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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Appraiser Ch. 02

fetish ctlthrmn 2018-05-20

In fact she told me often of how Brenda loved being a sissy so much she actually begged to have it locked up and how she wanted to always have a smooth pretty crotch like a woman. I told the story of how she got it and she smiled and pulled Brenda's panty girdle down to see Linda's work. Mandy asked me if Brenda had been having any night time accidents since the operation and I told her that she had not but had been getting up at night to pee. Mandy told me she would love to come by and try some hypnosis on Brenda and help her be more of a sissy for me.

Laura's Adventures 5

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-05-20

Like Steve, Marc doesn't fit the stereotype Since he was going to wash my hair, he suggested I might want to remove my "You like your own juices?" Steve asked. said "Look, I'm having a lot of fun, but I feel a bit odd too, sort of like, Steve looked thoughtful, then said "OK, I'll talk to him about it." Several hours went by, finally Steve suggested a movie. Marc looked thoughtful for a minute, then slowly nodded his head. "Sure!" Steve said enthusiastically. stroking Marc's thick cock, while Marc was giving Steve's pecker a good I gave them a big smile, letting them know I was enjoying the show. Suddenly Marc leaned over and wrapped his lips around Steve's prick.

TOON in to this one

fetish 2018-05-20

A few great months of on-site work for the new cartoon characters added into the park. The conversation left my mind until the next day when, as I was starring at an area while mentally designing for it, a Rug Rats character named angelica sauntered my way in a obvious sexy manner. "AH HA" I thought to myself as the large stuffed character walked up to my bench and, after looking both ways, proceeded to give me a lap dance! Her hands stretched from the top of the suit to work my dick a moment, dropping the bottoms to the ground and then in a swift motion, opened a condom and had it on me before I knew it.

Norton Towers – apartment block for ladies w

fetish writinguy 2018-05-20

Slowly lifting up and crossing her legs Joan’s flimsey housecoat fell apart she saide, “what, these old things”… caressing the sheer 10 denier seamed stockings she added, “ I know they turn you on, Jim but what about you Robert, do you think they pass?” ….. Jim handed me the camera and I after I had run of half a dozen shots of Joan in the usual posing positions I casually said “ Joan, those panties look a little slack, I went over and gently turned her around facing Jim and to get him going, I tugged up her panties and forcing the crotch deeply into between her fat labia and up into the crack of her arse.

Confessions of a Cuckold

fetish ep703 2018-05-20

I like the look of a man with a big dick hanging down between his legs, it's really sexy. I felt like that secret curtain between men and women had just been opened a little more and it was un-nerving to see the truth. "So what you're saying is you looked online and saw several porn sites and a few erotic story sites and all you were able to find was a monstrously distorted image of what a real cuckold relationship is like. She smiled and kissed me, "His dick is about twice as big as yours my dear and believe me when a woman experiences a man like that she's going to want him again and again." She reached down and put her hand on my crotch, "Oh!

Cuckold's first time

fetish waraxe13 2018-05-20

'Don't be silly,' She said, tweaking my nipples, 'All that drool from my mouth being on his cock I'm going to share with you in a loving kiss.' Her hands left my nipples and grabbed my ball skin, she pulled it up, causing my little balls to recede inside my body. 'Back on it,' Said Marcus, pulling her back towards the tip, 'Suck that cock.' He held her head and started fucking her mouth. Slowly she started rocking on the tip, until the glistening black tool was going deeper inside her, each time she would moan when it went out, until she was filled back up again, each time the size was too much, but the stretching felt so good and the cock so right.

My Cum Dump Whore

fetish jims4040 2018-05-20

I look down and notice that your hand is between your legs fingering your pussy as I fuck your mouth and I laugh, Oh yes you are a fithy cunt whore aren't you. As I slam my cock deeper and harder into your wet pussy, you start to moan with pleasure and wiggle your hips wanting more and more...Oh yes that is what this fucking whore wants a hard cock and hot cum squirting into that cunt of hers don't you.....and you are on the verge of cummming and you say yes yes yes please fuck me harder and cum deep in my filthy cunt.

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 04

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-05-20

I grabbed them and folded them onto the seat next to me, I wiped my now wet leaking dick and stuck my prize in to my mouth as I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. Once into this sparsely populated area I pull my car over, get out and removed the rest of my clothes, even socks and shoes I'm completely naked. I shoot a the first couple of spurts all of the way to my face the third to the top of my chest the rest are each smaller and closer to their source till there are just dribbles of sperm at the spot where my cock head reaches my belly.

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells Ch. 03

fetish pdkdpdk 2018-05-20

The tongue swipe broke down whatever resistance she had left, because as quickly as I swiped at her she just captured my tongue and thrust her's into my mouth and I started sucking on the slimy digit with continuous little moans of delight escaping me as I reached down and found her gash to be SOAKED. "Don't shower" I tell her...she sits back down with a dazed look...her lips all glistening and funky looking from the battering my dick just given out...her big old baby filled belly sticking out...she had never looked hotter, and without taking her eyes from mine she reaches down and starts rubbing her cunt with a lewdness that just about has me gasping.

Cum Filled Panties

fetish Many Feathers 2018-05-20

But it was the thought of Janet, my girlfriend, being aroused, which I was reasonably sure she had been, thus leaking a little anyway, and then going home afterwards, tossing her own now soiled panties in the laundry, and perhaps even masturbating herself afterwards while thinking about the way her tits had been stimulated while I'd touched them. So aroused as I was, I truly hadn't expected the volume or intensity that came as I did, standing there watching my spunk as it soared from the head of my prick, splashing against the black satin like material of the nightgown I still held, though holding it away from my cock, seeing ribbon after ribbon of my spunk splashing against it, the contrast of my white sticky semen clinging to it sending even greater shivers of delight coursing up and down my spine.

My Date with an Online Dom

fetish 1masterslut 2018-05-20

We had agreed in advance that there would be no sex this time, and I had a very worried daughter, whom I told that I would not allow him to bind me, either (I'm a rope slut, he's a Kinbakushi). But he later told me that it took hours to finish, and that I was moaning so sweetly the entire time, that it nearly drove him insane, trying to keep from tearing my jeans off and take me against my will. But I must have had one after the other when deep in sub space, because when I got home and went to change for bed, my jeans were soaking wet almost to the knees!!

Creampie Slut

fetish rick_oh 2018-05-20

She had me turn over and continued the massage, finishing off with tickle-touching me all around my buttocks and testicles while I was on my tummy. With my cock fully inside her, she put her hands on my shoulders to hold me down and then leaned over and teased my lips with hers. Her excited smile, along with her pumping and the feeling of being inside her, brought forth a copious ejaculation after only a few moments. She frequently intersperses a few minutes of tickle-touch teasing with the massage, which gets me aroused to the point of seeping. Then, after I turn over, she continues to tease with her featherlight touch for what feels like forever.

James' Transformation Ch. 2

fetish Dragonia 2018-05-20

"Dawn turned and hobbled towards the corner of the room where there was a door, she opened it for Jenny who walked in still clutching the cock in her hand. "Now Dawn and I are going to find you some clothes that will go well with your new shoes, just wait here a minute Linda" said Jenny as she took Dawn by the arm and walked her off towards the rails in the corner of the shop. "I think maybe little silk G string panties, a bra, suspender belt and some tight fishnet stockings," said Dawn getting excited. Jenny lifted her own skirt and removed her panties; she spread her legs and pulled Linda's face to her open pussy.

April's Open Pit Humiliation

fetish zaaz 2018-05-20

Backing away from two spewing asses, April was hit in the back of the head my loose rain of brown goo. April lay in shock looking up at a Sistine Chapel of Ass. It was like the worst nightmare of Hieronymus Bosch come to life. April felt like the shit whore she'd feared she was becoming with the Latvian. April positioned herself under her Father's ass, ready to take his offering to the new shit goddess. "Oh hell everything's fucked," Dad said as he let the first squirt of shit loose. A jet of piss hit April's forehead, washing shit off her face as she heard her Father continue, "… and that dumb cunt April has been missing all day!

They Proposition Me

fetish notalent48 2018-05-20

Stephanie was on Beth's right. Next to Stephanie was Megan (also smoking hot [a theme here?]—brunette), then Crystal (you guessed it—smoking hot, dirty blond), and finally Aysha. "Look," said Stephanie, "we know you're not seeing anyone—" "And you're always walking around hard, you know," said Aysha. "Each one of us loves how you feel about us—you know—you've pretty much told us that you'd do anything to get in our pants!" said Stephanie again. "We know you like us teasing you all the time," Aysha breathed in my ear and I only barely stifled a moan. I looked around the circle, intensely aware of Aysha's hand on my leg, rubbing small circles, closer and closer to my throbbing cock.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 7

fetish Hudson 2018-05-20

I moved toward her I picked up an ice cube from a nearby bucket, I ran the cube over Julie's arse, she smiled from receiving comfort to her stinging frosty buttocks, the ice melted quickly from the warmth of my hand, I grabbed another cube and ran it along Julie's crack and across her anus her body lurched forward, I held the ice against her body the dripping cold water reaching her pussy lips.

My Best Friend's Pregnant Wife

fetish ehl 2018-05-20

Anyway the whole thing was that Jenny was giving me a hard-on every time I saw her: her very pregnant belly ready to pop, her turgid breasts bulging out and all. Entering their bedroom as cool as I could, I could only stare stunned at Jenny's very pregnant body lying naked on the bed-what the fuck she was drop-dead gorgeous and lovely at the same time. She was bucking violently, her body thrashing up and down; her hands scrabbling all over her belly and breasts and now trying to push Brian's 180 pound frame off her which was by then balanced on her painfully swollen abdomen. " You fucking whore" went Brian as he slapped her massive belly right full and dive into her so hard it was painful too watch.

Do You Think I'm Evil?

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-05-20

Even though you know full well that every orgasm that I allow you to have will be ruined one way or another, as you get nearer, as your balls start to tighten, your brain tricks you into thinking that this time you will be allowed to cum properly. Karen moved away from him again and squeezed his balls hard once more, then reached for the dildo, pumping it into his ass in time as she stroked his reddened, angry looking cock towards an unavoidable, excruciating edge. Though he hated to admit it, the thought of her banding his balls like that pushed him hard to the edge and his breathing was coming in huge uncontrollable gulps as he tried desperately to hold back for her.

The Making of a Fetish Slave

fetish dirtyfish 2018-05-20

When I started to see how much hair see had on her body I told her I would do anything that she asked because I now found that she was indeed very sexy and I couldn't understand why men wouldn't like her hair. She told that she enjoyed have her hairy areas licked and sucked and that I could spend as much time as I wanted with her if I would make her feel good. I reveled in these smells and tastes and over the last 50 years have learned to enjoy each chance I have to be with a hairy stinky lady. When I had finished cleaning her ass, her pussy, her armpits, and her feet she told me that our time was up and that she would like to watch me get my self off.

bathroom fireworks

fetish centillm 2018-05-20

As I went to get up, I could not help but notice two things, one the well of her wet pussy, which made me look and two that she had on no undies. She always had a sweet tasting pussy, and sexually was very good and wanting to try new things. She smiled big and said, well, I always loved how you ate my pussy, and have been wet since you showed up, and actually did have panties on, but took them off for you. I used this to push her over the edge, I took a wet finger and began rubbing my finger on her asshole, she said "fuck yes", and next thing I know, she was finger fucking my finger with her ass.

Wife Pleases - VII

fetish 2018-05-20

The doctor would be dropping by to pick her up to go for a "drive." But, she had other plans for him as she said: "Better get your listening devices set up because I am going to see if I can get him to spend his valuable time in our bedroom and I am sure you want to monitor the 'action.' An understatement, for sure! His come was different than her earlier lover and I enjoyed draining it out and then using the remaining lube to screw her with, but it only lasted a short time as cum lube is so exotic, I could hardly hold back...and she didn't need to cum as he had done a job taking care of that....then she said.."oh, there's a little bit of breast milk left, Want some?" Another redundancy.

Addicted to Her Muscles

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-05-20

Roger couldn't move with the tight hold Leslie had around his neck, pinning his arm with her other hand and he was scared to death, shrinking his penis to its normal 1 ½ inches. Roger bent his head and began to lick Leslie's shaven pussy and his whole body flexed as he felt Diane take hold of his ass and spread his cheeks. Roger whimpered, but gradually became accustomed to the probing, then he felt the head of the cock at his opening and he held his breath as she pushed the full 5 inch length into him. Roger continued to lick as tears once again began to stream down his face, and his ass felt as if it was going to rip open.

By The River

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-20

She glanced along her body - past the firm youthful-like breasts, the firm stomach, the shaved pussy, the missing left leg, the long slim right leg, the shapely foot - towards three naked people splashing around about fifteen feet out into the river. She let her hand rest over the hip without a thigh and massaged the soft rounded mass a few times before her fingertips slipped though the lips of her pussy. She leaned down and took just the head into her mouth letting it moved in and out slightly several times before sitting back up. Karen crutched along the empty and darkened sidewalk, her left leg bound with an ACE bandage and the foot pulled tight against her hip with the aid of a heavy elastic girdle.

Teasing on the nude beach

fetish peltzdick 2018-05-20

Big natural breasts, firm and a clean shaven pussy. His dick was big and clean cut. The young couple was playing in the sea, but I was able to gaze the naughty clit area. My clean cut dick was under water and they could not see it was groving. Mother was telling her daughter something, and suddently the elder moves towards the boyfriend. She turns towards me, and moves her hand close to her pussy. It goes on, next time she rubs her clit slowly. Behind the beach area, she lays in the sand ready to take me. She takes on my dick and puts it inside between the rings and pumping big clit.