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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Letter to a Super Stud

fetish magas911 2018-05-18

Please give her a good licking, a super stud like you should be able to give her an orgasm to release her tension while you read on. I'm not sure he believed I could help, but when I had read the letter a realization came to me; this is a quest with meaning, to bring you down and destroy you. He gave the house and all assets to Mary, moved into a nice flat and set up an office exclusively working on collecting information about you. When they eventually go on auction, I will most likely buy one of them just in case I need the transportation for one or more of my associates that work for me to make your life miserable.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 10

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-05-18

Kate touched her own butt, the denim worn and slightly ripped on her right back pocket, but still figure hugging and more than capable of holding Brad safely inside. Kate knew that Brad would be pleased with this outfit and his rare view on the world, not to mention his view of Emily's long tanned legs. After a year with Brad, 'regular' panties were no fun, but still the thought of Emily unwittingly having a guy underneath her perfect little skirt did give Kate an illicit thrill and make her smile. Emily had pulled her skirt up and kept touching herself between her legs, her touch pushing Brad inside her. Kate pulled up the back of Emily's top and tried to look inside the waistband of her cousin's leather trousers.


fetish fuzzy_t 2018-05-18

Right before our lips locked together I said, “Cum for me while I fuck you!” She kissed me hard and started rubbing her clit at the same time my cock penetrated her pussy and sank all the way to the hilt. I had not only walked naked into my post office and started jacking off, but I had been discovered, fucked a beautiful young girl, squirted my cum inside her pussy, given her two orgasms, was working on another one for the both of us, and to boot, was being watched by another cutie. Make your clit cum while I make your G-spot cum!” Susie, eyes still closed, smiled and sighed while letting out, “Hmmmm!” Her fingers zoned in on her clit and she started a slow steady rotation with her hand.

Peter fucks my Wife

fetish cuck4life 2018-05-18

I could see Peter's dick as he had pulled my wife to the edge of the bed and was squatting slightly while prepping my wife for the first fuck she was going to have from another man other than me. I had just cum while watching another man eat my wife's pussy and I have to thank Peter for that. And my wife was exactly where she should be, her legs spread, her pussy dripping, and aching for Peter to fuck her. You know its the right thing to do" said my wife with a huge smile knowing that I had just begged another man to fuck her and the fact she now knew for sure he was going to put that big cock deep in her pussy.

Friend In Need

fetish euphor1a 2018-05-18

As Steve finally pulled his eyes away and continued on his way down the corridor, Harry still kept his eyes focused, wishing he had this woman in his arms - wishing he could pleasure her, like the goddess she is. He used his fingers and pretended like he was going to insert them into her pussy, but kept pulling them away, slightly touching her effective parts without actually doing anything. "I never thought she wanted to be fucked like this, or I would've done it along time ago!" Harry thought. He fucked her harder, and she could still feel his warm cock going deep inside of her, rubbing against her inner walls.

First Thirst Ch. 02

fetish NastyPierre 2018-05-18

Colleen took my hand and guided me through a thin crowd of mostly men. I felt like a king with Colleen as queen, the luckiest man on earth and I felt like another drink. Colleen babbled into my ear quietly, romantically, and her hand continued pumping. Colleen's tongue squished into my ear and I shivered as her hand milked my penis dry. "Oh my, such a man," Colleen said in quiet words that pumped up my ego with my penis. "My, my you have a lot of sperm in those balls of yours," Colleen said, once again fisting my penis into hardness. If they're as nice as this one feels, I'm the luckiest woman on the planet," Colleen said.

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 03

fetish jamiestory 2018-05-18

He started talking to me" 'Don't know if your innocence can handle watching people suck and fuck. He came behind me and started talking about how sexy she looked. I wasn't sure what he wanted, so I made sure we left soon for lunch. He wanted me to experience sucking some different cocks than his. As soon as we got there, I noticed he went right back to the couch. I could hear her cumming on the TV, when he started to blindfold me again. I heard him unzip his fly, and soon I could feel a cock hitting my face. He, have some more of mine." Next thing I know, he's pushed his cock past my lips, and I'm sucking him off again.


fetish 2018-05-18

Other reasons like for me if you have no booty i wont eat you or if your really knocked knee i wont do it,Dirt under your finger nails,FUCKED UP ATTITUDES A BITCHY WOMEN ...TURN OFF,if your feet are crusty i wont,if your teeth are buttery and arm pit hairs are not shaved. buy toilet safe vag wipes dont use Toilet paper this stops the toilet paper crumbs and the dryed up juice on the pussy look as well as keeps the pussy confidently clean all day.I promise you wont have to run and freshen up because when you do he know your doing it.

Socks and Stockings Ch. 06

fetish livinglines 2018-05-18

I wonder if you should ask your sex shrink how often men lie about what they want in the bedroom," Tessa said, twirling her plastic spoon in her cup. "That's a good question to ask," I said, retrieving my planner and flipping to a blank note page. "Jason, would you mind if I asked you a few questions?" I smiled and tried to look smoldering - unsure of whether it was working or not. He scribbled a few things below his list but I grabbed the book back before he could write much, "Great ass, like yours. "If I come up with any questions I'll let you know," I said over my shoulder.

Watching Pt. 03

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-05-18

They all laughed especially when Mrs Smith added "And you had better be a good girl Jennifer or Mummy will smack your bottom." Bruce noticed that his wife panted a little. Bruce really enjoyed this banter but after the conversation with Malcolm in the garden he looked at Mrs Smith sitting there in her brightly patterned cotton dress and couldn't help thinking that she looked like a lovely big flower ready to have her petals parted. There were several instances like this which were exciting and Bruce noticed that Jennifer seemed really fascinated with Mr and Mrs Smith and seemed to very willingly do little things that the older woman suggested.

Takeover Ch. 04

fetish taiyakisoba 2018-05-18

You tell Quinn you can't leave her on the doorstep after coming all this way and ask her if she'd like to come upstairs and have coffee. Your tears continue and after a while you try pull away, afraid that you're getting Quinn's dress wet. Far too cute." Quinn leans forward, her hands keeping you from moving your head away, and kisses you on the lips. You push at her hand and try and pull away from her kiss, but Quinn throws her arm around your neck again and keeps your lips against hers. "Well, at least Fia has taught you to kiss properly," says Quinn, sitting back up. Fia's eyes barely move, but it's enough for Quinn to know that she has guessed right.

Dinner at the Hole (Part 2 later that day)

fetish Billgh01 2018-05-18

I had a little slow going as the next few guys that came into the adjacent booths wanted to do the sucking or trade bjs. I could see his ample bulge developing as I quietly asked, "do you want some help with that?" He did not act startled but said "would love it." He moved closer to the wall and I reached through and massaged his cock as he undid his pants. Mike looked a little dismayed as he stood with cum dripping from his face, hands, dick, and balls. He was startled when a voice in the booth next to us said “that was fucking hot, Thanks for the show.” I laughed a bit saying “looks like we had an audience”, but I think Mike was quite embarrassed that someone else knew his secret.

At First Sight

fetish ViridianQS 2018-05-18

His eyes first looked at the light brown soil that I was half-submerged in, observing how close the quicksand was to my shorts, then glancing up to admire my slim, toned abdomen and then the grand prize, my soft, round breasts. "Whoa, looks like you found a soft spot there," he said in a calm, casual tone. The warm, sticky sand felt even more intimate, like a pair of hands caressing my body, sliding under my breasts and passing over my sensitive nipples. My body felt light and my head cleared as I reached another orgasm, and I could feel his shaft throb from his ejaculation. The branch was stuck in the middle of the quicksand pit and I couldn't find anything else to reach him with.

In the Back woods

fetish Redneckjohn82 2018-05-18

Jackson says no no no you don’t have to this is a great spot for deer especially towards the evening and first thing in the morning. With a big stretch Jackson looks over at Jody and comments at how beautiful she is and her deep blue eyes, curvy body and luscious lips. Jody opens her eyes and looks over at Jackson and realises the big bulge in the crotch of his pants. And slowly the same vary deer that Jackson had seen earlier that morning, have re entered the field. Jackson offers Jody to follow him home, to where he had equipment to dress the deer, and hang them.

An Xhamster Dom has a few ideas for me....

fetish Turpitudus 2018-05-18

You will be wearing thigh high boots, hold up stockings over your shaved legs, red lacy panties and a skirt just below your buttocks. Be that as it may, with you in your slut gear, having shaved your body completely, and her in a professional power suit (jacket, white shirt and shortish skirt) I would make you lick every inch of her boots and up to the top of her stockings. Then she says "Tell your Master to fuck me." "Please, Sir, would you fuck my wife?" She lays on the bed with her power skirt round her hips and pulls her panties to one side. Hayley you would help into white lace panties and white stockings and suspenders (a favourite of mine),no bra and a long black low cut dress with court shoes.

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XVII

fetish Victor2K 2018-05-18

The lunch was the best opportunity for them to know stuff about each other and both Virginia and Robert noticed how much things in common they had with Rebecca and Bernie. Next, Virginia told Robert and Bernie to stand up outside the bed, each other at one side of the mattress, and she and Rebecca knelt in front of them as they started to stroke and suck their husband’s cocks. The things got closer to the needed happy ending as Virginia bent and started to suck Bernie’s dick, as simultaneously, Robert told Rebecca to be in all fours and went to lick her pussy behind the brunette.

Three Agonizing Days Ch. 02

fetish TenthDoctor 2018-05-18

She had me spend an especially long amount of time on the pointer, before, without removing it from my mouth, turned her hand over and hooked my upper teeth with it, then pulled up, implying I was to stand. She jumped to my thighs, where she had made her greatest triumph last week, and started, as usual, nibbling and kissing, which I complemented with squirming and screaming and groaning and moaning and thrashing and whimpering, all with my hands and legs locked in place. I kept on eating, even though she had completely smothered me and I could barely breathe, but I loved this vulnerable feeling, this urge that was unstoppable, that she had turned me into a whimpering mess, and I couldn't think about anything but sex.

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 05

fetish slowdeep 2018-05-18

Paula picked up on my state of mind because she said "since you don't want to wear the cock ring, I think you'll need to have your ass filled all night." My dick jumped at this. I bet you want a hot hard dick in your ass instead of this plug." The sweet tone to her voice was driving me crazy along with the thought of the cock ring and plug. "Paula has told me what a slut you are; how you loved to be fucked in the ass; how you love to suck big cum filled cocks until they spew their gooey treasure all over your face or down your throat.

Perils of Arousal Ch. 01

fetish Pure_Essence 2018-05-18

He appreciated the beautiful lustful acts that the two explored with one another but it remained much the same. As he remained upon his bed, looking upwards towards the ceiling, he heard the knock upon his door. The sight both frightened him and aroused him; a woman, cloaked in darkness, stood upon the porch in a beautiful black corset, a short black skirt and boots that were frighteningly aroused. She slapped him hard upon the cheek as she stepped through the door and he winced in pain. He turned onto his knees and her boot was pressed against his lips. "I...I...I don't...understand." He said between his moans of delight as her hands decided to roam across his figure.

An Unusual Birth

fetish Iamtheone69 2018-05-18

"There's no easy way to say this," said the doctor, "but you were gassed by the alien you were working on and have been impregnated with one of its young." "Looks like its time then" said Clara. After a while a several more contractions Jenna felt the creature inside of her move towards its exit. From Clara's side she could see Jenna's puckered anus open up. As it moved towards her anus she began to feel more pressure building up in her ass leading to a massive urge to push. "Nnnnnnnnngggggggggg hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa" Jenna screamed as her anus slowly opened up the alien began to force its way out of her ass. With another big push the rest of the creature came out of her.

Goliath Ch. 2

fetish Cerri 2018-05-18

Continuing her feathery exploration of his high round cheeks, she pulled his mouth open by his chin with her other hand and laid the metal leash across his tongue and teeth. He eyed her adoringly as she stood over him, her hair falling over her face, her tank top wet where she had rubbed up against his ass, her breasts showing through the thin, ribbed fabric, hard nipples standing out, waiting to be bitten and twisted by his hungry mouth. His eyes widened as he watched her play, grabbing and squeezing her breasts with one hand as the other found its way between her legs, pulling up the skin over her clit and rubbing in gentle circles as she sighed and moaned.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 09

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-05-18

The thing I don’t understand is that you say you didn’t let her do anything, how am I supposed to know that you’ll do anything for me to prove it’s the truth? I don’t know at what point things turned because deep down I knew I was the victim here and yet I felt as if I needed to prove something to Misty because she was the one that had been denied something that rightfully belonged to her. I’ll think about your reward and if you prove competent with these, we’ll add more later until I’m satisfied with your devotion to your story as being the truth. Looking me in the eye she said, “I’ve thought about your reward, so we’re gonna do things a little differently from now on.”

The Gift

fetish Marty Eagan 2018-05-18

By this time Paul was in the driver's seat once again and waited patiently while Andrea closed the door and put on her seatbelt. With that, Paul kissed Andrea's atrophied leg passionately and easily got all the toes of her miniature foot in his mouth. Andrea was fundamentally a very attractive woman but it was her leg, her crutches, her crippledness, that drove Paul's frenzy. Paul returned home and found himself hoping Andrea would somehow contact him, although he knew she didn't know either his address or phone number. After all, Andrea was the first woman Paul had bedded other than his deceased wife in over 35 years.

The Uncertain Cuckold Ch.01

fetish Jackanory 2018-05-18

I couldn't help passing Gary's words on to Jill, nor to control my stiffness when she would reveal how she often fantasised about having him to herself for a night. Sixteen years older than my fiancée, Gary was well-dressed, smiling and mannered as he handed me a bottle of red wine. Jill placed her hand on Gary's knee, her red nails dazzling under the light. When I returned to the living room, my girlfriend, as Jill was at the time, was on her hands and knees, sucking Gary's cock like a porn star. If something was going to happen between Gary and Jill, I figured it was best I left them alone for as long as possible. "I need your cock, Gary," Jill said.