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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Latex Gown

fetish VirgoGo 2018-11-13

If I’m back before all your clothes are off, you’ll suffer.” I marched out of the room with my new garment in hand, leaving Henry to scramble with his suit. Henry gave me a look, and then scampered over to his briefcase from which he retrieved a bottle of spray-on latex polish and a buffing cloth. I think you’ll be safe, Jacqueline.” It wasn’t my well-being I was worried about, but Henry didn’t need to know that. I draped my right arm over his shoulder, letting him run the cloth and his hands over the surface of the dress. I pulled my hand back and then rubbed his cum all over the front of my dress, leaving smudges and streaks on the just-polished latex.

3-Day Stand, Part III

fetish Francisco 2018-11-13

He decides to pull out and does so with a two consecutive “blurps.” His left hand reaches up to twizzle the sticky white nipple on her left breast and his right hand coils over her thigh to hold her ass down on his face. The movement of his chocolate lips, revealing, in contrast, neon white teeth, sends her into paroxysms of laughter, Ruby rolls to her right on all fours facing the other direction and then turns like a brown bear on trout to lumber over his body and stare down at her prey. Still holding the bottle in her left hand, she slides forward so that her breasts drag up his belly until she is staring him right in the face.

Sweet Smell of Sex-cess

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-13

It got so that to make things a little easier on everyone, I started having my boy friends spend time with me right in my own bedroom, which was conveniently separated from the rest of our house, over the garage. But the next day after practice, I took a look and saw that even though I had done my usual thorough wiping job after using the toilet in a major way after lunch, there was a thin brown streak in the panty crotch. I went away to college and got into relationships with girls and boys, few of whom seemed to be turned on by scents like my high school male admirers.

Milk Duds Ch. 03

fetish Troglodite45 2018-11-13

Susan returned a few minutes later to find Brad laying naked, his swollen hard throbbing cock bouncing off his tight belly. She moved her tits so as to cover his face, chest, belly and finally his throbbing cock and cum filled balls with her milk. I want to feel your cock inside my cunt going deep inside while you suck my tits and drink my milk.” Susan spent the next half hour just casually stroking his cock and balls until he was again rock hard. His hands went to her hips as his eyes watched her still milk filled tits bounce as she lifted her body only plunge back down and impale herself upon his throbbing cock.

The lady who wanted to be peed on

fetish pomman 2018-11-13

Immediately to the left of the barn, four or five ladies appear through an opening between the dense, tall bushes that grow along the lane. I stop peeing, stick my dick into my pants, and follow her like an obedient dog. I get the urge to go over to her, stick my penis against her panties right in front of the crack between those voluptuous buttocks of hers and pump pee through the knickers. She lets her dress fall and runs past me while she frantically grabs her panties through her skirt and tries to pull them up. After the car has passed the tree-lined lane, I cast a glance to the right towards the hill where Marjorie disappeared.

Summer Wine

fetish the_lady_of_shalott 2018-11-13

She moved her hips rhythmically and every time just when she was about to let her body drop on his lap she was moving away very quickly. Then she pulled away and watched him suffer with a cunning glow in her cat-like eyes. The metal of the handcuffs around his painfully heated skin felt almost like a brand with hot iron. "You know you want it!" She dug her nails in his thighs as she sucked on him very lightly, so much as to feel the salty taste of his cock on her lips. But the fragrance that streamed on his face when he felt her getting so close finally made his head spin and put him under the spell of lust coming from the inside.

Black On Black Pegging: Haiti

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-13

I'm not afraid, I told myself as I spread my ass cheeks for my sexy girlfriend Wendy Posse as she applied lubricant all over my aching and rather tense asshole. Then she pressed the strap-on dildo against my asshole and pushed it inside. Lying on my back, I looked at my beautiful sexy girlfriend as she resumed fucking me in the ass with her strap-on dildo. Grimacing, Wendy stroked my cock while pushing the dildo into my asshole. While fucking my ass with her strap-on dildo, Wendy pressed a special button in it. Wendy smiled wickedly and told me that her most naughty fantasy of all time was not only to sodomize me with a strap-on dildo but to also 'cum inside of me' as well.


Her Sexy Little Panties

fetish tcg 2018-11-13

As Mitchell entered the washroom, he met Robert and shakily handed him Kacie’s sexy little black satin bikini panties. Mitchell began encouraging Robert to fuck his fiancé’s panties harder, saying… You know everyone is talking about what a lovely couple you are." Robert’s wife kissed her cheek and then patted his cheek before walking back to the party to look for her husband who was still hiding in the bathroom. Occasionally Mitchell and Robert would meet up at the bar to discuss how much wetter her panties must be getting, and how much of Robert’s seed was swimming up and into Kacie’s pussy.

Getting What He Asked For

fetish joey65 2018-11-13

I closed the room door and watched quietly as Michael picked up one of the condom packs and returned to Tom's exposed ass. I told Tom that since I had booked this hotel room for the last five days and had ordered room service several times during the week, I had gotten to talk to Michael on several occasions. As Michael returned to probing Tom's rectum with first his thumb, and then the two middle fingers of his right hand, I walked around to the side of the bed where Tom's head was located. I knew Tom was enjoying himself because each time Micheal's hand made contact with his ass cheek, Tom would let out a soft whimper, while he bit down on the bed spread beneath him.

Zainab’s Foot Lesson

fetish footlover95 2018-11-13

I took her feet into my hands and started to smell them, I let out a moan and she knew I was going to blow. The next day I had a business lesson with Zainab and the rest of my class; it was going to be torture not being able to touch or smell her beautiful caramel toes. Everybody started to look at me, Zainab quickly pulled her feet away and asked “Are you okay?”, innocently with a smile on her face. Once the entire class had left the room, she started to laugh and said, “Had a good lesson?” She asked knowing the answer. I dropped to the floor and picked up her feet and shoved them in my mouth, “That’s a good boy," she said.

Caught sniffing my panties

fetish DanielleX 2018-11-13

He was on his bed, his boxers round his knees, cock in hand and a pair of our panties on his face. I beckoned Gemma to join me on the bed and we sat each side of Toby as Hayley positioned herself over his face and then sat on him, her panties completely covering his nose and mouth. I stroked her hair as she sucked him, one hand still pleasuring myself but yearning to rub myself on Toby's face. I rubbed my clit through my panties, taking deep breaths between my little cries of anguish and pleasure, the torment of being so close and the sight of his cock such a turn on!

The Note Home Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-13

James drew a deep breath but his mother smiled and said, "I know you've seen your girl friends wearing just underwear, James, so don't look so surprised at seeing your old mom like that." They positioned themselves on the bed and Carol began caressing Linda's nice 36C breasts as Gloria petted Andrea and applied her talented fingers to the tall redhaired teacher's vulva. It was a sight to behold: Gloria and Linda had shaved their pussies so that their labia were quite visible while Andrea's were hidden beneath her gorgeous red muff and Carol's under her plenteous dark pubic hair.

Carol's Mom Ch. 2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-13

So, we are on the sofa, me lying across Carol and she is, of course, wearing a nice pair of glasses with the beaded chain and with one hand, holding Mom's sexy black heel, pushing the toes end into my balls. Janice is in the recliner reading her novel, her gold half-round glasses at the end of her nose, she is getting me so hot, wearing her patent black heels; a grey skirt; cream colored V neck ruffled blouse.I walk over to her naked from the crotch down and I kneel in front of her, I thought about you and figured, let Mom have some man meat, you are a great Mom and I know you have your needs, I just thought it sweet that Harry has a fetish for older ladies and their half-glasses; beaded chains and heels, maybe even a bra.”

Black On Black Pegging: Caribbean

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-13

Recently, I was contacted by a tall, handsome young Black man named Dylan Jean-Pierre. I pressed the dildo against Dylan's ass cheeks, and gently eased it inside. And just like that, I began fucking Dylan in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I looked into Dylan's eyes while sliding my beautiful Black dildo into the depths of his ass. I continued fucking him, taking my sweet time as I explored his ass inch by inch with my strap-on dildo. Dylan came spectacularly, his big cock spitting cum all over himself as I buried my dildo in his ass. My first time dominating a sexy Black man with my strap-on dildo.


After hours with the lifeguard

fetish michaelthomas 2018-11-13

“There is one way we could let you stay though,” I’d given up responding now, “you could wear a bikini and be one of us girls?” Claire ended her sentence looking excited. Claire carefully removed her hands, Anna keeping the bikini bottoms tight around my cock. “Oh, that's Claire's job.” Anna stood up and turned away, her ass held firmly in the navy one piece with the straps fallen by her sides. Anna had taken her polo shirt off and had got back into her swimsuit, she knelt beside Claire and moved her hands up my leg and onto my balls.

Curing Cynthia’s Monthly Misbehavior

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-13

Cynthia faltered for a moment and said, "Louise, I'm just cleaning it up" but she knew she couldn't avoid my order so she handed me what she had wanted to get out of the way, a cute pair of hicut pink panties, but with a rather prominent skidmark in the back. She would spend the day horribly self-conscious because although Cynthia was no Dolly Parton out front, she did have lovely full 34Bs. My referring to her not behaving like a big girl made her realize I was truly angry, because she knew that this meant these kinds of childish punishments. The spanking commenced then in earnest as I re-positioned myself and began applying strong slaps to her cheeks alternately, watching them slowly turn rosy and then deep pink and finally start showing crimson flashes.

Sweetest Sins

fetish Poppet 2018-11-13

I kiss him deeply, as he sucks on my tongue, tasting me and the chocolate mix. I begin to suck gently on him, wanting to taste the mix of both him and the chocolate. Sucking his cock out of my mouth hard, with a nice smacking pop I look at him with a giggle. His mouth never moving, teasing me still he dips two fingers into the chocolate before making his way between my thighs. He keeps thrusting inside me, fucking me with his chocolate covered fingers, his mouth biting and sucking harder. His fingers thrusting deeper, the slight sound of wetness making its slicking noise turns me more, as he bites my clit hard.

The Obsession

fetish JefferyB 2018-11-13

When Marty spotted the sign for the bar where he was meeting Nelson, he couldn’t help but think of how many times this scenario had played out in the past twelve years. You are just as handsome as Nelson told me.” Without being invited, Carla slipped onto the seat beside Marty without letting go of his hand. After she was certain that Nelson was gone, Carla told Marty, “You know; your friend is really impressed with you. We come here together most Friday nights.” Leaning over to grab her purse, Carla told her friends, “We’re gonna take a little walk and get better acquainted.” “This is what a man should feel like.” As she moved her hands around his bare skin, Carla began to move her ass around his now fully erect cock.

Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 01

fetish djubre666 2018-11-13

real, they did seem big when I saw you earlier but damn girl, they are really massive." Tina said, actually stuttering for a second as she stared at my boobs from underneath. may I, could I give it a kiss?" the girl asked, and before I even answered opened her tiny mouth and gently closed them around the large glans. The thing which really set me over the edge was the pleading look in the girls eyes as her tiny hands pulled me tightly against her mouth. As this idea was forming, she was already back on her knees, her tiny mouth eagerly lapping up final drops of cum from the Queen, her hands roaming the veiny skin.

You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 02

fetish SirNathan 2018-11-13

"Don't think for a minute that I'm going to let you act like some kind of slut in my house, baby girl." Of course, none of these thoughts were going through my mind as Stephen's slick cock head settled on my tongue and I closed my mouth around it, sucking up every little pulse of precum as my fingers started fucking my horny pussy. In fact, as my now free hand settled over my clitty and started rubbing hard in time with his thrusts, I realised that the mood dictated that I be treated like a little horny whore, and the thought made me rub harder and harder. "Harder baby girl, show Daddy how hot you are, fuck that wet little cunt for me.


fetish footlover95 2018-11-13

My erection growing and I am thinking, “Am I going to be able to control myself?” She knows I want to massage her feet by the smile on my face. My erection is getting harder and harder, I think, “It’s gonna pop out of my pants.” She moves her right foot into my lap and I almost blow my load, I let out a moan and she says, “Enjoying yourself are we?” I am inches away from smell her beautiful caramel toes when she says, “Can you massage my other foot know?” I reply, “Okay.” I know she is teasing me and it was killing me, I just want to smell and suck her beautiful toes.

Claire and Liam Parker

fetish NicolaBellewood 2018-11-13

As she looked back to see how it was going, she saw Liam place his hand onto the girls. Slowly, Liam opened the door, and Claire looked back, glaring at Ariella for a moment's time. Liam placed a hand onto Ariella's cheek, pulling her in close for a kiss. She slowly pulled the zipper down, turning her head to Claire, watching her reactions. Looking back to Claire, Ariella placed a finger to her lips, biting down and smiling. Liam began gently licking her pussy lips, making her moan, making her beg for more.  Liam reached both of his arms up onto Ariella and began to rub her nipples between his fingers. Claire was close to cumming as she listened to Ariella moan her husband's name.

A New Slave

fetish jdk0210 2018-11-13

"Eager little slut, aren't we." Shaking my head yes, I close my eyes and let them roll back into my head as I feel pure ecstasy. I take it between my lips, sucking on it gently, kissing it lovingly, flicking it one more time with the tip of my tongue until I go back down to her sweet hole, licking all the way from her cute little rosebud to her pussy, circling around her pussy once, then diving my tongue in with everything I have. Riding my face, her deep breathes now become screams of pleasure, "Don't stop slave, right there, mmmmm, yes, yes, ah, mmm, oh fuck yes, tongue fuck your mistress' pussy!!!!

Christian Femdom For Muslim Men

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-13

The dude is a newcomer from the City of Mogadishu, Somalia, and having been raised in a Muslim country, he's got some real sexist views when it comes to the rights of women. Where Abdi comes from, women are considered secondary to men, and the deeply patriarchal laws of Islam have kept things this way in the nation of Somalia for over a thousand years. Dude was real hesitant but once he had his dick inside of me, he stopped talking all that religious nonsense and instead began pounding my cunt with everything he's got, just like any man would. The Somali Muslim dude wrapped his lips around the head of my strap-on dildo, and began sucking on it. I am a strong, proud Christian dominatrix and Abdi Suleiman is my obedient Somali Muslim sex slave.