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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Educating Mary, Part 1

fetish mellencamp101 2018-05-26

Jeff’s hopes for the night were brutally shattered (again) as his wife gave an irritated shrug of her shoulders and pressed her right arm hard against her side, trapping Jeff’s exploring hand before it could touch the swell of her breasts. “Oh, stop it, Jeff,” Mary said, more than a hint of exasperation in her voice. “I’m sorry, Jeff, but I just don’t feel like it tonight,” she said in a placating voice. “Open your pants and take out your cock,” Erica said, authority in her voice. Erica just sat there, long legs crossed, hands primly folded on her knee, watching with a look of cool professionalism. After some fumbling, Jeff got his pants open, and, pulling his shorts below his balls, he brought out his erect cock.

The maid's knickers - part six.

fetish bobsmart 2018-05-26

Whenever I took Carolina to the motel on the coastal road, she would ask me to tie her wrists to the bedpost with her stockings and let me lick at her, and she'd put her legs up over my shoulders. She already knew I had a thing about her panties and would always put them up to my nose before I went down on her, and she'd watch as my cock magically hardened at the smell of her knickers. So after a long night spent masturbating, thinking of her pussy walls gripping my cock, and her lips lovingly flicking the tip, I went rushing down to the bank at 9.30 the next morning - my cock already excited as I withdrew the cash to give to her.

An Unexpected Scoop Ch. 01

fetish Banishame 2018-05-26

Lisa was renowned for her sexual allure, having been described variously as “the world’s biggest slapper,” a “female Casanova,” “the most important post-feminist figure in the country,” “a woman whose promiscuity and vile and unnatural habits signal the ever-declining moral climate in the UK,” and, her personal favourite, “a rampaging, bisexual sex maniac who incites hatred from those who envy her apparent ability to get pretty much anyone into bed.” What a lovely irony that the journalist sent to meet her and deconstruct her public persona and fascinating history should herself succumb to those famous charms! I mentioned earlier that I don’t bother with clothes a lot of the time, but what people don’t seem to believe is that it’s not to show off or shock – I just feel comfortable in my own skin and with my body, and if I don’t need clothes to keep warm or to look stylish, I’d sooner go without.

My niece Alicia cums to visit

fetish imornery81 2018-05-26

She put her hands on my shoulders, forcing me to sit and then lowered her face to the level of my now aching cock and then d**g her fingernails down my chest as her warm lips began to engulf my hard on. My hands moved to the back of her head and I closed my eyes and raised my face to the sky as I felt my spike down her throat. I sucked and kneaded her breasts until I thought my own lips would fall off and then she moved up to the edge of the tub and grabbed my hand and thrust two of my fingers deep into her clenching pussy.

Corn For Breakfast Ch. 02

fetish Libertineman 2018-05-26

Early Wednesday night I got an e-mail from Carol letting me know that they are ready to meet up with me at Cathy's house on Friday night. I came in moments, at which time Carol started sucking me off saying: "We've got to get all of your energy used up so you'll be able to enjoy the next faze of this evenings activities." I was so horny from the serving of berries I thought that I could go all night, but they wore me out quickly. It was getting difficult for her to force it out so Cathy got out the rollers and started working them on the hose to "push" the piss into me with more pressure.

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 04

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-05-26

My best friend, Stephie, and I were going to Angela's salon today for a full treatment today: facials, massages, hot-tubs, pedicures and manicures. "She's your best friend, she doesn't want to make you feel uncomfortable." I put on my robe and went outside, where Angela was waiting. I closed my eyes and looked away when they met, expecting to hear the sound of Stephie slapping her mom across the face in a fury. As if they knew their magic was working, both Angela and Stephie nodded to each other and did something I thought was impossible: they took all my toes into their mouths at once. "Ok Stephie, let's have a bit more fun with Taylar," Angela said.

David's Rambling Holiday

fetish Thorilla 2018-05-26

It wasn't privacy I wanted, in fact I was looking forward to the opposite, in other words to be surrounded by young women in their white lacy underwear and stockings posing seductively on their beds moaning for my company. I thought things were looking up, visualising sitting on the floor between Laura and Anne while they rubbed their firm buttock-filled shorts frantically all over my face in turn. On the final evening Peter said that he would now like them to show their appreciation to him for his services by licking a bowl full of cream. The lickings were firm and insistent and my penis was held by a small cool hand as a little tongue extracted every drop of yoghurt from my testicles and pubic area.

A Dogging Tale

fetish mercedes7 2018-05-26

I was fully naked underneath my mack and my right hand was clutching hard onto my solid erection and stroking it as i looked back into her eyes and down into her lap where she was cupping her crotch area with one hand in between her legs as they were parted, as she remained sat behing the wheel. She began to rub at her pussy with her cupped hand, still wearing her lilac panty and bra set with fishnet stockings completing her filthy look, finished off with shiny stilettos down by the car pedals. Vanessa released her right hand from cupping her her crotch and as she removed her hand i noticed that the lilac panty thong has darkened in colour over her pussy mound and it was now more or a deep purple colour and her mound looked very moist.

Clean Up My Mess!

fetish footshrimper 2018-05-26

Not as nervous as I was surprised to see Tanya push open the door a stall, lifting her dress as she entered, and squatting to sit down, as the door silently swung closed. Tanya started to shake, her legs were quivering and her cunt was contracting madly around my tongue and I prepared myself for yet another dose of her sweet cum. I especially hate the cardboard toilet paper, that's why I liked the bidet idea so much." Tanya explained to me, sitting on the toilet in front of me as though it was the chair in her office while she talked. "I can think of a few more things that need buffing and a good clean in the mean time!" she said laughing and looking down her nose at me.

Petite stepdaughter

fetish 2018-05-26

I kneeled before her on the floor, spread her legs, then shoved my face into her cunt and began licking and sucking her wet pussy. Laurel and I had been dating and fucking for about four months when I first met her daughter, Lana, who had come home from college for the weekend. That Friday night, I returned home, and, before falling asl**p, I jacked off, for the first time in an incredibly long time thinking of someone other than Laurel: this time, I was thinking of Lana…of what it would be like to fuck her while watching her perky, skinny tits bounce as my big cock moved in and out of her wet pussy.

Gretel Steals Her Lover

fetish kingkeywriter 2018-05-26

Too bad Gretel couldn't use that name in Casper's office, but his joyful cries of "Fanny Payne!" would have summoned security instantly. "Since you disobeyed Mrs. Payne," she said, "write your name four times on these papers." Opening her briefcase, Gretel took out the copies of the contract that would give her twenty-five percent of BizMart's current value. Even though Gretel didn't know Casper's father, her revelations about his aunt split the fault line in Mrs. Payne's pedestal even farther. "Kneel down, Casper, and Mrs. Payne will thrill you beyond belief." While he knelt, Gretel took his head in her hands, let him sniff the leather aroma of her gloves, and pressed his face into the silk covering her crotch.


A Touch of Lace

fetish xxxbob 2018-05-26

Jack wasn't interested in her breasts though, for him it was all about that one elusive look up her skirt at her panties that excited him the most, and he was set on getting a peek in this period. Sara sat down next to Jack and her skirt rode up on her legs, revealing lots of sexy thigh and a tempting line leading between her smooth legs. Jack smiled as Sara knelt down and rubbed his cock through his jeans, up and down very gently and slowly, teasing him and turning him on even more. Sara then took her panties from the other hand, wrapped them round Jack's cock and began to toss him off faster and harder.

Cream Filled

fetish Arionus 2018-05-26

By the time I had reached the little shop I had developed quite a craving and at that point my only thought was to get a fresh donut and a cup of coffee if there was enough change left in my pocket to buy them. After he said good bye and went back into the kitchen, I stood up and asked Stephanie what I owed her for the donut and coffee. That first morning, her dad showed me how to perform one of my main duties, taking freshly made donuts, the kind without holes, and filling them with cream from a pastry bag and then powdering them with confectioner's sugar.

Cancelled Flight

fetish Carolb127 2018-05-26

He put a hand behind my head and slowly started humping his dick in and out of my mouth, getting just barely more than the head of it in. He let go of the back of my head and pulled his dick out of my mouth but continued to finger me. I looked him in the eye as I brought my hand up to my face and pushed his cum into my mouth. Once he was completely hard again I pulled him out of my mouth and started licking and sucking his smooth balls while I stroked him with one hand. After a few minutes I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into my pussy as I came into his mouth.

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 17

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-05-26

The dress was tightly fitted around her waist and hips which, in turn showed off her figure to the fullest before slightly flaring out below her hips and then extended straight downward to her ankles, once again allowing Donna to show off her ultra high heel red suede PVA ballet pumps that she would soon put on. Paul said that prizes were pendant-type earrings with the fetish club logo engraved on them; gold for the winner, silver for the first runner up, and bronze for the second runner up. Paul announced that there was a four way tie for the best shelf bra, sweater girl presentation with Linda, Gina, Lisa, and Donna.

Time with Lizbet Part1

fetish krazyfork 2018-05-26

She slowly started revealing things about herself and her relationships; like she didn’t have much sex with her hubby because it wasn’t real good. We were having sex up to three times a day, sometimes they were quick sessions, but usually in the evenings before she went home to her hubby and k**s, we’d have a nice, long, sweaty fuck. I liked the thought of her in working meetings, filled with my cum for most of the day; then topped off before going home for the night. Josh enjoyed sex with Lizzy, but she didn’t, even though she tried very hard.

Milk from My Neighbor Ch. 01

fetish FernieLyn 2018-05-26

He turned and saw his neighbor Kaye, carrying a bag of groceries on one hand, and on the other, a baby girl. Sam sat down on the couch, watching Kaye feed the baby. Sam's breath stopped momentarily when he saw Kaye shift the baby from one nipple to another. Kaye knew that she was putting on quite a show for Sam; it was actually the first time that she fed baby Micki in front of a man. As Sam left the apartment, she finished feeding Micki, burped her, then went to the smaller bedroom to place her in the crib. Sam was pretending to watch the movie, then took a peek at Kaye.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 04

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-26

The one woman with the double dong dildo started feeding one end of it in her juicy cunt, she must have stuck 10 inches of it in her pussy, this women was very tall and muscular and had very short hair. My wife got up and opened the drawer were our sex toys were and pulled out a butt-plug the big tall women told her to bring it to her. She looked over at my wife and told her to get on top of her and take the other end of the double dildo and stick it in her pussy. She told the women that I liked to be fucked in the ass and would suck a cock too.

The First Time Snow Ball

fetish ExperiencedStoryteller 2018-05-26

I asked that she make herself 'at home, and to think of it as home for right now.' I went into the walk-in closet where I eventually called her to come select something to wear, because as I stood there looking at what the choices were for her I tripped out imagining her getting naked now to change her clothes. She stopped me and said for the first time for either of us, "I love you." She then gasped as I placed my curled tongue around her clitoris. I do know that I love you and will prove it by promising right here and now to spend Valentine's Day with you having this same snowballing sex every year for as many years as you will join me.

Lisa in Love & Lust Ch. 06

fetish MONALISALEE 2018-05-26

They got out and Karim lay his back on the pool deck and put both hands around that huge cock. She placed her body right above Karim's cock and started to fit that monster inside her hungry cunt. Karim went away and Lisa came inside the house to have a warm shower. Quickly, Roy sent a message to her that he was going home right away for her and she replied that she was, "wet and ready." Roy reached home early and his beautiful wife, Lisa met him at the door wearing a short pleated skirt that was way up her knees.

Naked Heir

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-26

I cudgelled my pounding head to try to remember the names of all the women I had fucked. It was easier to start a list those I hadn't fucked -- the butler's wife, the housekeeper, the governess, and all the married women. "You weren't awake at nine, you didn't stand up when ladies entered the room, and you can't remember the names of the women you made pregnant. Having an honoured position like Dorcas has with your father would be attractive, but being one of four, six, eight, ten or whatever number Gerald fucked is demeaning." "I'm sorry, again," I said, "but if Dorcas wants to become my stepmother, and my father wants to marry her, why not?"

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 06

fetish Arsehole Addict 2018-05-25

Shafiq's head was thrown back, his eyes closed as he ran through his favourite fantasy of fucking the Bollywood film star Kareena Kapoor's shapely arse, when he felt a hot mouth engulf his helmet and looked up to see his naked sister sucking him off. Shafiq's obsession with his sexy French teacher had developed still further when Sarah had let slip that Miss Boswell had, "the hairiest fanny she'd ever seen." He lost count of the number of times he had wanked his stiff prick to a shuddering climax as he fantasised about sodomising her, reaching around to finger her juicy, bushy twat and cupping her large teats in his hands.

An Affair Busted

fetish latinstud 2018-05-25

As I was giving Jan’s belly big, broad licks, I could not help but notice that Dee had by now lost her shorts and panties, and had arranged herself to be standing over Jan, feet on either side of her head. Dueling moans escaped the girl’s lips as Jan’s tongue touched Dee’s very wet, very plump pussy lips, and I felt my cock contract in a pre-orgasm reflex. “I need to be fucked, get that big dick in me!” Dee ordered as she slid down Jan’s body, pushing me out of the way and pressing her pussy into Jan’s. Jan then took my still throbbing cock into her mouth and sucked any last remnants of juice from it while cleaning off any of Dee’s remains.

Breaking the Routine

fetish Creativetool 2018-05-25

Ana's kickboxing class was invigorating and exhausting She had a secret smile wondering if anyone else had a bound man laying blindfolded on their bed at home. Ana climbed onto the bed, and straddled Carlos's face fully clothed to begin smothering him with her sweaty workout pants. With the blindfold still on, Carlos could not appreciate the visual of Ana's divine butt above his face but the feeling of it pressed against him was like nothing else in the world. Now that his head was resting comfortably on the bed, his skill at working over her lips and clitoris with a variety of strokes sent waves of pleasure through Ana. When they first starting dating, Carlos was eager but terrible at giving oral.