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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Strange Encounter Ch. 04

fetish HunterShambles 2018-05-23

This thing about Mum and dad is not good, I hope they can fix it, I hate to think of them tearing each other apart," he said and hugged Sue, kissing her breasts through her jumper and blouse. err, hi guys, err, we're just going to bed, can we talk in the morning?" said Stuart, their Dad, his left arm holding Anne, his right their clothes. In the room Anne still lay on the carpet, snoring gently, spreadeagled; the crust of Stuarts cum on her pussy and arse cheeks, a dried pool on the floor under her, Sue grimaced, not a good sight, despite her mother's beauty.

Maria The Pissmop

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-05-23

I'd scripted for Maria to clean a gents toilet with her pretty little tongue.Walking back over to her, I took hold of the lead once more and pointed to the first urinal. I whiled away the minutes thoroughly enjoying the sight of one of the most beautiful most fuckable pieces of pussy, naked, down on her hands and knees in a men's toilet, drinking two-day old piss from a urinal. Maria looked about, taking in the size of the floor and obviously calculating how long it would take to clean when one was using only a small, pink girl's tongue. Maria was trying very hard not to look into the toilet bowl, but I pulled on the lead and told her to get her face right over it.

Becca B. Part 3

fetish 2018-05-23

I was having the most intense blowjob I have ever had and I knew I wasn’t going to last long and I said “Watch out I’m going to cum!” I thought she would want to pull back but she started moaning sending vibrations that reached deep into my loins and that was all I could take, I started cumming and she slammed my dick into the back of her throat and again I could feel her throat muscles but this time they were getting coated blast after blast of my cum and she was taking it all.

Closing Time

fetish spandexman 2018-05-23

Roxy Hart, the 5'7", Barbie doll faced gorgeous, 51-year-old, former model and B-movie actress, with high cheekbones, big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick curly just below her shoulders flaming-red hair, and a very curvaceous 38GG-26-40 hourglass figure that her tight red knit sweater, white spandex pants and 5" shiny red highheels, that showed her off all too well got out of her white Mustang on Main Street and strutted to the Riding Shop, Todd was never this late and all he was going to do was exchange the riding breeches she needed for a bondage shoot on Monday.

Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Ch4

fetish panteeluvr 2018-05-23

Cortni changed into her slut clothes and took off to meet Lee. As soon as she got there, she jumped into his car and yanked his pants down and buried her face in his crotch, sniffing, licking, and slurpping around the base of his dick. Lee was babbling about something, but Cortni paid him no attention as she was watching out the corner of her eye, the fat guy reaching under the table and sticking his hand under his big gut to rub his crotch. When Cortni pulled the thongs out of her snatch and ran her finger along them, before bringing them to her face to inspect them and sniff them, she seen the guy hunched over, face red, panting, and his groin and fat belly jerking with post orgasmic bliss!

A BBW and Her Nightgown

fetish PhilaBBW 2018-05-23

I spent the rest of high school jacking off to this little piece of material." Amanda had enough reason in her head to know that this should be creepy, but somehow, coming out of his mouth, it seemed like the most romantic thing anyone had ever said. And for all that he said he loved her new, fat body, she couldn't imagine someone being as turned on by it as he was, especially not when he knew what she looked like back then. She leaned back into the back of the couch, and as her hands moved down her belly, James thought her body looked almost as soft and plush as the cushions she sat on.

Rudely I Came

fetish kleincox 2018-05-23

"I hope he was dreaming about you, Sis, because I think he made a mess in his pants." My wife giggled when I pulled my cum covered hand out. Finally my wife spoke, "Jennifer has agreed and I think we need to have a new course of action. After a few more minutes of her trying to pull my dick off she said, "Look, I know boys need to cum but I don't have all night." After a few more tugs she gave up, "My arm is getting tired, you are going to have to finish yourself off." He tone was flat and disinterested.Jennifer looked away with disgust but didn't get up to leave. Jennifer looked me over and said, "Now I think we are getting somewhere."

Email Cuckold Ch. 06

fetish illicit_writer 2018-05-23

Sue had gotten off Karen's underwear now and Ken realized she had two fingers inside of his wife! Ken looked up and saw her lean back against Rob. The young man used the position to better play with her breasts and nipples. "All three of you look so hot." A flash of movement caught Ken's eye and he looked to see Sue join her husband in playing with Karen's boobs. Her boobs jiggled beneath the hands of Sue and her hips slammed into Rob. Ken couldn't continue licking, the motions were just too quick so he began circling her clit with his fingers. Sue's hands still caressed Karen and she looked at Ken on his knees.


Forget You

fetish theilluminaughty 2018-05-23

Blue eyed, blonde, fairly skinny but thick in all the right places, I was pretty gorgeous before I got pregnant. I pulled the business card out of my purse, throwing a decent and vaguely suggestive dress on before going outside to hail a taxi. I'm trying to figure out how to proceed with this story in a good way that won't disappoint those looking for some pretty detailed and plot-evident erotica along with just the sex bits. I took a break from this story about halfway through writing it and ended up not touching it for a few months, so don't come at me too hard if there's some discrepancies within the text.

Let's Talk About Pussy

fetish SlaveToCock 2018-05-22

Man, do I like a nice sweet piece of cunt. I like to eat it, suck it and fuck it. Just thinking about pussy makes me so fuckin, I'm gonna have to stroke my dick while I talk. I spread her cunt lips and sucked her cute little clit. When you're licking cunt you can taste her pussy juice better than if you suck. That hot little bitch creamed so much it made the fuckin sheets wet. There's a lot of things you can stuff into her cunt if you don't feel like fucking it yet. I swear you'll be jerkin your prick sore watching her pretty shaved pussy lips stretchin' around that hard ball before it pops out her wet cunt hole.


The Devil in Her Pt. 03

fetish BarryCKretive 2018-05-22

Angie did watch as all of the ladies in the lounge made their way to the dance floor to collect their beads from the hostesses. One of the devil-costumed women approached Angie with a nearly depleted plate of beads, clearly offering her the chance to take one. The stranger, her devil, the dark prince claimed a ring of beads from the plate and stepped behind her - clearly meaning to place it over her head. Angie turned her attention back to the dance floor and saw one male performing a striptease in front of a costumed female. She turned back towards the dance floor and gasped when she saw that a topless masked man was standing before her, beads in hand.

House of Syn Ch. 03

fetish MSTarot 2018-05-22

I have to say the Idea of a guy watching as I do his ...wife...has crossed my mind." Divine turns to me and runs a hand across my chest then catches my chin in her powerful fingers. But if you do well ...we will see who does what to whom at that time." She gives me a smirk for a half-second then looking into my eyes it slowly disappears. Looking toward the small side door that leads to my office I see Gregory holding his hand beside his head his thumb at his ear finger at his mouth. "I know what I look like ...but right now I'm just a father with a daughter in the hospital."

On Her Terms Ch. 03: The Descent

fetish econut 2018-05-22

Dale spent the evening massaging Sam's feet and sucking on her toes, licking her to several orgasms, kissing and licking her ass, and fellating a medium sized pink strap-on dildo. "And you better get used to it because you're going to be wearing it anytime you're here, from now on." Dale's cock was already trying to get hard, straining against the cage as Sam began uncuffing his hands. Over the rest of the night Sam found Dale had extra enthusiasm when eating her out or massaging her legs and ass, and even while fellating one of her many silicone cocks.

A Rip in My Nylons

fetish silky-bi-girl 2018-05-22

As he kissed and licked his way toward my pussy, I reached my right leg over his back, stroking his cheek with my inner thigh and stretching my silky toes down his spine to his waist. He withdrew slowly, letting my nylons brush the length of his cock as he exited, then fucked me gently, my legs wrapped tightly around his hard, bare ass. Just when I thought he would explode, he stood up, braced his knees on the end of the bed and started screwing me hard and fast, my silky legs pressed straight against his chest, ankles locked around his head. Enjoying my pain, he drew the little whip up my inner thigh and across the hole in my nylons, twirling it through my moistened slit and over my tight bum hole.

Trying Something New

fetish SapphoSoul 2018-05-22

Ten minutes later I'd received my drink and consumed half of it, began and ended a conversation with a woman sitting by me who'd now joined the other club-goers on the dance floor. I'm just saying your fine as fuck and I'd like to get to know you." Unwavering, Lauryn tipped the straw to the woman who rolled her eyes and reluctantly took a sip. I hopped every movement let her know what I wanted to do to her if she decided to come back to my place or welcomed me to hers. "Sure, they're right there." I said pointing to the shirt and sweats on the dresser, but before I could tell her where the bathroom was she'd already began removing the silver dress.

Cynthia Sedair Conquers The World

fetish AmeriaLoire 2018-05-22

Flopping over the edge of the couch I ground my hips into it, grinding against the cushion, fucking the furniture with every inch not getting sucked, titfucked, or groped. A sensation traveled from my balls slowly up the shaft and to the tip of the thing, my moan getting at once louder and from deeper in my throat as white blasted from the tip, ricocheting off my forehead and fountaining back against the wall. I had almost blacked out by the end, and my ragged sobs of perfect pleasure hung in the air like the droplets of cock-sauce that still dangled and snapped all around me from every piece of furniture and surface in the room.

Cock Craving Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-05-22

The hand on my waist was pulling me down and his big cock head was pressing against my hole, pushing it's way in. He groaned and pulled me back down and I felt his cock head push through deeper into my ass. Each time I took him all the way deep, I could feel his cock head push through deep inside me and he would groan. My gaping ass was throbbing, winking at him as he pushed his cock head against my hole and then in one slow stroke, he was in balls deep. His fingers found my face and were soon in my mouth, I sucked and tongued them as he stroked his cock in my ass.

The Best Job Ever: Pt 2

fetish 2018-05-22

One morning after I did my normal jog, the Mrs. informed me that she was having a luncheon the next day for some "special" friends and that I'd be needed for it. She told me that when they started the luncheon she wanted two carafes half full of pee or one full one, she didn't care which. I filled two of them half way and got myself ready for the party by getting myself close to having to pee as the guests arrived. When I got out to the luncheon, about twelve women, the Mrs. stopped me and poured a bottle of white zinfandel wine into the carafe filling it, then she had me pour for the ladies.

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 08

fetish cfblover 2018-05-22

She said, "Yeah." So I got behind her and started to slide my Clarinet inside her pussy. She said, "Right..." She saw Mallory's English horn sitting on bed with my cum still inside it and that's when I took my Clarinet out of Mallory's pussy. I overheard and said, "Yeah, and make sure you tell her everything, don't forget anything now." When Abigail and I went to bed, it was pretty sad, because we didn't do anything sexual; we just went straight to bed. I went up to her, started hugging her and said, "I don't want to be mad at you, just don't ever do this to me again, and if you truly do forget something, just tell me, ok?"

Jill's Initiation

fetish messyguy 2018-05-22

Finally, Joe took a large jug of about 16 eggs, which Emma had been scrambling, stepped onto a stool beside the pedestal, and poured the jug slowly over Jill's head, allowing the cold, stringy slime to coat her hair and run down her body. Emma brought forth a large chocolate sheet cake and placed it on the pedestal on top of a layer of accumulated mess that Jill had been standing in. As the food splattered her filthy body, Jill's first instinct was to pause her insistent grinding, but Sam grabbed her chin, now covered in drool due to the effect of the ball gag, and growled at her to keep fucking her cake.

Wife fucks her friend and writes this story for me

fetish fisher4890 2018-05-22

Then I started to kiss his neck and gently suck on his neck and he moved his hands down to my thigh, my inner thigh and teased around my pussy. It felt really good and I moved my pussy up to meet his hand, I wanted him to finger me. He moved his finger around and played with my pussy for a minute while I grabbed him and pulled him closer to me and continued to kiss his neck and moan gently into his ear. I told him I wanted it faster then and he started to fuck me a little faster while keeping his hard thrusts.

The Taste of Submission

fetish vkseverin 2018-05-22

The pressure of my cock fucking the mattress felt good – adding more pleasure to this perverse scenario. She began moving her hips with a sense of urgency and moved her finger in and out of me – she was fucking me with her tiny cock. Once my fingers found her clit she worked herself into another strong orgasm as my tongue entered as far her into her ass as I could make it. Her hands would just push a little harder and soon I was between her thighs staring straight into her pussy. My eyes lowered and my cheeks reddened but soon I looked up at her again, "I love it baby," I finally admitted.

Little Red Riding Hood Rides Wood

fetish slutfucker101 2018-05-22

The girl grunted as the tree branch hit her special spot. Little Red Riding Hood always enjoyed her jaunts in the woods. The branch hit her special spot again, and Little Red Riding Hood shuddered at the impact. As her naughty juices slicked down her legs, Little Red Riding Hood lost herself in the sound of wild, sloppy sex. Little Red Riding Hood thrust her chest out as she rutted on the tree. During the frenzy of pleasure, Little Red Riding Hood's hot pussy rocked off the branch, forcing the girl to experience every inch of her tight contractions. As she squeezed out the last moments of pleasure, Little Red Riding Hood felt shy. Little Red Riding Hood reached down to thumb her pussy.

Chapter 3. Growing Up with Panties

fetish love_nylon_panty 2018-05-22

After Aunt Florence got me started enjoying ladies panties, I found my need to jerk off my nylon-covered cock exceeded her ability to entertain me. While k** b*****r was taking his morning nap and mom was cleaning the kitchen, I would go straight to Kate’s bedroom and her panty drawer. Inside, I would drop my shorts and underpants (remember, summer time meant no shirts) and pull those delicious nylon panties up my legs, over my ass, and onto my hardening cock. Visualizing the fantasy of the moment, my hands would be jerking my cock through the nylon layers, rubbing my panty-covered ass, or pulling my nipples through the nylon covering my chest. After all, I had to get her lingerie ready for the next time I helped Mom clean Aunt Kate’s house.