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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Gag-A-Thon 1: Adriana and Hailey

fetish AndornArakh 2018-05-23

As the girls were getting face fucked they just sat with their mouths open, heads controlled by the men who were violently thrusting into their throats. Jay didn't hesitate to shove his cock into Hailey's open mouth, causing her to gag and her body to spasm as he quickly sunk balls deep into her throat. Rob grabbed the sides of Adriana's head and started fucking her soft throat, his thrusts quick and violent as she gagged loudly. Rob stayed with Adriana and Jay with Hailey as they held their heads still and fucked the girls open mouths. Both guys timed their thrusts, their cocks slamming against the back of the beautiful girls throats, hitting their heads together as the brutally fucked them.

My wife taught to fuck continued

fetish theoldfella52 2018-05-23

How wrong I was, Fred then just shoved that mother fucker of a cock straight into Mary’s swollen wet cunt right down to his balls, Mary let out a scream; “OMG…FUCKING SHIT…OMG… OMG…”… “Pound the bitch mate …pound the hot bitch” said Rob , old Charlie burst out laughing adding “ YEP, tear the fuck out of the bitch mate, If she isn’t screaming it isn’t working, she obviously needs a real good fucking” Old Fred pounded her little wet cunt like a thrashing machine as Mary screamed “ OMG …fuck,,,,fuck,,,fuck….

Scent of an Orchid

fetish hardnose 2018-05-23

I returned to the office after lunch, full of energy and I began to work, trying to catch up on all the things that were planned, but after half an hour, I once again felt my hard cock in my pants. Correcting my cock, I began to reply to e-mails, and when I took a look in my inbox, the strange sender had written me another e-mail, so I open it up to see what she had written. I felt her thighs pushing against my cheeks, but I continued to lick until I heard her soft voice telling me to stop. She stood next to the couch, and looked down into my eyes, telling me to take out my longing cock, and caress it with my left hand.

Three Agonizing Days

fetish TenthDoctor 2018-05-23

She seemed to read my mind when she took my chin firmly in her hand, pulled my gaze to hers, and said, "What was our bet?" Naturally, I lunged towards her, but she pulled away, giggling at my desperation for just that little bit of intimacy, that kiss that she was not going to give. "Oh, boy, you have a long night ahead of you." Then she leaned in close, stroked me again, and whispered, "Put yourself away and meet me in the bathroom in exactly four minutes." Then she got up and walked away. She said "exactly four minutes" and I hadn't looked at the time on my phone.

Amy's Panties

fetish cowgirlchasser 2018-05-23

I acquired a few of my many pairs of panties just by being a good person and helping out one of my friends while he and his family were going to be gone for the weekend. I knew it was getting time to get going so I got up and put my jeans back on not even thinking that I had on Amy's black thong and not the other one I wore to the farm. I made my way but in the house and up the stairs and grabbed two pairs from Amy's room, a thong from Jenny and even choose to hit Jane's (the mother) drawer and to my surprise found some very sexy ass bikini's and thongs.

The Taxi Driver

fetish BareFootCutie 2018-05-23

It felt so great I lifted my dress up revealing my now soaked pussy and began to rub my hard and tender clit. Right when I felt like I couldn't hold on much longer he stopped licking and shoved his cock into me quite forcefully. I couldn't hold on much longer and started cumming while he kept pumping me with his hard cock. Just before he came he took his cock out of my throbbing pussy and rubbed it on the soles of my bare feet, shooting cum all over them. He told me to get out and drove off with my knickers and shoes leaving me to walk the rest of the way home with my bare feet covered in his cum.

Being Flexible

fetish drscar 2018-05-23

She did this several times, her tongue playing with the tip of the head and her lips playing back and forth across the ridge, bringing me closer and closer to the point where I would feel I would have to pull her off because I was too sensitive, Just when I thought that I couldn't take it any more she'd deep throat me and I would feel the rush of ecstasy. The more I thought about it, I wasn't really sure I could actually do it; the angle of putting my head on the floor is just a little farther out from putting my cock in my mouth. She reached around my legs to grab my cock and start stroking it into my mouth, and I felt the head move back and forth against my tongue.

Interracial Bill of Rights

fetish 425olds 2018-05-23

Black men should NEVER have to wear a condom during sex with a white woman (or man if that be the case). 5. If it is at all possible, no form of contraception should ever be used for sex with Black Men. It is a white woman's natural duty to conceive and bear black c***dren as often as is possible. 6. When bearing and raising white c***dren you should raise them to understand their place beneath the Black man and to understand their god given duty to sexually serve the black men. 8. As a white woman, the ONLY path to TOTAL and COMPLETE sexual satisfaction is to serve the needs of the superior Black male.

Sexy Secretary Showers the UPS Guy

fetish filthgenie 2018-05-23

pushing his fingers inside the now wet material he gently rubbed my sopping slit, moving along until he found my swollen clit. "I want to piss on your face as you push your tongue deep inside me. I want your chin to tickle my clit, making me cum as I piss on you" His tongue lapped at my clit, like a dog lapping up water, strong, broad gentle strokes driving me to absolute ecstasy, I pinched my nipples through my blouse; my juices were running down his face. Drilling is tongue deep into my soaking hot pussy hole, he was so deep inside me his chin was rubbing my clit. I lost control, I could feel the electricity building, my juices flowing, my clit tingling and my nipples throbbing.

Punishing Scott's Balls

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-05-23

Knowing that he would be expected to clean his Mistress's pussy only added to the experience for Scott and once he had finished cumming inside her, Emma had ordered him onto his back and straddled his face. With Scott's cum already dripping from inside her, Emma ground her wet, slippery pussy against his lips and tongue until she exploded violently, leaving his face drenched in sweat, his cum and her juices. "No Mistress..." winced Scott as he felt Emma's nails release his cock, red lines remaining on his skin where her long fingernails had dug into his tender flesh. Emma's pussy was utterly soaked now, the thought of Scott sucking another man's cum out of her and then cleaning his cock for her made her want to cum again.

Step b*****r part 2

fetish 2018-05-23

By the time we got home, we were both high off of the excitement of fucking in both public and practically right in front of my step dad. He was so excited to see my tight bald pussy that he barely waited until we opened the door of the camper to start pulling my pants down and sticking his finger up my cunt. I guess from jerking off and eating my pussy he got extremely horny and was very close to cumming because just his cock barely sliding between our bodies made him orgasm and cum all over our stomachs. Then the man started to cum all over the top of my pussy, which made me cum the greatest orgasm I have had yet, and then my step b*****r came into my ass.

Life With s*s: Pt 9

fetish 2018-05-23

When I got back out Lexie stood up and gave me another hug, she tugged once on my cock and said "this is more like the Jeff we know and love." Well, that took me a little bit by surprise. Steph asked if they wanted a little pee break together, almost at once both girls said "how about all four uf us, is there room?" Then before I had our meal ready, Steph surprised me by asking if one of them would fist her, she's been dreaming about ever since we went to the Twin Cities together and she told them my hand was too big, it hurt a little bit when I tried.

Mrs. E Is Back!

fetish Myths 2018-05-23

I know 'my girls' now by the scent of their panties, each one subtlety different, but each capable of making my cock jerk and twitch as I inhale the aromas. Jasmine, the pretty girl in the apartment opposite, has a problem with a sticking door and could I take a look at it sometime? Jasmine is a petite oriental girl, so petite her thong was tight in my ass crack and my cock was hardly contained. She dived down again and this time pulled the panties away causing my cock to spring free. The girls backed off, with last strokes of my cock, even a cheeky kiss on the head from Maureen.


Nylon Lover Ch. 1

fetish ninja-mon 2018-05-23

I remember that when she got home from work, she'd sit on the couch and take her stockings and high heels off, and leave them there until she went to bed. She would hike her skirt up above the tops of her stockings, and unclip the clasps on her garter belt, and then roll her sheer nylons down her legs, placing them in her shoes. Many times, I managed to slide my hand up under their dress, to their stocking tops, garter straps, and once in awhile, bare skin! She's show me plenty of leg, and even let me rub her stockings when no one was around, but she would'nt go to the club house with me.

Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 01

fetish ChristopherMoon 2018-05-23

Because they share a lot of secrets, Rachelle knows about Ashlee's preference for pee fetishisms. Ashlee started fingering herself more ferociously as she seemed to be fascinated beyond believe about how much piss surged out of her sister's vagina. Before Rachelle could say anything, Ashlee had crawled between her legs and started licking with her tongue piercing like a playful puppy while she kept fingering her own moist twat. Ashlee started panting heavier and faster and Rachelle enjoyed the view of her sister licking her out with her spherical bum sticking out at the back. Suddenly, Ashlee pulled back her head from Rachelle's pussy and yelped a high pitched 'AH!' before she squirted her feminine ejaculate all to the ground.

A long time coming

fetish Erect-eruption 2018-05-23

"Open your fucking mouth, so I can clean it out with my cock." Anna's eyes stayed on me, she looked a bit scared but she opened anyway. Once I felt her tongue massaging the head of my cock, that's when I pulled back slowly and rammed it back in deeper.She gagged, making me smile like a k** in a candy store, "What was that about my cock not filling your mouth, slut?" I started thrusting deeper and faster, moaning as I felt her throat get tight on the head of my dick. I quickly pulled out of her mouth and f***ed her hand around my throbbing wet cock, "Stoke it and aim at your fucking face, cock slut."

Aishas Exercise pt3

fetish 2018-05-23

Happily her father used his right hand to guide the mesh-covered cock head into his daughter's young warm wet mouth. did you dress like this for daddy?" His fingers kept caressing her naked wet cunt lips and slit, arousing Aisha. yes..." The words "sucked my cock" excited Aisha and at the same time she felt her father push up his cock head in her naked cunt opening. "What's the solution, daddy." Aisha felt the way her father's cock head was throbbing at the entrance of her cunt. Aisha wanted to change the subject because her father's cock head was still in her cunt and was hard and throbbing and was arousing her once more.

A Sissy Shopping Trip Ch. 03

fetish cwsissy 2018-05-23

He said he wanted to help you personally." She winked, and scanned Cindy from head to toe, lingering briefly on her low-cut top and micro skirt. "Ah," he chuckled, "Does the little girlie want a taste of cock?" With that he pushed forward a bit more, allowing his penis to just brush against my painted lips. I was desperate to taste him and when his cock came over my mouth I opened up wide and pushed my tongue out to capture it as it went by. I felt the top of the chair dropping as he ordered me not to move, "or you'll smear your polish." When it felt like my head must touch the floor and I was looking up at my cock standing proud above me it stopped.

Opening Night: Act 02

fetish Smother 2018-05-23

"Thursday is going to arrive too soon, don't you think?" She laid her head down on my thigh and I pushed my right hand into the deep folds of the coat that was bunched around her shoulder and neck. Their preoccupation is with my sweater or fluffy skirt - all they want is to run their hands over my puffy attire as they cum inside of me; whether it means bending me over a table and staring at their hands as they stroke the back of some thick, lovely mohair sweater, or feeling the guard hairs of that golden island fox coat surround them as I suck on their necks, fucking them wildly in the lounger in my bedroom.

Sally: His Perfect Shemale Partner Ch. 2

fetish PunkFan 2018-05-23

It didn't help that I was really turned on by thinking of what could happen, I pulled up to the building knowing that with my rock hard cock was straining against my trousers and would be clearly visible if I went into work but I wasn't going to masturbate in daylight when my colleges could walk past it could cost me my job so I decided now would be the best time to call Vicky so I could calm down a little. Sally was really fucking my face hard until she pulled out and began jerking her dick a few times before her cum came out like ropes all over my face.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 08

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-05-23

We'll leave the skirts to women (until we are completely comfortable or go to a fetish ball), and if I ever see you in a sunflower dress, my darlings, you won't need to worry about your wife or girlfriend. And while it is made for a woman and comes with a gorgeously cut skit that has slits to show off my calves and legs all the way up to the shape of my ass, I can also combine it with pants and overcoats, depending on my mood and what I side of me I want to show off. And if I am going out, you can never go wrong with a Crow style fetish t-shirt that makes your upper body look like it's been sculpted in rubber.

Valerie Song: Hot Yoga Pt. 01

fetish dongstar 2018-05-23

The girl in the blue-and-whipped-cream-dress scooped a handful of crepe and stuffed it into Valerie's mouth, still making out with her as she did. "Brunch, what's it look like?" asked Valerie, grabbing a fistful of Blue Dress's monster tit and suckling at it. Meanwhile, on the tip of Valerie's cock, Blue Dress's boyfriend had drunk up so much precum his belly had begun to bulge outward like he'd swallowed a volleyball! She flexed a set of kegel muscles that could have lifted a suspension bridge and hoisted her entire cock into the air, throwing the table and exhausted, quivering Blue Dress aside to land softly in the arms of the two waitresses, who set her down and went back to work pleasuring Valerie's balls and tits.

Smoking TV slut. Part 4

fetish HonorAnneDObey2 2018-05-23

The warm rubber aroma inside the car, now mingled with a salty smell, as clear precum gently oozed from his slit. His steady breath became shorter and quicker, as he gasped through the long rubber tube, when my shiny lips kissed his crown, leaving a deep red stain. I sucked that cock like a lollipop, to the accompaniment of muted moans and groans, savouring his dominant rubber taste. I dabbed a 6 inch red nail genly around his cock slit, then looking at his masterful rubber face, popped the oozing juice between my cocksucking lips. His rubber hands took hold of my head, and began to feed me more, inch by inch, his muted breathing now more erratic than ever.

Tina's First Time Ch. 03

fetish Fred31267 2018-05-23

Tina nodded her head, she always focused on his voice when he spoke and it was like a lifeline as the swats continued to rain down on her upper thighs and ass cheeks. "Tina do you remember the guilt you felt when you realized how you shamed your Father?" He asked, "Focus on that day in your mind, that day when you saw the shame in his eyes and knew he was changed on the inside." She could feel the guilt all over again knowing that she was the reason her Father had lost control, knowing even as she sassed him that it was dangerous, but exciting at the same time, to see just how far she could push him.