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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sally: His Perfect Shemale Partner Ch. 1

fetish PunkFan 2018-05-24

I was in heaven between her large natural boobs I moved my hand slowly towards her crotch but she pushed me away she saw that I looked disappointed so she immediately dropped to her knees and swallowed my rock hard cock, her long red hair tickled my balls, she teased the length of my throbbing dick for as long as I could take and as she sensed I was close to cumming she deep throated me and kept eye contact she gave me the most sensual blow job that was made even better because she performed oral sex on my 7 inch throbbing dick without gagging, I wondered how many times she must have gave head to be this skilled but I knew I was lucky to have such a talented girlfriend.

Dirty Danielle

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-05-24

This chapter involves a nose fetish - if this disgusts you please don't read. I continued to slowly rub myself while my left hand raised to my nose. I removed my finger and was met with a large, juicy booger. I began to rub myself faster, with greater rhythm as I stared at the tasty treat on the tip of my finger. I then removed my finger and chewed on the delicious booger, flavors flowing across my tongue. I swallowed down the booger and continued to rub. I looked at my finger and saw a small, round booger. I quickly sucked the booger from my finger and felt the slimey snack around my tongue.

Preparing for the Encounter

fetish cranford 2018-05-24

Small silver dog tag engraved with single word - "Hussy" Tag read:- "Wear on Sunday!"- Yes, yes and once more yes, and my thoughts about our meeting made my nipples swell and my pussy start to moisten... Putting the documents away in a buff coloured folder she then asked me to pull down my panties to just above my knees so she could start. When I lift left leg, labia open up and evidence of natural lubrication to vulva." Cheryl, had been encouraged by John, and enjoyed every single moment of the preparation process, making it quite ritualistic. She gazed between my thighs and then looking over her glasses at me again said, "John, as you can imagine, is very particular about pubic hair.

Email Cuckold Ch. 07

fetish illicit_writer 2018-05-24

They had been invited over to dinner where Rob and Sue had seduced the two of them, playing on the fact that Ken had been setting up men to flirt with his wife. "Ken, we know about your postings to get men to flirt with Karen." Sue indicated his wife. Once a week for the past three weeks, Sue had called Ken. Each time, she told him it was his responsibility to let Karen know they wanted to play with her. From the smiles around the table though, Ken realized that the guys knew what her half closed eyes and flushed cheeks meant. Dill won the hand and Karen got off of Matt's lap with a look mixed between lust and disappointment.


The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 02

fetish RandyVicar 2018-05-24

"You've made me so happy, darling," she said as I stood there before her naked with my cock hard. Then I felt her hand on the back of my head and she shoved my face deeper inside her. Clara chuckled, put her hand on my forehead, and pushed my face away from her. I make a point of touching your face after I've had my hand in my cunt." She slid her fingers into her panties. "You have no idea how hard I've come this week," she said. Clara slid her hand down to the base and gripped me tightly until I could no longer come. I could picture Linda's hand sliding up Clara's thigh as she threw back her head and closed her eyes.

I Just Love My Car

fetish Guy De Jose 2018-05-24

My car was a wanton whore, its doors spread wide, giving itself to these men like a four wheeled slut. I spread my legs wide, making my hem climb up to my bald slit as I seated my fanny in the driver's side black bucket. When I am sufficiently juiced up, I take my hand, well oiled with my love lube, and begin "jacking off" the stick shift of my sports car. I then slowly impale myself on it, lowering my bulbous, suntanned tush while spreading my pussy lips, accepting my car's fuck stick with reckless abandon. Up and down I move, faster and faster, like the red hot pistons pumping inside my car's motor.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 06

fetish Thorilla 2018-05-24

As she splayed her knees her silk petticoats came swishing down all over my head and frou-froued against my face and ears. She pulled me further into her with her thighs and I felt the pressure of her hands on the back of my head under the seven silk petticoats and enormous black dress which draped over me. "Oh heavenly bliss, sheer complete bliss," she whispered, "Good boy, good boy," she said and patted my head through her immense black dress. In the dark space inside her cool silk petticoats I listened to the smart clip-clopping of a Hansom cab heading towards Oxford Street and heard children running outside.

The English Teacher

fetish shoeslayer 2018-05-24

"O.K. Harold as you know, we use various forms of punctuation as we talk but when we write, we have to follow guidelines so we understand the story as the author wants us to. Janet removed her blouse and skirt and let her silver bifocals hang across her bosoms by the string of small purple beads. Janet took her half- glasses and silver ovals and touched me all over down there as she looked at me through or over the tops of her gold granny glasses. In and out I went, nice and slow,this felt so fucking good I did not want to cum in a hurry and I knew Janet did not want me to either as she loved having that purple monster cock deep up inside her.

Kitchen Fun

fetish Mastrkink 2018-05-24

So as his mouth fastened itself to her nipples and his hands started playing with her pussy, she heard him mumble something about thumbtacks and she realized that was what she felt stuck in her butt. As she started a rhythm going, she knew she wouldn't last much longer, and could hear the wet sounds as he jerked his dick off. She knew he had told her he'd be home this morning so she thought he would appreciate the nice surprise. When he commanded, she didn't think, just laid her body down and felt the sharp points dig into her tits painfully as she continued to stroke her clit and squeeze her cunt around the huge dong buried deep inside of her

Master Wants to Share His BBW Slut Ch. 02

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-05-24

She wanted to feel his big hard cock deep inside her pussy. She was feeling so nasty now, and needed grandpa's old cock fucking her cunt. Making her pussy tingle, and making her feel like a real piggie for grandpa. She was enjoying this old man using her, she didn't realize that Master, was now filming grandpa abuse his whore. The vibrator fucking her dripping wet pussy, and grandpa still spanking her ass. Grandpa pulled the big fat vibrator out of her pussy, and got up and grabbed Lisa by the hair. She felt the head of grandpa's big cock, at the opening of her wet hole. Grandpa was fucking his piggie slow, and slid the vibrator into her young tight ass.

Finding Out: The Hard & Fun Way

fetish devoutmalesub 2018-05-24

"MMM, yeah that is right, my girl loves cock, doesn't she?" She moaned around my cock, vibrating it a little, her tongue worked my cock and she squeezed my balls. She let go and looked up at me, "Yeah, my little faggot here wants a cock to play with, doesn't he?" I hesitated, and she teased my cockhead with the tip of her tongue. After a few belated seconds without her sucking me, "Yes babe, I want a cock to play with." She sucked me with fury now, building me up and up and just when I thought that I would cum she stopped and we went into the shower, making out and talking nasty to each other.


A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens Ch. 03

fetish LynnGKS 2018-05-24

And he got real excited and said, "Is it Jimmy, the college kid you fucked last night?" The poor bastard started thinking about me in bed with four young studs just like that big muscular buck he watched pounding his cock into my pussy the night before. He asked me how come my husband let me fuck other guys and I told him hubby liked to watch and hear stories. I felt kinda sorry for Ed back in our room jacking off -- he always enjoyed watching me suck cock and then kiss him and feed him a mouthful of cum - but I don't think these kids could have gotten it up with my husband watching them.


Normal Nurse or Nude Waitress?

fetish Hot37yrgal 2018-05-24

In the past I have written about things such as how a drunken photo session I did for an "amateur photographer" led to my bare breasted torso being hung like a deer head trophy on his web site along with a whole section of pictures explaining how he talked this dumb MILF (me) into going from innocent swimsuit poses all the way to smiling and spreading herself wide and pink in a series of thoroughly humiliating poses. "Get their drink orders" the organizer guy barked to me as the river of loud drunken men flowed out of the entry area, through a picture perfect parlor stuffed with antiques and into what looked to be an oversized den or library that was larger than my living room.

White Wife New Tattoo

fetish 425olds 2018-05-24

Her boss, Tony, is a large black man who worked his way up from the sawmill floor to the top job. "Well, my boss Tony is covered in tattoos and he has talked to me about them and how much he loves them. As I looked away a small black mark on her left breast caught my eye. I looked at the new tattoo but didn't see the black mark I saw earlier. She spent the week fucking her way through a large number of black men. In the morning she was fucked hard and fast by six black men who treated her like a receptacle for their cum. Either way she was fucked twice, by all six black men, in the one day.

Anna Ch. 01

fetish bbrunoj 2018-05-24

Anna's little foot began to pump the pedal a few times as she always did. This time the truck immediately began to show signs of life, cranking at a higher pitch then a little lower and then sputtering, then back to a normal crank again. Then Anna grabbed the steering wheel with her right hand again and pumped her muscular right leg up and down on the gas pedal. Anna's confidence grew as the Bronco continued to crank at different intervals, some times faster and sometimes slower as she continued to pump the pedal. As the Bronco cranked, Anna's leg began to pump and pedal more aggressively than before.

Submission 9

fetish subseeker 2018-05-24

As Fred finished his final thrust into Beverly's mother, I looked around and realized that I wasn't the only one who had a need for relief. From previous discussions with Ron, Bob and Aunt Jane, we felt that mom's s****r was probably about where mother was; basically a well trained slave, a woman who had come to terms with her own need for submission. Oh my God how awful." Mom was in tears, as she took in the horror that her dear sibling must have suffered when the heated iron was placed upon Aunt Jane's pubic mound, to mark her permanently as a woman who freely accepted pain as her way of life.

Debaucery in Fairbanks, Alaska.

fetish vdubya 2018-05-24

As we got in the room, our clothes instantly start coming off.We resumed our kissing, groping, fingering, and stroking for a few more minutes until she got down on her knees and started sucking my rock hard cock. After she got done sucking my cock, she laid on the bed and told me to fuck her. This sent me over the edge as I felt my cock start pumping out it's hot load deep inside of her hungry pussy. I could feel my cum inside of her pussy and it felt so good and warm on my cock. It just felt so fucking good to feel like I was destroying her pussy but at the same time hear her scream in sheer enjoyment.

Never Enough

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-24

She smiled at the female doctor and as she held her hand out, muttered, "It's toast." Sara was a lovely woman in her mid-twenties with a willowy body and shoulder length brown hair. "Count on it lover." Sara rubbed her bandaged stump along Julie's cheek a few times. A few miles passed in silence until Sara unsnapped her jeans and let her hand slip inside as she kissed the stump. Darla flexed the knee a few times, and then rubbed the end of her arm stump with her hand. "How was the meeting with Darla and Gene?" the Janet asked as she removed another suture from Sara's stump. "Thanks for coming in," Connie said as she rolled her dark blue sporty manual wheelchair towards Sara and Julie.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 10: Thursday

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-05-24

.yes, definitely like the tail." Elliot ran a hand along the bookcase to ensure the urethane had cured and then he looked to her, leaning forward like someone might overhear what came next. Kim didn't hesitate to advantage of her new freedom, she started to where she knew Elliot would be standing and tried to act surprised when she saw him leaning against the wall casually. Kim set to work with intensity and care, making up the bed with tight corners and fluffing up the new pillows, increasingly conscious of the plug pushing against her rear every time she bent over, teasing and tempting her with every movement.

Jill's Spanking Ch. 04

fetish guy4funuk1 2018-05-24

Jill whispered to me that she wanted me inside her now, I slipped off my pants and shorts revealing my cock to the couple before slipping it into Jill's waiting pussy, as I did I saw the guy pull down his girls pants and knickers revealing her pussy to me which only made me slam harder into Jill. A few minutes later I heard the girl scream as her own orgasm took hold which set Jill off on her second, her pussy again squeezing on my cock which made me cum deep inside her, I drew out and let the last few spurts land on her bum.

Wetting Ch. 02

fetish Rosebramble 2018-05-24

I moved to get into the driver's seat and felt my wet self make contact with the car seat through my thin skirt. I parked my car three spaces from the stairs and thought about when I would wet this parking lot, when I would wet my jeans walking up the stairs. I went inside, my thoughts racing, thinking about the wetting I could do for you, and maybe this part will seem dumb, but I went to my room and rooted through my closet for the perfect, slightly tight pair of jeans. I slipped off my skirt and noticed a cold spot on my leg from where the hem had gotten slightly wet.

Birthday Surprise

fetish Wargods 2018-05-24

Slowly, she slides up to sit on his chest, and she pulls up the leather skirt to reveal the lovely thigh high fishnets she’s wearing and her wet pussy and she starts to rub it while he watches, helplessly. She slid back down on the cock in his mouth, and she started rubbing his own cock with her hands and teasing it with her mouth, stroking, licking, sucking, making sure he was good and hard for what she wanted to do to him, all the while bobbing up and down on his face and the dildo protruding from his mouth. She pulled her wet pussy off the fake cock and turned around once again, pulled the dildo out of his mouth and slowly started teasing herself down on to his throbbing wet cock, and once again demanded him to suck her nipples.

Cat Burglar Part III

fetish mrstask 2018-05-24

She fastens her mouth on his sex like a demon, consuming him, sucking voraciously, harder and harder, refusing to breathe or let up even for one second. And when she feels his cock contract deeply, shuddering and juddering in her mouth and beginning to sweeten, she simply lets go. Sucking always makes her hot, and his cock, whether she likes to admit it or not, is a beauty. And she does like it...but she’s not going to tell him that. He turns her on her back, looking down at her, gently stroking her chest and shoulders, sweeping over her skin, enjoying sudden and complete mastery. He feasts on her pussy, holding her squirming thighs in an iron grip when she tries to move away from his teasing, maddening mouth.

Christening the New Business

fetish Phun4u2 2018-05-24

My wife turned to me, smiled and told me to go into a side room, take off all my clothes and come back. One of the women reached out, grabbed my erection, pulled me over with her to the table, got on it, pulled me between her legs and stuffed my cock into her drenched pussy, telling me to fuck her. Here I was fucking one woman while watching my wife being eaten by another man; it was such a turn on. Finishing with them I turned around to find that my wife had her friend bent over the table and was shoving a huge strapon into her dripping cunt.