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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Shear & Piercing Love

fetish shear playzur 2018-05-27

He pulled back far enough to stare down upon her, she glanced up as he pushed her hair to the side, and she knew by the look in his eyes he was thinking...Oh, he wanted her badly...but first, there was work to be done. It sent shock waves straight down to her pussy, causing her to arch her back and thrust her breasts forward, it was then that she heard the first click, felt the first jab, the first pierce. He cupped it in his hand and sucked it fiercely, she barely noticed his mouth had pulled away when she heard the click, felt the jab, and this time, it sent a shock wave of pleasure down to her pussy and she thought for sure she would cum right then.

Residental Prisoner

fetish uchihamax 2018-05-27

Caught red handed I blushed and wanted to look away but my eyes had fallen in love a second time, this time with her face. Before she closed the door behind her, I thought I saw what looked like another man inside. She started pulling on it slowly, and as the seconds passed, a look of agony came on the boy's face, which kept on intensifying. After an eternity of 20 minutes, she got up and asked me with a grin on her face, "So how did you like it?" Of course I couldn't respond with my mouth all tied up, which was just how she liked it." The only time he left the door( other than for bathroom breaks) was in the early morning when Krista woke up and needed to stretch her limbs.

Lick My Feet, Lick My Ass

fetish 2018-05-26

All it would take is for me to press this sweaty foot against that dick of yours and rub it all the way up, and all the way back down again slowly and deliberately for precisely 1 minute and you'd be ruined.' At that moment she brought her foot back and pressed it against my cheek while running her delicate fingers along the inside of my thigh. She traced her fingers until they felt like they were millimetres away from my swollen dick and just left them there, refusing to go any further and rubbing deeply against the muscles on the inside of my thigh. Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around my left testicle and rubbed it firmly with her thumb bringing just as much pain as she brought pleasure.

Rubber restriction

fetish revzillo 2018-05-26

"Miranda Dear, why is it you never seem to have a steady relationship?" Patricia was in her mid forties but well dressed and always keeping her appearance immaculate , she had reddish brown hair in a kind of long bob, slender but curvacious figure and was always wearing high heels , her skirts were always much shorter aswell "I mean my dear", Patricia continued in her usual unforgiving fashion " you dress like a lady from Vitorian times with your long skirts and high collared blouses and those shoes....!!" "Tell me do you always dress like that ?" the lady questioned again " I mean the long skirts and the blouse covering up your assets !" Miranada stopped all of a sudden then looked around to see the woman smiling in a rather knowing way

The Slave's Rebellion

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2018-05-26

My fingers were fucking your pussy very slowly, my mouth and tongue were attacking your clitoris hard and fast, the different rhythms starting to drive you wild as you couldn't settle into a single pace. Within moments you were back in the run up to your orgasm, your pussy slippery with your juices still, your nipples straining against your gown, as you gasped and panted with need, I switched the pacing of my fingers and mouth again and as my fingers slammed into you hard your body arched up to meet them, screwing yourself onto them, crying out with pleasure.

The initiation of Claudia (1)

fetish artofjohno 2018-05-26

I concocted a good little Asian meal.  She arrived, splendid in a small quite short black skirt and slinky with a white blouse neckline glimpse largely leaving her beautiful breasts.  Halfway through the meal, I asked her to open her blouse more widely. Claudia runs, blushing even more.  To begin, I told her I want her to try some short dresses and slinky, wearing no underwear.  The saleswoman passes him a white dress. Becoming the tissues back a little and we guess the bottom of her ass and sex appears from behind.  That the one takes.  Now I would like a topless dress.  Claudia looks at me aback.  The seller runs and pass it a black, short and equally tight model whose bodice is cut to let the breasts.

Small Penis Humiliation Of Husband

fetish Midnightowl19 2018-05-26

"It looks unusually small tonight darling – did you have a sneaky wank when you were in the shower?" I asked my husband, as I climbed into bed, fresh from my own shower, and nuzzled up to him, putting my head on his chest and reaching down to gently feel his turtled manhood between my thumb and forefinger. It is also true that my husband's seemed smaller than all the other cocks I had experienced in my time a– certainly when he is soft, but probably also when he is hard – though I had never felt the need to find out exactly how his penis measured up to the average man's.

Cock Sucking FF stocking Busty slut

fetish starzac 2018-05-26

now to let go of your head and caress your tits and nipples as you move your mouth over hard wet cock and suck it as hard and deep as you like using your hands to now stroke balls as tilt your head back a little and lick and suck balls as hard wet cock rests on your face lovely to hear more of your mufffled moans as your busty tits and hard nipples are played with and feeling and hearing fingers fucking your wet cunt with the other hand.....mmmmmmm such a naughty slapper bitch you are with hard wet cock in your mouth and making it wetter as you suck it harder and deeper...making gagging noises as the cockhead hits your throat on each thrust and gagging saliva all over it

Kitty's PantyBoy PrickTease Pt. 02

fetish KittyZateez 2018-05-26

"Don't worry, baby", I say softly as I approach you and reach out toward you with one long-fingernailed hand, softly patting your head and stroking your hair, "if you take your punishment like a good little PantyBoy there will be yummy treats waiting for you afterwards." I reach out to dangle my fingers and sexy red nails right in front of your eyes, and you instantly beg me to lick them, your mind completely out of your own control. "Come on, PantyBoy, come and get my sexy fingernails!" I offer them to you and slowly stick one out for you to kiss, and I allow it, letting you plant several kisses right the shiny red nail.

Window cleaner, make me wet

fetish Miss1993 2018-05-26

Videos of girls rubbing their throbbing clits together and cumming whilst screaming with pleasure and men ramming their hard cock up a girls juicy pussy as she bounces up and down. I realised my curtains and blinds were wide open and my bed is right underneath the window ledge, it felt soo good rubbing my clit i needed a dick inside me, i needed to cum. So he climbed down the ladder and came up my stairs, he took my hand away from my juicy pussy and used his three fingers ramming them inside me rubbin my clit with his thumb i couldnt take it my body shivered and my toes curled id cum and let out a loud orgasim it felt so good!!!

First Thirst Ch. 11

fetish NastyPierre 2018-05-26

"Kriechen zu mich," Nutte said pointing to the bowl and calling me forward with the tilt of her head. Nutte laughed aloud and made some derogatory statements, then she let my face drop to the bowl and followed me down while talking. I didn't know what to expect and was a bit shocked when Nutte began squirting a stream of water into my waiting mouth. I dropped my head to the bowl and tried using its edge to scrap the oatmeal from my face. When finished I looked up at Nutte and found the arrogant bitch with a big smile on her face, a cigarette dangling from between her lips.

Belle, Out of Control Ch. 06

fetish SBurnett 2018-05-26

Without things like the internet, or going to work, I was rapidly losing track of time. "That's not something I want to think about," he said softly. "Legs first," he said, shaving my right calf, dipping the razor into the bowl every so often to rid it of hair. He was good with the razor, never nicking me, not even on my knees, plus I liked the way my calves felt in his strong hands. It's a lovely area, nicer than people would think, plus the people I'd like you to meet are there." Startled, he said, "Why do you want to know?" There were two beds with quilts that looked like they'd seen better days, plus a tube TV and a couple beat-up dressers.

Colter's Choice

fetish sticky_cherry_syrup 2018-05-26

"I'm not listening to this," Jenna said firmly, once more trying to pull her hand away from Nadine's. "Jenna, when people have a lot of time on their hands like Nadine does, they get crazy thoughts going around in their heads that to the rest of us just seem…well, crazy. The rest of the day passed in its usual tempo, with Jenna reading long stretches of a historical novel to Nadine, in between light physical therapy, bathing, eating, and massage. It was a lovely summer night and Jenna didn't much feel like going home to listen to the game that Granny would have on, turned up full blast.

Smoke Dreams

fetish GeorgeTyerbyter 2018-05-26

Yes. Every time I've experience the sight, sounds and smells of women partaking, i.e. women lighting up, the sight and sound of the pop inhale as they take deep lung-expanding drags, and especially the beautifully arousing sight of said women exhaling their smoke in a pleasure-laced-but-totally-natural fashion—whether it was happening on TV, in movies, or in the flesh—my tent has pitched, and has always pitched big! In my heated thoughts, different men, totally aroused men desperately wanting release, would be popping stiff boners inside their trousers while watching these hot women dragging innocently on there cigarettes and then exhaling their smoke through provocatively pursed lips. Had I imagined my aunts or cousins being taken abruptly; these once in-control, smoking women would suddenly find themselves being forced to jack off the nondescript fellow's stiff dick (or my own) as a result of their incessant teasing.

Susan at the Glory Hole

fetish eee999 2018-05-26

Seeing Susan's fat tits, fat ass and ample hips, her big long cigarette next to that huge prick, coaxing the hot cream out of him is nearly more than I can stand, and as I watch the man's cum shower Susan's nude body, I find that I want to fuck Susan badly, but I also have the oral urge that not just a cigarette can satisfy. The cum bath she'd had earlier from her glory hole suck-off has pooled down into her bush and thighs, making her skin damp and shiny, and I love the feeling of my skin getting soaked with cum as I continue to drive my aching hard cock into Susan.

My Shemale Stepmother

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-05-26

"That's a nice, sweet little cock you have there, just like your daddy's," she smiled, leaning over, she began to stroke it with her hand and placed a little kiss on the tip of it before looking up into my eyes, "You want me to suck your pretty little cock?" she asked, God I wanted that more than anything but I was too dumbstruck by the whole situation to respond. "Fuck, bitch, that's one tight little ass you've got there, it feels amazing on my cock, it's so long since I've had a virgin sissy like you." Maybe you should go down on daddy's cock like he did for you, sissy boy," she said to me, and I quickly obliged, dropping to my knees and swallowing my dad's hard member just as he began to cum into my eagerly awaiting mouth, "That's it," said Carla, "cum for your slutty cumdrinking bitch whore of a son."


fetish bifun4u 2018-05-26

I was a little freaked out to tell the truth but really starting to get horny and since I was already naked, dad noticed it and reached over and took my cock in his hand and kinda stroked it a bit and told me that they would love to teach me a few things tonight. Mom noticed I was about to blow so she puled the dildo from my ass and rolled me over, my cock was sticking straight up and dad then leaned over and locked his lips over it ,letting me cum in his mouth!

He Finally Meets His Mistress Ch. 02

fetish EroticMistress 2018-05-26

"Yeeeesss Ma'am!" With my other hand I give your left cheek a very hard swat, telling you "take it my boy, toy Take it now!" My finger moves quickly in and out your hole finger fucking you and swatting your cheek at the same time. I slide my finger from your hole and rub the cream into your skin, up and down the length of your crack, and reaching between your legs and grabbing your balls, making sure you are completely covered with my cream. After what seems like hours to you, I return, I come up from behind you, swat your ass with my hand and whisper in your ear: "how is that feeling now my little naughty boy?"

Straight Edge

fetish Diderot 2018-05-26

"You look very pretty like this, such a pretty face." Then Denis caressed her cheek with the blade of the razor. If you were careless, Kimberly thought in horror, you could slice off a woman's nipple, especially if she was squirming and wriggling on the bed as her lover pressed the flat of the blade very close to the sensitive little nub. Without waiting for a reply, Denis unfolded the razor, and started to tease her with the blade, caressing her stiff nipples, looking into her eyes, studying her reaction, looking for the fear in her eyes. Denis looked down at her, caressed the inside of her thigh with the razor, and then secured her other leg and ankle in the same fashion.

Auntie Amanda Receives a Gift

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-05-26

After all, we're friends, right, Doug?" Amanda took his silence "Thank you, Dougie..." Amanda took the panties. "Just in time, Dougie" Amanda turned away from him again, as if Amanda turned and faced Doug, still holding her skirt up, visit..." Amanda faced her vanity and, in a half profile to Doug, "Uuuhhh.." Doug groaned as Amanda finally released her heavy Amanda f***ed Doug back deeper into her bed, pushing her breasts his leg hole and closed her hand directly around Doug's prick. "I wore your cum against my pussy all day long, Nephew..." Amanda Amanda gently took Doug's hands in hers, guided them to hold her Amanda was taking a chance, knowing that Doug might blow his load Doug's cock was dripping all over Amanda's hand.

Cumming to Grips Ch. 02

fetish doinkit1 2018-05-26

To Dave's astonishment, his wife, who usually slept in on Saturdays answered, "You may watch television for a while." Sue thought better of her open ended comment, "I mean until 11." "I know, you like cum don't you, you little whore?" Sue said. You need to watch me feed you your pre-cum." Last time Sue blindfolded Dave because she knew if he saw everything he would get nervous. Less than a minute past and Dave moaned, "I'm gonna cum..." She immediately pulled his cock down and placed the little container over the tip. Luckily, Sue covered Dave up, kissed him, and said "I love you." After she spoke, she took her fingers still sticky from Dave's cum and placed them on his nose.

The Paarty

fetish dogcrusher 2018-05-26

Master usually took me to parties in the most revealing costume he had. "Stand up, Little Cunt.", commanded master, "I want to see how I slowly got up and sat beside my Master. Before I could think, The door opened and Master got out. I slowly lowered my dress, and turned. I turned and slowly followed my Master. I went into the room, and looked for Master. As I reached master, he held out his hand like a gentleman. "Very good!", he whispered, "Only a little cunt pig would shame itself Master looked me in the eye. a pig whore looking for a big breasted slut to use me. "I am a Pig whore.", I said meekly, with eyes lowered.

New Wardrobe?

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-26

"I admit I do like burrowing under your skirt to kiss between your legs, Maureen. "I've still got the old Prom dress I was wearing on our first date at the university ball. "Look," Maureen said holding the dress up, "it didn't reveal much. Minutes later I was standing in the centre of our bedroom zipped into Maureen's Prom dress. Maureen ducked under the skirt of the dress. "The dress and jacket were cheap in the charity shop because this top doesn't fit," Maureen said. Tonight I'll be under a big skirt or wrapped in one of Maureen's dresses and under a big skirt. Or perhaps Maureen's head will be under the skirt of a dress I'm wearing.

snowball cum

fetish 2018-05-26

She proceeded to slowly tease and torture my cock and balls with her mouth, tongue, teeth and hands, All the while telling me not to swallow her juices till she told me to. I think I was producing a never-ending stream of pre-cum that she kept telling me she loved along with her wet juices coating my cock and balls. She pounded her wet pussy up and down on my hard cock and “Snowballed” passing all that mixed hot cum back and forth for a while until we both came again as we each swallowed our share of the cum “cocktail”.