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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Obsession Ch. 03

fetish Amyfriend 2018-05-24

"Yes in a way, I was reading between the lines of what he was saying and when he repeated that he would give anything to have a young woman like me, I said ANYTHING. "He looked apologetic and said that he didn't mean it the way it sounded, he meant just to have a friend like me in his life to have supper and conversations and such. He closed his eyes like he was in paradise as I lifted myself up slowly and his hands went right under my bare butt cheeks before I eased back down. I could feel his hard cock underneath me and I started to grind my pussy over it slowly as I also got my arms out of the straps and exposed my breasts to him, then offered one to his mouth.

Complete Sheer Nylon Fun

fetish sheerpeter 2018-05-24

As if answering my unspoken question, Alena said, "The nylon will feel so much nicer if your body is hairless." I started exploring my face first with my fingertips and at first it was difficult to concentrate because of the wonderful sensation of one gossamer layer of sheer nylon sliding over another and the feeling as I breathed through the fabric. Wearing this outfit was exciting enough, but seeing Alena dressed the same way just took my breath away, what with the light shimmering from every inch of her nylon 'skin'. Alena came over to the bed and handed me a glass of liquid that looked a little like white wine, then she moved round to the other side and joined me on the bed.

another bbw adventure pt1 my ex co worker

fetish 2018-05-24

my 1st adventure with her was a 3 sum with a male friend of mine we did the classic me hittin her from the back while she sucked his dick an vise versa..!!her sitting on my lap with me inserted inside her pussy while she sucked my friends dick !!then she straddled me and my friend fucked her in the ass we tore home girl up for hrs!!!this woman had a special feature!!no gag reflex!!so wen she sucked dick her lips could reach your pubes with no to little effort!!!so one day my best friend come over and said he hadnt gotten sum skins(pussy)in a long time so i called up my co worker and she came over and my best friend and i proceeded to turn this chick out it started with her sitting on my lap with me fucking her and my friend standing infront of her gettin his dick sucked !!!

Lindsey Gaps My Ass Ch. 02

fetish sqerlyassman 2018-05-24

"I'm going upstairs to get changed and make a few phone calls, you just stay here." Lindsey said walking towards the stairs "I hope you're ready." She continued up the stairs while I moved into the living room and parked myself in front of the TV. I took the long black dildo and slowly began to suck the head, Lindsey moaned as if she could actually feel it. Lindsey had waited a long time to fuck a guy in the ass, and couldn't wait any more. Right as I finished, two of the guys grabbed my legs, pulled them up and forward over my head, so my cock was inches from my face, I looked up at Lindsey, she smiled and started milking my cock.

The Secret's Out.

fetish centro60 2018-05-24


Sex Slave Story Ch. 2

fetish M 2018-05-24

Both figures had hands like a mans and they pushed me gently down on the bed and pulled my arms and legs wide fitting them into the soft cuffs and snapped them shut. It went right in but was very filling and I started fucking him like crazy and was just about to cum when I felt hands pulling my ass apart. He pulled his cock from my ass and lifted me up off the one in my pussy and carried me in his arms into the next room. Getting close I aimed the jet of water between her legs and rubbed my hands back and forward on her still cum soaked pussy and ass.

Jill Gets Fucked In Her Chicago Motel Room

fetish 2018-05-24

I said, "you know, Tim, the best way that we can get to know each other is to sit on the floor with our legs locked around each others' waist and stare at our private parts." It is so erotic for me to stare at a guy's penis while he looks at my pussy and tits. I don't think Tim had ever watched a girl shave her pussy before and he was getting so hard that he didn't even want to touch himself or else he would cum. After a couple of hours of this, Tim got so worked up that he threw me off his dick and pinned me against the wall and fucked my pussy from behind for a long time.

The Clinic

fetish wastedaway 2018-05-24

I felt the urge to bear down, at the same time I hear him saying "you are probably feeling like you need to expel the probe aren't you." I gasped a "yes", and he said "just hold on a second and when I give you the first stimulation that urge will pass." I looked down, I could see my whole genital area in the monitor, my spread lips and the black cable disappearing inside of me. "Alright I am going to deliver the first stimulation, it will be a small one just to get you used to the sensation, and to settle the probe in." No sooner had the words came out of his mouth when I felt a tiny tingle deep in my belly, and felt my anus contract, a small gasp escaped my lips at the suddenness and feeling associated with that first pulse.

Power Trip - Chapter 3

fetish frozenhero1 2018-05-24

Veronica rose and placed the cage on Colin’s bed and then set a bottle of hand lotion on his desk, “I’ll let you do it a couple times tonight, since you’ve been such a good boy while your father was home.” “Make sure you cum into your hand this time.” Veronica un-paused the video, “I doubt these guys have ever wanted sex with women. By Friday night Colin didn’t feel a hint of arousal when Veronica downloaded a lesbian scene, as though his cock had been conditioned by the chastity. Veronica returned to the bench to watch as her step-son began suckling the cock, licking the under-cleft and rubbing his lips over the ridge of its head.

Masked Stranger

fetish CadeeV 2018-05-24

Her hand pulls at the end of the dildo, gliding it in and out of her gaping, wet pussy in a rhythmic motion, deeply withdrawing it and then quickly pushing it back inside. Isabella is quivering on the bed, sweating now as her sex is filled with toys and her mind with fantasy. Her head reels from this pulling sensation that sends quivers up and down her spine and tingles throughout her hot, wet sex...She is still being ridden, rammed and deeply impaled by the hard shaft of this masked stranger. "Mmmmm..." she is aware of the low moans in her throat as his fingers probe the softness of her pussy lips, gliding back and forth between them and her hard clit.

Old Friends Ch. 01

fetish EmeraldSolitaire 2018-05-24

Because I am a believer in women's liberation I usually prefer to let women buy me dinner and drinks because for one thing any woman who when she asks you to buy her the drink, and you tell her that no she's buying you the drink, any woman that does respond in that way is worth talking to, but I'll buy you dinner tonight and break with pattern simply because I'd like to talk about this with someone I know and well might be easier with you than with a stranger. "Yes. Going out tonight has gotten me right where I want you and Jackie you should know I'm a real tigress."

The Knight and the Horny Mage Chapter 2

fetish fuckemon 2018-05-24

"Did I have a wet dream AGAIN?" He opened his eyes and looked at his hand. He saw Sally's bl**d on his hand. Sally flicked her hair and walked out of the room as if to say, "DUH!" Jack got up, and followed her out of the room. Jack crouched down so he could lick Sally's pussy. Jack responded to the strange flavor by saying, "Hm. I don't think I've ever tasted something like this before." He continues to lick for a while with an, "Uuuughhhnnn..." of pleasure escaping from Sally mouth about every 20 seconds, when Sally came all over hiss face. Sally pulled up her panties and they continued their adventure through the forest.


fetish Stephan 2018-05-24

I want you to fuck me wearing this on your cock." I stretched out on the bed, spreading my legs, my hard cock stretched over my stomach, my dick-hole looking me in the eye and asking when it was going to gush a load of hot cum again. She liked back-door fucking and doing it doggy-style and I knew she was enjoying this but I didn't care because I was hot with her female smell and female flesh and the feeling of my still hard cock and I was going to make the bitch make me come again if it took all year!

Knicker Chick

fetish sammican1 2018-05-24

"I think we'll keep these on" DD, as I called David Deakins my English lecturer at university, said, referring to the white, French knickers I was wearing specially for him. I was only wearing the French knickers under the dress, no bra or tights or stockings. "You dirty little bitch" he whispered as he slid down a little so that the tip of his cock pressed against the gusset of my white, French knickers. And then, with me still wearing my white, silk French knickers he fucked me. I can get excited at the briefness of a thong or the fullness of a pair of high-waisted panties, particularly when made from silk or satin, which means that more of my skin is stimulated by the lustrous material.

Jenny and the special clinic (Full long novel)

fetish CreamLoverPie 2018-05-24

When the reach the end of the long hall, Amy says "Okay, here we are" as she opens the door and lets Jenny in ahead of her. "When was the last time you had sex with your husband?" Jenny replies, "Last night, is that okay?" Amy smiles and says "Absolutely, it won't hurt anything at all". Jenny runs her hand against Amy's breast and presses against it as she gently elevates her hips towards the doctor sucking hard on her clit. Jenny now starts squeezing her thighs around the doctor's head and squeezing Amy harder and begins to let out a moan. I think she's ready." Amy says as the doctor releases Jenny's completely coated lips from his.

The Shadow Show

fetish hikiteflyer 2018-05-24

As we were fixing lunch Greta said, "I've got to go in the tent for a minute and fix my chains." My clit is so sensitive that if you keep licking it I'm going to pee all over you," Greta admonished pushing my mouth and tongue away from her pussy. Just thinking about after lunch is making my pussy swell up and start to drip," said Greta as she started down the trail at a trot. Greta said, "I'm going for the beer that always makes me pee like a race horse. "Let's go swimming," Greta said, "last one in is a donkeys dick." She dropped her shorts, pulled her T-shirt off and headed for the water.

Fiona Ch. 02

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-24

With my hands tied behind my back I couldn't stop her as she bared my legs and wound the dress's skirt and petticoats around my torso. At the end she replaced my boxers, untied my ankles, let the slip, petticoat and dress drop to the floor and finally untied my wrists from the apron. The rest of the afternoon we washed and dried petticoats and skirts, punctuated by kisses and cuddles while we waited for the loads to finish. Fiona called the police who took half an hour to arrive. The police let her think they were satisfied but while Fiona showed them the mess in her bedroom I was questioned in more depth.

Sally Jo and the Seven Penises

fetish MormonChicks 2018-05-24

Maybe some guy with a huge cock that would flip it over his shoulder so pre-cum ran down his back while Sally Jo got her legs far enough apart to take the monster inside her. However when I got to the kitchen the kids were milling around looking for a snack and Sally Jo was still on the phone ... I mowed the yard while all the time thinking about Sally Jo fucking Ed. I could picture that. In the shower I got to thinking of Sally Jo fucking Ed, even pictured her with random men. The next photo was the same cock most of the way inside what looked like Sally Jo's twat.

We Move On From The Kitchen

fetish topcattopone 2018-05-24

The first time I wore one of Mum's exceedingly short dresses without Bob to look after me, (more of those experiences later), was when we girls had a Wednesday night out together. I went to the toilets with one of my friends, took off my jeans, luckily I was wearing some pretty panties, so even though they could be seen through the material, they didn't spoil the look. During a lull in my supply of partners, Celia, one of my work colleagues took my hand and led me to a vacant bench seat at the side of the room. I would have had a hard time explaining away the loss of both my jeans and panties on a night out with the girls whilst having lipstick around my nipples.

Christean a personal story of lust

fetish Christean 2018-05-24

It's the actual life of a porn addicted cross dressing bisexual, other- wise straight man ( well maybe not so straight ) with in exhaustive chronic need to be sexually stimulated. Although his wife accepts Christean is not interested in participating in this aspect of Christians’ lifestyle she does give alone time for solo play at home. Christians parameter of extra sexual play outside in places and with people has an extent well beyond what anyone really knows other than the explicit side shown with some intentional encounters both physical and in person on line internet sex sites she belongs to. Christean is the porn actor that he/she always wanted to be getting as many as 15000 hits and one site 40,000.

Love the Neighbour`s Feet

fetish klammer 2018-05-24

He looked at the box and a thought just "came to him" as he said, "Well Miss Trudy, my wife, God rest her soul, used to purchase from this very same company. After nearly two hours Trudy snatched her foot away from Jason and landed it directly on his swollen cock and said, "I have two feet don't I ass hole?" She lifted her still shod foot in the air and said, "Now prepare for a long night of orally pampering my sweaty feet slave." Just before she drifted off to sl**p she heard, "Yes Miss," and again felt his tongue do her bidding.

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 03

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-05-24

Angela must have already changed at work, because she didn't look like she had just gotten back from work without a change. She frowned when I told her about the counter guy wanting to worship her daughter's feet, but the look changed to concern when I told her I took Stephie's place. Angela gave us a disapproving look, so we ate like proper ladies. Finally, my eyes were drawn to a massaging bed in the corner with a small table right next to it with towels, oils, massage tools and what looked like a jar of some kind of petals. She took my feet in each hand and brought them up to her luscious tits and starting rubbing my soles against them.

The Housemaid Ch. 06

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-05-24

Alex held her eyes, as reached in and cupped her chin, running his thumb along her lower lip. "To serve you, young master." Alex slipped the tip of his thumb between her lips and rested it on her teeth, just touching the tip of her of her tongue. Annabel was now cuddling against him, sucking on his thumb, while John was frozen in Alex's ophidian gaze. "Annabel," Alex said without breaking eye contact with John. He withdrew it and reached up to John's mouth, cupping his chin to bring him closer, while painting his lips with his saliva coated thumb, parting and smearing them so they glistened. Alex dried his sticky thumb on John's lips and face and then withdrew his hands from John's face and Annabel's waist.

Gloryhole With The Wife

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-05-24

As I went to head out I noticed that about waist high on either side of the booth was a hole, with what looked like a cover that you could open and close. As I got a good rhythm going she opened her eyes, leaned over, and wrapped her lips around the head of this mans cock. I couldnt believe she had done it, and fucking my wife as she began to slide her lips up and down that cock was such a turn on I just smiled and cheered her on. he had softened a good bit to where I could deep throat him without gagging to badly when I looked up at Carla taking pics of me on her phone with my lips wrapped around a huge black cock.