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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Trapped in Quicksand! Ch. 02

fetish evanrulzz 2018-05-22

Margaret stood firmly on an island of marsh grass ogling her sexy, real estate rival, Elizabeth, struggle against gravity. I wonder, would you have sex to save yourself?" Margaret pretended to toss the rope, but pulled it back psyching Elizabeth out. "I don't want you to fuck any clients of mine." Margaret dangled the end of the rope slapping it against her tender clit."I just want you to lick my hot, wet pussy, that's all. Now pull yourself to me." Margaret whipped the rope at Elizabeth who fumbled it briefly in the muck finally grasping her ticket to freedom before it sank away from her. Ohhhhh, yeah." Margaret's orgasm was building rapidly as Elizabeth licked deep circles around her highly charged clit.

Chance Encounter Ch. 26

fetish Miguel59 2018-05-22

Tommy didn't get out but took his right arm off Jean's shoulder and stuck it out the window signaling he wanted Miguel to shake it. He wanted to daydream and recreate the entire moment from kissing Jean to staring down at her hand wrapped around Tommy's cock, watching her pump his manhood, but he instead focused on his conversation with Jean's mom. Miguel absorbed everything Jean's mom said and answered, "I had no idea they had gotten so serious." It wasn't the truth he told her as Jean admitted she had fallen in love with Leo, but he thought it better to play dumb.

A Simple Decision

fetish scifo84 2018-05-22

And the thing was, unlike a lot of men who seemed to devote a great deal of time trying to avoid matrimony, I’d sought it out assiduously for many years, dating a myriad of women without finding the one. For, you see, I’d craved a fantasy woman since my teen years. I reveled in the submissive nature of my humiliation, reduced to the status of a little boy as she paddled me into an obedient, devoted supplicant at her alter of womanhood. On my knees, tears on my face from a severe paddling from a woman. Over time, she’d told me that, if I put myself in her hands, she would mold me into the devoted submissive that I craved to be.

One Session

fetish RayneDor 2018-05-22

Among these articles, is a large glass syringe with a variety of different sized nozzles laid out beside it, rubber gloves, dildos and vibrators, in different sizes and shapes, a speculum, stainless steel sounds, both straight and curved, and a jar of cold cream that Dory uses as a lubricant. Unlike many other women, Dory can concentrate her aim where ever she pleases and she always manages to direct her thick stream directly onto the very tip of my straining cock so that the steaming liquid nearly forces my own pee-hole open before it courses down to hotly envelop my shaft and trickle wonderfully around my balls before flooding into the crevice of my ass.

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 12

fetish draugrmaker 2018-05-22

I just had to send Chad on an errand to give Beth and Cindy time to give Tricia her pregnancy test. I am going to let you stick your pathetic excuse for a cock in my pussy, would my slave like that?” Tricia said. She laid on the bed and spread her legs, Tricia dove between them and happily licked my cum leaking out of her pussy! Beth said, “I want you to cum all over her face and in her mouth! As she orgasmed, I thrusted my cock above her breasts and said, “That’s it… oh god…oh…oh” as I sprayed cum onto her face and into her open mouth! Tricia and Chad piled in his Escalade and Cindy, Beth and I jumped in the Mini-van.

Robert's Regression

fetish Subtext 2018-05-22

"This is a pretty cruel game!" she said, putting a compassionate hand lightly to his rear end. As she walked away Robert tried to climb up the rope again, but slipped as before. "It's okay," she said as she took him by the hand, "Come with me." "It's okay, just lie back and relax." she told him as she opened his towel and pushed his legs back towards his head. Robert felt insulted and belittled by her presumptions, but he allowed her to slide the diaper beneath him and wrap his naked rear end and private parts into its over-stuffed crinkliness. "You wanted that feeling of being a helpless baby." she continued, "There's a lot of freedom from responsibility that you've missed.

Naked in the Parking Lot

fetish doug33 2018-05-22

I forgot my change of clothes in my van in the parking lot. I decided to strip naked and change clothes in a public parking lot in broad daylight. When I got to the drivers door I opened it grabbed the change of clothes and stood there with the door open which shielded me from view of anyone in front of the van to some degree. I stood there, scratched my nuts, pulled on my dick a few times and just enjoyed the thrill. Finally I pulled on the old shorts and got in the van. I must have had a shocked look on my face but I grinned weakly back at her, pulled out and left and hoping she didn't get a good look at my plates.

Summoned by my Mistress

fetish richiezm 2018-05-22

She simply pointed to a pile of clothing, and I knew to put them on; a deep satin suspender belt with six straps, shear black stockings, high heels (Which I’d never worn before) and a pair of long satin gloves, and finally a Ring Gag. After putting the gloves on she fastened cuffs around my wrists which were the same kind as my collar; I was then lead through her dungeon to an old fashioned wooden Pillory, I stumbled slightly in and the heels they took some getting used to. Just then the door to the Dungeon opened and a second mistress walked in also wearing a latex catsuit, but with dark hair tied tightly into a bun on the top of her head, she scared me as her make-up was rather over the top & excessive, and as I’d never been double domme’d before I was nervous.

Juices on the boat

fetish RMasters 2018-05-22

I tried to wake up and said that I like a good tan, so I can never have enough sun. I asked her if she already wanted to leave, she said that it was time to go away from the crowd. She then grabbed my head with both hands and keeps pushing it, like stroking, It did hurt my nose, but neither one of us did mind. “You might want to get on the seat and turn around, I don’t think you can put it in all the way otherwise” she said. With her thumbs and pointing fingers, she grabbed my exposed head and pulled it close to her mouth.

Full Tank

fetish vqfarrold 2018-05-22

We had an arrangement that I would wait fifteen minutes after our scheduled meeting time. She had her pantyhose and panties around her ankles in a second and no sooner had she thrust her buttocks forward over the edge of the seat than there was a loud hissing sound and the sharp smell of her urine began to fill the car. There was not a lot of leg-room in the front of the car and she had to part her knees considerably in order to move far enough forward to clear the seat. When we pulled up outside she carefully pulled off her shoes one at a time, handed them to me, and somehow managed to extricate her feet from the sodden panty hose without stepping into the pool of liquid on the floor.

Entree Ch. 12

fetish NastyPierre 2018-05-22

When she came to the gate and reached for the lock, i fell to all fours and started jumping around, wagging my tail and barking in muffles most wild and humiliating. "Good choice little guy." She bent over slightly and warned me in a voice colder then the night air, while reaching for the straps at the back of my head.. My Mistress then reached a hand to the top of my head and flicked a switch, causing a voice to come out of nowhere. You are a pretty puppy ..." i couldn't even hear myself bark and prayed i was loud enough, but my Mistress passed through the gate and closed it behind her.

The Man Who Loved Shoes

fetish oneiria 2018-05-22

Quickly, she pushed his head down to her feet, letting him take the toes of her magnificent white pumps into his mouth. Willy pictured his mouth wrapped around the fresh red leather of the toes, his mistress walking on his naked back with those needlelike heels, his tongue tracing the leather of the straps coiled around her calves. It was dark in the piggy's room, but Willy could see the form lying on the bed, the taut chest muscles that slowly billowed as the man breathed, the fine hairs on his tanned legs, the small hole in the armpit of the tee shirt that was tightly stretched across his chest, and the two days' worth of stubble on his cheeks.



fetish JukeboxEMCSA 2018-05-22

Just Britni's fuckbuddy Jack, showing her another big thick cock to melt her mind and make her weak and helpless the way she always liked. She messaged back, "Do you like the idea of having your mind melted by a big beautiful POWERFUL cock?" Jack felt his dick twitch under his fingers as he read the words. They'd played like this before, Jack staring at an image and just repeating her sensual comments back to her, and it felt so much easier to simply focus on the pleasure he was feeling and let her guide him through their fantasy. The same arousal that was filling his mind and locking his eyes onto Master's cock whenever he wasn't staring at Britni's words also seemed to be waiting for something.

A Bad Day Gets Better

fetish Hubee 2018-05-22

But I needed to be in control, so I grabbed her head and buried my cock in her throat, driving it in so hard that her head banged against the underside of the desk. When I was close to cumming I slowed my thrusts and, sensing my needs like a good slut, she changed her own pace and started licking my shaft slowly and lasciviously, then moved down to tickle my balls with her talented tongue. With difficulty I pulled my cock from her needy mouth and laid her head down on the desk, lolling part way over the edge. As my breath gradually returned to normal I watched as the huge load I had just deposited began to dribble from my slut's red, well-fucked, gaping cunt, pooling on my desk as she shuddered over and over.

What he wanted to do with my prim and proper wife

fetish mrnaglee 2018-05-22

Here I am, knowing that I am going to have the opportunity to touch your wife, fondle her body, stroke the smooth white inner thighs that I have already seen in photos. Slowly, as I look over my shoulder at Dave, I pull the skirt up higher until it is waist high, and commence a steady and rhythmic in and out motion, finger-fucking Pamela...only a few feet from her husband! Obediently, Pamela, Dave's wife pulls her panties off, then her skirt, then her top, to stand bare-assed naked in front of me and her husband (and who knows who else could be in the room). Dave stands behind her as I motion him to place his hands on Pamela's bobbing head and start to move her head back and forth as I fuck her mouth.

Cleaning Up

fetish Johnthomas1969 2018-05-21

I was pretty sure I could feel her nipple, and I was starting to get hard, wearing tight jeans, I was sure she would notice, so I needed to get to work soon. "Sure," I said, putting my hand under her breast. I moved my mouth around so that I was just sucking on the nipple like a baby. While I sucked on one breast, my hand played with the other. Soon my cock was between her breasts and I was tit fucking her. "I call this the washing machine," she said, then moved her tongue all around the head of my cock. Again I'm sensitive there, so just do like you did with my breasts and I'll be cumming in no time."

Slapstick Sunday

fetish Frisky George 2018-05-21

As she started to turn to pick up something else I grabbed some cottage cheese and pulled the back of her grey sweats and white panties down her legs and slammed gently it into her shaved cunt, rubbing the crumbly moist cheese all around her arse and groin. I reached up for it but continued to tongue fuck Kate's slick, greasy pussy until she came again then I rammed the éclair right into her cunt. My tired cock rested on my thigh and Kate sat with her T-shirt and bra pushed over her mucky 28B breasts and her even more mucky legs were spread apart giving me an excellent of her well-fucked cunt.

Mountain Catfight

fetish stormwitch 2018-05-21

Grinning to herself she figured Hayley could wear all the french berets she liked but it wasn't Hayley that Matthew was staring at, it was Sara with her tanned slim legs and cute round ass encased in cut-off jeans and she knew with the push up lacy bra she had bought along, hat her breasts were perky and outlined under her shirt. Hayley pushed her back and let her go but instead of walking away she doubled up her fist and punched Sara square in the stomach causing her to howl and collapse to her knees in the dirt, then she gave the shrieking girl 2 good smacks around the head causing her to bend forward covering her head with her hands.

Kip and Salina Ch. 01

fetish rmlooker 2018-05-21

Kip said it was too hot to put his braces back on and did Salina want to go to dinner without her arms. Salina could float on her back and use her legs and stumps to paddle around ok and Kip could swim good with only his arms and hands. Kip looked at Salina and gave a slight nod and she smiled at Cricket and held up her right stump and left prosthetic arm and said this was a gift from my husband for our first wedding anniversary. Kip said girls, big decision time; Salina knows I love this but would both of you like to go without your arms and I will feed you.

learning to eat my cream pie

fetish irisandsteve 2018-05-21

“Oh wow I can’t believe how much I just came.” He said as he kissed me afterward, sending the thrill of awareness through me: awareness that this man, whose spent dick is still semi-erect and inside of me, now “knows” me in about as intimate a way as you can, awareness that I’ve now broken about every rule of fidelity that there is, and awareness that I will gladly and without hesitation do this again. I really never thought I’d be saying this but I really love getting fucked by another man, it’s like I’ve come full-circle. All I kept thinking was ‘You’re married and you just let a man ten years younger than you cum inside of you’ --I love that, it’s so hot.”

Everything For Female Boss

fetish malesub01 2018-05-21

Without another word, he knelt behind her and whispered closely into her ear the filthy play-by-play of his latest pounding man-ass fuck, while she closed her eyes, letting her mind fly as she listened and toyed with her needy cunt under her pretty skirt, bringing herself right there to a lip-biting climax. After Daniel gave his man a good back-door pummeling, while keeping control on his own edge-riding, he then flipped his counterpart over and slowly lowered his lovely spread ass ring onto his friend’s swollen cock. She moaned sweet half-choked obscenities as Daniel lapped up his own cum from the other man’s face, then lifted his ass from that exploded cock and let her watch the lewd cream trickle out.

Thrillseeker432 Took Off Work To Stroke His Cock

fetish thrillseeker432 2018-05-21

Your tits are so big and so sexy I can’t help but be aroused and I start to play with myself. I watched your vids all morning while I masturbated to your fine female form…spent about an hour and 45 minutes jerking to your vids…oh, how I savor that feeling of fullness and urgency in my stiff nasty cock, relishing the sporadic cums that roll around inside my aching balls until sweet release…I taught myself a long time ago how to shoot without losing my erection. I love watching those thin, glistening streams of hot, sticky cum running down the length of my cock as I masturbate for you, watching you drain my balls with your big tits flashing across the screen.

Entree Ch. 01

fetish NastyPierre 2018-05-21

I always hand my Mistress the leash when she arrives. I wasn't sure how far this Mistress could take me, but time would tell. Sure my Mistress was in front of the door and I'd have time to get up and run, but being completely naked added a daring dimension to the scenario. Once I get it to hold me, I can usually hump to my hearts content and am forced to clean the hand only a couple times during a long siege. If Mistress is watching TV at the time, I could hump for an hour or more, as long as I do not ejaculate! It's the right hand of my Mistress I fear.

Discovering Piss Play in Rome

fetish boundarypusher 2018-05-21

I leaned down and took her dark, firm nipples into my mouth while her hand reached down and sought out my now throbbing cock. She deftly undid my pants, dropped her knees onto the cool tile of the bathroom floor and took me deep into her mouth. Rather than slowly tease me with her mouth as she usually did this time it was straight to the back of her throat. I brought my mouth close to her pussy and the next thing I knew it was completely full of her cum, my face was covered, and I could feel it soaking my chest and my hair. But then, right when she usually let my cock out of her mouth she mumbled something inaudible.