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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Meeting with Black Master Shango

fetish dsoul 2018-05-29

I met Black Master Shango on the street in front of the restaurant at the time He ordered me to. As our food was served Black Master Shango said "I think the evening is off to a great start!" All three of us smiled. Normally that is how I serve Black Master Shango when He is filling a white woman with his Godly seed. He banged her faster and faster and Black Master Shango began to moan loudly along with her. Black Master Shango stepped out, and I could see her swollen cunt slowly leaking all their juices down onto the car seat.

81% mdom

Tammy Is Exposed Again

fetish PLJ 2018-05-29

Mark said “I had all Tammy’s hair below her shoulders laser removed, so she is now completely bald everywhere but on her head.” “Underarms, legs, and pussy, all bald” Mark reached between Tammy legs and pulled the small dumbbell, that seemed to be Tammy’s sign to shut up and do what Mark wanted. Tammy said “look at page 11, that is what Mark wants my clit to look like when he is done with it.” “I love how this is making you look,” he said, then he reached between my legs and spread my vaginal cheeks a little, he wanted to see if you needed to be changed yet. “Well, yes doctor it started last night, Mark has a tampon in me now and he has washed me a coupe of times already today.” I responded

Immoral Combat

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-05-29

With these words his pants came down, and it was now I realized that this was the first time I’d seen Aaron Black naked. Then the manly monument came crashing back down onto my face, hard, as he used his hand to punish my nose. Then he began to mercilessly tit-fuck me, his strong hips driving all 16 inches in and out of the tight crack his hands were making. His awesome cock head leaked pre-cum into my belly button on his deep thrusts, his hands now holding my tits only by the nipples, his hard grip making them sore. Finally I was gasping for air, and felt as Aaron Black milked a peach-pit-sized dollop of cum directly into my mouth.

Cooking with Molly

fetish LingerieRobot 2018-05-29

Molly had a giddy grin on her face, like she couldn't believe what she'd just done -- or what she was about to do. "And of course, a little bit of gravy makes everything better." A bottle of (thankfully lukewarm) gravy poured over my cock and passed it, splattering Molly's top, which had somehow survived all of this. I had gotten a pretty good idea of what her breasts looked like, but I still took a moment to feast my eyes on her upper body. I whisked my tongue around each tit like a kid licking the last drops of sweetness of his plate, until each soft breast was completely clean.

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 03

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-05-29

As she very slowly rolled back Joel's foreskin, it revealed that just as the outside had been tattooed with an intricate black and white rendition, the inside had been tattooed with exactly the same image only that inside it was in full color! Samantha turned to his lovely wife, "Amy, I think Joel and Jane might be needing some privacy now." Joel continued to explode on her, the milky cream slowly dribbling down her pretty face, past her cleavage, surely beyond even the bra that held her large breasts. A fitting prelude for the Annual Body Art Competition after which Jane, in her acceptance of the Gold Medal for Originality, would publicly thank Samantha for her art, Joel for being a perfect model, and above all, Joel's lovely wife, Amy, for sharing him so openly!

Dominated with Smoke

fetish Alaisiagae 2018-05-29

She took a double hit off her cigarette, held the smoke in her lungs, tilted her head, and then blew a long white narrow stream straight up. As her back arched, she glanced down and blew a heavy stream of smoke into my face, hoping it would cause me to gag and choke on her cum. As she leisurely smoked her cigarette, taking long drags, and exhaling slowly, as the machine repeatedly pounded my ass. She took another deep drag from her half-finished cigarette, titled her head up, and blew a tight cone of smoke that almost reach the ceiling. With my legs spread, arms secured between them, head pinned to the floor, and mouth firmly gagged, I had no choice but to take the hot water rushing into me.

One day at work

fetish blsbls123 2018-05-29

Maria just got a new boyfriend and decided to show me the pics she sent him, and posted on facebook. This time I pulled her pants down, and took a pic in just her thong. Her ass was soo amazing looking, I was starting to get hard. Still on the phone I figured I should go for the full nude ass pic and slid her thong down too. I started to spread her cheeks to try and get a look at her pussy and ass. She was now grunting like an a****l, due to my middle finger in her ass and my thumb rubbing her pussy. I figured now was the best time to drop my pants and slide my cock into her pussy.

The Hen Party

fetish Kommandant 2018-05-29

Old Bessie's got plans for you a bit later, so come on in the lounge and join the fun." And I saw her for the first time, and my God, she was immense. "Alright, that's enough," said Lisa, digging her heels in again, "Now it's Bev's turn." Sheila removed her foot from my face, somewhat reluctantly, I thought, and I moved over to Bev. Close up, I could see that Bev had a bit of a cold. "Let me introduce myself Thing," she said, "I'm Bessie, now kiss this." With that, she slightly squatted, lifted up her sarong, revealing tight red panties beneath her nyloned gusset, and, with both hands behind my head, pulled my face deep in to her snatch.

Therapy for Cheri

fetish 2018-05-29

I kept wanting to call my ther****t "Dr. Malcolm" but as she explained, she was a clinical ther****t and not an M.D. or PhD, so "Colleen" was sufficient.  She kept her office in a set of rooms in her house.  They were comfortable and relaxing, and helped put me at ease, which was good as I am not the sort of person who opens up easily to strangers.  She explained that over a few sessions lasting a few months that we could probably get to the root of what was bothering me, and get me back on track.  She took an extensive medical history from me, had me sign some forms so that she could get a medical report from my doctor, and during all of this she asked several questions about my sexual fantasies and how they had come to overwhelm me, but all in a manner that felt very safe and non-threatening.  Before I knew it, I felt that I had spilled my guts to this complete stranger.  She suggested that for our next session we should try some new behavioural therapy, and that we should probably plan on a two hour session.  I happily agreed, and booked the afternoon off for the following Tuesday at 3pm.

Not Your Average Girl

fetish fetishfanatic 2018-05-29

Chantelle laughed, lustily and nastily, as she suddenly grabbed Becky's hair, pulling the pretty little tart into her armpit and smothering her with her sweaty flesh and hair. As the seconds went by Becky was only faintly worried by her lack of oxygen, more important to her was the sheer filthy bliss of her treatment; Chantelle's beautiful sweat was seeping into every pore in her face and at that moment she could have died absolutely contented. Yet, if Becky was moaning Chantelle was howling as she felt her arse and pussy begin to spasm as her orgasm crept up on her. Becky continued her ministrations and Chantelle began to cry out "harder, harder, bite me, make me cum" as she roughly forced the pretty brunette's head against her sweaty chest.

Perfect Date Night for Three

fetish wulfie89 2018-05-29

As we head to the dance floor, we have to pass by the bar and I notice that as you walk by one particularly muscular guy, you slide your hand along his leg as you pass by. Mike slides his head further down and he begins to lick around your pussy as I move up to help you out of your bra. Holding the cum in my mouth, I strip down and get back on the bed as you lay on your back with Mike between your legs. You tell me to spit a little cum into my hand for lube, but to keep holding the rest in my mouth. Dutifully, I slide my cock inside of your wet, cum soaked pussy and fuck you hard and fast.

The Swimmer After School

fetish EvilEmperor 2018-05-29

She was about 5'8', piercing blue eyes, somewhat curly hair that went to her shoulder blades, medium size breasts, but she had the most incredible feet I have ever seen. I learned that she was a swimmer, and one of my friends that was a swimmer said that no one ever went to their meets, and they really needed support and for someone to document the meets since I was on yearbook and the school newspaper. I got on my knees and went to the foot of the bed as she scooted forward; luckily my boner couldn't be seen from her angle. I continued massaging her left foot, then went to the right one; admiring how perfect her feet were. I continued licking/sucking/sniffing her feet when I felt a soft hand on my dick.

Cuckqueans: Lauren

fetish PrimalRoots 2018-05-29

She walked around the stage with unbeatable confidence, singing with a hard rock scratch that lent power to her already intoxicating voice, and as she strutted her stuff, Lauren noticed just how strong the rapport was with Matt. They looked at each other, screaming the lyrics like no one else was there, and for a quick moment Lauren saw his hands around her neck instead. Lauren's mind, without her prompting, created a scenario where the singer stopped right in the middle of her lyrics and fell to her knees to pull Matt's cock out from his jeans while he kept on playing. It's just..." Evie was on her knees, stroking Matt's cock and cooing at Lauren, telling her how good he tasted and how excited she was for his cum.

A Four-Way for Panty Husband

fetish DrLit 2018-05-29

He looked like he might cum and if he did he would be done at his age for the night, so I smacked Jessie on the ass and said, "How about my cock, baby. Jessie said, "Jason, put the butt plug back in her right now so she is stretched a little before Harold fucks her ass." Before we walked to the bedroom, Jessie walked over to Harold gave him a kiss and said, "Zoey and I are both going to fuck your virgin ass tomorrow. He finally said, "I'm a little surprised that Zoey and Jessie were kissing and I'm not sure about getting fucked in the ass tonight."

I Submit to My Wife and Real Men Ch. 02

fetish ServicingU 2018-05-29

"In the meantime," my wife said coyly, "why don't you crawl over here and suck on my finger the way you sucked on Scott's cock?" I stopped working my tongue for a minute, looked up at her and said, "By the amount of cum I swallowed, I would say he did." She then told me how good she thought we looked together, and I revealed how hot I thought it was to have exposed myself like that in front of her and the other guys. And don't come downstairs until I get you." She then kissed me and said, "You're going to like my little surprise," and then turned around and left. Her mouth hung open, and she said, "Wow. You couldn't satisfy any woman cumming that quickly.

Whips and Licks

fetish Daresteyes 2018-05-29

She told him to spread his legs open, he did as told and she placed the end of the whip on his cock, giving it a slight smack She began telling him about her lover, the one that was 10 inches long, the way he fucked her body, making her cum, licking her pussy sending her into orgasm time after time. "Picture me slowly moving my hands on your cock, pulling it to hardness, licking the tip, teasing your balls with my fingertips. He didn't move fast enough for her liking and he was hit hard with the whip on the back of his leg leaving a welt on his upper thigh he sat quickly. He grabbed her harder and began fucking her faster, making her cum, she leaned forward and kissed him.


Tropical Vacation Ch. 08-10

fetish Drakon66 2018-05-29

Your pussy feels like its on fire and my cock is roasting over the flames!" he said as he began to stroke his rigid tool in and out of Tina's tight hole. I want to eat your cum from her pussy when you're done," Chloe said releasing Tina's bright red nipple from her lips long enough to encourage Jeff, then returned to nibbling on the sensitive bud. As soon as Jeff released her, Chloe was face down in Tina's leaking pussy, sucking and slurping the large amount of fluids coming from the young woman. This is going to be a beautiful place to shoot!" Jeff said pulling his camera from his pack and started snapping pictures of the incredible surroundings.

Our Wet-Nurse

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-05-29

Mark and Donna returned home to their large downtown apartment and looked into the nursery to check on their six-month-old daughter Cindy. Both Mark and Donna noted how big Devi's breasts were. Devi looked up and saw Donna and Mark, both with tears in their eyes. Turning her head toward Donna, she could feel her softer, gentler hands cupping and lifting the other breast and her lips and tongue and teeth working the other teat. Devi reached down to caress Donna's big firm tits and felt her warm pussy grind against her hip. Donna smiled and said, "Mark, I think Devi needs to feel your cock where her toy was." Mark felt Devi's hand cup and cradle and caress his big, full balls gently.

Public Fuckroom

fetish ReductioAdAbsurdium 2018-05-29

He pushed me up against the wall of the bathroom hard enough that my body shook, my head bouncing back against it a second time before one of his hands moved up to hold my forehead, steadying my head. He had moved his mouth to one of my nipples and the hand that had been on my forehead held me by the neck, a hold he released every ten seconds or so to avoid me turning blue. He stopped everything with his tongue and let me cool down before he moved a hand from my right thigh to slowly work a finger into my dangerously wet pussy. His other hand covered my mouth before his open palm landed - hard - on my little rear end.

My Mistress

fetish malesub01 2018-05-29

"Now," she said, "I’m going to flush your head in the toilet and then fuck you some more, so you can think about what just happened as the water drips off your face." She pulled out and stood over me, pushing my head down into the toilet until my face was completely submerged in the icy toilet water. My head dangled in the toilet, my face just an inch above that cold, degrading water, as my Mistress powerful legs drove her cock into me from behind. My Mistress mounted me, missionary style, and fucked me hard and fast, holding my legs wide open and pushed back over me like a dorm room slut.

Interesting Job Ch. 1

fetish barchetta88 2018-05-29

I innocently asked what for, and he told me that his wife was going to have a life changing night. Robert told her to bend over and grab her ankles, but I interrupted him by saying that his wife and I needed some alone time to get to know each other better. She was already asking for the spanking to stop when Mr. Fuller kissed her bare bottom for the first time. I handed Mr. Fuller to Robert and told Suzanne that to make sure she understood our new arrangement, her husband was going to finish her spanking tonight. When Robert finally put the brush down, Suzanne did not bounce right up, but rather, laid panting and moaning across her husband's lap.

Turning into a whore... for the second time

fetish Mackro 2018-05-29

Just crawl around on all fours and politely ask other men, if they'd like a free blowjob from a little whore. “I would like to suck your cock, Sir. It's free and you can cum in my mouth.” I thought Master would appreciate my enthusiasm, so I sucked even more vigorously, tapping the tip of the cock with my tongue. I just wanted to suck some more, eat more cum, be an even better whore and please my Master. He put his cock back inside and after a few seconds of sucking, I could feel the pulses before the dick erupted right inside my mouth and prepared, I swallowed and swallowed.

My story to date.

fetish 2018-05-29

As I got older I started to discover that I wanted to be submissive and it wasn't long before I started to fantasise about being dressed as a girl and be submissive to a man. He wanted to beat me and fuck me and he would train me and give me to others to use as they wished.He had the power to make me feel worthless and I loved it. He selected the clothes he wanted me to wear and told me to stand, hands behind my back and eyes down until he was ready. He would keep me at his place as long as he wanted and that I would be restrained in some way all the time I was there.

It's My Duty

fetish 2018-05-29

Quickly I turn around, before I could say a word she wrap her fingers around the back of my neck drawing my mouth to hers giving me a kiss so deep and passionate our souls meet. She pulled away and one last time She reach down squeezing me loving the feel of my dick in her hand. She then pulled my dick out of my pants she then squeezed it gently and stroked it a few times, then I got to see her kissing the tip of my shaft. She then pushed her self in to my mouth more.Her ass would rub on my nose as I licked and sucked her pussy more agressively.