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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mommy Goes Shopping with Me

fetish JhMcKn 2018-05-21

I helped her back to her chair, running my hand through her wet cunt hair as I did,then gave her the final bottle of beer and went to my bedroom to get my lingerie. I fastened it behind her head and pulled the straps tight I then told mommy when she wanted me to fuck her she was to take my hand and place it on her hairy cunt and spread it open. She pulled her long cunt lips wide open and I asked her if she wanted my cock inside her. I will want your big motherfucker inside me again before morning though." she said."But I do need to piss right now, so if you help me up I'll use the potty and I won't have to take the panties out of my cunt."

New Pair

fetish C 2018-05-21

"Tammy...," she turned to me, waving Ron out the door as though he was now beneath her notice, "...your trousers are way too tight, love, take 'em off and get your proper pants on, dear." She'd managed to get her clothing off as I got mine, as we rammed ourselves together nice and bare, our tits rubbing, our nipples hardening with every stroke, our bellies rubbing, and our fingers flying at each other's "pussies," of which I didn't have one, but the soft tissue which dangled there felt damn' good as she manipulated it. "Christ, Tammy, I don't need Ron when I have you, and I don't think we want him around any more, do we, love?" This was while she was trying her best to excavate me a real pussy.

True Wife Story 1 - the first night we met.

fetish dspb08 2018-05-21

At the pizza parlor there, I met one of the WAVEs from GLYNCO (Dee W) who was with my future wife - they were roommates in the WAVE barracks and were waiting for their dates. When she walked up to them she said that Dee W pulled her in and kissed her which she returned as her roommate reached into her jeans and felt her shaved pussy and then broke the kiss and said "you weren't fucked" which SD replied "no - not yet" and pulled away and went over to one of the men and laid a lip lock on him and grabbed one of the other men's crotch. She told me that she and Dee W fucked and sucked the four men )she taking three of them at one time once)till 6AM and then were dropped off at the WAVE barracks where they cleaned up (another story) and went to bed for a few hours.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 04

fetish Alfamann 2018-05-21

Angie and Peter turned away from their landlady, untied the cords of their pyjamas and let them fall to the floor, exposing their pinkish buttocks. With a deep sigh of defeat Angie placed her head in her hands on the floor, while at the same time doing everything she could to clench her buttocks and keep her legs firmly together. Minnie dipped her fingers into the cream and slowly massaged it into Peter's buttocks, before repeating the process with Angie. From the tone of Peter's groaning it was clear he was getting very close to coming, but at that point Minnie let go of the captive penis and withdrew her finger.

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 04

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-21

Now completely nude, Emma moved to stand on the newspaper, taking a wide stance on parted legs and bending forwards to the window so Mark had a perfect view of her waiting pussy lips under the curve of her buttocks. Unfortunately Mark was only human and although he had managed to piss an incredibly long and wonderful stream of his pee over the naked Emma, he was already reaching his end. Emma gasped with the joy of seeing her piss shower spraying over the contours of his defined stomach muscles before vanishing out of sight between Mark's legs as her hot urine washed over his cock and balls.

Tee's Trial Ch. 01

fetish lyn74 2018-05-21

The secretary continued, it's important that I be blunt and up front with you so we do not waste your time and ours if it turns out we are not a good match, and that you completely understand what you are getting into if you agree to even interview for this job. Tiesha put her hands on her hips feeling like a body builder posing. When you walk in there and he begins to speak to you it's very likely he will come to you and start letting his hands roam all over your body. After a pause The secretary smiled and said a nod will suffice to let me know you understand and still want to continue.

Shown Off At The Beach

fetish PLJ 2018-05-21

Mark said “go ahead Tammy, show them how a girl pee’s, it will be fun for them to watch you.” Mark continued to slowly and gently push his finger into her anus, and then I saw him dig a small hole between her legs in the sand. “Guys, guess what, my little Tammy needs to poop now, and you get to watch her do that too.” Mark said. The guys watched as he slowly excited me to an orgasm, and then he looked into my eyes, I looked into his and whispered… “Breed me, please Will, breed me.” My legs instinctively spread wider to take all of him inside of me.

Hockey, he shoots, he scores (Non Fiction)

fetish 2018-05-21

I felt his big balls slapping against my face and the tip of his cock striking the back of my throat, my saliva was building up and I have a sweet and salty taste increasing in my mouth. After the mess was cleaned up we got ready for bed, because we were roomates, and in the end he told me Im the fag for sucking his cock, and he smacked me in the ass and shut the lights off, I thought he was going to fuck me that night as well, but he just squeezed my ass and slapped it a few more times and went to bed, he wouldnt let me leave his presence.


fetish spice16 2018-05-21

"If your prick isn't hard by the time I count to ten I'll squeeze them even harder", she said in a harsh voice. Carole then reached under the sofa cushion and pulled out a roll of thread, which she proceeded to wind round my cock 5 or 6 times, leaving about 14 inches hanging loose (the thread I mean, not my cock). Turning to face me she said "Right, you sniveling little wanker, this is where I start to REALLY enjoy myself". "See how you like a bottle up YOU", she said pushing hard. Soon she had released the thread and my bonds and looking up at me said "You just lick on those knicks babe, think of Julie's lovely little cunt and leave the rest to me.

Sissy Butt Licker Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2018-05-21

I drove up and Steph said thanks, and after her friend got out and was walking towards to apartment building, Steph told me to go straight home, log onto msn and wait for her, then she ran after her friend and I drove off. After a few minutes, Steph started to shake and as she came, her knees buckled and she sat down on the edge of the bed, Pinky never missed a beat and just followed her down, eating her cunt to completion! As they kissed I could see Steph rubbing Pinky's tight little ass, and she was working her white cotton panties into the crack, rubbing them against her bumhole. I did and then she had me lick her dirty panties clean of my cum, before asking me for a ride to work again and telling me good night!

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 05

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-05-21

Let's see, she was humiliated in the bathroom when I made her pee in front of me; ordered to strip and made to look at herself in front of the mirror; masturbated herself numerous times; had her pussy closely inspected, then licked and exposed, not to mention fingered and touched in front of her husband; held two different cocks in her hands simultaneously; sucked a cock; had a pair of panties stuffed up inside her pussy; squirted in front of her husband with her legs spread wide open; had her breasts and nipples played with and sucked by both me and Kenny; sucked a dildo we both knew was supposed to be my cock, then was fucked by that same dildo; let her husband take some seriously nasty pictures of everything she did, and, on top of all of that had, she confessed her most secret fantasies to us.

Shemale Adventure Ch. 1

fetish girlboybootsie 2018-05-21

Men's eyes are drawn to my tight leather and silk encased buns, to my long sexy boots, to my boobs jutting forth from my shiny pink silk shirt, and to my increasingly hard panty covered cock which is straining against the front of my leather miniskirt as I feel the erotic tension in the room and see lovely hard bared cocks in several places around the room. His hands roam over my body, caressing my boobs through my silk blouse and slipping his hands under my skirt to grip my cock and buns he gasps, "you are so sexy Bootsie, I want to see your garter belt and bra!" Reaching behind me he finds the zipper to my skirt and lowers it to the floor as he unbuttons my blouse freeing my satin covered boobs.

I was a Foot Massage Voyeur

fetish philgill11 2018-05-21

After I was done imagining her adorable wrinkles crossing her feet from side to side at a slight angle starting at her lovely arch, I could feel my dick getting thicker as I envisioned the dozens of wrinkles pop to life as I bend her foot so that her sexy little toes were now pointed. Setting one hand gently on the small of my wife's back, he pushed down on her feet until they were right above her butt and then straddled between them with his knees on the floor, legs wide apart. Ed began sitting down again on one knee, stretching out her thighs one by one by placing a foot into his lower stomach and then pushing towards my wife while holding her other leg straight with his hand.

Sex With A Young Professor

fetish Silurian 2018-05-21

He leans down, his mouth close to my ears, "tell me what you want." I turn my face to look him in the eyes, and our noses are almost touching. He carries on tracing the outline of my breast, and then moves his mouth to my chin, and then slowly to my neck, and starts kissing it softly. I feel his lips leave my neck and feel a little disappointed, right up until I feel his mouth on my breast, nibbling on my erect nipple through my bra and white cotton top. I watched him as he wanked himself, and then when he let out a big groan and his head rolled out, I closed my eyes, and just in time, as I felt a hot load of his cum hitting my face.

Wildlife Ch. 1

fetish ladyphoenix 2018-05-21

"Make the bitch cum for us, boy," Daddy grunted heavily as Junior shoved open Liz's thighs, lowering his mouth to her pussy. "You're a nasty little bitch, aint you?" Junior taunted as he grabbed her hips and starting fucking her hard, his balls slapping her ass at every thrust. Thoroughly ashamed and utterly humiliated, Liz simply lay there, arms pinned painfully behind her back, legs spread open, and her pussy being viciously pounded by Junior's thick, hard cock. She was whipped and fucked; forced to crawl on her hands and knees to beg each man to be able to suck the cum from their engorged cocks.

James' Transformation Ch. 3

fetish Dragonia 2018-05-21

"Yes Mistress" replied Linda as she pulled her knickers to one side and slowly eased the cock into her wet pussy; it took a while for her tight hole to accept such a big cock. "Yes Mistress", Linda replied quickly stepping out of her dress and knickers and walking up to the side of the bed. Linda took the time to have a good look at Abbey, she was about medium height with long blonde hair tied back in a loose ponytail, medium breasts, perfect butt and long sexy legs, Linda could feel her pussy getting wet. Abbey looked stunned as Jenny spoke, then even more stunned when a beautiful young girl dressed as a French maid sunk to her knees before her and tried to lick her pussy.

Creampie Lover

fetish shibainu 2018-05-21

Looking at my elegant, prim and proper wife now with a huge black cock energetically fucking her pussy and another in her mouth you would have never known that not long ago she was the original "Prude". One Friday we got this hair up our collective asses and decided to play a little slap and tickle with a pretty blond girl named, Mary. I crawled between her bent quivering legs and saw close-up all that cum dripping from Mary's twat and was about to say no way. I told Mary to go into the bedroom because the guys wanted to fuck her. By the time the last three guys put their cocks in and ejaculated she was leaking like a sieve.

A Surprise In The Tub

fetish Windblown 2018-05-21

I had meant to go slowly, but I couldn’t help myself, sinking my whole length into her, A moan escaped her lips as I pulled out and slid back in, enjoying her heat and slick wetness inside her, my cock feeling like it was bathed in warm oil. I slowly pushed my full cock inside her, displacing more of my piss from her pussy, then pulled back and began fucking her, slowly at first, but when I felt how full she felt and the amazing sensation of fucking her full pussy, my self-control failed miserably, and started pumping into her like a man possessed.

Sexcerpt - PLT No. 02

fetish fanfare 2018-05-21

Not giving me a moments rest, he took over with his strong arms clutching me as he began thrusting his hips up, with his formidable cock deep into my cunt with a powerful piston action. So, after just a quick wipe of my damp pussy and thighs, I went back to the couch wearing only Paul's skimpy T-shirt and put down a towel to sit on. His large white hands gently caressing her deliciously chocolate skin, her head tilted with him nibbling at her exposed neck. Then I heard Windy gave her ass a playful slap directing her forward to straddled my face with her steaming black crotch and slippery pink slit upon my eager mouth.

Tell Me How Tite Your Pretty Vagina Is? I Want to

fetish City2City 2018-05-21

I want you to be nice and cool, because I'm going to make you little pussy THROB and cum over 10 times. This is going to take a long time- Do you want to watch television while im giving you head? Do you like it when I lick your lovely Vagina? I love sucking on your clit like im trying to pull it off. I like how it gets really red and you can see little heart beats in it. I love the short time when you are just focused on that and nothing else. You know its because I love you and want to give you the BEST pleasure. I like that one time I made you squirt and you got it all on my face.

My Pregnant Neighbour

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-05-21

Around the same time, with the weather warming up, I started to see Emma out in her backyard, sunbathing in a bikini, next to the pool. It felt like someone had turned on a tap, because a continuous stream of my cum flooded Emma's pussy. As we lay back down on the bed, I wasn't surprised to see Emma take a handful of tissues from the box to mop up the cum already leaking from her pussy. Lifting her head for a moment, and with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, Emma said, "We've met before you know. And you came in one night with a group of guys wearing silly hats," Emma said, laughing out loud at the memory.

Stewart & Leah: Home for Christmas

fetish RuthMadison 2018-05-21

They said goodbye to Jeff and Stewart held onto the bags while the man in the red vest pushed him into the airport and Leah walked slightly ahead where he could just see her hips swinging in his peripheral vision. As John led the way towards the car, Leah said softly to Stewart, "Where is your aunt?" Stewart noticed the way his aunt's eyes went up and down Leah, assessing her t-shirt and exercise pants, and Claire's mouth scrunched briefly showing her disapproval. With each bite of food, Leah stared into Stewart's eyes and very slowly and deliberately opened her red lips and slid the fork into her mouth.


fetish roan barrow II 2018-05-21

A man can only have one thought seeing legs like this: getting them wrapped around his head or waist—or maybe in some way more creative! Yes, Mack, call me Colt!” she says, starting to smile. “You know, Mack, a colt should never be ridden until she’s at least a year old!” she says, taking off her sunglasses. Glory, is she fucking hot as I stand back and look at her, her long body and legs, her feet barely touching the floor. Colt should just call the maid to come get me, place me in front of the house, and put a fucking lantern in my hand. I like dressing up at Derby time!” She reaches toward the wall and turns the dimmer so more light shines in the room.

Timestop Day 3

fetish themessenger 2018-05-21

Feeling more confident than the day before, Warren would stop time occasionally and not only flip up a skirt, but pull the panties aside so he could look at the girl's pussy. After the few seconds it took for these thoughts to run through Warren's head, he finally responded to Bob's comment, saying, “It looked to me like she couldn't keep her eyes off your crotch. Warren quickly stopped time, pulled Bob's pants down just below his crotch, and again twisted Alasia's head to look down at it. Trying to speed things up, he ran his spare hand over his s****r's body, for the first time appreciating her ample breasts, her dark nipples, long and hard from the cold night air in her room, her toned stomach, her shaved hot pussy – the outer lips big enough to hide all her inner folds, but when spread exposing her pink hole...