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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

All tied up (and no place to go) Part 2

fetish RodHouston 2018-05-25

Your legs are spread so far open that wetness on the edge of pussy lips feels the coolness of the air around it. Not literally of course, but you are getting extremely frustrated and want so badly to feel his cock inside of you and ripping you open with a volcano of exploding hot cum. You feel the head of his cock poised just barely between your hot soaked pussy lips and your hips are trying fruitlessly to push toward it. “I’m going to sit right over here in the chair and smoke a cigarette and watch the cum flowing out of your pussy with your legs spread wide open.” Instead, you feel the light touch of fingertips smoothing cum across your pussy and across your clit.

Look At My Tits Ch. 05

fetish yankeedog 2018-05-25

I began to walk off to the bedroom to find a bikini when George stopped me by grabbing my arm. a swim is exactly what I need right now" I polished off the rest of my champagne and handed the glass to George. Returning to the hot tub, I handed the pain pulls and the glass of Scotch over to George. "I think the steam room may help" George raised out of the water again closing the gap in the boxers with his hands and struggled out of the tub. As I said it I moved closer to see if he was OK and saw George with his hand on his fully erect cock, stoking it in the haze f the steam room.

Fashion Show

fetish la_suppleante 2018-05-25

"Hurry up." I do my best, I reach back and slip the back of the panties down so they're not so much on my waist as cutting into my ass now, and that lets me pull the girly pink satin and lace forwards and up. I see the cherry embroidery, and realise that with the way you've pulled the panties down even further, she will actually be able to cover my gleaming cock head in the sheer black fabric. Oh my God, could you cum just from wearing panties?" I can feel her tugging at the waistband, working that sheer fabric back and forth against my twitching, aching prick, I feel the slightly rougher stitches of the cherry design as they pass back and forth over my bulging head.

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 02

fetish dominantwomenrule 2018-05-25

I took the thermometer out of me desk went over to him waiting in position on the table for me and inserted the instrument deep into his anal passage. Near the end of the conference call I motioned him to come over to my desk and got the point across I wanted the thermometer to remain inside him. At one point she asked the nurse to spread his hind quarters so she could explain to me where he was most sensitive to the thermometer or any other object going in and out. I expressed surprise because I was following her instructions both using a liberal amount of KY jelly and making sure his butt hole was open wide before sticking in the thermometer.

Sexy Slutty Smoking Bitch

fetish MissKinkyCatriona 2018-05-25

Then, standing very close, and towering over my client, who was quite a bit shorter than me, I took a long drag from my cigarette, let the smoke swirl round my mouth, and then leaned forward, and started to kiss him, long and deep. Then, keeping my hands well away from my client's cock, I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the shaft, and all over the heavy, swollen tip, exploring him all over, again with the lightest touch possible. All the while, though, I pretended to be totally casual and offhand, taking a long, slow drag, letting the smoke swirl over my tongue, then closing my lips over his tip, exploring its contours and taking maximum pleasure in the subtleties of its taste and texture.

Co-worker's Wife

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-25

"Of the five guys there, only you and Bob and were watching so intently you'd have missed a nuclear bomb going off next door." Her hand began slowly massaging his cock. It was the stump that you were looking at and not the shaved pussy." Maggie rolled on top and wiggled her pussy entrance against the head of the cock until it rested just inside. I think he could use your help." Julie waited beside Maggie and they watched him make his way to the door to the patio by the swimming pool. "Hey good buddy," Bob said as he moved towards Mark with his hand out. "And that stump...." He paused then teasingly said, "Maybe you could talk Maggie into getting rid of a leg."

Michelle and the Sales Team

fetish midwaymonster 2018-05-25

Nodding to all the team she took a sip of her drink from the bottle discarding the glass that Andrew had brought for her. That and an ambitious sales team of course." He said the last as he raised his glass as though in toast to the others . "Right Michelle would you like another challenge?" Asked Andrew his voice betraying his excitement. You'll understand what's required of you when you get there." John returned with the drinks and Michelle got up and headed for the rest rooms. All of them anonymous and unseen until eventually there was a knock on the door "It's Dave" said a man from the other side "Andrew asks if you'd like to join us for drink.

An orgy for women where anything went

fetish 2018-05-25

Listening to a woman release her pent-up frustrations, on a high note, that only can be done with the sex that she aspires too, is contagious to other females around, no wonder the Romans had the right idea of throwing orgies, old men and young boys, ugly women and beautiful girls thrown into the mix of cock cunt interaction, the way all sex should be carried out. They are deep into their fuck, their mouths locked as their tongues lick each others tonsils, but I feel the urge to feel their passion internally, so I push my recently cleaned finger up her ass, and feel his cock assault the fibrous inner workings of her tight cunt, it's times like this when I wish for a cock to mount her myself, and get a sense of wonderment that man must feel inside a female.

Modern Amazon Feminist Society

fetish jbirdman 2018-05-25

Characters: Frank 1st person victim of Modern Amazon Feminist Society (MAFS) Shannon Frank's wife Dr. Walker Frank's physician and unknown tormentor Aphrodite Frank's downfall The envelope said that a secret group called "Modern Amazon Feminist Society" had abducted me and performed radical surgeries on me. "I will start at the beginning, but Shannon will have to sit down and you both need to try and remain calm." "If Frank becomes upset and his heart rate peaks up again, we will have to sedate him and start over tomorrow on the explanation." "It's just that I fell in love with a man and now you are half man half woman." "I don't know how we can go on like this and Dr. Walker said that there is no way to restore what has been removed from you body." "You are like this forever!"

Her Inner Domina

fetish kingkeywriter 2018-05-25

Jessica Noble stood at her kitchen window and watched Kurt Merchant pull up in front of her house in the Mercedes he'd borrowed from Jessica's half-sister, Gretel Fox. Jessica felt hotter than her oven, preheated to 350 degrees, despite the November weather. She usually gets her way." Conceding Gretel's allure left a bad taste in Jessica's mouth, but she had to see how much Kurt was hooked on Little Sister. "Too bad." Jessica stretched luxuriously and watched Kurt come completely unhinged while her flesh strained against leather. Jessica watched Kurt shuffle dejectedly from the room, heard his shoes thump softly down the stairs, and listened to the front door slam.

A Kinky Event

fetish Marabunta 2018-05-25

You start pulling again and this time it slides out gently leaving him gaping, you slide it back in and out, in and out a few times making sure his ass is nice and loose. He lowers himself onto the stool and positions his ass over your dildo hand, and slowly as he slides onto it, you get wetter seeing the dildo disappear into him. He lubes this up and gently slides it into your tight little hole making sure it sits firmly in place. You sit down completely knowing the extra weight would push your hand deeper into him creating more pressure over his g-spot. You suck on him not letting go until you finally feel him losing his hardness inside your mouth.

Haley Ch. 01-02

fetish ClosetQuean 2018-05-25

P.S. Mila understood completely and was willing to do anything to make John happy as well as to atone for causing Haley such misery before. John was still pumping between Haley's spread thighs as I called for room service. My view consisted of Haley's back, her ass sliding up to reveal John's wet, shining cock before it disappeared again as her ass pressed against his balls. As if he'd heard my silent pleas, John lifted Haley up just enough so that - while still remaining buried within her, he could spin her body around to face his feet. My eyes snapped open to watch John, knowing the sound would trigger his own climax.

A Sexy House Geust

fetish kelly_tg 2018-05-25

It looked like her complete outfit was there on the chair, right down to her bra, corset, pantyhose, and even her white 4” open toe slingbacks. Then she noticed my painted nylon covered toes and said that I was a sexy little thing. I got up early so I could back to my room before my folks saw me, When I got out of bed, she awoke and told me that I could keep both pairs of pantyhose and took off hers and handed them to me. It had a couple pairs of heels, and several pairs of pantyhose, her corset, a couple denim mini skirts, some sexy tops, some bras, and a couple bottles of nail polish.

Stud Service

fetish subjaye 2018-05-25

He then told Willie that he should always insist that the cuck suck his cock and get him ready to fuck his wife, and if he wanted the cuck would accept his cum and swallow it if that is what he wished. Lauren was on the bed kneeling forward of Stacy's head and she told her that she was going to hold her shoulders down so that she could feel all of Willie's f***e when he fucked her. Then I saw Willie stop fucking Lauren and move to Stacy and tell Jerome that he wanted to breed his white slut now. Jerome stopped fucking Stacy and move over to Lauren and Willie was glaring down at Stacy and told her she would give him lots of black babies as he entered her.

Adventures with Steph Ch. 01

fetish regalsub 2018-05-25

We have to get you nice and open for the rest of the frosting." Steph's voice showed the strain of trying to push the rolling pin into me from her position over my face. I once again felt the pastry bag inside me, filling the new space opened by the deep fucking of the rolling pin. I nearly cried as I felt the pain of it going so deep, but my brain seemed to rewire as I felt Steph's tongue licking at my still frosting-stuffed cunt. I should think things through better with Steph, because each time I bore down, I had to let up, which allowed the rolling pin to slide a partial inch further into my stretched out ass, wringing whimpers from me.

Allie's New Life

fetish Dawnsdelight 2018-05-25

One evening a month or so after the first time she had been dom, Allie decided she wanted to try something new. Allie stood and looked at Ernie sitting there spent in the chair, and smiled. Allie gets up out of her chair, grabbing her steno pad as she goes thinking he wants to dictate a letter. I would like that." Allie had noticed girls going into this very office, and coming out a hour or so later, packing there things and moving to one of the higher floors. I also expect you to refer to me as Mistress." With that Allie got up and walked out the door with a smile on her face, thinking to herself 'I could get used to this real easy.'

Awakening Submission

fetish inyoureyez69 2018-05-25

It was so damned hot he wanted to hear it again so he pulled out and surged forward as hard as he could, holding her head pinned to his body as he tried to fit all of his cock inside. The sight of Julianne's head bobbing on his cock, her throat working to swallow everything he gave her was so erotic he shot a couple of extra squirts into her eager mouth, before he slowly eased himself away. With a loud groan, Nathan rammed his cock deep into her soaking wet pussy, bracing her by the hips as her hands splayed across the window for support. Even more amazing was Karl had pulled out his stiff dick and was stroking it hard and fast in time to the fucking he was giving Julianne.

Rachel's Filthy Knickers Pt. 01

fetish RachelandI 2018-05-25

Like Steph, she is a naturally gorgeous looking girl with a pretty face and long brown hair, but add to this her skinny and incredibly sexy size 6 body and oversized tits and it makes her an absolute 10 of 10. This 4-hour time slot meant one thing to me - time to dig out Rachel's dirty underwear and wank myself to a mighty orgasm. I sniffed hard at the dirty crotch while I frantically wanked my cock and imagined how the material would've been riding up her tight 22-year-old cunt. I licked at the filthy crotch, savoring the taste of my fiancé's little sister's hot pussy. I then wrapped her worn tights around my cock and began to wank hard, still wearing the silk thong.

True Confessions

fetish Sean Renaud 2018-05-25

I'm telling the story and you have to know a bit about him or else you'll just think I'm a slut." Nikki said. The guy tackles me though zip ties me to the fucking fire escape and beats me with a wire hanger until I beg him to feed me the sandwich." Nikki walked over to the bed and turned around point to her shoulder where a triangle of flesh is lighter than the rest. I wasn't a gangbang girl back then so after you know the third guy pounding away at my pussy I was starting to get sore but they wanted to keep at it either that or I need to show them something they had never seen before.

First BI Wet Foursome

fetish ASIANDREAM 2018-05-25

The Woman said to me to let her feel some boy pee inside – I can usually piss when hard - but this time as I pushed to try to urinate my orgasm hit me – really powerful - and my body was pumping out my semen inside her instead. I got my dick into her vagina with no help – the Woman got me to hold still while she pushed (gently this time) a butt plug into my ass – then switched it to vibrate and said to tell her when I wanted it faster. I sat lower and we kissed for quite a time – till the Woman said it looked like there were no dry bits of the bed left and to lets go to the other room.

The Cum Drinkers

fetish wastedaway 2018-05-25

I want to taste your sperm.' I poured it on in the sluttiest way I could think of - you know, telling him I wanted him to shoot his stuff all over my face and in my mouth and all that really gross stuff we used to giggle about in high school. "You mean just go up to some guy we like the looks of, tell him we want him to cum in our mouths and that's it?" While one hand stroked and massaged his balls, the other felt for one of the leather shoes.& Linda kept on sucking the man's cock, dragging it into her mouth, rolling her talented tongue around the head, squeezing the shaft with her lips.

Careful What You Ask For

fetish 130260 2018-05-25

Join them on their journey to emotional and erotic fulfilment, beginning with their first encounter as they take the chance to live out their deepest fantasies in a kidnap and bondage sex session, and going on to include, mutual masturbation, oral sex, dressing up as ballerinas and lots of tying up and gagging each other and being naked in ballet shoes or white plimsolls and ankle socks. And waiting for me was really fit girl, also naked in white plimsolls and ankle socks, also tied up and gagged, with a shaved pussy, tied down on a bed with her legs apart and her cunt wide open, dripping and hungering for my fat, swollen prick to fill it up, literally gagging for me to fuck her arse off.

Short but sweet

fetish 2018-05-25

I ran my tongue around his glans. I gently wrapped my hand around his shaft. I stroked him softly while I gazed at his cock. His beautiful cock. I took his head between my lips and slid him in and out. My wet lips passed over his glans. His hard cock was long and thick. I ran my lips along the side as far as I could. I took him in and began working him hard. Sliding him in and out of my warm soft mouth, my hand on his shaft pumping. Slowly wrapped my lips around him again. Sucked slowly running my lips across his glans. He panted as his cock began to soften.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 06

fetish murphybrown537 2018-05-25

"Did you like that?" Gloria asked as she pulled away and returned her hand to my rock hard cock. "You liked talking about Ashley's panties." Gloria said with a smile before kissing me again. She then leaned back and began to unbutton her dress, while she continued to slide her panty encased pussy back and forth against my cock. Gloria settled onto me, not moving for a moment as her tight wonderful pussy adjusted to my cock that was now completely hard again. I was ready to come again and didn't want to stop, so I continued to drive my hips upward, Gloria's warm wet pussy still clenching me. I placed the photo on the desk, brought Ashley's panties to my nose and started to rub my cock.