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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Stealing Zoe

fetish coltseevers 2018-05-22

I felt a stiffing of my cock as I looked at this woman and I knew I wanted to fuck her. I leaned forward and sniffed her anus, smelling a dark earthy odour I pulled her cheeks wider and gently licked her anus. I spread her legs and went down on her gently licking at her slit tasting her body. I opened her pussy lips and licked at her vagina, tasting the tangyness of urine, she must of pissed when she came then went to bed. She moaned in my ear to fuck her harder, our bodies were slapping together, my cock was slick with her pussy juices. She lay back and started to rub her wet pussy gently stroking her labia letting her finger slide between them .

I Want to Peg You

fetish pwlrstr 2018-05-22

I take my right hand, which had been jerking your stiff shaft and, letting your dick slip from my mouth for just a moment, lick the index finger until it is just as shiny and wet as your manhood. With my left hand, I pull your ass cheeks open and with my right I guide the scarlet silicone cylinder in between them, shoving it where my fingers once were until it penetrates the tight grasp of your pink hole. The wide, flat end of the strapon rubs against my crotch, making me wet and horny, but it's not the physical stimulation that is exciting me most, it's the unusual feeling of being the one standing over you, of getting to take the virginity of your incredible ass and giving it to you like you have done to me so many times.

Training a Slave Ch. 2

fetish whipmaster 2018-05-22

Gasping, she began to succumb to the excruciating pain, howling like a whipped dog, tears flowing freely across her cheeks, her breath coming in short laboured gasps and her entire body-weight hanging from the cuffs over her head, the muscles in her legs too weak to support her. I led the way down the stairs and turned at the bottom in time to see Chris's face light up at the sight of Debbie hanging exactly as I had left her, looking only marginally recovered from the ordeal she had undergone three hours ago.

Vinylady vs. The Penetrator

fetish Infl8orama 2018-05-22

Vinylady's sidekick, Rubber Boot Ricky, looked around warily, and said, "Something's beeping...there! Ricky deflected most, but a dozen or so got past him, puncturing Vinylady's vulnerable skin right through her stretchy outfit. "You are just as powerful in your solid plastic form, you know," he said, as her hourglass shape continued to wilt, hissing softly now, in his strong arms. Vinylady didn't face any real health threat from deflation-based unconsciousness, but she suffered a "hangover" that ruined her crimefighting skills for a couple of days and made her really tough to hang out with. I've been Penetrated, you naughty man, (don't you dare stop)," she said, though they both knew only he could hear.

The Milk Maid

fetish Writor 2018-05-22

Kathy Riffin had started seeing Doctor Davis a year ago on the recommendation of a good friend for a routine checkup. The entire time Kathy was speaking Isabel Davis was preparing the shot. Doctor Davis then immediately and quite easily inserted her entire hand inside Kathy's pussy. Dr. Davis smiled a bit and made a fist inside Kathy. Kathy entered the office carrying the breast milk and eagerly handed it over to the Doctor. Dr. Davis ran the alcohol swab against Kathy's arm then immediately injected her. Isabel's soft mouth was much better than the breast pump and the way she moved her hands to milk the breasts into her mouth brought Kathy to orgasm.


Hot Waxx

fetish Ranefox 2018-05-22

I stood there patiently, as she held the soft leather against my eyes, while she pulled the elastic band and slid it over my head. She ran an ice cube over my arm a few times then stopped. Celeste answered with another cascade of candle wax and ice, and another. I tried to envision Celeste perched there at the table, with a handful of ice in one hand, and a lighted candle in the other. Celeste sat me down on the recliner; the coolness of the leather upholstery contrasted with the warmth of my body, which chilled me. As I relished my treat, Celeste placed an ice cube directly on my clit, which contrasted with her hot breath.

Thai Surprise

fetish StarfireMayo 2018-05-22

Noi also has a pretty face with sweet thick red lips that taste delicious when kissing and look so adorable when sucking a big thick cock. As for Noi, she simply loves the feeling of a big cock stretching her inside, and filling up her small Thai pussy. I admit that Chat was one hot Thai chick (you can see the photos for yourself on request) and my Noi looked pretty cute and sexy kissing her. Big Jim, lacking any instructions from his mistress, just stood there toying with his horse-cock, his eyes riveted on Chat's womanhood and Noi's little pink tongue licking all around. Taking hold of Jim's cock and using it like a giant black dildo, Chat began thrusting is at Noi's open pussy.

Stories I like: Our first footsie

fetish Pussy_Lick 2018-05-22

Micha put his bottle down and began massaging Janice's luscious feet. He then began kissing Janice's feet and sucking each of her sexy toes. Janice laid on the bed and Micha began to lick her pussy lips and flick her clit with his tongue. Janice then stroked Micha's cock with both of her feet simultaneously. Micha began ramming her so hard that it wasn't long before Janice let out loud screams and her whole body began shaking, then her pussy juices flowed and ran out her pussy and down Micha's cock onto the bed. She pulled her right foot to her mouth and licked and sucked his cum from her feet and toes, then did the same with the left.

Frankie and her Friends Son

fetish 2018-05-22

Frankie juices where now flowing down her legs as three fingers turned into four long ways she leaned further back to the table as she pulled another chair towards her she lifted her other leg up to give him even more access, she was jumping all over now as her pussy rode his fingers the slopping sound it was making turning her inside out as he fingers punched in and out of her she felt his thumb touch her clit her g-spot taking the battering of its life she was cumming in buckets now her legs shaking, Reece trying to hold her up with his hand inside her, as she started to climb upwards her whole body shaking, she was only just aware of his thumb slipping inside her as he changed position slightly the fluttering started in her breasts as her nipples stood out it continued its run down her body her pussy throbbing uncontrollably and cumming and cumming she felt the whole world stand still as his full hand slipped inside her he moved slowly at first, Frankie not even aware of what was happening anymore just a feeling of complete fullness as she pushed one last time Reece started to pump his fist in and out.

Daddy's Little Cow Ch. 02

fetish KindAsCake 2018-05-22

"Come down sweet girl, I'm trying to keep my temper because you have a point, I've neglected you this week, but you are being a brat and pushing the boundaries of my patience." He held out his hand and motioned for her to come to him. "Little cow your udders are so engorged I won't be able to hook the machine up yet, I'm going to have to milk you by hand to relieve some of the pressure." He petted her head in a reassuring manner then moved away to find a bucket. "Now little girl, we've agreed Daddy could have handled things better, but do you think that's an excuse for your temper tantrum?"

Moon on Bourbon Street

fetish naughtychanteusez 2018-05-22

Oh, it would have to be the shadowy figure in the cape, anyone who thinks themselves that mysterious could use a big pinch on the ass, and she smiled to herself as she ran deftly up behind and grabbed a handful of a somewhat muscular behind. She picked up her bags and was walking out the door to their waiting cab when a man grabbed her quickly from behind and said, "Miss!" in a heavy New Orleans drawl, "I think you dropped these" and handed her a pair of torn pantalets. The green eyes of a handsome older man lit up as she turned and her own answered with a sparkle...he kissed her hand and walked away singing, "Oh you'll never see my shade or hear the sound of my feet, while there's a moon over Bourbon Street..."

A Very Small Thing

fetish 2018-05-22

"I walked in on him and was making a joke and started teasing him about his little thing and then he got mad and wants to show me his size but nothing is happening." Aria began to snicker as the ridiculous nature of this situation hit her. I just wanted to prove to her that I don't have a hamster dick." The whole time we were talking, I was still pulling on my cock, although with much less intensity now than before. She kept sucking for a while and I was close to coming when my s****r took my cock out of her mouth and said, "Mom. Look, it's big just like he said.

Pain in the Shower

fetish bliss101 2018-05-22

"look into her eyes." "you want it don't you?" "Yes Mistress." "Open your mouth." Pain has been building in my body, the water is splashing all around me, your words are taking me deeper and deeper and what you are offering me it the ultimate intimacy, the ultimate gift. Your fist in my hair guides my head twisting and turning you place me in the flow. I can feel your breath in my ear, your fist in my hair, your fingers on my cock and balls, your eyes watching the experience on my face. "Hold perfectly still no matter what." I cannot reply, my mouth open wide tongue extended in such a nasty way.

Caught Cheating

fetish AmethystMare 2018-05-22

Fyr didn't know the white dragoness on her bed, her legs hitched up around a partner that, somehow, was not her husband, but she knew far too much about her in the first second after entering the room. Chemical - Fyr's lips twitched as if she wished to snarl at the cursed dragoness - laughed and threw her head back, the green mane of hair spilling down her back. Fyr couldn't help but notice that she glanced back at Ropes every few thrusts, making alluring faces and shooting him long looks out of the corner of her eye. She peered at Ropes out of the corner of her eye, expecting him to agree and perhaps even be a little proud of her for taking the first step towards accepting just what was going on in their own bedroom.


Fantasies Do Come True

fetish hisigorness 2018-05-22

When I turned back, she had not left the room but she had removed her dress and now looked like the ultimate object of male lust standing totally nude in her heels! She then dropped to her knees, put her hands on my hips and began to suck on my piss covered cock like she hadn't eaten in months. After a couple of minutes of non-stop head bobbing, she stopped and said, "Fuck my face!" She took her left hand and started to squeeze and pull on her nipples. Only some of the come got in her mouth which she let drip out slowly while the rest of it dripped down off her chin and onto her breasts and pussy.

Night of a lifetime

fetish PpJuice 2018-05-22

He gets on his knees and takes my hand and tells me "ive always loved u and always will." With the most sincere voice on earth he whispers, "your everything that's beautiful in this world" I ask him with all the courage I have in me. Looks in my eyes and ask "r u ready" I look back an breathe "yes love" he applies pressure and I gasp hard as he enters me slowly for the first time. He responds my grabbing my hops tighter and going in hard and deep in no time I'm gushing cum all over us. Soon I'm in his arms tears n my eyes AGAIn asking "if I could ever feel heat in my whole body like that again" and he replies "we will see next time.

Gwen The Pissmop: A "Golden" Wedding

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-05-22

With that Sarah went back to her object accompanied masturbation as Gwen shuffled forward on her knees in the pool towards the nearest guy and without a hint of jealousy I watched her capture the limp cock in her mouth and clearly suck the remaining drops of amber liquid into her mouth. This got the full attention of all of the audience and as beer cans paused mid chug, we could only look on in awe as a yellow stream burst forth from Sarah to splash on Gwen's face and course down her inclined body to finally mix with the inch or so of piss in the bottom of the pool. I looked up to see Sarah towering over my, dripping contents of the paddling pool she had spent the night in over my face as I fucked her big sister.

Party Installation

fetish noomi 2018-05-22

As she opened a makeup case and started to make up the parts of Linda's face not covered by latex, having watched the two of them, George moved behind the bar and turned on some smooth lounge music. Linda stood up and walked with relative ease over to the frame where George now was standing with a plastic box at his feet filled with what looked like bondage gear. George took something out of the box and sure enough a gas mask was put to her face and the straps pulled over and tightened around her head. Linda could only watch as George started at her feet, tightening every strap to what felt as the breaking point for both strap and buckle, all the way to the straps around her face.

The Toy Salespeople Ch. 04

fetish Tarbut 2018-05-22

Edna drew a chair near the bed, sat on it, raised her knees in order to put her vulva in the right position to receive the catheter (and to show its full glory to John and Jane), and inserted it. As John turned his head to watch, his penis hardened, and Jane decided to raise her butt in order to let it enter her wet vagina. So Edna took another catheter, another butt plug, and put the latter into John's butt; then she asked Jane to crawl two inches forward, in order to clear her urethral orifice from ... Then Edna stopped the cock, Jane crawled forward letting John's penis get out of her, and removed both the vibrator and the catheter.

My First Date: Part Two

fetish 2018-05-22

That must have been all it took, my tongue started to work on the head of his cock when the first stream of cum hit the inside of my mouth, it felt hot and tasted a little bit salty, I didn't really like it, but didn't dislike it either. We started to make out as I stroked his cock, he started to get very aroused and told me he was going to cum soon, he asked me to do it in my mouth so it wouldn't get on him or the car, kind of a turn off, but what the heck.

Wife at the cum party

fetish samcolt1911 2018-05-22

Carl took one look at Beth and said, "Holy shit! "Tony!" Carl said, "I know Beth from college, she was in that Playboy college issue I showed you a while back." "Yes, that was me you little pervs" she said, turning around and bending over a little while giggling, showing Carl and Anthony her ass in her tight pants. "Hey Jason," Anthony said, still looking down at my wife's hips "Let's go get a drink." Carl picked up a shot from the tray with his left hand and gave it to the girl in the black mini skirt. Anthony kept his hand down the back of Beth's pants and looked like he was rubbing it.

Apartment next door

fetish jb152 2018-05-22

She had the food just about ready so I asked if she wanted me to open the wine, She said it would probably be best since she was already on her second Scotch and water. A specific story was told by me of a time I "caught" her and made her suck my cock she said she loved sucking her daddies cock and swallowing all his cum. She told me that she always dated older guys and found them to be more open minded., and willing to slow down when she wanted them too. I told Gail she needed to ask my permission before getting herself off. She has developed a real liking for anal sex and she always wants her ""daddy" to cum in her ass before he goes home.

A Tennessee Education Pt. 02

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-05-22

As Sharon Ashby left the parking lot she called Jonathan to let her know she needed to cancel plans for this evening. Bobby rationalized, "When the kid, whoever he was, got to his car and saw the damage, he'd chalk this one up to a life lesson of not parking in the wrong lot." "Dam she looked delicious," he thought." She sure knew how to tempt a guy in all the right ways." He drove the rest of the way with the music cranked but opened his phone several times to drool over the pic she sent. "Sure do." Bobby pulled up the photo she had just sent him on the way home and handed the phone to the guys to drool over.

The Sex Show Ch. 00

fetish CafeExtreme 2018-05-22

In the early series of the show, the second round was "Who's Coming to Dinner" and involved the couple hosting a dinner party for a number of people that was destined to turn into a massive orgy. At the end of the meal, each guest would crack open a fortune cookie, and read out the fortune which was a sex act that needed to be performed by the contestants during the orgy. In this round, the woman would be blindfolded and taken somewhere to be put in a scenario where she would be fucked or have to suck, any number of people or perform a range of extreme acts.