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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish 2018-05-28

Inside there were women everywhere, their bodies covered in traditional Malaysian dress, heads covered even indoors with scarves that also covered their mouths. It was a quiet day of sipping spiced tea and good food and sharing polite conversation, observing Malaysian customs while the women were nothing but polite and courteous. “We go to sl**p early in this house,” mother/matron said, “the ladies must say good night soon.” With that she left the room and I heard her go upstairs. There was a little more shifting and arranging and leg-showing going on now than had been all day, but nothing they would get in trouble for until one, to my amazement, hiked up her dress to her knee and began itching the back side of her leg.

Her strapon

fetish 2018-05-28

My mouth was full of a nice, long, slender cock that was tickling a couple inches down into my throat and back out again. Needless to say I choked a little, and cum gushed from the sides of my mouth and onto the floor and on my pantyhose. She pulled her cock out of my throat and mouth with a 'fplop' sound. I pulled my mouth off my play thing to let out an airy 'Oh fuck yes!' in response to the sudden five inches of cock inside me. Cum in your hand so I can watch my cocksucker eat his prize!" The hole in her pantyhose just big enough for her cock and my tongue.

my gf cheated and made me clean up after she got b

fetish newportbilad 2018-05-28

i went to sit back down wen she told me to go down nd suck her feet whilst she carries on talking i started t lick nd suck her feet watching her type and wen she sent him a pic of her tits i pulled my cock out as soon as i did she noticed alot of pre cum on my cock she rubbed her foot in it nd made me lick it up wen she got in she made me pull off her boots her socks were soaking with cum she thn made me clean each foot b4 she toldme to lie down she took off her jeans nd started riding my cock wen she shoved wen of her cummy socks in my mouth till i shot load after load of cum in her pussy

High School Scat Loves Ch. 02

fetish JLitM 2018-05-28

As she walked away from Steph, she emitted a loud, potent fart that intoxicated the nose of Stephanie and made her yearn for Sarah's sexy, round, shapely ass. After Stephanie had enough pussy, she began to open Jimmy's pants and suck his cock. Sarah continued to unload her copious amounts of shit and piss all over Jimmy's mouth and face. After they were done with that, Stephanie and Sarah took turns riding Jimmy's cock in cowgirl position. After this, Stephanie and Sarah took turns riding Jimmy with their asses. "OH GOD JIMMY I LOVE YOU PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!" Stephanie exclaimed. Jimmy took his cock out of their asses, and began to go at their pussies again.

Her First Fully Fashioned Stockings

fetish nylongrl 2018-05-28

She viewed her seams, her clips, and her hands in the vanity mirror behind her, helping her to fasten the rest of the garter belt where it belonged. Her hands lingered on the silky stocking and brushed against the skin of her thigh before she straightened herself to bring her eyes back to the mirror. She moved her other hand to feel the curve of her hip, then down the side of her thigh to the stocking clingly The heels of Valeries feet almost touched her ass and the arch of her foot tried in vain to grip at the end of the bed for balance. The hand that had been fondling a nipple moved to it's nearest leg and slipped inside the inner thigh of her stocking.

Femdom Couple Island Fantasy

fetish bikindaguy 2018-05-28

Kathy then sat on Hans' fat cock and rode him to another orgasm while Greta made me keep up the tongue action on her asshole and clit. She ordered Hans on to his knees to suck my cock and not stop until I shot my load of cum into his mouth. As Greta fucked his ass faster and deeper, Hans started sucking harder and faster until my cum boiled up out of my balls and shot several jets into his waiting mouth. Several times Greta had Hans and I get up and show other Doms and Dommes our still pink asses from last night and this mornings spankings. I really enjoy seeing Hans take a long stiff cock up his ass while I'm getting a good fucking myself.

Stripper Delight

fetish anonymous3 2018-05-28

I sat for about 45 minutes and watched five ladies work, and all of them were very pretty, nice figures, talented and outgoing. Leah cued some rap music; Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise." Every time the instrumentals and bass hit, her ass smacked into my legs, and she rubbed it across my thighs. Come with me, get out of the Beemer in my garage, and I'll worry about what's next when the rain quits," Leah said. The ignition switched off, and Leah said, "By the way, I have groceries in the back I could use help with." I looked over my shoulder. When we returned to the living room, Julie parked herself next to Leah and sat me on her lap.

My First Piss

fetish PN_Williams 2018-05-28

I first met Minnie my Sophomore year in school; a cute, 5'11" blonde with long, lanky legs and a rich skin tone attained from countless beach days (although her somewhat pale color came back by winter). I went through the door, turned to my right, and was immediately greeted by a petite, brown haired girl in mid-squat, full-flow with a beer and phone in one hand, the other holding her garments above the line of fire. It looked like Minnie was having trouble getting started, either that or time was practically standing still for me even though my heart raced; then it happened.

Amber The Teen Tranny Part 2

fetish panteeluvr 2018-05-28

That's all I needed and I quickly put my drink down and crawled behind Wendy and gently worshipped her teen ass for a few moments before burying my face in her deep crack and lick the length of it like a dog in heat. As she began to cum, I shoved my tongue as far up her ass as I could, and began swirling it around, at the same time, I flattened her clitty with my thumb and rubbed it hard and fast, as I felt her juices flowing from her teen cunt above, coating both my thumb and hand. Wendy looked at me with a grin and told me to fuck her teen pussy like the old disgusting pervert I was and fill her with my disgusting old man cum.

Cum Stained Nylons - Training

fetish ualmech88 2018-05-28

"Well Dexter, it is very nice to meet you." Teresa said eyeing the youth and noticing the way his gaze lingered on the stockings covering her plumpish calves. Sunee and Veronica placed their hands inside stockings and were using the silky fabric to masturbate and tease the boys turgid dicks. His orgasm was heightened by Veronica rubbing a stocking covered foot on his exposed balls while he was still, fully bottomed out in Madame, and spasming jets of cum against her cervix. She directed Jimmy and Dexter to a position opposite Sunee, who was seated with her stocking clad legs propped up on an Ottoman. Veronica had pity and covering her hands with lube, stroked Dexter while Teresa did the same for Jimmy.

Let me show you something

fetish maverick3489 2018-05-28

There’s now way I could keep this from happening when I have such a sweet body under my hands.” John stroked his cock a few times and then leaned over Kate and rubbed her breasts with his hard cock. Right now I bet you’re pussy is getting wet with anticipation and I can tell you want to taste it because you’re breathing is shallow and you’re starting to get warm.” John placed his cock on her lips and pressed it firmly against them until she opened her mouth for him and licked him.

Feeding Sir

fetish woodsnwater 2018-05-28

Amelia opened her eyes to find a sandy blonde haired man on top of her, pumping his cock in and out of her. Amelia looked to her left to see a burly dark haired man, jacking his enormous cock. "Hey, John, look at this." He grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple, sending milk spewing across the room. The burly man walked over to her, grabbing her by the hair, he forced his cock into her mouth. She tapped her fingers on the table, and looked up as a very large breasted young woman walked in. They pulled up in front of a huge mansion and Sir climbed out, offering Amelia his hand.

Board Room

fetish blackff 2018-05-28

as Amanda sat down next to him he had seemed to be more focused on work than on her even though the subtle hint had been sent, as she moved her chair to his right side her shoe fell off her left foot, pretend to assist him her nylon toe slowly lifted his pant leg up and she slowly began caressing his calf. As he stood before Amanda, his erection was being caressed by her soft hands, she slowly guided the tip of his cock to her waiting pussy, she lay back as inch by inch went into her the tingles and pleasure both felt to the moment of bliss, her hands on his ass, nails digging in controlling the thrusts as the two of them synced their movements together.

Doctor Cockstar

fetish cockstar666 2018-05-28

Her breathing was getting very rapid and I know she could feel the head of my hard cock poking her ass through my pants. "Ok Mary just stop for a second now, I can tell you are incredibly wet," I said. "Well Mary, you definitely passed that part of the exam your taste is simply perfect," I said. There was no need to tease now, I buried my face in her snatch and gave rapid soft licks to her hard little clit. "Ok, now I would like to examine your throat a little bit more," I said. She gave it a little tug, looked up at me and said, "Now take your pants off I want to examine your cock."

Slave Girl Ch. 06

fetish XXXerxes37 2018-05-28

Jim wipes his hands and in one move pushes the nozzle into Celia's asshole. You now have the whole bag inside your belly." He pulls the nozzle from Celia's asshole and replaces it by a large plug. Celia does as she is told, her hand still holding the plug in place in her ass. She removes the plug and the torrent of urine and sperm rushes out into the bowl together with all the shit that had accumulated within her since she last opened her bowels. Eventually Jim pulled out the plug and let the foul mixture drain from her. He pushed just the tip inside her cunt entrance for starters and slowly allowed it to slide gently into her about an inch before pulling out and then reinserting.

Something The More

fetish shanier 2018-05-28

First one cruller and then another was presented to him and he ate, feeling her weight pushing down on his stomach as it already worked hard to digest first dinner and now boxes and boxes of sweets. Thinking about how those calories were going to look and feel on his frame, he grew rock hard--though his erection was hidden under the pressure of his massive growing belly. Frankly, he felt as if he were only minutes from passing out, but there was also the intense rush he got from stuffing, from pushing his body, from the absolute joy he felt as he imagined his stomach growing and rolls forming and his thighs mashed more and more closely together.

First Date

fetish uke73 2018-05-28

After filling her glass he leant over her on the couch and kissed her deeply on the lips, his right hand cupping her breast, the thumb rubbing her erect nipple through the material of her bra. Lost in the moment she began to ride him heavily, taking his erection into her in long, deep thrusts. The pressure of the strap-on against her clitoris soon meant she was screaming in lust as she fucked his ass harder and harder and rubbed his erection faster and fast. Lost in the moment she scooped handfuls of his cum and began to furiously rub her breasts. He watched in awe as his ass was fucked by this beautiful woman, thrusting her hips and rubbing his cum into her magnificent breasts.

A Surprise for John

fetish m_grifter08 2018-05-28

It took me a couple of minutes to get the used to something that big sliding in and out of mouth, but once I did I noticed, as well as Michelle that my own cock was getting hard. By this time I was so horny that I didn't even stop her as she moved between my legs and rubbed her faux cock against my ass. She grabbed my legs and raised them up as she started ramming her cock in harder and deeper into my ass, making me moan even louder. I knew I was in for it but it felt so good and Michelle looked so hot fucking my ass.

Playtime For babygirl

fetish babygirl50 2018-05-28

You play with my pussy and slip your fingers in my ass until I beg, "Daddy, please, fuck me." You turn me around and start fucking my throat deep. I start rubbing and squeezing my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples, fingers moving to my clit just until I am ready to cum. You get on the bed and get on top of me, slamming your dick hard and deep into my pussy, you tell me to open my mouth. I am getting fucked in both holes the two of you are ready to cum so you shove your fingers in my throat and tell me, "It's time to cum babygirl, make it good, show Daddy what kind of nasty slut you really are."

The Cabin Ch. 13

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-05-28

Turning her attention to Katie she listened to the long and complicated story of how she came to meet Tracy, the subsequent mistakes she made giving her access to her husband and the auto accident during which time everything went terribly wrong. Finally he calmed, and Katie broke their embrace realizing Beth had been sitting only a few feet away watching the entire time. So much had happened in one day; so much good from Katie and Ken's perspective and so much good from Tracy's point of view as well. Tracy watched from the window as Ken exited the car and walked deliberately into the house, without either opening Katie's door or waiting to walk beside her. "Nice day out with my man?" Tracy said still hanging all over Ken.

Interview with a Domme Ch. 01

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-05-28

Her editor believed that the time was long past due for a legitimate look at a subject and lifestyle that seemed to be growing and developing in the shadows, and she felt the Erica was just the reporter and writer to bring it to the light of day in a fair, interesting and thought provoking way. I'll just try to guide the conversation and maybe ask for clarification now and then." In reality Erica did want Amy to do most of the talking, but she did have a list of general questions in mind to fall back on in case she needed to step in to stop the Domme from potentially hijacking the interview if she happened to go on with a prolonged personal polemic.

Topaz: A Story of Restoration Ch. 01

fetish frillypanty 2018-05-28

Ambers costume for her appearance on the web echoed our own, and Garnet's -- lace trimmed satin bra', panties, corselet, stockings and court shoes, with a hood that left only our eyes, nostrils and mouths uncovered -- except that hers was in shades of orange whereas Emerald's was in green, Sapphires in blue and mine was in shades of yellow. The late summer evening being still extraordinarily warm, Mistress dressed in a Laura Ashley print dress, in shades of blue of course, over his usual choice of luxurious lace trimmed satin lingerie -- French knickers, camisole and suspender-belt -- with blue nylon stockings and matching court shoes.

Day at the Pool

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-28

"Well Sam I am, Tia I am." She laughs as she holds her hand out; her long shapely fingers drape limply downward. Her lips are damp from the root beer and I want to know what it will be like to kiss them dry. You could have hit on any white girl with two legs, but you chose me." Tia's throat bobs a few times as she drinks a large sip of root beer. The way her stump rubs against my face lets me know if she had both legs, she probably would be crushing my head about now. Her tongue slips gracefully across her lips in a way that makes me want to never let go of her.


Kinky Experiments 01

fetish bigothboy 2018-05-28

And now hands were working as well, I was kneading Darren's tight arse, slipping my fingers between the backs of his thighs to rub against his under-carriage and all the time he was pushing me against the filthy graffiti-covered toilet walls in order to pleasure his hard cock against me. I watched out of the corner of my eye was Lina was doing- she started off just rubbing herself through the skirt and moaning slightly, but soon her pale bare legs rose into an M shape and she had lifted it up to slide her hand against her baby-white thong panties. I hit the fuckin' jackpot with you!" She began to rub me slightly, and I realised this was the first time she'd actually touched me- her hands were a little rough, but that was nice...I pulled them round so she could knead my arse.