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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish sgtangel1 2018-05-24

Same beautiful wife, jet black hair and 6 months pregnant. I playfully bite and her ear and kiss her, leaving a trail own her neck towards her breasts. No refusal there.She raised slightly so I can slide them down, revealing her pink and white plaid panties. I hook my fingers around the elastic of her panties, she lifts again, I slide them down, revealing the bush haired haven I desire. Jet black hair covers the glorious mound of flesh, slight pink peeking through the opening. I run my tongue up the slit of skin, then using my hands, open her lips. She unbuttons my jeans and slides them and my boxers to my knees.

Desperate During Ultrasound

fetish kinkywhipper1 2018-05-24

I noticed she kept saying things like "Are you feeling full yet?" and "I bet you didn't think you were going to come here and have me make you drink a bunch of water until you had to pee?" And a couple of times while she was moving the scanner probe across my pubic bone she said "Does that make you have to pee?" I had a feeling she enjoyed making women have to pee, perhaps that was why she had chosen this profession. I didn't know how I was going to hold it while I was lying here waiting for the doctor, let alone when he came in and started pressing that thing into me.

My turn to please, and be pleased

fetish MRmaster 2018-05-24

This particular time,I went to take a shower when my aunt and uncle left and my cousin started on the pizza. I grabbed it with my right hand and started licking his balls and then working my way to the head off his cock, making it wet for my assault. After hearing that, my cousin positioned himself behind me with one foot on either side of my legs, he then squatted behind me and pulled my panties to the side placing the head of his cock at my entrance. I actually looked between my legs and sam my cock pullsing inside the panties and they becasme so wet with my cum they aere dripping my seed onto the carpet.

Pretty Little Slut Ch. 02

fetish Steve1980 2018-05-23

As the car pulled away, Beth turned to me, and undid my zipper. She reached into my boxers, grabbed my balls, hiked them up high, and then let them drop. The thong and camisole from last week was sitting on the bed. I knelt in front of Beth, as she pulled a dildo from under the covers. I felt my own cock get harder as I opened my mouth. Beth pulled away and removed the boxers. She turned away from me, leaned forward onto the bed, and said, "Lick my asshole, slut." I reached around to where she was still holding the dildo and jerked her cock, making it bounce back against her clit. Then I felt the tip start to go in my asshole.

the icy pleasure

fetish CandyCrushh 2018-05-23

Kitty approached him, set the tray down, popped an ice cube from the champagne bucket into her mouth and leant over him, pressing her lips against his. His face hardened for a moment and then softened to a smile as she drew away, leaving the ice cube to melt on his tongue. Still leant over him, watching his face closely, she fished another ice cube from the bucket and held it in her hand, the melting water already beginning to roll over her fingers. And then, without warning, she lowered her champagne-filled mouth down and wrapped it around his cock, stroking him with both her freezing hands and lapping the liquid around his length with her warm tongue.

New n 2

fetish 2018-05-23

But come on myself, taking her glass of wine and give it to her while I give her a light kiss on the cheek and says how beautiful she looks. She comes up to me and says, "Now we can continue your transformation ." She puts the bag on the table next to us and sits astride late in my lap, facing me. " You just know how horny I get of seeing your shaved butt so " she says as she takes hold of my hips with both hands and pressed himself against me . "When you feel ready , I want you to take hold of the plug and pull it out to then push it to the bottom again," she says.

The Date

fetish rwsteward 2018-05-23

Dave looked down and admired Karen's pantyhosed legs sticking out of her black skirt. Karen looked up at Dave said, "Well, you going to kiss me or just stand here?" Karen blushed again and turned sideways accidentally giving Dave a better view of her tight ass encased in the coffee colored pantyhose. Without thinking, she placed one of her hands between her legs and began to slowly rub her pussy as Dave continued the onslaught on her breasts. Karen quickly placed her hands down to hide her pussy, but Dave pushed them aside. Karen moved her right hand down to her pussy and with her fingers began to spread her swollen pussy lips apart in an attempt to masturbate for Dave.

Sir's Angel The Weekend Part 1

fetish NeighborAngel 2018-05-23

The she feel a ice cold wash cloth dripping of ice water start to rub her ass. Then she felt him pouring lube down the crack of her ass and start rubbing it in. He pushed her ankles apart with her knees still bound to the bench and start rubbing her pussy. She pushed her ass open more and noticed it felt good against the rim and wonder if it was is going in. He poured more lube on the toy as she felt the heavy metal ball in her pussy starting to move. Her body started convulsing as she explode and the toy goes deeper in her ass from her orgasmic motions.

A Busride to Remember

fetish JohnDo 2018-05-23

"Come sit next to me and lay your hand open on the wet spot." She said after a small pause. I moved over to sit next to her and while she stood up, I positioned my open hand on her pee stained seat. As I licked her panties, she pressed her pussy on my tongue, while the flow of pee kept coming in small squirts. After she couldn't pee anymore, she let go of my hand and reached over to my cock, which was as hard as a rock again. As we stood there, my cock in her hand and my finger in her dripping pussy, we held each other tight as we panted in bliss.

One, Two, Three Mikes...and Kay!

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-05-23

He, Mike and Michael were supposed to pamper Kay with all the sensual delights she most adored - massaging her, kissing her all over, worshipping her feet for as long as it took to turn her brain to mush, giving her sweet orgasms with their fingers, tongues, and whatever other body parts she'd like used for that delightful purpose. "All right, then," Mikey said, "since Michael's already got a head start anyway, let's all strip for our Goddess, so that we may begin servicing every single one of her needs." Though Mikey spoke it, it was Kay's glare that actually demanded it.

Offering up The Wife

fetish StoneKidman 2018-05-23

Karen saw The Crusher get down on all fours, she wondered if she was going to have to eat this black woman's hairy gash, but instead saw her husband's still erect cock barely inches from her face, as the black woman pulled aside the crotch of her swimsuit and told Jerry, "Go to town, stud, show this white bitch how her saggy pussy isn't good enough." A good titty twist had Karen yelping, allowing Jerry to stuff his shitty cock in his wife's mouth as she hungrily slurped it clean while The Crusher made the blonde's head bob up and down with a handful of hair.

Adventures of a Sex Addict

fetish klammer 2018-05-23

So, with a little bit of hesitation, as I thought to myself, I might not get this chance again with the summer quickly coming to an end, I turned my back towards him and bent over at the waist as I reached for the nozzle of the water hose. He looked at me in the mirror and said, "I thought of fucking my ass all night long, ever since the day before when I had stopped to get a drink." With that I saw him take his cock in his hand and then as it disappeared my reflection, I felt his free hand pushup and out on my asscheeks.

Out for a Stroll

fetish deeplyAbnormal 2018-05-23

Slipping my driving shoes off, I buckle the platforms on and I fish the blue locks' keys out of my pocket and hang the thin chain the keys are threaded on around the rear-view mirror - I don't want to lose these. Taking a quick look around to check that the area is quiet, I crouch down near the open door and squeeze the inflation bulbs feeling the plugs grow inside me. In an effort to wiggle the plug in my vagina to get myself off I start shifting my weight between my feet while rubbing my thighs together but there isn't really enough movement of the dildo and the discomfort from what feels like the rolling pin shoved up my arse brings that to a stop.

Teacher to perform

fetish zarabush 2018-05-23

Phil said "I won't tell you their names yet as you'll probably forget, but these guys are going to be your best friends ask Miss Bush if it's Ok for you to touch her leg." Phil smiled and looked at me "Think real hard about how you Phil said " Now we all know that Miss Bush is a stuck up, white racist bitch, but tonight she has agreed to come but it looks like she's got some real big big lips down below." Phil said "You're right. My labia were now holding in the full spread position by themselves so I was told to remove my hand as it wasn't needed and got in the way of the camera.


fetish klammer 2018-05-23

Bunny hated when she committed small indignities like that on him. Bunny had to stand by obediently, like a servant, while she unhurriedly Bunny nibbled his lower lip and tried not to look Bunny couldn't stop thinking about his trapped penis. Once Bunny started to 'ask for it' that way, not only pushing out his She stepped away from Bunny, exposing his red face and still puckered intruder reached down and gave the side of Bunny's face a few playful from Bunny and locked eyes with Bella, telling her, "This arrangement is Bella got onto her back and lifted her hips so Turk could gently slide Bunny pulled down the boxers and Turk's exceptionally long, virile cock That was when Bella said, "Hey, Turk.

Cindy's Panties

fetish secretanon 2018-05-23

I hid quickly, thinking how stupid it was to sleep in her bed that day she'd come back, but I was thankfully because of the erotic situation I was in of wearing her panties in the same room as her while she was unaware of it. I didn't really feel and jealously in general when she went out with guys but this time I kind of felt that way, probably because we were close friends for years and we just recently moved in, so I thought eventually she'd let me have sex with her or blow me at the very least. It wasn't long before my 4 inch dick was fully erect as I was in Cindy's panties, watching her get fucked by some guy I didn't know.

A Matter of Taste Ch. 02

fetish mananabandito 2018-05-23

She admired my outfit and before we left she got on her knees, pushed up my skirt and girdle, and proceeded to suck me off and fill her mouth with a big hot load of my cum. Barb just laughed at me when matter-of-factly Liz's husband Joe said, "Hiya Mike! Tom put his arm on my shoulder and said, "You know buddy, you look very sexy." He paused a moment then pulled me close and tenderly kissed me. Barb quietly left the room and I grabbed Tom's cock. His hot cum exploded in my mouth as he pulled his cock from my throat. I opened my mouth and Joe forcefully rammed his cock deep into my throat.

Travel Trouble

fetish klammer 2018-05-23

drinks down and took Mary's hand and asked her, "Would you like to dance Brutus asked her, "Have Lucas and Mary returned from their ride yet?" Brutus came back and told her, "Lucas and Mary are back and want some last time I saw her was the night she was wanting Lucas to make love to Lucas turned to Mary and said, "I think you ladies need some time alone Mary said, "Lets have Tonya try on some of her sexy new clothes Lucas." As he left Master Lucas said, "Have a good time Lucas told his guests, "Please feel free to use my slave bitches any way He took my hand and said, "Tonya you were a good slave and turned out the

Suzanne Becomes Jack's Milk Cow

fetish Suzanne James 2018-05-23

We were both incredibly turned on by the idea, and had shopped in Chicago for nursing bras and other clothing that would enhance my new condition as Jack's contented milk cow. I knew that the sensation of the pump wouldn't be the same as Jack's mouth and hands on my breasts, but I was unprepared for the suction power of the milking machine--it hurt! I'll be right back." Unlike Jack's mouth on my nipples, the breast pump had a dry suction, which pulled more than I was accustomed to, but I was beginning to enjoy the sensation when Jack came back into the bedroom with his camera. I was so close to coming, and yet I wanted to delay it a bit longer to enjoy Jack's hands and mouth on my breasts.

Anna's Milk

fetish yesterdays 2018-05-23

Soon Anna and Nick's baby, little Ben, was born, and they were seemingly a happy if exhausted couple in the back of our house. And so to my wonder, before I could look away, as Nick handed her the baby, Anna unhooked her bra over her left breast, and it opened up and revealed most of her engorged and freckled breast with its large areola and medium-sized pink nipple. As I brought Ben slowly over to her on the couch, gently supporting his head and neck as they'd taught me, Anna unfastened the other side, revealing her equally beautiful and engorged right breast, which I couldn't help looking at quite closely as I brought little Ben in for the touchdown.


fetish JUICYBOX 2018-05-23

Do you need me, Now, Want to get loud, and feeling proud? I know you want this, and I have it! So, come ready, and with it! Just, got to love this, "Shit"! I'm going to make you hurt, and maybe even bleed! Turning up the heat, you realize, you can't keep up with me! But, don't back out now, Baby, don't turn your cheek! Be loud and proud, it's just you and me! Got the cuff's? Are you ready? We are going to get hot, and heavy! Yeah, I'm one of a kind, Willing and Full-filling, I'm alway's; "Wet and Tight," Now, Isn't that what all us "Freak's," like? You like my style; So, quit wasting my "Fucking" time, And let''s get; "BUCK-WILD!"

Naughty Peeing at University Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-23

I watched on with utter dismay as Sandra promptly squatted down in plain view and started to let out a thick squirting stream of yellow pee out of her shaved pussy lips. I had never witnessed a grown girl taking a piss in front of me in broad daylight before and I was entranced by just how good it looked as I witnessed the golden fountain shooting from Sandra's muff and playing over the ground. "Wow you really did need to go," said Sandra letting go of one final shot of piss from her own pussy as she finished her pee. In my minds eye I pictured each one of them squatting panty-less over the gravel and taking long squirting piss streams over the floor.

In the mall (sissy femdom story) Part 9

fetish germanmemail 2018-05-23

Nancy turned to go release Trish and Rose left to room obviously to meet with Penny who worked for Janice at the store walked up to Rose, gave her a peck on Rose stepped forward and as she slowly flicked the bells on Janice's nipples While Nancy did as told with a wonderful soft mouth Rose walked back across the bit on her finger and then applied it directly to Janice's tight little ass and Janice sucked in a big breath of air, Rose reached up pulled her head down Then I watched as Rose reached down and pulled the elastics tight and attached tight little ass hole, the elastics pulled on those newly pierced nipples and

A Brother's Memories Part 5

fetish RichandSis 2018-05-23

I turned around and stuck my hard little cock in her face and said, "you're damned right I am." She gave it a kiss and said that Betty told her not to make me cum because I was going to need all of my strength later. Dawn released Betty's breasts and reached back and spread her ass wide and said "more please." I thought she meant faster or harder so I did both. I knelt between her legs, that is the way I thought of Dawn as a woman, and began kissing her little cock. Dawn was moaning and fucking her ass on my fingers and her cock was throbbing in my mouth and I knew she was about to cum.