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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Humiliated by Teens Pt. 02

fetish LynusSmall 2018-05-28

You can bring us to his party, and do exactly as we say, or we can go alone and show everyone your little movie," Casey said while Amy and Hannah giggled. "Lynus likes your yoga pants Amy," Casey said as she twirled by underwear on her finger. "My god, your dick is so small," Casey continued, "now it's like 2 inches!" Hannah take a picture. I...," defeated I put my head down, "I understand." My hard penis was still between my fingers, but I'd stopped stroking as the girls explained further, acting like teachers instructing a misbehaving student. "Oh yes, I can last a long time." I felt like I was going to cum, and I was 100% soft.

Adam's Addiction

fetish Curlywurly68 2018-05-28

Soon the blouse was off and the Doctor announced, 'Time for my uniform!' Without delay the black bra fell away revealing the perkiest breasts Adam had ever seen. 'In fact remove everything I want you completely naked so you are defenceless and at my mercy.' Without uttering another word Miss Valkyrie resumed her polishing of Vengeance without glancing up at Adam. 'Adam sit down and take your manhood in your right hand and concentrate on my cleavage.' Slowly tantalising him, Miss Valkyrie slipped each strap of the gown down until her double D breasts were exposed before him. Imagine the dagger is your cock.' Adam did as he was told and within minutes had ejaculated over his laptop screen much to the delight of Miss Valkyrie.

The Thirty Fourth Position

fetish shambles 2018-05-28

All I could concentrate on were two long shapely legs that kept wrapping themselves round every other part of her, two thighs that disappeared up inside the briefest of panties--no tassels, so I guessed the panties were not really part of the costume but especially for my benefit---a gap between the thighs that I knew I could get my face into, a jewelled navel and an expanse of naked belly that swelled out from the panty top that hardly covered her pubic mound, and oh my god! I wanted to pull out and feel the friction of that tight canal, but all I could do was force my prick as far up inside her belly as it would go while I gave myself up to the intensity of my cumming.


This Week; Better Than Last Week

fetish Cookie5 2018-05-28

She tugged and pulled at my shirt moving her hands around, so I'm reaching out to touch her gorgeous body as I'm hard now, dribbling a little from the gag buckled behind my head, ruffling my hair up. "You want to kiss me don't you, want to walk around my flat like you own the goddam place?" Want to lick my body all over; to cover me in my body chocolate, want me to lie on the rug again so you can lick my wet juicy pussy until I arch my back off the rug and cum hard on your face?" "Remember last week when you fucked me on the floor and told me to be quiet because of next door hearing he have my orgasm?

Time for a Kit Kat Ch. 03

fetish cashcrunch 2018-05-28

Did Sharon ever finger your ass bitch, huh?" Kat mocked him as she stroked and searched to find Evan's prostate. "Yes Mistress." Resigned to his fate Evan began licking his cum up, off Kat's legs as she berated him. Maybe you can suck someone else's cum from my pussy, would you like that pussy boy?" Looking down, she saw that Evan had cleaned his entire load off her thighs. "Sure," Kat piped up, "I want a nice dildo so I can fuck myself with it and maybe my little pussy boy's ass here. Evan was glad to hear that, but wasn't too thrilled to see the cock ring that was sure to wrapped around his dick tonight as Kat shoved those new dildos up his ass.

Kinky Coeds

fetish rick_oh 2018-05-28

After a few moments, when Jay began to seep pre-cum, Amy removed the cloth belt from her skirt and handed it to Trish. "Jay," Trish whispered as she began to stroke his cock with her hand, "You're going to cum on her legs. They had long, passionate intercourse before Jay's cock could stand it no more and erupted inside Amy's welcoming pussy. While Jay stood by and watched, Trish immediately got between Amy's legs and licked her freshly spermed pussy. Jay's fourth ejaculation of the night was the most intense one he had experienced, and his cock pulsed and throbbed inside Trish as he ejected every last drop of sperm into her.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 03

fetish murphybrown537 2018-05-28

I wanted to lift up that dress, pull her panties aside, and fill her wet little pussy with my hard cock. I wasted no time moving my hand below the hem line, then ran it up the back of her thighs and started to caress her wonderful ass through the sexy white panties. I wanted to feel Gloria's hand wrapped around my cock, so I pulled back and undid my belt and pants. She moaned and quickly moved her hand in the way so I sat back slightly and wrapped her silky white panties around my cock. When she moved her hand back to her clit, I threw the panties aside, and started to rub the head of my cock, up and down, along her slick wet pussy.

Hubby Learns Cleans Up

fetish Bakeboss 2018-05-28

I think both us knew that I had a submissive streak and the humiliation of the predicament I was in had brought back my arousal so much that I lifted my face and took her cum coated finger in my mouth She took her finger from between my lips, then upended the rubber and let it dribble across her clitoris and down her slit. As she fucked me she kept feeding me my cum, finally putting the rubber in my mouth and demanding I suck it clean. When I refused to open my mouth she began to rub her pussy all over my face covering it in cum until I gave in and stuck my tongue out.

her inner slur

fetish 2018-05-28

After about 15 minutes I excused myself to go to the can, when I got back Paul said that he had pictures of their cats on his computer in his room if we (Carol) would like to see them. I had finished my beer and looked at my watch and it was about 1 in the morning, I told Carol that we better get going and she said that she wanted to finish her drink then we could go. He got up and walked over to where we were both standing and gave Carol a kiss, she reached down and grabbed his cock, oh “you’re a mess” and wiped her hand across my mouth.

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 11

fetish SusanJillParker 2018-05-27

Perhaps simply because he had a panty, bra, and shoe fetish, he didn't know what it was or why it was but there was just something about seeing a woman, especially Susan in her sexy bra and form fitting panty while wearing and walking around in her high heeled shoes. As far as he was concerned, hiding a lot of the flaws of her imperfect body, a woman always looked better while wearing her sexy bra and bikini panty instead of posing naked. If she wasn't who she was, a famous porn star and the woman of his sexual fantasies come true and if she wasn't so stunningly beautiful and so naturally sexy, no doubt, becoming accustomed to watching her undress and seeing her naked, he would have tired of her striptease show by now.

Grocery Store Surprise

fetish JustMel 2018-05-27

And because it's mostly women that do the family shopping this gives me a chance to enjoy the variety of footwear they wear to show-off their lovely tanned legs and manicured feet. Much to my surprise when the SUV door opens out pops two very long tanned legs that belong to a business woman that is wearing a dark skirt that ends just below the knee, a white sleeveless blouse and no jacket. It looks like shopping today is going to be my lucky day as she walks, very well I might add right into the grocery store. She smiled and thanked me for the comment and just went on her way down the aisle like she hears compliments about her feet everyday, maybe she does.

Sophie between worlds (First attempt to write in E

fetish Don_Juan 2018-05-27

The feeling was amazing she was in heaven, she rubbed her slit softly but more creamy juice came out, she didn't knew what to do, she removed her shirt and was planning to use it to gather most of the juice, she scooped one handful of it from her thighs and pelvis and put it on her belly then as soon as she scooped more came out from her slit the sensation was too good it was so warm that she decided to just put it on her breasts and then she lost it.

Daddy's "Accident"

fetish Daddy_S 2018-05-27

All the time Daddy was watching her with a slight look in his eyes that showed he was amused and a little turned on by her predicament. She looked again and the stain on daddy's crotch and noticed for the first time the bulge of his penis pushing at the material. The warmth spreading across her little pussy had been nice, and seeing what it had done to daddy made her feel tingly. Daddies don't get turned on by their baby girls, nor do they press there crotches against them under the pretence of giving a cuddle. "Come on now baby girl, you can't keep wet panties on, let daddy help you." "This is our little secret now baby girl, OK?" he felt her nod her head against his chest.

MCU: Iron Man and Pepper Potts

fetish Batman_112 2018-05-27

"Pepper, can you come in here for a moment?" Tony Stark's voice came across her computer speaker, without any electronic distortion, telling Tony Stark's consummate assistant that her boss was -- for a change -- not encased in the gold-and-red Iron Man battle suit armor. Always maintaining eye contact, she slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of Tony Stark, her Iron Man, and removed his hands from his cock. She loved being able to totally captivate Tony Stark, the playboy's playboy, with her activities; she knew that J.A.R.V.I.S. kept an electronic eye on her, and when she decided to pleasure herself at her desk in the middle of the workday that Tony would be alerted to play it back for his own use later that night.

Naked Wife Hold Your Pee

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-05-27

I was rather pleased to have Mike go with me, as I would definitely feel better by having his presence; but I was also a bit concerned about having to be without my clothes during the study. Now, I see Mr. Knowles is coming - Mr. Knowles, this is Mrs. Joan Wentworth, the subject we will be using today, and this is her husband, Mike. I think, Mike, you may do a real service by helping encourage your wife through the day's program, because some of it she may find a bit uncomfortable or stressful. We will ask you to start drinking water once the preliminary check has been done on you, and, of course, you must not urinate until the first study is done.

Imaginary Friends 01

fetish quotidian02 2018-05-27

With the flat of my palm, I gently rub across her ass, feeling the curves and mounds held beneath the gentle stretch of her panties. She encircles my leg with her hands and runs her palms up and down as thought stroking a giant hard cock. I ask and she tells me that she can feel the eyes upon her: some caressing each cheek, others trying to pry her legs apart. I have to wait a moment before the light changes, but then I walk across, in only my panties, in front of an entire intersection of people, among a crowd crossing the street. Then I slowly raise them, pulling the dress up past her knees, her panties, and finally over her head.

Device: Older Women

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-27

Devon looks again and finds a card labeled 'Sara-48 1L'. "The cards go in that," Bob finally says, pacing a few times before sitting on the loveseat in the home office. Bob saves Devon's body to a blank card. "Whoa-a," Devon says, sitting as a naked Janet. Janet wakes in Bob's bed, finding his arm over her with his body tight against her back. Bob slips into 'Sara-48 1L', dresses in short shorts and a halter-top, and then clones Devon from a copy he had made without him realizing it. "Whoa, look at her," Janet's clone says, pointing at the third one in the forty-year-old section of women. "I didn't know you were a lesbian," Clone says, letting a hand rest on Janet's shoulder.

Cottage Wife

fetish oyespleeze 2018-05-27

Just then Marin walked in, looked around and said "Oh this is should do just fine!" as she playfully smacked my ass and planted a little kiss on my cheek. "Sounds good to me!" I replied "Well then don't just stand there silly, get your clothes off and come hear!" I did what she said and started walking towards her. Looking down at me she said "oh you do seem to like this so far!" and rubbed the end of the crop up and down my now hard cock. As her spasms subsided she inched her ass down a little saying" Tongue my asshole fuck doll!" Marin had never spoke to me like she was tonight and it was driving me crazy.

Mr Daniel's Milk Ch. 01

fetish Lemon_7 2018-05-27

Breastfeeding made me so horny, I loved the sucking, pulling feeling that my nipples were getting when Noah was fed, and when he fell asleep after feeds, several times a day I would find myself in my bedroom with my fingers buried in my slit, humping my hand so I would come and release the pressure built up inside me. I let my knees fall open and felt my pussy moisten almost immediately, and he stopped sucking, my nipple popped out of his mouth and he started quickly unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down, giving me no time to struggle.

Now I Can Ch. 02

fetish hylyfe 2018-05-27

I didn't want the man to think he excited me so I tried to remain calm but my penis was betraying me; it began to rise and the blood began to pump into my member. The man's tongue started to push against my lips, I didn't want this but my cock was working to a different hymn sheet. My penis starts to rise again; this didn't go unnoticed by Madam who exclaimed, "Oh look Amora; our slave likes men; he's a homosexual." Ian was now guided over and made to squat above my face, "Start rimming slave," Madame commanded. "We need a rest slave," said Madame as she stopped the torture. Madame continued, "I get two hours rest now before we continue; during that time those cocks will stay in your mouths.

A Dream of Brazil

fetish falcon29 2018-05-27

The next night, Shayla was sucking my cock and began to talk about how it would feel to have Peter's big dick (that was the reputation he had) slipping into her as she sucked. It squirts out around his cock and begins to drip down your thighs." I went on to describe how, after I came in her mouth and We all rolled apart, I'd go down and lick her clean, sucking and lapping at all his come. I had always gotten off okay whenever there was a man in the picture -- Peter, any of the others I shared with Shayla, or even Rudy -- but until I went to bed with Josef I'd never reached the heights I had reached with women.

a foot perv 7

fetish trotter155 2018-05-27

I woke up Sunday morning kind of late and headed down to the kitchen follow a few minutes later by Kate and Ann. Grabbing something to drink we all sat down at the table and I ask the girls if they had seen Doug yet this morning. I told the girl I would grill some burgers up and we could hang out by the pool until our moms got home. As I started pulling on my shorts Ann asked if we could play around one more time before mom got home. Our moms came out on the deck and said hi .Aunt Jill told Kate to get outta the pool so they could get home.

Muddy English Delights Ch. 03

fetish DrWhoInLove 2018-05-27

Kathy and I could only watch helplessly as our bound bodies were scrubbed through the mud while brown, liquid manure was rained down on us. With a struggle and much slurping Kathy managed to get on her unsteady knees and looked back at me expectantly as my cock reluctantly popped out of her mouth. The thought of so much pleasure being felt drove me into a frenzy of fucking as I pulled back Kathy's head so she could watch. I wished they could be drenched and rinsed in cum so we would have worn them to remind us of our deep pleasurable night and day in the field of dreams.

Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 05

fetish laplappapillon 2018-05-27

I felt her lips kiss by bum as I stooped to put them on and paused to enjoy the moment...she was running her tongue around the crease where my thigh meets my bum and added to the fun by placing her fingers between my legs and gently stroking my balls. "Slide your cock inside my cunt, honey, I am soooo horny and need to feel you splashing me all over." Marilyn rolled forwards, spreading the juices all around her knickers and fanny, slowly regaining her breath. I slipped off the little pair of knickers, wet with both our juices and placed them into the pocket of my jeans; I still have them, though I have yet to reprise the wearing of them.