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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Desires Realized Ch. 1

fetish rick277 2018-05-19

My mind is a million miles away, and in my thoughts a seductive black haired vixen is sitting on my face, rubbing her pussy over my lips, my tongue and sliding over my nose. I try to steady her by holding her hips with my hands drawing her even closer to my face as I lick, suck and kiss her all over from her asshole to her clit. I fall off the couch onto my knees before her, wrap my arms around her legs pulling her close to me and plant a big kiss right on the front crotch panel of those panties uttering thank you thank you and continue kissing her mound through the black velvet.

Slump Buster Supreme (Part 1)

fetish ILikeToFantasize 2018-05-19

When I was playing college baseball during my senior season, I was in the middle of my worst hitting slump ever. (Anyone that knows baseball knows how rare it is to hit into a triple play at all, let alone one that ends the game.) Our season was falling apart and we needed a drastic shift. Long story short, we all chatted and made nice, but the other 3 guys ended up getting their information and carried the party elsewhere. I wanted to get my mind off the game and I wanted to get to know her better, because as with most big girls, she had a very outgoing and fun-loving personality.

Grandma and Father Ch. 02

fetish JhMcKn 2018-05-19

Father was in bed with Barbara sitting on his face and him eating her cunt and Donna was impaled on his cock and she was riding it up and down getting a good fuck. Barbara proceeded to suck fathers cock for a couple of minutes, then climbed on and began fucking him too. Barbara got off of father and he told me to just get in bed with them and we would have a good time fucking. Both girls told us they needed to take a pee, so we went out into the kitchen and I got a couple of pots out from under the cabinet. Father decided he would let the girls sleep with us,so Donna decided to go upstairs with me and Barbara stayed down and went to bed with him.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 05

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-05-19

Janice was having great fun teasing her step-mother, while the woman had to endure playing the role of schoolgirl. Janice didn't want trouble in the store, so she grabbed her mother, and quickly spanked her. What Janice didn't know was that her mother had been playing around with a boy from school that afternoon. It was so funny seeing her mother dressed like a teenager, and it was absurd that she was going off to play with a couple of school friends. While Rose was off with her friends from school, Janice went ahead and bought her mother some clothes. Janice had pushed her out the door with the boy, telling her to behave herself like a good girl.

When You Gotta Go! Ch. 03

fetish Otazel 2018-05-19

"Maybe a little." He told her, replying in kind, simultaneously knowing what she wanted and dropping to his knees between her legs, playing with his cock at the same time to bring it back to full hardness. It wasn't long before Heidi climaxed, holding him tightly, her eyes closed and little gasping whimpers coming each time he thrust into her, the noises becoming louder and less restrained as her orgasm drew closer. At first Heidi simply crouched over Craig and slid up and down his cock, bringing him back towards that interrupted climax, but then, just as he getting close once more and making involuntary thrusts back towards her, she stopped and leaned back, resting on her two hands and raising her knees from the ground.


story of when I met a man and his wife

fetish bossyone 2018-05-19

Let me introduce you to my friends, John and his wife Sandy. Dan comes back in." I saw Sandy smile and said,"Well if he does I might began to really pound his ass and cock hard. We got to the back door and walked out and there was Sandy laying on a Sandy just laughed and said it had turned her on so My jaw dropped when she told John to get down and suck my cock. when Sandy shoved her girl cock up my ass to the hilt. John's linp cock in my mouth and rested my head on his hips. A few minutes Sandy said time for round two and started laughing. I looked at her and she was stroking Johns hard cock.

Roomies: The French Teacher

fetish patricia51 2018-05-19

Sylvia's short skirt allowed for quick glimpses of her smooth thighs, and each time she draped one shapely leg over the other Kim could see between those legs almost up to their junction. Sylvia lifted her leg slightly, offering the foot to Kim, who cradled it in her hands. As the young woman's hands drifted up the calf before her, Sylvia lifted her foot farther and brushed her toes over Kim's lips. Kim lifted Sylvia's leg and licked slowly up the swell of the older woman's calf. Kim started the march of her lips up the back of Sylvia's thigh, shifting to settle between the woman's legs and bring her tongue to the sensitive inside of the thigh.

She Told Him No Fucking... Ch. 02

fetish Scotsman69 2018-05-19

He moved to turn her gently on her back and kissed her full mouth softly: 'Good morning, my sweet.' His hand slipped down to fondle between her parted legs and her eyes flickered open. 'Afraid I want you so much this is going to be a quickie but' -- he thrust two pillows under her -- 'need to get you right so I can get in deep.' He kissed her mouth as they fucked urgently. 'Just fuck me hard now Willie, no gentleness please,' she gasped: 'Just need to cum so bad...' and he increased the speed of his thrusts till he knew he was on the edge. A smile slowly spread over Elena'a face as she looked at herself, then at Willie's eyes, in the mirror.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 03

fetish Demospider 2018-05-19

I've been drinking very little this past day and this is going to be my morning pee because I haven't gone all day." Smiling she let out a stream of nice yellow pee quickly soaking the underwear and passing through to wet the blue blouse. She looked up at Meghan's appalled expression her mouth hanging open watching her things getting soaked in another girl's piss, and almost shoved her back onto the bed and to direct her stream into that open mouth with her concentrated load of pee but was having too much fun with the drawer. Ashley looked back at the couple to see Meghan with one hand under her skirt rubbing herself and still peeing and the other opening Chris's pants; the two of them kissing heavily with his hands slipping into her blouse.

The Fucking Machine

fetish royalrogue 2018-05-19

You smiled as it rammed long thick dildos deep in my ass, but you would sit and stroke yourself to orgasm when you inserted a thinner textured shaft in my ass and watched as it rode back and forth over my prostate, heightening my sense of needing to cum, but seldom getting me there. All this was running through my mind as I watched you leave to meet Katie, and the machine slowly worked that ridged shaft into my ass. The phone switched hands and Katie's bright red lips smiled broadly as she saw the way you had me bound with the fucking machine slowly stuffing my ass. "I bet you'd like to watch me do that after that big cock has filled my pussy with cum wouldn't you, slut boy?

Meeting His Match

fetish dj2020 2018-05-19

The note said today was a test, you want this that's why I left you the bag, you're mine now and tomorrow I'm going to take you, I suggest you use the plugs because I am a bitch without mercy I am going to bend you over and fuck your ass hard and long. With that she pulled up her skirt, when she had it lifted just above her knees I could see the tip of a strap-on close to her thighs and wondered how I'd not noticed it before as it was bigger than those in her bag, then it became clear she was wearing it like a holster on the inside of her thighs, using garter belts to hold it in place.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 05

fetish Carnevil9 2018-05-19

"Tell all your friends." Nancy didn't like asking for more than twenty dollars for a hand job, but she had no problem accepting tips from a satisfied customer. After Nancy and Brandi's performance on the bar stools, the men were lined up in a long queue outside the ladies' room and the men's room, waiting their turns for their own fabulous hand jobs. As Nancy continued the famous double reverse twist on Michael's long slender cock, she suddenly felt an odd, but familiar, feeling in the pit of her being. "Give it to me Michael; give me your big creamy load!" She wrapped her lips around his cock head, and sucked for all she was worth as she twisted with maximum torque on his pulsing shaft.

My Playful Wife

fetish Madabouthair 2018-05-19

"Oh man that's awesome!" Tony said, looking like he was going to explode right in the middle of the kitchen. Tony was a heck of a lot handier than me, so I asked him if he would come over to help me in exchange for some beers and a barbecue afterward with him and his wife. Finally, Tony said he had to use the can and got up and walked past Debbie and inside. "I've gotta change in case Eileen come over," Debbie said, but I was too busy pulling her tube top up over her head as we landed on the bed, and with her arms wrapped up in the top, I buried my face in her moist armpits, feeling the damp fur with my tongue and making it wetter still.

Hubby Helps Me Out

fetish Parydise 2018-05-19

It is simply a matter of time before he moves his cock from my pussy to my lubricated ass, the very one he just filled with warm, soapy water. He stood up behind me, and gave my anus ten hard strokes of the riding crop. My anus was already sensitive from the Tiger Balm and tender from his attentions, and the riding crop has a stiff leather tip which he is very accurate at aiming. This feeling did not last as once he was properly in he thrust his very stiff cock deeply into my rectum and reamed me hard for a time, then pulled out with a pop and again applied the riding crop to my buttocks.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2018-05-19

I had unfortunately been captured by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being a Peeping Tom in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'. Miss Browne stood above me, legs apart so I could see clearly up her tweed pleated skirt. "Mary Appleby, step forward please." A tall blonde girl walked purposefully towards me and stood between my open legs staring rather embarrassedly at my erection. She shook her head in order to keep her hair out of her face; she clearly couldn't take her eyes off my penis and kept glancing down at its exposed purple head and testicles which appeared to have a life of their own.

The Tryst

fetish Sensuous Storyteller 2018-05-19

When John asked Tara if she would like another wine, she declined saying she would enjoy another drink but perhaps in a room, where they could relax and let their 'hair down'. Tara's fingers slipped to the buttons on his shirt and almost ripped them apart in her haste but John took her hands in his and pushed them away. Tara slipped off her pumps but left her thigh high stockings on, knowing how sexy it looked and how silky her legs would feel rubbing his naked skin while he fucked her. Tara's hips left the bed almost throwing him off her but her hands gripped the back of his head to pull his mouth closer.

Multiple Melia Ch. 03

fetish realityischoice 2018-05-19

"That's good baby, relax and let me're doing okay...damn you look hot taking my cock!" and she leaned forward, pushing another inch in, releasing my own cock, "easy now, we don't want you to cum yet-it'll be better to wait, and besides, as horny as I am, I'd have no choice but to keep fucking you until you came again!" I felt her hands on my shoulders, pulling me down into her upward thrusts, much harder now, ramming me fast and hard, her scream announcing her orgasm right before she was pounding me harder yet, our bodies slapping together so fiercely I was sure my ass would be bright red.

Naughty Naomi

fetish toocold 2018-05-19

Naomi enjoyed this as she almost always managed to time it so she was desperate for the toilet whilst she was in her gorgeous manager's office talking about girls having their bottoms disciplined -- almost every week the first thing she did when she closed the door of her apartment behind her on a Friday evening was wet herself whilst masturbating and thinking about this weekly meeting. She was turning to sit as she usually did in one of the guest chairs when Ms Holloway spoke up, instructing "Just wait there for a second, Naomi." The brunette did as she was told, her eyes automatically looking down the redhead's blouse at her deep cleavage whilst she read the latest entries.

Plumber's dream

fetish loudguy316 2018-05-19

I found a pair of light blue nylon briefs and I sniffed them, they were dry but they sure had her pee smell in them, I quickly unzipped my pants and wrapped the sheer blue nylon briefs around my cock and put the beige panties over my head with the dirty crotch band against my nose and mouth. I pumped her mouth faster as I felt my cum jet into her waiting mouth, looking at her stroking my cock with the silky blue panties my cock head just inside of her mouth, I ejaculated in large spurts, and she struggled to take it in her mouth, a large strand hanging from her lower lip as I came in a huge climax.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 09

fetish Alfamann 2018-05-19

Angie informed Peter how, the day before, Alice had made her wait outside the shop while she collected fancy dress costumes from inside. Like children eager to open their Christmas presents, Peter and Angie quickly ate dinner with Minnie and Alice before disappearing to have a shower. Peter was conscious of his penis being barely contained in his blue satin shorts, while Angie was aware that her erect nipples were protruding through the thin material of the tee shirt. "I think it is time Mummy removed those shorts of yours so everyone can see the horn of little boy blue, don't you?" Minnie's licked her lips seductively, resulting in a further chorus of laughter to ripple through the room.

Harold's Balloons

fetish MungoParkIII 2018-05-19

So now Sandra had to run into the local drug store, buy a pack of balloons, blow them up and then ride in Eddie's car to some hotel near where this guy lives. "Come on in Harold, here watch," she said, grabbing a safety pin and popping one of the balloons herself. Looking closely she could see a growing wet spot in those panties as he popped another balloon, "Eek," she squealed once again. While Harold watched she moved her fingers quickly over her clit and quickly felt herself getting closer and closer to coming, when suddenly she spotted one last un-popped balloon that must have drifted away from her. He walked over to the balloon, pulled out his pin and then looked up at Sandra as he popped it.

Time to Wake Up!

fetish DaddyIsTheBest 2018-05-19

I barely peeled my lips as I pretended to breath from my mouth but I knew what was about to happen and couldn't wait to get a taste. After several minutes of enjoying him touching me and the the taste of his jizz in my mouth I heard him whisper in my ear. "I slept the best daddy!" I smiled wide as his cum slowly ran down my cheeks and chin. "Daddy, pretty, pretty please, may I eat the cum you left on my face? Daddy!" I was so excited about getting permission to taste more I could barely handle it. All I think about is the next time I get more of your cum in my mouth! Please, daddy, please, let me eat your cum!"

Conference Gang Bang

fetish 2018-05-18

You feel a hand touching your ass, playing with it, playing with the thong. Fingers caress your hair, another set of hands touch your right arm and another the left. As you stand there, they are stroking and squeezing your ass, fondling your tits, touching your legs, your stomach, neck and face all feel the light touch of fingers. Then you feel a hand between your legs, sliding up to your pussy. The hand toying with your pussy starts to work it, rubbing it, teasing, massaging, touching your clit, inserting a finger. You continue to eat pussy, her hands never leaving your head, until you feel cum on your back again.

The Stripper

fetish mrtinymeat 2018-05-18

The boo's subsided as she raised her hands, and she spoke to the crowd: "Alreet ladies, we paid too fuckin' fifteh to see this shur, and ah fer won arnt ganning yem withoot seen this blurks cock!" The ladies all cheered again, and the fat Geordie bint wrenched down my thong. I was dragged to my feet and thrust onto a chair, my wrists and ankles were tied to the legs and I found myself spread-eagled and helpless: "What're we gonna do wiv 'im first?" asked a fat woman with bleached blonde hair and a Tweety Pie tattoo on her huge left boob. My ears rang with the shouts of the assembled women as Jane tightened her grip on my balls and leant in to whisper in my ear: "Open your mouth, or I'll rip your fucking cock off".