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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Pisscilla's Girlfriend

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

They had that secret society thing down pat, complete with a stone walled meeting room with a vaulted ceiling in the cellar, swearing a naked oath of confidentiality (and readiness for any pussy in need of a good honey-licking) in flickering candlelight and surrounded by equally naked but hooded pretty girls. She had a few pounds too much around her hips to call her lean, and her tits were small, yes, but her nipples perked coquettishly upwards - thank god for community showers - and when she smiled with her pouty lips under a button nose that was only a little too wide to be called lovely and with one eyelid a tad drooping, I always felt a fluttery attraction pull on my heart.

Caught with My 19 Year Old s****rs Panties in My H

fetish tcg 2018-11-12

Anyway, it was during one of these bathroom sessions that I found a pair of her sexy little purple satin bikini sting low-rise panties on the floor by a discarded towel. Suddenly I was rocketed by the hardest orgasm I ever had, as I blanketed my s****r’s sexy little purple satin bikini sting low-rise panties with my i****tuous seed. My hot-pink ones, my powder blue ones, my white ones?" she continued "Oh I know which ones you like best… my sexy little purple satin bikini sting ones." She giggled again. Just as I felt my cum rushing up my shaft my s****r… my mistress… shuffled forward onto the edge of the chair, pressing her now wet purple satin bikini string panties against the opening on my dick.


fetish apexneutral 2018-11-12

I usually have to press my wife into sucking my cock, but clearly, the wine had the desired effect, she had already started to slowly push her full red lips over the tip of my cock. I was torn, but also knew my wife doesn't usually like it when I cum in her mouth, but between the several weeks of build-up and between her mouth grinding on my cock harder and faster I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t help feeling the familiar stirrings of another erection as I watched her pressing her perfect curvy ass back onto the pommel of the gear shift. I started to pump my cock in my free hand in time with my wife's fucking.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 04

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-12

Emi had just gotten back from a run and was grinding her sweaty ass into my face when the first party guest showed up. I barely had enough time to open my mouth before her stream of liquid shit started spewing into it. Whatever the reason, a handful of women came in while Lauren had been shitting in my mouth. The whole night I was just thinking about the fact that I was still serving my amazing goddess Emi when I consumed all of these girls' waste. Emi came home visibly drunk and smelling like sex. She fell asleep like that with her ass over my nose and fortunately with my mouth able to breathe a little bit of air.

Do You Know?

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-12

She grabbed him, running her fingers through his short hair, then pushing him back so she could look at his face, into his eyes, feeling that no matter what had happened in her life with men, despite the rude treatment and the humiliation, it had all led up to this moment, with the man she'd craved for months. It was always slowly; of the few times he watched tickling videos, he couldn't get excited by the men who looked like they were jabbing their fingers into the ribcages and armpits of their victims. Jane happened to be the perfect height for what he wanted to try next: tickling her feet with one hand, and gently working his way up her thighs to the flesh in between her legs.

Breeding Sasha Ch. 01

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-12

However, sometimes I do need to wear a penis pouch as he can get in the way a little at times." He grinned as he said that, noticing her slight flush as she looked as his large member again. Danielle started calling out women's names and as each was called they went forward to meet their impregnator, who greeted their breeder with a kiss and then they walked together out of the room. Sasha was the fifth name called and she nervously walked forward to meet Troy, a remarkably handsome man with an intelligent face, large penis and wonderful muscles. Troy rolled onto his left side, taking Sasha with him, and began kissing her again while at the same time caressing her firm back, sides and breasts, avoiding her nipples for the moment.

Web Cam Girl

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-12

From that point on, he'd found himself more and more interested in girls and women who wore the kind of things he liked—form-fitting sweaters and knit tops—and especially those who also smoked. As Anderson thought about how small his potential circle of eligible woman was, he also knew that unless they also enjoyed sex—a lot—there was no future in it so at some point it seemed like he was hoping against hope to win the sexual-fetish lottery the same way he'd won the actual lottery. He'd thought about her final comments a thousand times over the months that followed, and his only answer was to quote Popeye, "I yam what I yam." Trevor liked women who smoked, and it seemed unlikely in the extreme that would ever change.


Chronicles Of Nicky: Long Haired Lucy Ch. 02

fetish Maverick710 2018-11-12

Nicky's cock was close to Lucy's head while helping her with the crunches and it was like his cock could sense Lucy's long and voluptuous braid and it was wild with excitement. After the first set got over, Nicky raised Lucy's head a little by placing both of his hands on Lucy's soft and shiny hair and then with his left hand grabbed her long braid and carefully placed it on her front over her left breast. During the third set, Lucy's braid fell down like before but this time Nick got hold of her braid with the left hand and continued helping her without placing it over her.

Knee Surgery

fetish Jackie1137 2018-11-12

Using two latex covered fingers of her left hand the young woman in the washed-out scrubs gently spread her patient’s labia majora further than her open legged position already had. The half-naked auburn haired woman on the bed first felt the chill invasion of the air-conditioned air on her weeping inner lips further confirming the wetness but the prying fingers were also bracketing her turgid love button which generated a hot flush that seemed to come from her belly. “I’m sorry but your, uh, your, um… is kind of in the way,” the young nurse certainly knew the word she needed but was reluctant to say it. Chelsey bit her bottom lip hard enough to taste blood as she felt the little blonde apply both hands to her aching vulva.

Black on Black Pegging: Sexism

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-12

Digging up a Black man's asshole with my strap-on dildo like a miner looking for gold in the Yukon. To the folks inside the night club, I looked like a concerned girlfriend taking her man home after he got drunk. That's why I've got him ass up right now, with my strap-on dildo buried so deep inside his asshole that I think his ancestors in the island of Haiti might feel it. I looked into Salomon's eyes, watching defeat and agony creep into them as I smacked him, spat on him and berated him while sodomizing him with my thick strap-on dildo. All of his macho buddies from Haiti would know that a strong Black man like him let a little Black woman like me fuck his ass with a dildo.


fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-12

"Well Lois, I see you really want to get back into playing and since I love piano, I know how great it is to sit down and start playing some beautiful music. "So Raymond, you really like the looks of me wearing my black half-square glasses and beaded neck chain?" I was surprised, I had my eyes on Lois as she got on the sofa, as she took off her blouse and bra, I didn't even notice her half-glasses and beaded chain on the coffee table. I was on the sofa with my pants down and Lois was sitting at the edge, looking at me through her black half-squares and touching me all over with her gold square glasses.

Soft as Fur She Was

fetish seeker4 2018-11-12

The soft fur of the jacket touched my naked torso and I rubbed against it as I stroked the back with my hands. The feeling of soft fur on my aroused dick nearly set off an explosion, but Mrs. Tanner pulled back before I blew. Then, Mrs. Tanner took my cock in her hand and began sliding it up and down from base to head. Slowly, I rubbed my cock in the softness while remembering the feeling of Mrs. Tanner’s fur-covered hands and tits on my body. At the same time, I writhed against the fur beneath me, the soft caress on my skin arousing me even more than the feeling of my slick cock in my hand.

The One That Made And Broke Me

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-12

I cradled his fat balls in the palms of my hands and gave them a last loving kiss, and then started to spiral back up his cock, making sure to cover every part of it with my swabbing tongue. I savaged the head of his cock with my mouth, licking and slurping all over, spreading a thick mass of precum and lusty saliva around it, heavy white drops sliding down the sides. I'd like to say I wasn't scared, but I was looking at the most lengthiest, (yes it was big enough to deserve a double positive!) thickest, snake I had ever seen on a man, and I was about to try putting it in my average-sized pussy.

Training Karen Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-12

Karen proceeded to assert her dominance and soon Malinda found herself over her stepmoms lap with panties down and being spanked as if she were a far younger mischievous girl. Malinda felt shamed by having her stepmom watch as the girl excreted large movements into the pee at the base of the bowl with a splash. As Karen applied harsh slaps alternately to each cheek, Malinda heard her stepmom's pee hit the toilet bowl water followed by the plop of Karen 's excreting her shit. Karen secretly wanted Dennis to fuck his daughter but had been reconciled to limiting Malinda's involvement in their bedroom to this après-sex clean-up. Soon after they both came yet again, Malinda felt Karen's insinuating finger penetrate the stepdaughter's virgin anal opening.

Wet Workdays

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

‘As I am barely in the office anymore, I hereby grant Marietta Miller full disciplinary and financial authority, to act in my stead in all questions regarding the handling of employees and steering of the company.’ It went on a bit further into legal mumbo-jumbo, but the bad thing was that it was dated, signed and stamped by the law department. My breath shuddered, but I stared back hard at her and reached out with one hand, ran my fingers through my folds and lifted them to my mouth, trying to keep them from shaking too much. I nodded with blushed cheeks, slipped back into my panties and moved the bowl brimming with my pee under the desk and to the side, outside of reach of my legs.

My Panties (Part 3 of 3)

fetish tcg 2018-11-12

“OK Mark why don’t you pull your dick out now so your big s****r could have another look at it” Josh said. Now Tiffany I want you to open your mouth because I’m going to have your b*****r put his cock in it” Josh said “Oh that is very sexy Tiffany, what do you think of that Eddie” he pointed the camera at Eddie and Eddie just smiled as his dick was in his hand stroking with a pair of my dirty panties from the hamper. “OK Tiffany now I need you to stick your legs over your head and hold your back up with your hands and I’m gonna get a good shot of you pushing the cum out of your pussy” Josh instructed

Nanobotic Toilets Ch. 03

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-12

"I mean, if we can pee and poop in front of each other, masturbating just as openly doesn't really seem that radical." That happened just a week before college started, and as it turns out, Beth had inadvertently primed us for our initiation into Pi Iota Sigma, the sorority that had by then finalized the deal with our mom's company to install SNBs into their housing. It took us a couple hours to retrieve all our belongings from our car and find a place for them, but just a couple of minutes after we had declared ourselves officially moved in with a collective sigh, Lina lowered her panties, hoisted her skirt up as she squatted low to the floor, and unleashed a flood of her own onto the carpet of her and Kala's bedroom.

My Wife's Mom - Pt.2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-11

Andrea called me Wednesday morning and asked, "Ray, what's a good time to come over for lessons?" "Andrea, how about me pushing those glasses up from the bottom of your bra?" My thoughts are of having my way with those hot looking boobs, feeling their smoothness and the lace of her bra as well." Seeing Andrea looking at me over the tops of her black half-square glasses gets me even hard and past visions of us sitting across from each other at the doughnut shop seem to get me even harder. "Later on, I want to have you cum these for me," Andrea says as she jiggles those black half-square glasses by the beads, the room light throwing bolts of lightning on them as they jiggle.

The Bohemian's Apprentice

fetish TheTravellingMan 2018-11-11

With the feeblest caress of his hard cock with a solitary finger, a tender gasp left his body. Showing him the look on her face as she penetrated her sex, he gasped as she squeezed her eyes closed and moaned for him. Each time, Lina looked up, smiled and occasionally bit her top lip. Daubs of soft soap followed, she giggled as his cock looked like it had a big foam afro. She held him tightly inside her, her eyes rolling back as he drove into her slowly but firmly as her body took over. She looked to his body and gasped, his cock began to jerk in time with each powerful beat of his heart.

Emily and Karen Move On

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-11

Marian had been behaving better since Karen and Emily had sent her to spend a weekend with Deb and Marge, two lesbians they had met. Linda walked with Emily and Karen to the dining place, and felt nervous without her sister Leslie. Deb kissed Karen and Emily and was introduced again to Linda, whom she had met when visiting the apartment to pick up Marian for the latter's training weekend. As Deb watched approvingly, Marge with sympathy for Linda, and Karen with a feeling of relief that Emily was finally taking a role in training her own sister, Emily informed Linda that she would be disciplined for her failure to behave properly.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 04

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-11

Kathy commented on Henry's red panties, and Margaret answered that he now no longer needed to wear them daily. Recalling how Henry's mother had commented on his father's sloppiness in terms of wiping himself as evidenced by the skid marks in his undershorts, combined with how she had so readily submitted to Margaret's dominance, the young governess decided to test these waters. Now Margaret took Lucille over her lap and slowly pulled down the tight control panties. Margaret now invited Lucille to sit next to her on the bed and told Edward to get down between his wife's spread legs and pleasure her pussy with his tongue. Edward liked the velvety feeling inside his wife's cunt and Lucille appreciated the girth and power of her husband's cock as it penetrated her long-ignored vagina.

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish Ch. 03

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-11-11

Expecting the same treatment as always, Michelle began to slowly disrobe before Nathan, getting herself ready for his full inspection of her nude body, as he remained fully clothed. As Glenda professionally prepared the wax for Michelle's denuding, Lacey gently traced the curves of her nude, shivering body held firmly in place, lightly caressing and smiling. As Glenda applied the wax, the tearing off process caused Michelle to wince, though Lacey cupped her friend's head in her hands, kissing her lips softly to ease the discomfort. Little flakes rained down over her shoulders, Nathan's shaft, balls and lap as she continued, trying not to move as Glenda held her bottom firmly in place, lubricating her as Lacey inserted the plug.

My wife shows her tits

fetish woreout 2018-11-11

As I leaned in to listen to what they where talking about I noticed that the way my wife was bent over to talk to the guy caused her loose fitting shirt to hang open enough that her nipples where easy to see. The next day at work my mind couldn't get the picture of my little wife's body being under a hit sweaty man while he rams his hard cock into her pretty vagina. She wiggled her ass in my now hard cock as she said they fucked all my holes. She said the black guy was setting on the couch and she was riding him when the white guy pushed her toward and started working his cock into her ass.

Humiliated By Our Guests

fetish SissyHubby 2018-11-11

"Look Chad," Alexa said, "I'm not saying your 3 inch toy is the smallest pecker in the world, but Kate used to joke that she should be a theatre major with all the acting she does in bed. "Tell you what," Kate snapped, "Alexa, Philipe and I are going to the bedroom, you do whatever you want." Alexa and Philipe were making out, and I started to kiss Kate when she stopped me. I was used to Kate insisting I was totally naked before she would even think of taking a sock off, but this caused Philipe and Alexa to stop and stare. I felt Kate's hand squeezing my cock as Alexa placed a well-lubed index finger in my ass.