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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Answer to the Dulldroms

fetish zimabean 2018-05-25

Kind of crazy I know but it got Janet so hot telling me about she dropped me right there on the kitchen floor and fucked me like we were teenagers. We removed our clothes and Susan came over to me and took my cock in her mouth, Janet did the same to Dan. My dick was sore but I wanted some more pussy. Dan started to fuck Janet, it was wierd to watch some other guy shag my wife, her boobs bouncing, her breathing, the slapping of their skin. And i love seeing my wife give pleasure to other men, knowing they are pumping Janets cunt full of their hot sticky spunk just makes me want her more.


fetish Scotsman69 2018-05-25

Being fucked by another hadn't even been discussed between them, though she knew when she fastened the slave collar that she'd given up all rights to anything. This was different now, her lover back with her, and she knew his want for her as his thrustfucks increased in speed and pressure, moving just as she needed it, lovesex becoming hardfuck, him losing himself in their love as he always did, till she knew she was just a body being fucked, being used by him. He lifted her knees to her shoulders and the spear of need entered her arse, fucking her with an intensity she couldn't remember, using slavegirl to sate his lust. He moved to sit on her shoulderblades, and she felt his cock and balls squashed wetly against her spine as he leaned forward, arm swinging relentlessly, pain visiting her as she couldn't remember it.

Mind Fuck

fetish 2018-05-25

Eventually, the conversation would be directed to my friends sexual exploits from the night before. Again, Chris was celebrating his birthday when Tom helped hook him up with a female friend of his that he had known for a few years. She wanted to know if Chris was going to be out and Tom said, "Of course". She was about to introduce herself when Chris came up and said to her, "You need to take him to the bathroom and suck his cock". I knew she was going to want me more than anything at this point. She and I both knew we were going to fuck, but how and why was more valuable to me than just the cock in the pussy.

My First Encounter With Jennifer

fetish WylieBCoyote 2018-05-25

I laid down and she got down on her knees between my legs, took ahold of my swollen cock, looked up and me and said "You make me feel like a dirty slut," as she engulfed my hard wet cock, her mouth sliding up and down as she gently twisted her hand. Looking in her eyes as I pumped her slowly, I told her "You're a very dirty girl and I'm going to fuck you all weekend." Leaning in to her, whispering near her ear "Do you want me to fuck your ass, dirty girl?" I asked. She moved her hips down a little, reorienting herself, and pooched out her ass some more, and then I started slowly feeding my hard cock into her warm asshole.

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 6

fetish Jayson23 2018-05-25

Lifting the lid completely open in one movement I was immediately presented with the wonderful sight of Jean's white school blouse.. I clearly remember laying out her complete uniform on the bathroom floor, the blouse with the bra on top, then the skirt with those stinky knickers on that. Obviously I had to have those knickers for my own - in fact, I took the bra too as it excited me something rotten and had a few dull sweat stains on the inside - once I'd left and arrived home, the two went together in my hidden shoebox, a special pair of items from the untouchable but oh-so sweet smelling Jean!

Die Ferienhütte

fetish grafnobody 2018-05-25

Sie setzte sich im Schneidersitz vor ihren Mann und sah ihm zu, wie er den Mösensaft gierig aufleckte und immer mehr davon aus Ellas triefender Fotze holte. Er hielt keuchend inne, seine Finger steckten tief in der nassen Fotze, als er wie durch einen Schleier seine Frau sah, die mit leuchtenden Augen vor ihm saß und auf Ellas triefende Möse starrte. Er hörte einen heiseren Schrei, verspürte einen stechenden Schmerz in seinem Schwanz, Ella hatte vor Schreck hineingebissen, doch er ließ seine Faust wo sie war, saugte noch kräftiger an ihrem Kitzler und bewegte ganz langsam seine Faust in ihrer Fotze. Ella saugte jetzt wie wild an seinem prallen Schwanz, hob ihm ihren Po entgegen und Fred drückte ihr seine Faust immer fester in die Möse.


Friday Fun

fetish victoriaboy 2018-05-25

Finally the hands of the clock wind their way to 5:30pm, and like a shot I throw on my overcoat and the wool scarf my wife made me, grab my briefcase, run out the door and into my car. After what seems like an eternity, her touch lifts for a moment, and I know what will come next – my cock throbs in anticipation. A moment later, she wraps it around my stiff cock and begins to slowly slide it up and down. My cock stiffens and my breath stops, and a moment later I shudder and moan wildly as I pump thick streams of cum into her waiting hand.

My Sweet Sub

fetish EyesNotOpen 2018-05-25

"I want to see you like this!" I say, moving closer to touch her sweet body, and kiss her; offering every passionate reassurance I can. I then stand, moving in front of her, and quickly insert two fingers into her (which, by her expression, was obviously unexpected.) She has a small orgasm on my fingers as I kiss her roughly. Unable to resist the sight, I again start licking her ass and pussy from behind, exciting her, and making my cock strong enough to break diamond! She licked, and rubbed on the outside with her fingers, and I'm stroking my cock like a madman, wishing desperately that I could cum for her right then. We held that embrace of each other, kissed, she played with my nipples and cock, and just touched my body.

Early morning fun in a loo

fetish macosuma 2018-05-25

He stepped a little closer, still sanding and he was just the the right of the hole. I leaned forwards slightly so I was close to the hole, placing my mouth right next to the opening. He took a step forwards and his cock slid through the hole right into my mouth. He was pressing hard against the hole when I felt his cock twitch and his come surged up his shaft and into my mouth. I carried on for several minutes with his fat cock slowly getting softer in my mouth and licking his wet glistening balls. He was only too happy to let me carry on when sound of a vehicle pulling into the car park stopped the fun and games.


fetish 2018-05-25

He looked away and she continued chatting with these men, her eyes always trailing back to him at the bar. She made her way out to the balcony and lit a cigarette, looking out at the night skyline and the canopy stars above. She did not turn, but her body shivered when she felt his warm breath against her ear, and his deep voice followed it; "You look stunning in that dress, seems like everybody here wants you. He placed his hand on her thigh, his fingers just inside the slit that ran the length of her skirt, resting on her stockinged leg. "It is a beautiful night." And with that he took his hand from her leg and walked away.

When Friends become Lovers Ch. 02

fetish Alphamon35 2018-05-25

Like most people, Kevin got upset whenever a relationship went sour, especially if his foot fetish confession led to the break up; but now since he moved passed the friend zone with Lindsay, Kevin felt he could take on the world, so he brushed off Sabrina's tirade, and made his way back to the main floor. Like I said last night I'm not going anywhere, and don't let the foot freak comment bother you either, because tomorrow night you will learn that you are not the only one that can be a freak." Lindsay said, as her anger started to dissolve and a tiny bit of wetness accumulated between her legs at the thought of Kevin letting her have her way with his ass .

Bleacher Gagging pt.1

fetish 2018-05-25

I was a bit late and approaching the bleachers from behind, so what I noticed about Angie first was her long blonde hair and cute little butt in tight blue jeans. Then her eyes glanced up at the man whose cum she’d just swallowed and took him back inside her mouth to spit shine his cock. What this meant, of course, was that this very pretty blonde in tight jeans and sneakers was having her throat fucked by an endless string of complete strangers, while sitting on a crowded bleacher amid hundreds of football fans, while Mom was watching and smiling at her, and numerous classmates were teasing her playfully all for free and she was thoroughly enjoying every single second of it!


fetish billnj 2018-05-25

"Are you going to suck my cock like the good little slave I know you to be?" I ask. Without warning, I insert three fingers deep inside your pussy, and begin my assault on your poor little clit. Ignoring your appeal, I place the head of my cock against the folds of your soft, waiting pussy and begin to fuck you. "Tell me, Slave, does your pussy like the pounding its getting?" Even more slowly than before, I begin to fuck your pussy. Seeking your own release, you begin grinding your pussy against my cock, taking in as much as you can. Without warning, my cock begins to erupt, filling your gorgeous pussy with cum.

Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 03

fetish revol 2018-05-25

Stacey caught hold of Ted's shoulders, kissed and licked his shoulders and put her long and sexy nose in his armpits, and sniffed and sucked hard. Linda pushed her armpit on his face, and said – "how did you know that I love armpit kiss?" Ted rubbed his nose in her plump armpit and licked it for a long time. As he was thoroughly enjoying her both armpits, shoulders and waist folds, Rozie and Linda took each other in a lusty tight embrace and big open mouthed slippery kisses. Then Rozie and Linda came and embraced Ted and Hanna from behind, and they started mutual armpit smelling, kissing, licking and armpit eating sessions amongst all four of us at random.

Three College Guys in a Hottub

fetish daveevans 2018-05-25

Ever since I got the access card, I’ve been “carding” myself in right before the pool gate automatically locks up for the entire night. The pool is surrounded by the apartment’s clubhouse and a few apartment units (up to two floors), so people who go for a swim (or go to relax in the outdoor hot tub) are fairly visible to those residents. I said sure, and when I got out of the pool, they both nonchalantly started talking about how nice my legs were. After settling into the hot tub, sitting across from John and Brian, we talked about usual stuff: things we did during the summer, how was moving in, what campus organizations we were a part of.

Can you teach me ,,,,,,,,,

fetish LaceTops4U 2018-05-25

10 minutes later the door bell rang and Margaret was on the door step, she was dressed plainly in a blue dress, with low wedge heels, come in I said. pressing my limp cock against her buttock cheeks and reaching between her arm pits I cupped her breasts and lifting and squeezing them together, said ,looking at her reflection in the full length mirror, darling this is what the boys want, a promise of what's to come. Paying attention to her nipples which in turn swelled and grew in my mouth.As I kissed her lower rib cage and tummy, making my way to honey corner, she began to thrust her hips forward.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 03

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-25

She exited the lift and was ready for making a mad dash to the toilets in the lobby when a young man dressed in hotel livery asked to pass by with his cargo of party food laid out on two levels of the metal trolley he was pushing. The wax on the table top was so well finished that it give the impression that her spent wee was actually floating above the surface and this was not to mention the near like mirror reflection she had of herself with her legs parted and her piss shower gushing forth from her open pee hole that was nestled at the base of her pussy.

Marie's Perfect Breasts Ch. 01

fetish Tdisk 2018-05-25

Marie liberally coated the inner sides of both breasts with her juices- returning to her pussy several times for more; she could visualize Raul's cock sliding on her chest and thought he'd enjoy more rather than less lube. Raul then said, "Return here tomorrow at 6PM and we'll see if you can handle the pump by yourself; it might take a little practice." He handed her a new pair of vinyl suction cups saying, "Tomorrow morning use these larger cups-they're longer and wider than the ones you've had. That evening Raul showed Marie how to use a Q-Tip to apply K-Y jelly to the inside of the cylinders assuring her that her nipples would expand more easily in the hard vinyl cylinder and not stick when removed.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 11: Friday

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-05-24

Sure, Sylvia obviously didn't like Rebeca, and maybe the thing with Elliot emptying himself into the maid might have set Sylvia on edge, but did that mean Kim needed to be fired? Between her careful steps and the pounding beat of eastern drums from Sylvia's studio, Kim served her employers as best she could. Kim edged up the stairs and braced her hands against the door, listening for signs of Sylvia. Rebeca emerged a few moments later with a bright t-shirt that hugged her curves more than the oversized sweater she'd been wearing the day before- for some reason Kim caught herself sneaking a glance like a horny teenager.

Sweet Submission Ch. 1

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-24

I also like the giant double dong she makes me share that with a she-male, she has us lay down butt to butt and she works it up both of are assholes then she will take are cocks and put them together and suck both of them at the same time. She got carried away that night and made my ass bleed she was ramming my ass so hard then she reached up and grabbed my cock and jacked me off I shot my cum all over her cunt and she rubbed it into her pussy like it was lotion after she jerked the double dong out of my ass she made me suck on her clit till she cum twice then she rolled over and made me tongue her asshole out.

The Widow at the Opera

fetish Beau_Jack_Walker 2018-05-24

When Quido left, Polly gave me deep tongue kiss and grabbed my cock. When she returned I had just finished hooking up the high colonic enema nozzle to the gallon sized enema bag. I pumped her ass like a madman and delivered her cum enema. "Then I'll meet you out at the tub with a gallon sized wine enema bag and hoses. I lubed Polly's anus and handed her the nozzles and she attached them to the wine-laden enema bag. She clicked off her enema hose, blowing wine out her butt as she headed to the bathroom. Polly was a glowing image of fire, passion, and love as she bobbed in the water of the hot tub.

Bone Appetite

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-05-24

She placed a single silver platter and a crystal wine glass on the table and then—after a lingering glance at the enormous cock that was being abused by Black's muscular hands, she exited. My face was virtually assaulting his meat, my lips nose and mouth spraying streaks of jizm all over his cock and fat resting nuts. I was still looking at inches of cock, but Aaron Black's balls seemed closer then ever. I bobbed my head, throated him with sloppy gulps, and let my hands virtually dye his ball sac with cum from the plate. Black used my hair to guide me the long path off of his cock, my mouth exploding from the end with a throat-full of precum drooling out.


fetish jwc10010 2018-05-24

A cigarette in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, a thin stream of smoke rising from the ash from between her amber nails. She watched in silence as my fingers and hands began to smooth the butter over the chicken. They entwined as my hands coated her breasts, her stomach, her body with the sensual butter. She pushed me back, her hands moving down my chest to unbutton my own pants, pulling the zipper open and reaching down to hold my erection. Her hand trailed beneath me, rubbing the butter onto my ass from between my legs. Her body slid off the counter as she took me into her lips, her fingers still roaming over my rear, into my rear.

The Power of Lust Ch. 05

fetish Quin 2018-05-24

Sir David smiled at Judy placed a hand in the small of her back and gently urged her forward; Ben observed this from several feet away as did certain others of the group. Sir David called for more drinks, playing a waiting game, watching the tension building up not only in Judy but the men too who panted like dogs after a bitch in heat, occasionally succumbing to the urge to want to handle their own cocks, pulling on their foreskins. Now, with all three holes filled, the men, especially husband Ben, looked surprised that Judy continued to work her hips and bear down on the dildo.