop, or do you want to accept the rest of your punishment like the fine Southern Lady that you are? I hear the slurping or your wet pussy, I feel your hot juices trickling onto my leg. Yes I know it hurts, but the pain will help remind you not to be naughty. I want to lean back and look at my cum seeping out of your pussy. Your ass glowing red like a signal beacon, your pussy spread open, bruised and battered, engorged and swollen, with globs of cum seeping from within, running down your legs.

Waist of Love

fetish Learningfast 2018-05-29

Her advertisement had said, "Very shapely woman wishes to meet caring man who can appreciate her style and wishes." I have always had a real liking for very shapely women, not just big breasts but good proportions and especially small waists. I place my hand on her dress where her waist should have been and found that I moved it further into her body until I was holding a stem, a tube, around which I could curl my fingers and thumb. So many questions and I don't care about the answers so long as I can be with her, hold her incredible waist and put as much of my body as possible into her corseted figure every day for ever.

Descent into Adultery and S/M

fetish Fran26 2018-05-29

I was proud and happy that I had not succumbed and cheated on my husband, but also a bit sorry I let slip an opportunity to have a strange cock for the first time in over six years. "What you need, Bea, is a man with a big cock and a controlling streak to make the slut in you come out. The best thing, if you don't want an affair, is someone from out of town for a good one time fucking. We then went to a little bar I knew where a nice band played I went there often with Regis.Wen we danced I let him hold me close and put his hands on my ass. "I would like to suck that cock all night, but first I need my ass fucked.


fetish 2018-05-29

“That’s it, now I’m just going to secure your legs and feet in place with these straps, so you cant move whilst we are in the middle of this, because as much as I like you to experience some discomfort I don’t want to cut you because you move at the wrong time!” continued Mistress Dion giving a little chuckle as she secured Sarah with tight straps. Sarah didn’t know what to do, she loved it the feel of her arse being fucked, it was hurting her, but the orgasm was making her feel so good, she was close to coming which the Mistress know, so she put the speed of the dildo machine up to maximum, and pumped the suction harder.

An Asian Man's Humiliation

fetish RYoung9 2018-05-29

After a good few minutes of having the most terrifying awkward silence in my young life, Red said, "That is the smallest little dick I have ever seen!" I was so embarrassed, and to add to my embarrassment, Red took left hand and held my small Asian penis upright and measured it with his thumb and index finger on his right. At one point, they surrounded me and Red pressed his big white cock up against my small Asian cock and said, "I can't find her vagina." Our other friends would crack lame jokes such as, "What's the difference between an Asian male and female? When I touched myself at night, I no longer fantasized about women, but about Red's superior creamy white cock pressed up against small inferior Asian cock.

Mpreg Boy for Rent

fetish bigpreggoman 2018-05-29

The whole weight of his pregnant stomach lurched and bounced up and down, making him feel physically sick smacking into his full tender feminine titties and thumping back down into the clients hard round beer-belly so hard that after a full twenty minutes of relentless, vicious agony his client came inside him in waves of orgasm, firing so much thick hot cum into David's exhausted, enormously, heavily impregnated body that his waters broke so violently that he screamed as if he were on fire, and his poor brutalized body spasmed so hard around the client's fat engorged cock that he simply went blind and passed out from the pain.

Entree Ch. 09

fetish NastyPierre 2018-05-29

It was the bite of dog whip and yank of leash that kept bringing me back in line. The itching, leashes, and dog whip were my only reference points and between their arrivals and departures I began rubbing my thighs together anew. My Mistress yanked the leashes and I lifted my head, knowing what it was she expected of me. I felt the tails tip brush my forehead and tilted my head to send my nose in pursuit. "Come on now, get that nose and tail together little boy and it's off to the car and bye bye itch," she said almost softly. She yanked on the leashes a bit and let me have another snap of the dog whip.

Wife Has a Surprise for Him Ch. 03

fetish pegged3 2018-05-29

My feeling of wanting to cum slowly started to subside, while it felt like my cock was going to burst from being so hard. Sarah situated me a bit more to her liking and then pull at both of my hips backwards, starting to lift my ass in the air and shift my knees under me. While I marveled in the feeling of the oils on and in my ass, Sarah positioned what felt like a dildo at the opening of my waiting asshole. Right at this moment, I felt two hands firmly grab my waist and very firmly pull me back onto the dildo pushing its way into my well oiled asshole.

Friend Needs A Tongue. That's All.

fetish usemytongue 2018-05-29

The part that got me confused for a bit was when she said "...but, I don't want to cheat my husband." We kissed maybe for an hour during which I played with her breasts over her shirts, slid my hand in, touched her nipple that escaped the sides of her bra, and finally stopped at her thigh. I went down under covers and started kissing her thighs, inching my way in slowly.I could feel the pressure her hands were applying on my head, pushing my head into place. I started licking the opening of her pussy and eventually ending deep inside her ass with my tongue.

Let Me Do You This Way

fetish MonetAA 2018-05-29

Each time I sucked their nipples and bra fucked them, I told them how sweet their tits were, how wonderful their cocks were, how I had never known anything like this kind of forbidden pleasure, and how I could hardly imagine how great it would be to actually "do it" one day. Of course, boys would get me wet and after a few nights, fingers would explore me, but I sort of controlled everything all of the time, and simply by letting them fuck my tits, or sucking their darling little cocks, avoid getting fucked.