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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The IT Guy

fetish ClosetFetishist 2018-05-21

I start to come out towards her but she instead pushes the new CPU towards me, "Here," she says, roughly. I start to come out but she puts a foot on my face, holding me back, "Hold on, let me make sure everything works." The smell of her foot was awful, like unwashed for god knows how long but thankfully she took it off my face and I was left with only the toxic gas that floated around under her desk. "What was that?" She sounds shocked, she rolls her chair out; a waft of cool air floods in from what feels like a desert storm of rancid gas under the desk.

Days in Rodanthe Pt. 04

fetish mindingutter 2018-05-21

Compounded by the humiliation of wearing ill-fitting female clothing, and knowing how ridiculous I must have appeared, there was something about having my legs and body covered but dick and ass exposed or under a short skirt that I liked; I wasn't sure why. Pleeeease!" I said in the 'girl voice', holding up the front of my skirt with one hand, pinky finger extended, and waving my other around, upward, palm facing the sky , excitedly, timed along with my pleading. After several minutes of sucking it noisily, moaning and answering, in syrupy tones with the high-pitched girl voice, her questions about how good it felt to have a cock in my mouth, Za'ana suddenly pushed my head away and stood, muttering in one of her languages.

A True Cuckold Story Part 2

fetish 2018-05-21

After saying the "good mornings" to Carol and Tom, Suzie let them know she was going to get the coffee going and made her way back to the break room. She turned her head briefly and saw it was Tom and started chatting about something when he came up behind her and slipped his hands under her arms, around her waist, and up to her tits. Carol passed Tom and came into the break room like nothing happened, got her coffee and made he way back to finish prepping for her clients. Tom manages to unbutton her blouse and slides his right hand inside and around her back and unclasps Suzie's bra whilst squeezing her ass with his other hand.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 08

fetish robin35 2018-05-21

As soon as Gladys was free and she had got the circulation back in her wrist she got to her feet and walked over to Bev. She grabbed her by the hair and rubbed her face first in the vomit and then In the spunk and said. It took her a good half an hour to get the floor clean and then Gladys turned to her and said. Bev knew what was coming but she had been that busy cleaning the floor that she had not noticed the wooden spoon that Gladys had taken from the utensil pot and she had no idea what a potent punishment tool it could be. Bev climbed out of the chair and went and sat next to David and then the tattooist said.

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 04

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-05-21

"Jason, I know you're mad at me, but this is not the time to show off," Lindsay said to him as her hand slid into his bathing suit and slowly began to massage his cock. "Suck my clit hard, you little dick loser," Cindy said to Jason. "Yeah baby...yeah...o yeah, suck my clit hard, I'm close," Cindy shouted as the girls continued to tease his penis. "Baby, my mouth is really tired, can't I just do Katrina later," Jason asked as he cleaned Cindy's pussy juice off his face. The thought of getting to see Cindy's amazing rack really intrigued Jason, but he wasn't sure if it was worth passing up the chance at getting to blow his load, with Lindsay's mouth wrapped around his dick.

My Neighbour's Panties.

fetish centro60 2018-05-21

As she walked back and forth in her yard I was becoming very turned on looking at her nipples showing through her shirt, and the way her panties had creeped up her ass. I felt my cock starting to stir in my shorts and was a little worried that Michelle might see my building excitement. I couldn't help myself, the thought of Michelle wearing those panties was to much. Michelle was standing in front of me wearing a white camisole, and a small pair of french cut panties, identical to the ones that I had taken. Leaving one hand on my cock, I brought Michelle's panties to my face and again breathed in her sweet lust.

The Interstate

fetish R.T.McCants 2018-05-21

So, I began to jerk my cock a little faster, bringing it farther to its full erect position, and thinking of how good it really did feel to have warm piss running down the leg of my pants and over my skin, and that there was a really hot woman in the car next to me watching everything I was doing to myself. I jacked my cock hard and fast as thoughts of the woman staring at me from her car, the puddle of piss under my ass, and the way my piss felt running down my leg made me feel.

My Miss

fetish Alex Valentine 2018-05-21

I dream sometime that I did go into your bathroom and begin to masturbate, there's a picture of you in the bathroom and I have it in my hand and am wanting to cum soo bad. "She told me what you did, but I'm glad you did it, she's wanted you for a long time." she says, then she kneels down and begins to lick your cum from my body rubbing her body all over me as she does. Now fuck her dog." Chris lays down and begins to eat you and I raise up and enter her as you scream instructions to us both.

Molly's Facial

fetish Archer2050 2018-05-21

The other thing was John's eyes; a dark shade of green on the outside, but within they held a deep, passionate longing, eagerness that Molly could feel warming her whenever he looked at her. There wasn't much else for Molly to consider, as John's cock was right there, pointing rigidly at her parted lips, the thin layer of pre-cum on the mushroom head drying by her breath. She even went so far as to dart forward to his crotch, opening her mouth to receive him, but catching herself at the last second and dipping past him, planting her lips flush against his skin at the side of the base of his cock, hoping the feel of him like this would substitute for taking him inside of her.

Traci and Alex, and Bobby, and Bikes

fetish tracisnodgrass 2018-05-21

I checked that my short cropped T-shirt and much shorter soft leather mini skirt were in place before opening the car door and swinging my legs out; dropping my black leather knee length boots and four inch heels onto the gravel. "Let me finish…I've dried the leather jacket and the handlebars and this huge penis-like kick-starter pedal with this thick black rubber condom thing that I'm now going to jump on and fire this monster up!" I stood on the footrest and swung my left leg over the saddle and sat down. I placed my hand on his shoulder, lifted my left boot and struck the match on the sole before lighting both cigarettes.

Sweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 02

fetish revol 2018-05-21

The taste was intoxicating, and Ted began slurping at Brenda's perspiration with ever-greater passion, his open mouth sucking at the warm skin, then his tongue licking the entire length of Brenda's stubbly armpit. Kathy nipped at the sweaty creases of soft flesh with her teeth, licking in between, her tongue exploring the smelly, pungent salty skin of Brenda's underarm. Kathy kept French-kissing and licking Brenda's armpit while the orgasm surged and swayed through both Brenda's and Kathy's bodies, until finally they went entwined themselves in a tight lusty hug, and remained still for a long time. Ted got down to his job by alternately sniffing, kissing, licking, munching and biting those beautiful and luscious hairy and stubbly underarms of Kathy and Brenda respectively.

Stepdaughters Adjust to New Lifestyle

fetish NUDE NATURALLY 2018-05-21

I told Lynn that Jody and her were welcome to stay at my home as long as they wanted but they needed to follow a few simple house rules. Lynn came running out to the pool when she heard Jody and arrived just as I was exiting the pool, my wet body tingled with excitement as the girls stared at my manhood as it swayed back and forth as I dried my hair with a towel. On the drive home Jody asked me many questions about my nudist lifestyle and kept commenting on how so many people, especially good looking boys, walked casually around naked on the beach.


fetish 2018-05-21

"Yes Miss" he replied, pulling the hood quickly over his head and cutting off all vision. As quickly as he was able he tore the hood from his head, ready to complain and demand his keys from this evil Woman. Stunned, he bent forward and kissed Her hard and long, his cuffed hands making him fumble as he undid the bow, revealing Her body in all it's splendor. His tongue caressed, lips kissed and his cuffed hands held her shapely buttocks as he brought Her quickly to orgasm, then slowly, then quickly again.. So intent had been on pleasing Her that he'd totally forgotten the plug, which all the while had been moving gently, massaging his prostate and arousing him in ways he'd never felt before.

A Submissiveness Journey

fetish Joann Unknown 2018-05-21

Why did I feel like there was a hole in my soul? So I thought, perhaps it's my love life? He was unlike any man I have ever met, and yet, I felt like I was where I belonged. He treated me like any other man does on a date. After talking for quite sometime in chat rooms, we decided that it was time to take it a step farther. I had read the book "The Story of O" (that is when I think I originally began to feel like I was a submissive, after reading that). This man e-mailed me many different things about this wonderful life. This man and I decided that he was not the Dom for me.


fetish Richard58 2018-05-21

Little by little Sandy was pushing her next bm inside of her poo hole down toward her anus until it was touching just the very end of Richard's tongue. After the last tapered end of her poo fell free of her opening, Richard saw the little trace of that beautiful mess left in Sandy's anus. As their lips touched, and then pressed increasingly harder together, Sandy raised Richard's hand and the mess up between their bodies, up between their breasts and let it touch only her nipples. Sandy, holding Richard's hand, pressed them mess into her bush and back between her thighs as the two of them kissed. "Sure." Richard took Sandy's hand, hesitated just a moment to drop the nasty mess into the toilet.

The Machine

fetish kingdodo 2018-05-21

Annoyed that she was still so dressed, Becky wriggled out of both the skirt and the knickers beneath it, throwing them both to one side and leaving her wearing only her stockings, their original colour indistinguishable under the cum. Becky sighed and lay back on the rubber sheet, letting the obscene rain fall down on her and scooping handfuls of the fallen liquid up over her pussy. But she could not ignore the fire between her legs for long and so she began to shuffle backwards through the cum towards one of the poles, where a low-hanging cock awaited her. With the last of her strength, Becky reached out and switched off the pump then, still lying on the floor of her living room, she passed out from the sheer magnitude of her orgasm.

The Power of Pantyhose

fetish 2018-05-21

Seeing you wear them excites me more than any women I have ever seen, your powerful legs and the clothing you choose to wear, compliments the pantyhose so have no idea. It got to the point of getting the pantyhose over his cock, but he started to lean back on the bed and i told him..." no, I want you to kneel and finish putting them on." He got up on his knees and finished putting them on and looked up at me and said...I'm so happy and I can't believe I've found such a powerful and sexy woman to help me realize I could be the person who I only dreamed I could be...I love you!!

Reduced Jail Time Prison Bitch Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-05-20

His entire cell block lined the corridor as Brent was marched naked (as his new womanly costume allowed him to be) then Officer Sanchez brought him to the van with the box. Officer Barrett was driving the van and Officer Sanchez rode in back with Brent who was shackled arms out and a bar separator attached to his ankles was driven to the bachelor party. As things were building to an explosion, Officer Sanchez slid open the back door and invited the men to butt fuck the bitch. When everyone was done and unloaded their spunk into the good prison bitch, Officer Sanchez placed a butt plug up Bent's ass to prevent the seed from dripping out and then closed up both slots and collected the box.

Second Date

fetish Hangtenfeet 2018-05-20

Her feet were so soft, a little wide, with perfect soles and those hot tapered toes. She began breathing heavy and never took her eyes off her hot feet working on my throbbing cock. She worked my cock for over 20 minutes until I finally started to cum all over her hot, sexy, soft Latina feet. I immediately began to lick and suck her toes as I took out my hard cock and removed her thong underwear to expose her beautiful shaved pussy. I watched the sun come up through her bedroom window while I was fucking her hot little pussy and licking her ticklish soles at the same time.

GFS Bestfriend pt.5: Phone call & Sucking

fetish 2018-05-20

He had to stifle a moan, smiling, tuning out his girlfriend's story as his entire cock slid into Liz's expert mouth. He said "ya?" into the phone, so his girlfriend would think he's paying attention, than he sucked Liz's gorgeous cunt lips into his mouth, tasting her. Liz half lay on the kitchen table before him, long, sexy legs spread wide, pink, swollen pussy lips swollen and partially open, needing his cock back in there. Pleasure surged throughout Liz's body as she felt his tongue on her pussy, and then her ass. A few thrusts later, Danny slid his entire cock into Liz's anus. Pussy and ass still buzzing, Liz put an arm and a leg around him, holding onto him as she rested, smiling.

The Finca Ch. 03

fetish pantie_fan 2018-05-20

Crouching down in front of the basin, I took Judy's white lace knickers and lay them over my left thigh as I rested by head on my arm and closed my eyes. I increased the speed of my own movements now and felt the first drops of pre-come lubricate the glistening purple head of my penis and pictured me positioning myself directly between Judy's thighs and slipping one finger under the lace edging of her panties, pulling the material to one side to reveal Judy's swollen and glistening pussy. I took the soft warm bundle and watched silently as she picked up the damp white panties and stepped into them, slowly pulling them up her legs, her eyes not leaving my face the whole time.

Chris Dunn Ch. 07

fetish Ginopikken 2018-05-20

Chris could not stop thinking of Paul on her way home. She set the flowers on the edge of the tub as a reminder of the fresh feeling she had. So, when she found herself eager to let her sister shoot her in such a personal act, she wondered if there was more Eve wanted of her as well. With her nipples stinging from being pinched, Chris reached for her wine glass. Chris looked in the mirror at herself holding the wine glass beneath her spread legs. Instead, she watched herself in the mirror pour the wine glass full of her urine down her chest. The smell of the water aroused her, as did the thought of pouring the glass full of urine over herself.

The Operative: File 02

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-05-20

"Oh fuck it!" Said Braddock at last, "I might as well show this girly boy what a real man's dick looks like. "Tell me what you were going to do with your access to the compound Agent Pierce, and I will lick and suck your balls." I turned my head, tugging the nutsack selfishly with me, to catch Braddock whimpering at his emasculation, his own cock reduced to nothing, his balls drawn high and tight as though attempting to escape the superior alpha male across from him. I unzipped my jumpsuit the rest of the way, letting Braddock get an eyeful of my lush curvaceous hips and heart-shaped ass.

Melinda's Fishy Discharge Ch. 04

fetish Paradiggler 2018-05-20

If so, I often found evidence of little bits faecal matter and toilet paper stuck around the hairs of Melinda's anus, which I would gladly lick clean - getting the taste of her poo in my mouth in combination with her fishy vaginal discharge was the best possible entrée to a cooked dinner that I could imagine. When I was able to spread Melinda's fanny lips apart, I could see deeply inside her vaginal cavity which was extremely pink and lumpy - lots of mushy meat combined with white and creamy globs of her fishy internal discharge which would no doubt find its way either into the crotch panel of her white cotton underpants or a sanitary pad which she regularly lodged inside her regular undies.