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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A surprise welcome home part 2

fetish 2018-05-29

Her head was filled with thoughts of her son and daughter, what Johnny must have been doing to her to make her moan and scream with such delight. After last night though, after the powerful orgasm as she listened to Johnny seemingly giving Sarah the fucking of a lifetime Barbara couldn't get the thought of her son and daughter out of her head. Sarah had written "I can't wait to get my lips round your fat cock tonight, can't wait to grind my wet pussy into your face as you fuck my mouth." It was Sarah naked and for the first time ever Barbara was having sexual feelings towards her daughter. She put on Sarah's dirty knickers and spread herself out on her sons bed.

Girls Talk

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-05-28

At one point Nick said something borderline offensive to him and Michael seriously considered calling him out on it, but in the end he just nodded and looked away, shaking his head slightly as he wondered what a nice girl like Jenny was doing wasting her life with this tool. Seeing Michael prostrate before his wife and lavishing her with such submissive attention was turning her on quite a bit more than she had anticipated and her hand soon moved into Nick's lap rubbing his cock through his trousers as he remained slumped back on the sofa. Jenny looked Michael in the eye and slowly opened her mouth, as she did so her tongue extended forth and Nick's warm cum dripped lasciviously down Sarah's smooth, silky leg, stopping just above her ankle.

A Lock and Its Key

fetish exquisitelifetime 2018-05-28

As Jean watched Carl work away in the café, she felt herself becoming drawn back into the feelings of burning attraction she had for him. Jean might have been a very gorgeous woman but her lust was usually kept well under control, but somehow Carl seemed to have opened her up and released all her pent up desires that she somehow felt guilty about expressing with everyone but him. Jean felt the desire take hold of her mind as her hand lashed out and slapped Carl's face. Jean watched as Carl lifted up her dress, and she felt his face and mouth press against the rubber panties that were covering her pussy.

strapon asian

fetish 2018-05-28

She left the door unlocked and started back to her office, I followed a bit slowly, distracted by the sway of her hips in the low lighting. When we reached her office she stood beside her desk with its soft lighting lamp, while I stopped beside a chair facing her and let my pack rest on the floor. She grabbed what looked like another harness and dildo then walked over my supine body to a patch of bare carpet where she slowly laid herself down. Slowly lubing up her strap-on's dildo with one hand and rubbing jelly onto my semi hard penis took only a few moments.

The Couples Serves Their Mistress

fetish Switch90 2018-05-28

You look at me, you're clearly desperate to cum but also don't want to hurt me. I watch you sucking her fingers and my cock starts to leak precum. You're just inches from me, I can feel your hot breath on my cock as you get fucked in front of me, but I can't see any of it! I think just the sight of me fucking your slutty little wife would be too much and you'd cum all over yourself. I'm on my knees behind you, the head of my cock is resting right on your hot, wet pussy. You can cum slaveboy, you can fuck your wife's pussy to a full, satisfying orgasm. She sits on my face and smothers me as my cock pulses and my cum leaks out.

Judy and Dave at the Black Bar

fetish bottom4blk 2018-05-28

"And I will love watching David's wiggling ass getting boned by a huge black dick as another is pumping his mouth full of hot, creamy cum, with him gasping and squealing and his butt jerking wildly as he gets it good!" All the while, John worked the soft hole with his finger from behind but took a moment to remove his clothes as well, he was thinner than Bruce, with a thinner cock, perhaps 7" in length, rigid as a poker and it was already wiggling and probing David's quivering round ass. Finally he caught James' eye and slowly they began setting Judy down, her ass widened and the white cheeks guided down over each side if Bo's huge dick, the head probed at her entry as she grunted in lust!


fetish rorosam 2018-05-28

I looked into Her eyes and tried to say 'please no, please don't make me Goddess' but all that came out was a pathetic whimper as deep inside I knew I would do it for Her. I would eat the cum from Her hand and I would do it willingly just to please Her. "eat the hot thick real man cum my worthless dirty cuck loser" Kneeling there with the taste of a real mans cum in my mouth, Goddess standing over me smiling at my humiliation at Her hands.

It Always Fits Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2018-05-28

Her hands pulled my head down to her and I got the hint and started sucking her. She sucked harder and jerked faster and I felt my nuts tighten up and then I started shooting ropes of cum into her mouth. She kept sucking me, squeezing the last few drops out and then I watched in amazement as she licked her way down my cock and got the cum that had dripped out.  Upon saying that, she swung her leg over mine and started running her pussy lips along my cock again. She reached back behind her and started playing with my nuts, "come for again for me Lee, I'm on the pill, I want to feel you cum inside me." 

Dr Valdez Reveals Her Fantasy

fetish cowgirlblues 2018-05-28

Just think what it's like, feeling my nipples become erect and my pussy becoming wetter and wetter, as I see that first dribble of pre-cum ooze out of the engorged tip of their magnificent cock, trickling down the side of their throbbing shaft. Just so you know, I'm gently caressing my clit as I'm writing this, my heart is quickening and I feel a deep craving inside me. I hike my tight, black pencil skirt over my generous hips and indecently voluptuous ass, I slide off my black thong and I lower myself gently onto your face, wincing with pleasure as I feel your lips come into contact with my very sensitive clit.


fetish 2018-05-28

The woman's head turned towards Nick as I walked off faster then him.About three stores He had the most serious look on his face and told me to hand him my bra.I was nervous this isle.I grabbed my bra off the shelf and walked back to Nick.He had his phone out recording of the food court we stopped.Nick let go of my hand and walked over to this line of massage Nick walked back behind me,I turned back but he told to keep facing the wall.My heart was looking around before I finally did.Holding it balled up in my hand Nick told me to drop it. his pocket.I walked back to Nick,Before looking back to see the man watching us and smiling.

Countryside sex

fetish MBDP 2018-05-28

As she turns her head to look she feel my firm, hard hands caress her big tits .. While she sucks away on my big fat cock, moaning and groaning, I reach around and start playing with her ass. don't want her to see the car across the way so I tell her to keep looking down “yes Big Daddy, anything, just fuck me more, please”. I'm looking at her with a rock hard boner and start inserting it ever so slowly into good girls tight tight ass. I always want to be your good girl and dirty ass whore, please fuck it … please give me your cum … I'm so close”. My good girl cums so hard as she cries out loud followed by “oh Fuck, oh my God. ….

School For Sluts

fetish Hattori Hanso 2018-05-28

The Dean slid his hands down from the girl's tits, down her torso, enjoying the feel of her ribs and smooth skin on his palms. The Dean slid another finger inside the girl and was now fingering her with his right hand and pulling her nipples with his left. The Dean pulled his fingers out of Katie's depths and with the same hand he had been fingering her with, abruptly slapped her on her ass, hard. His left hand held Katie's gorgeous hair in a bunch and he slapped her tanned ass again. The Dean began to stroke his cock with his right hand and held the beautiful girl in place by her hair with his left hand.

Husband Is a Fuckboy

fetish cockwhores 2018-05-28

I didn't say a word, just got down on my knees, opened my mouth and wrapped my whore lips around that huge fake cock and bobbed my head up and down like the cock loving slut I am. And then fuckboy hubby put his head between my legs with his back to the wall and started to suck and lick my clit while I fucked the dildo stuck to the wall. My husband looked like a complete cockwhore and cum-slut with a fake dick in his ass and mine in his mouth. I fucked my pussy and made myself cum while watching fuckboy suck the cum off that 10" fake cock. I wanted to have a fuckfest with five cocks as big as my hubby's, to suck, fuck and fill all my slutty holes.

Hippity Hoppity

fetish Namazuros 2018-05-28

But his balls...they looked so round and perfect, dangling there mouth started to water, and I actually drooled a little as I licked my plump lips. "Oh, that is a cute little tail, Honeybunny...the pink goes great with your ea-ahhhmmmmm..." Krystian's words were swallowed up by his shivering moan as I lunged at his balls, taking them in my mouth with a loud, lewd slurp. The warmth against my sensitive lips was delicious, and I let out a pleased little moan as I tongued the sweet things, my muffled noises vibrating against his sack. "Mmm...I'm glad you liked it, sweetie," Krystian replied, still scratching my ears, and it felt so good...I let out a tiny, pleased sigh, drawing a soft chuckle from Krystian.

Chris & Kim

fetish cbf316 2018-05-28

"god I hope the smell of my heels doesn't bother you, I was wearing those heels all week just for you" Kim said with a sly grin as she put her feet up out of view and watched the heel just was above Chris's nose and she could see Chris squeal and squirm as she opened up the mag and began to read the letters. Kim noticed this and inched her foot up more so it was right next to Chris's nose as she began to read the letter out loud as it told of a man who liked licking dirty feet clean and for finale he sucked up his cum.

My post orgasm stimulation/cock milking fetish

fetish milk_me 2018-05-28

My fantasy is to get many a massages like the following. She would use massage oils and rub me everywhere. She would then start stroking faster. The next thing she would do after I came once, would be to get on top of me in the 69 position, and tell me to take off her panties and give her oral. I would cum, hard in her mouth she would swallow every last drop and focus on the head of my cock. I would continue to give her oral while shaking because of the continued stimulation. She would then start to shake and moan louder. We would only stop until she could no longer taste cum in her mouth.

Toilet Trio

fetish Scatella2008 2018-05-28

"Mmmmmmh, it seems like you're even more full than your sister," Ellen purred, then pulled the finger out as the girls gazed, now fascinated by mother's outrages and happy, in a way, that her rectal probing had indeed confirmed their fullness, and their urgent need to defecate. Okay, Maggie, since we determined that you're more full of shit than your sister, you get to take a crap first," Ellen told her older daughter, pointing to the toilet. So now let me lubricate you," Ellen said, getting a jar of petroleum jelly, scooping up a little dab with her finger, and then digging it in between Maggie's cheeks to smear over her anus and work some inside too.

first footjob

fetish feet_and_him 2018-05-28

Sometime ago, he asked me “ hey, have you ever done a foot job before?” not thinking much of it I was like “no I haven’t, I think that’s weird!…..But, I wouldn’t mind trying it.” So, about a week or so later he asks “ can I have a foot job?” I’m like “ ok ill try!” ….. so he lays down on the floor as I pull over my chair and position it in between his legs. Once, seated I pull out his hard cock and add lube for more pleasure and then, the real fun begins I place my feet onto his cock moving back and forth with some pressure and before you know it he moans “ I’m about to cum!”….

I owe it all to my aunt

fetish lottiecd 2018-05-28

So 3 drawers explored and I had started subconsciously playing with my cock, I pulled my trousers and pants down and was rubbing it with my right hand as my left touched her lace underwear. I was now looking harder at her to get a glimpse of her undies under the slips she wore, I was staring to see her pantie line and the suspenders, she must have known.....and as time went on I realised that she did know and she started to tease me and eventually she paraded unashamedly in her underwear whenever I was there, but I will write about that later.....

An asshole and the german fuckslut

fetish meatballsurgery 2018-05-28

"Take off your thong, you dumb slut" I told her as I got to my feet and really began fucking her mouth faster and harder then before, causing her eyes to tear up while she slide the bright pink thong off her handing them to me and I pulled out my cock from her mouth and pressed in the moist fabric in her mouth before I grabbed her by the hair again and bent over the table and grabbed Janin by the hips and pressed in my thick throbbing cock into her tight twat and began pounding her bare shaved silken walls.

Office Protocol

fetish sithlord6969 2018-05-28

Supervisors please bring your quarterly reports.” Your eyes widen and shoot to the photo of your wife on your desk, your frustration building. “Good” she said, “Free up your schedule for New Year's Eve, we're flying to Vegas and getting hitched!” The pounding on the door continued. The last three years with your wife has taught you to think quickly on your feet, she likes to role play and sometimes springs unexpected things on you. Reaching your office door, you turn the knob and look inside. Bumping into her cervix you thrust like an a****l and spear your cock head through. Just as the first spurt of your cum leaves the tip of your cock, you hear your door start to open...

The Sponge

fetish Sylvester_Ladywater 2018-05-28

Sebastian's thick fingers started spreading out further, running right round under the lip of her panties to her sides, where he would subtly squeeze both hands together before going back again. Following his own familiar pattern, Sebastian's hands were starting to congregate round the front and he oscillated them slowly around her tight panties. Donna felt his hands holding her two little stumps firmly as he kissed around the nape of her neck, forcing shivery sensations down her back and round to her front, collecting at the tip of her nipples, now nestled in between Sebastian's fingers as he squeezed her breasts. Unexpectedly, Sebastian forced his arms under Donna's body, one under the breasts and one under her hips, then turned her over to face him.

XXX Ben 10 Story: Small Problem Part 2

fetish Metalotical 2018-05-28

The rubbing and pressure at the base of her young tits, and her body already aroused after her interrupted masturbation, new waves of pleasure began to build up inside her and her pussy jumped out of it’s pause mode and her desire to finger herself returned with new vigour. She squeezed her breasts in her hands pinching her hard nipples between her fingers She moaned deeply. “Ahh…Ben. God yes, just like that.” Ben was squirming hard, twisting and turning through her insides and sending wave after wave of pleasure crashing through her. Her hips thrust at the air, working with Ben’s movements, feeling the power of his twists and turns driving her orgasm towards her like a juggernaut.

Hot Pink Panties

fetish fuckshit1 2018-05-28

I looked through the peephole and saw him standing there - tall, dark and handsome in all black motorcycle leathers (he knows what I like)....with a sexy smirk on his face. I opened the door wearing only a hot pink lace bra and panty set and leather 4 inch stiletto heeled boots (I know what he likes). Before the door even closed all the way, he was on his knees licking my already wet pussy through my lace panties. He came so hard and so much that my pussy couldn't hold it all...he made a sexy low growling sound and I looked back to see both of our juices running down his leathers and I could feel all over my thick thighs..