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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Show and Tell Ch. 02

fetish Sharina_Stone 2018-05-20

As they started to talk seriously again, I turned my ear closer towards the door and then I noticed some clothes thrown carelessly on the bathroom counter – they were Sharlyn and Maryanne's school uniforms! Realizing she just had sex for the first time, probably only hours ago and in the presence of my hot little step-sister, her cherry-stained panties on my left hand and her soft blue skirt around my dick did it for me. Having just jacked off and getting a cold shower a few minutes before, my dick was as soft as the banana peels on Maryanne's hands, so I searched for an explanation as Sharlyn took the towel off my waist.

The Jogger (A Foot Fetish Tale)

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-05-20

As she drank I stared at her calves and her sneakers trying to imagine what her feet looked like and smelled like...dare I even think what they tasted like? The young woman walked over and sat in a small spot of grass near the kiddie sprinkler fountain. All I could do was stare at her feet and her socks tucked neatly inside her jogging shoes. So I sat and watched as the young woman started her car and drove slowly down the driveway of the park until she was totally out of site. I then began to give myself a handjob right there in the car with the lovely smelly sock carefully covering my dick as I stroked it.

Andrea's Two Connections

fetish Mag58 2018-05-20

She's really looking for action tonight!" Gary turned to his friend as his hand reached my stocking top. I opened my glazed eyes to see Rob peering over Gary's shoulder, with his mouth hanging open like a cartoon figure. The three of us were making the cubicle walls shake as Gary's thrusts were knocking the breath out of me as he filled my cunt more than Rob ever had. I moved my head forward to catch the last drips as I felt Ed tense up and my pussy had that unmistakable 'warm feeling' as wave after wave of Ed's boiling cum flooded my womb as I licked the last string of love juice from Gary's softening cock.

Sow Primer Ch. 08

fetish InYourDreams 2018-05-20

He was right, her body was no longer fit for wearing clothes, and after an evening spent being a sow and entirely naked, putting on the clothes Carl had left out for her in the morning felt really alien. Each time you will lean yourself forward, press your udders out over the pail and beg to have the tension in your chest subside, to hear your milk splash below you, to feel your clit jerk and squirt as you cum and know what you are, all that you will be from now on, focused intently upon your sow form and pleasuring it.

Female Persuasion

fetish Hobblenock 2018-05-20

Her waste of a husband showed no reaction, still remaining slouched in his armchair watching a football match, looking like a man suffering from a serious attack of lethargy. She stooped to avoid hitting most of the dangling items, making her way towards the curious character that sat at an overused, fold-away table that looked like it had seen better days.A woman sat behind the table with a crystal ball in front of her. "I am a guide for those in need weather they be man or woman and they are drawn to that very place if it is inside their heart of hearts." The fortune teller reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a card then offered it to her.

Oral Subjugation

fetish Tashkent 2018-05-20

After guiding the head of his penis into her mouth with one hand he again took firm hold of her head, and again began feeding himself slowly inwards, taking pleasure in the slide of her tongue, but this time, judging his depth by the widening of her eyes, he stopped just short of her tonsils, about three and a half inches in. He withdrew his penis almost fully from her mouth, until she was pouting around the end of his head, then holding her head firmly he began to push his hips forward gradually, stretching her lips, sliding his cock into her face as slowly as he could.

Best Friend's Mom's Feet

fetish rak316 2018-05-20

As I made my way to the kitchen, I noticed that the TV was on in the living room, upon further investigation I saw that it was none other than Chris' mom sitting on the couch watching TV, she was still in her work clothes, so she must've just gotten home. Sure, I was going to attend college near my hometown, and could easily come visit her at any time, but I figured going to my best friend's house just to see his mom would be kind of weird. How about as a belated birthday present, I let you give me a foot rub like I know you've wanted to for the longest time." She said. Pretty much the whole room began to smell like her sweaty feet, surely this was heaven.


fetish Darksyde 2018-05-20

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" she thought, taking a long pull of her cold water, "Just what I need, a fucking blackout!" Even in the late evening, the heat was oppressive, and because the train was no longer moving, no fresh air came through the vents, either. Luckily, the lights came back on, and the train started to move after only 10 minutes, and Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. "I can make it!" Sarah told herself firmly, "I HAVE to make it!" She took another step, and more pee came out, further wetting her panties. "I can see my house," she said to herself, "Home stretch." Another spasm wracked her bladder, and a squirt of piss shot out of her, soaking her panties and ran down her legs, soaking her pantyhose.


fetish limplizzard 2018-05-20

I asked Maureen if she wanted to have sex with Sam, she looked kind of stunned and finally said yes if it was o.k. with Vera and me. Vera got a Polaroid camera off the table and took a picture of the cute redheaded white girl sucking Sam's black cock. I have seen Sam fuck before and I know that he can go for a long time, so Vera and I got undressed and sat on the love seat where we had a good view of that black piston pumping that white pussy. Sam kissed her and turned to us with a satisfied look on his face, he then stood and Vera got down and took his cummy cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

Hardstyle Sex Trance Music

fetish Desiremakesmeweak 2018-05-20

I love how some city women spray these kinds of heavy scents on and even after they've been in a warm bed for many hours, or even in an office all day long, superficially they still smell of the dry-down stage of the fragrance. But I knew Cherise quite well and after a heavy night in the club when she went to sleep she went off so deeply that she would sweat into the sheets from on top of the already stale sweat that was still on her from all the thumping dance music and the long hot session working that combat DJ mixer deck.

Associate Scheme

fetish fishophile 2018-05-20

"Please, Mrs Rupnar, I'm sure we are both women of the world - it's perfectly clear why people would buy these. Actually, because you've just had your treatment, you'll smell rather fragrant; Simon prefers something a little more, shall we say, 'earthy'... Simon, you want to drop all of your nasty cum on Mrs R's shoe? Get to work, Simon; I don't want to see a drop of your mess on her sandal. Ah, yes, let Simon have one last kiss of each foot to thank you... If you'd like to become a regular Associate, then next time you come for your massage I'll take you through the fine details and the little bit of paperwork that's needed.

Our Favorite Sports Are Watersports

fetish libidinal 2018-05-20

And Monica, retaining the portion of the enema she had already given herself, loved to feel her lover's fingers digging into her bottom, knowing that bottom was already partially filled with warm water. "Yeah, you know how I like it nice and big and thick back there,"Monica said with a sassy smile, looking over her shoulder at Cherise. And that's what Cherise did, giving her lover one of her solid, patented spankings while the enema continued to flow inside, Monica groaning and gasping in kinky revelry, whipping up a froth between her legs. After another minute of this Cherise looked up to see that the bag was empty and Monica could feel the enema was no longer flowing inside her.

Her Inner Slut Ch. 03

fetish ldlarry52 2018-05-20

This guy you are inviting into our bed will get the fuck of his life and you will lick my pussy clean of all his cum." Heather ceased her words of caution to tell Tom explicitly that she would let her inner slut loose for a stranger's cock. As instructed Heather took her husband's cock between her lips and with his hands holding the back of her head Tom began to savagely face fuck his lovely wife mouth. With her head raised, straining to see this stranger's tongue touch her pussy; Heather watched him smell her sex and then she felt his tongue on her and she watched as he licked her from her ass hole up through her cunt lips till he reached her clit.

The Urban Encounter

fetish legsnfeet 2018-05-20

There was silence for a moment, then she said in a rather urbane voice, "Well,...that is a new one that I haven't heard in a while!" We chatted for a few minutes, told her that I was from the deep South, and explained why I was looking for a women like herself. Then, quite deliberately the woman moved forward, reached down with both hands, spread herself wide open and settled her weight over my face with a nasty, sucking squish. Above the big woman's decolletage, is illuminated her angular face, mouth half agape, and her deep eye sockets as black as coal. Nevertheless, I suckled happily like a twenty-year-old child, my arms around the big woman, my hands exploring her body freely as she rested.


fetish mustanger7up 2018-05-20

Hell, I had to TRY to pass the guilt off, I liked Lacey and really didn’t want her to think I was a sicko or some shit, even if I am. Hell Yeah, I thought this was turning out to be a good night for me, instead of watching porn then heading to the restroom to jack off later, here I was fucking this gorgeous woman, and her practically asking me to spank her sweet ass! Her eyes clenched shut her mouth twisted as she came violently, raising her hips, to where her pussy was at the end of my throbbing cocks head then slamming it down as I pushed against her as my own orgasm started!

The Farm Ch. 01

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-05-20

Not stopping until mid-afternoon, they finally gave in to their need for food at an out of the way podunk restaurant having almost no business. Jordy believed there must be times when this truck was probably stuffed full with naked and sweating men. As Jenny drove the truck slowly past the throngs of males still working in the fields even at this late hour she headed beyond the main buildings and out to one of several identical tiny outbuildings set apart from all the others. Those nice guys," she said making quotation marks with her hands, "are going to make for some great slaves. They all eventually came to understand that while they sweated outside, they made life inside a welcome relief for the mistresses of the mansion.


Best-Friend Cuckold

fetish mrblue07 2018-05-20

She was only 18 when this story took place, had stylish short dark hair, big gorgeous blue eyes, sensual lips, amazing large D-cup breast, sexy hips, a perfect round butt, great legs and all this with a sweet young innocent face. She brought Tyler's head up for another kiss and told him that Tom had made her pussy very sore and came inside her earlier this morning. He could clearly taste Tom's cum inside her which made him work even harder to pleasure her and clean her at the same time. She asked him if he would like to suck Tom's dick and let him cum in his mouth after he fucked her.

An Affair With My Sofa

fetish cranfordmason 2018-05-20

I started to slide down the sofa, and when I reached down to push myself back up in a seated position, my hand slid between two of the sofa cushions. I couldn't help but wander what it would feel like to slide my cock between the cushions. The thought of humping the sofa got me further aroused, and I began stroking my cock more earnestly, quickly achieving a decent erection. I slowly pushed my ass up, which began to slide my cock out of the cushions, then I let myself down and pushed it back in. I started slowly humping the slit in the cushions, and within seconds, I could feel my pre-cum start to lubricate the end of my cock and the inner leather sides of the cushions.

Soaking Wet on a Clear Night

fetish SlutChick 2018-05-20

I was drunk, and I really had to go, so I started and it flowed all down my hose into my boots; little bits splashing out, but mostly warm piss filling my pantyhose, gathering in a pool around my cunt and ass. They led me into the other room, as I had closed my eyes from the cum, and told me to put my dress back on and said they would drive me back to the bar! They made me wait until I was in the cab to finally wipe the cum off my face, which had mostly dried so I couldn't get it off very well, and my hose were still soaked with piss.

Goddess Helena's Wealthy slave

fetish cigarashslave 2018-05-20

As I finish kissing your feet you pet my head and say, "Good boy but now you must sleep on the floor little piggy with no squealing while I sleep in this nice big bed." Now here it is six hours later and I'm beginning my chores list. She explains that her taste in older men is because they tend to have the ability along with the desire to do anything to please her which includes buying expensive gifts for her, taking her on exotic vacations, providing her with high dollars for weekly allowances, and they also are experts at giving her good orgasms by eating out her pussy, taking her strap-on up their asses and getting a thorough fucking, cleaning her boots, eating her cigarette or cigar ashes, and just being submissive to all her sexual needs.

How I got my BF's cock pierced.....

fetish vanita 2018-05-20

" Joy, I would love to see your stiff cock being pierced and fitted with a nice ring. I could see that Joy was getting all excited at the idea of getting his cock pierced at the hands of a beautiful young girl, with big attractive boobs. "Yes may be piercing it at this point may look nice." she touched the marker to a point near the cock mouth. "Vanita and Paul, now hold the little devil Let it not play naughty." Reena said smiling. "Look how nicely the cock has taken the needles and the jewels." Reena was fondling the cock and appreciating her nice work.While appreciating the stiff cock with nice jewels, she could not resist the temptation of giving it a few strokes, with her loving hands.

An Amazing Neighbour

fetish iwantfun4me 2018-05-20

The first evening as I had sat resting in my room by the window, I had observed this woman get down from the bus and then move along on her crutches, swinging her lower body in a peculiar gait. I went into town on the next week-end to look around and as luck would have it, I spotted her coming out of a corner street to the bus station. As the doors to the bus slid open and people filed in, she placed her right crutch in her left hand and gripped the rail inside the bus door. After some time, when I couldn't hear the sound anymore and decided it was safe to carry on, I moved to the front of the house.

Arianna's Navel Play Ch. 02

fetish SmutGurl 2018-05-20

All I need to do is this-," he pushed his weight in a shoving action and the nail head dove into Arianna's bellybutton. The nail head swirled deep inside of her hole, the pressure hitting the most sensitive areas. When he moved his body and positioned her navel at the correct angle the nail head shot waves of pleasure through her. One minute Arianna thought she would moan when that nail hit the deepest part of her in an erotic way and then the next she wanted to cry at the torture when it seemed like it would pierce right through her. The man watched her mouth gape open every time the nail plunged deeper into her bellybutton.

Rob Initiates His Slave Girl

fetish Mattart 2018-05-20

Katie felt absolutely humiliated at being so casually stripped topless by this young man and she could feel his eyes taking in every detail of her naked breasts. Rob quickly opened the door of a locker by the wall and took out a large bath towel. Standing close behind her so that she felt the folds of his towelling robe against her back, he placed his hands on her waist, then slowly he ran them around her rib cage and up until they were cupping both her generous breasts and their aroused nipples. Pandora's eyes closed tightly and her back arched as she pushed herself further into her master's tantalising mouth, his strong tongue lashing her nipple into ever greater size.