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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 02: Training

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-05-19

Sylvia had been right, the maid's outfit was a little tight in the stomach area, but the cut of the fabric around her chest only accented her generous bust, making her look fuller and proudly displaying her cleavage behind the thin white veil between either side of the low cut top section. Sylvia might have been a bitch, but she wasn't in the room trying to force the plug up Kim's ass. By the time they got back to the doorstep, Sylvia's attitude had relaxed a bit and Kim had become accustomed to the sensation of the plug, and the fine hairs brushing her inner thigh and ass cheeks.

Mother Helps

fetish vinceh23 2018-05-19

The crotch of the panties were still damp from my mother and when that damp spot hit my testicles I felt another surge of lust and my penis became even more sensitive to the soft feeling as the head moved inside the panties. She spreads her legs a bit more so I can see how the panty gusset (I didn't know the word then) is spread across her mound as she sits back and says "take a good look, Lyle" I can clearly see the dark spot and the smell is almost overpowering, causing me to lose sight of the fact that I am supposed to be removing my shoes as I sit and stare at her pink panties and smell that arousing aroma.


fetish SlaveToHer 2018-05-19

After I had swallowed what must have been a dozen loads of cum, Jackie told me to go in and get the last container of frozen cum, which looked to hold about another 6 loads. She took the rest of the frozen cum and told me it was time to melt the biggest load yet and made me take all of it in my mouth. As she scooped up my flowing cum and feed it to me I knew I was destined to end the night as her cum eating slut having swallowed so many frozen loads and one fresh load of cum, all without the sweet release of an explosive orgasm.

Hotel Part 2

fetish brunettechubbybabe91 2018-05-19

You can’t help but smirk as you pop open the lid of the bottle and squeeze a large amount of clear, unscented lube on the head of your cock - watching it slowly slide down onto your shaft and eventually reach your big, full nuts. A few minutes later I still haven’t come out yet and you notice the lube has almost disappeared so you start to reapply some more - this time you can’t help but to let your middle finger slowly slide across your throbbing cock. I give my ass a good slap - not as hard as you like to smack me but enough to make me gasp slightly - and I can hear you groan under your breath as your hand starts to stroke your cock as hard as you possibly can.

Gloria Is Always Ready For Me

fetish Croozer 2018-05-19

As she held the dress and looked at it, she said, "No pantyhose today - or stockings - it's going to be too warm, but now that I look at it, I had better wear a slip under this skirt or I'll have every horny man in town looking through it - what colour should I choose?" She was torturing me but I loved it, and replied, "White or beige." She smiled and said, "You should be here every morning to act as my fashion consultant - what colour heels?" I relied, "What about white?" She said, "Yes, all of that will work - why don't I dress and you can give me an opinion of the finished product?" She went over to her closet and put on a pair of white high heel pumps, then went to her dresser, out of which she pulled two long slips - one white, one beige.

How to train your dragon sex with toothless. part

fetish 2018-05-19

Toothless stood up shakily and slowly walked over to Hiccup, nudging the axe and looking at his friend. "… Look I know you're sorry, but Astrid will be upset for awhile, can you stay at the stables for a bit until she calms down?" Hiccup asked and Toothless nodded slowly. Astrid could imagine the look on Hiccup and Toothless' face and couldn't help but make a come hither gesture before slipping them off. It was all too fast, Astrid ****d by his best friend, and how she was unsure on how she should feel, the thought that she wanted to try the three of them together. "Nothing, I'm still mad at him, and when this stupid mating season is over he can come home," Astrid said and Hiccup gave her an inquisitive look.

The Deal

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2018-05-19

Finally, forcing down the urge to vomit she tilted her face towards him, parted her perfect lips, slid her hand in it's long leather glove behind his head and gently pulled him towards her, her eyes closed as she whispered "Please, please, kiss me" and kissed him, opening her mouth, feeling her thick lipstick smear slightly as she pushed onto him and then their tongues were intertwined, she was faking little moans of pleasure and encouragement, squirming her body in it's slinky dress against him, fuelling his lust and desire.

A Change in Our Relationship

fetish WillieTurner 2018-05-19

I pulled away from Charlie and stood up, my left foot trapping his erect penis to the floor. "You are my Slave, are you not?" I asked as I moved my foot from his erect penis. "No" I said, "We both expect you to obey me at all times whether you are in slave mode or not. "And that makes you my obedient husband, but a slave has no right of refusal. If he refuses to obey her, if he is no longer able to meet her needs, their relationship is over, and the slave must eventually be discarded." Charlie began to tear up, "Mistress, I have been your slave from about the second week I met you, whether you knew it, or not.

My neighbour(s)

fetish dirtylittleboy 2018-05-19

Michelle stood just outside, her head was about a foot below the window, and asked, “Do you like my bush?” I told her I did which got a chuckle from her. “You’re waiting for Sandy to come out, aren’t you?” “My boyfriend has noticed more than once that she always gets around early mornings in little clothing” “The view is fairly obscured by trees, but he has mentioned it to me” “Turns me on like crazy knowing that he’s a pervert” she laughed. Sandy was standing as she had when I fist spotted her that morning, but the sight of a young hippy Michelle standing outside my window must have peaked her inquisitiveness.

My Girlfriend's Strap-on

fetish ClosetCS 2018-05-19

It all started when she would rub my ass while she sucked me off which felt so good. Her beautiful curvy figure with a hard cock standing tall from her pink panties. "Tell me you love my cock!" Both of them look and feel very life-like. It thrills me to watch her working her cock in and out with such fervor. "Come over here and suck my cock, Bitch," she said. I usually have my hand under the strap-on rubbing her clitoris as she fucks my mouth. "Ooo, Baby, you really do love my cock in your mouth," she cooed. I tried to pull my mouth off of her cock to speak but she gripped the back of my neck.

Like A Blonde

fetish Green_Dragonfly 2018-05-19

Her neck arched backwards as her body moved through the air to prop itself up against his chest where his lips would meet her skin, and as it did his free hand slid from her the underside of her body all the way up her abdomen, past her belly button, and onto her left tit which he squeezed the nipple of forcefully, sending a wave of feeling through her body that – together with the yanking of her hair, the strain in her neck, and her fingers on her clit – brought her forcefully to a second climax.

Daddy's Little Girl

fetish Daddyslilgurl100 2018-05-19

whats for lunch..?" amy said leaning on the counter and showing off her cleavage and lacey bra "Uhh...Whadda you want?" Studdered Lewis another stuffy coming fast "Hmmm..something yummy." Amy licked her fingers one by one and gazed meanfully at her father but he just seemed to pretend not to see her it was driving her crzy and she was so hot for him right now she fantisised about how big his cock would be inside of her pulsing in and out and ghot so wet " Umm..

The day my life changed part 2

fetish Ajdj0403 2018-05-19

I reach around and feel her moist pussy lips, I quickly insert 2 of my fingers, going faster, making her wetter than before. She begins using the soap, cleaning herself and then me, stopping at my dick, stroking it to get it hard. I begin to rub her little pussy and she stops me, turning around and pressing her ass against my dick. Knowing I was already hard, she reached back and stroked me again, this time putting the tip of my dick right up to her ass hole. I pull out and stick my dick back in her wet pussy. I make her cum one last time as the feeling of her wetness makes me fill her up.

Leather Lusts Ch. 02

fetish candy_2691 2018-05-19

He pushed her back onto the bed and unlaced both boots, and pulled them off, he rolled the shorts down her legs, letting them drop where ever, he took her feet and brought them up to his chest, one by one he pulled off her socks and kissed her arches. He kissed down her leg sucking at the flesh of her thigh, licking closer still until he reached her nub, she jolted like she had been struck by lightening, bucking beneath him, he held her captive sucking and moaning into her, her pink flesh turned darker she started to flood and swelled with excitement, still he lapped and suckled her nub.

A Night of Makeup, Cock and Cum - froam Annamalice

fetish slim_krak 2018-05-19

Seconds later, the black guy took my head and pushed it down on his enormous cock. His cock started to grow a bit and soon I had my first taste of cum going down my throat. "While we turn you into a little whore now, you need to make sure you know what it's like to have cock in your sissy pussy. The second girl -- who turns out was a Henne artist, placed a temporary tattoo around my belly button -- a cock exploding with cum. When the night ended, I was exhausted and almost out on the floor when the two original guys came in, lifted me up and took me to the SUV.

87% cock

Triumph of the Clit

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-05-19

Colleen gasped and shuddered, as to her utter astonishment, and yet she knew that he would do exactly that, he drew her tumescent love-button into his eager mouth and began slurping on it. Jonny seemed to sense her need and sucked directly on her clit, hungrily drawing on it, pulling it deep into his mouth with an intense, rhythmic slurping. But then, staring at his slight form, blushing deeply, as his monster dick throbbed and bobbed, fully engorged yet unable to point anywhere but straight down due to its great weight, Colleen got a notion. Colleen's clit could have carved its way into a diamond it was so hard, her lust boiling over into a rage. Jonny howled out, grasping at his own hair, warbling in agony as her clit bored its way into his cock.

The Taxi Driver's Story Ch. 02

fetish patrick2536 2018-05-19

She looked me up and down, smiled and said "I like your tee shirt" We went outside and turned left down an alleyway at the side of the building and she simply stopped, turned around, and pulled her tee shirt right over her head. It finally came undone and she started on the buttons, her practiced hands made short work of those, and then I felt her holding me. I wasn't after impressing her, I wasn't after top marks for sexual stamina, I simply wanted a fuck, a quick hard dirty no holds barred fuck And she was going to give me one. I started to aim my cock towards the floor, I wasn't bothered about her seeing me,after our very public fuck just moments before, I figured she wouldn't be shocked.

Rebecca's Creampie

fetish 1984slut1984 2018-05-19

Kenny enjoyed my wet pussy and talked dirty about the juicy noises being caused by another man filling my pussy with cum before I came home. I was disappointed because I was going to surprise Kenny with a cum filled pussy to fuck, but I just smiled and fell asleep myself. I removed my clothes as did Ken. His cock was already solid and I maneuvered myself over him, carefully trying not to let any of Brad's cum spill out of me. Ken had actually fucked my pussy full of cum, but he attributed the feeling to me being on my period this time. I was elated and sucked my husbands cock feverishly until I no longer received moans from trying to push the cum out of my pussy.

Pissed-Off Neighbors

fetish F.M. Cary 2018-05-19

Cynthia didn't last as long as Sarah had, but when I saw Donna coming towards me with a wicked smile on her face, weaving from her drunkenness, I knew I was in for a major piss bath. "Look at him, Donna" laughed Cynthia, after a long drink from a water bottle, "I think he likes licking your toes! Pulling her pussy lips apart and shifting her hips from side to side, Sarah drenched me from head to toe with her incredible urine spray shooting three or four feet from her pulsing vagina. Standing on each side of my head, Donna and Cynthia put their hips together, glistening cunts aimed towards me, and simultaneously bent slightly at the knees and let go onto my face.

Endearing Arm(pit)s

fetish revol 2018-05-19

Ted was rubbing his face and nose on Jane's broad and sexy and rounded ripe shoulders and taking in the smell of her perfume and kissing and licking her soft glowing skin. Lisa caught hold of Ted's shoulders, kissed and licked his shoulders and put her long and sexy nose in his armpits, and lustily sniffed and sucked hard. Suddenly Annette took Ted in her tight embrace, and sitting on his lap, offered him her smelly armpits, which he pounced upon with his mouth wide open, biting and kissing the pungent smelly pits, and sucking in quite a bit of armpit flesh. The quickie started off with a bang, with Ted's hard sniffing, biting and licking of Lisa's sweaty, extremely pungent smelling salty underarms and shoulders, till they both reached the peak...

Girl's Night Pt. 03

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-05-19

"Yes, you did," Sophie said, her hand massaging Fisher's ass over the short skirt of his uniform. "Good girl Candi," Jenny said as she removed the plug. Sophie squatted next to Fisher, kissing his ear as he moaned, one hand holding his face, the other stretched out to cup his balls. "What do you think," Jenny asked, a cruel smile crossing her pretty face, "$10 for your mouth, and $50 for your ass, you dirty slut?" Sophie bit down on Jenny's bottom lip and grabbed a handful of her hair, whispering things Fisher could not hear. "Thank your Mistress sissy slut..." Jenny said. "Listen to yourself sissy bitch," Sophie said from behind him, rubbing the paddle across his ass, "you fucking love this..."

Lisette's Education Ch. 03

fetish lisetteuk 2018-05-19

Cindy was reading a magazine called ‘Sluts’ and on the front cover a blonde girl was taking a cock in her pussy, another in her ass and a final enormous cock in her mouth, whilst managing to look into the camera and wink. I heard Cindy come into the room, but I didn’t look because the sight of the black girl easing her ‘cock’ into the wet pussy of the girl on all fours captivated me. As we showered together I tried to ask Cindy all the questions I’d had whirling around my mind since I had got up but she was elusive, and instead asked me some of her own, trying to establish what turned me on the most (i was too embarrassed to say), how my ass felt now (surprisingly good), whether I needed to pee (I did) and more.

Shift Swap Ch. 02

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-19

He kisses my sweaty stocking foot before fitting my high-heeled shoe. I wait until he has finished cleaning and polishing and all the shoes, except Mary's, are in their proper place, and then I stand up. I am probably still drinking the mug of tea as I stand carefully so that the arches of my high-heeled shoes clamp his wrists to the floor. I walk forward as Mary lowers herself to a squatting position over Darren's face. As I leave the shop, closing the outer door so that it locks loudly, Mary drops her pantied pussy right on to Darren's face. Her body slumps across him, her feet wrench his arms away from his head, and her pussy smothers his face as she sucks and swallows.

Wank sessions

fetish pontwan1 2018-05-19

Then through the rest of high school we always tried to initiate it with girls one of us was getting it on with it happened a fair few times so it became our thing on our graduation night i was shagging this girl on a rugby pitch he got involved to he never shagged her but we both jizzed over her a couple weeks later as partys were still happening he was having regular sex with a girl from our reg class but she wasnt in to me shagging here too, but one night we were camping with a group of people she was there and i started getting head off her when my friend was somewhere else he came looking for her and found us both so took his pants down and started fucking her doggy she said tell me when your going to cum because i dont want it in my mouth but i ignored that and busted a huge load in her mouth anyway but she got her own back by spitting it and me and it got all over my favorite hoody at the time.