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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How? 02 Fetish

fetish fyrestarter 2018-05-18

Biting her lip, Lissa closed her eyes, begging her body to hold on as long as she could, but then she felt Stacy's tongue licking her and she almost screamed in frustration. Lissa felt like it would never end, looking up she saw that Stacy was not only grinning as she filmed, but was also toying with her own pussy! She reached out to stroke Brent, touch her breasts, further her sexual feeling rippling through her at the thrusting of his cock inside her, but she felt her hands pinned above her head. Lissa screamed louder than ever when she felt Stacy's tongue on her clit, circling it as Brent fucked her relentlessly.

Shopping with Sophie

fetish Paul Fleming 2018-05-18

As the girl tried another pair of shoes on, Sophie's dress moved up and revealed the embroidered upper part of her stockings. Each time the girl took a new pair of shoes out of a box she bended over and I had alluring look at her small yet firm pear-shaped breasts. Then she removed her bra and positioned herself in front of the mirror, only with her panties, self-supporting stockings and high-heeled shoes on. Sophie bent over and fitted her breasts in the cups of the new bra Claire handed her over. I saw Claire gazing at her, slowly moving her eyes from Sophie's long legs over her neatly trimmed pussy up to her magnificent breasts. Soon now Sophie stood completely "dressed" with her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and shoes.

Elevator Liaision

fetish crackerbarrel2 2018-05-18

I feel you shiver slightly in anticipation; panties now fully exposed and fine denier silk encapsulates slender tanned legs; I am eager to get my hard as iron cock inside you but tease your bum with the tip of my cock on the outside of your peach coloured silk panties; you are bucking backwards, pussy and arse in demand of cock; your panties beginning to dampen as the sexual ecstasy goes into its opening phase of what the pending night it is to become "fuck me in the arse now baby" you say softly with just the faintest hint of demand "no baby, let’s get inside" I reply with a smirk to myself knowing that you are truly on heat "please, just drop my knickers a little bit and lay your shaft under my cunt lips then" Well, how could I resist!

Training Slave C Ch. 02

fetish LovesNipples 2018-05-18

So yes, I would like to suck your nipples, Martha." SC said as she stared at the other woman's face. Martha had stopped washing SC's hair and had her hands resting on the blonds' shoulders to steady herself as Slave C took the right nipple in her mouth and repeated the inhale-exhale thing. "It's just like this." The Latina replied as she sank to her knees, took Slave C's head in her hands and gently pulled the plump blonds' lips to her own. "Now these go on your nipples like this." Martha said as she attached a tassel made of black crystals to the blond woman's right breast.

Dicklette Stamina Training

fetish 2018-05-18

Faster my fingers pushed, and suddenly after barely 10 minutes she came on my face and hand, loudly groaning her pleasure. She began to groan, and told me "Your little cock just doesnt do it you know, this is the only thing that can make me cum properly from internal penetration, not that..... Her groaning became louder, her breathing deeper, her face became flushed, she panted and looked me in the eye "your cock is pathetic, worthless piece of meat, it has no purpose and is a waste of skin, you cant even wank properly, look you have to use two fingers and a thumb..." at that she made the most incredible groaning noise, suddenly screaming "Yes,that was what a real cock can do!" and with that pulled out the vibrator.

Fire and Ice Part Three: The Dance

fetish 2018-05-18

Alexis blinked, brought out of her feverish fantasies by the reply. "You are the dragon?" she stated flatly, eyeing him suspiciously, "You do not look like you could breathe fire." Another chuckle escaped his sultry lips as his eyes trailed to her heaving bosom. Round and pert, the dusky nipple started to harden from the exposure to the open cavern air. He blew softly on one nipple. A tingling sensation filled Alexis's skin, then started to warm. Alexis looked down at the dusky nipple in astonishment. Slightly breathless, Alexis's mind reeled for a moment. His breath grazed her ear, sending a plethora of wonderful sensations through her body. "Alexis," he breathed, "Would you like to dance?"

The Dresser Files Ch. 1

fetish rapidran 2018-05-18

I could see a smile come to his face as he looked at all the silk items; Bra's, panties, slips, stockings, garter belts, shoes, make-up, a couple of skirts and blouses and a couple of different color/style wigs. There is not a man alive whose cock will not get hard by slipping on a pair of silk panties," I said with a laugh. I want to taste your cum," he said turning back to my cock and sliding it between his lips. I continued licking and tongue fucking his ass until he cried out "Suck my cock, please!" I continued to run my tongue around his cock head and shaft, getting all of his last cum.

Impregnation Gangbang

fetish subiana 2018-05-18

Cries of 'Fist her, fist the slut, push that spunk inside her' encouraged him to do just that – he has big hands, and I wasn't able to take his whole fist inside me, but, I don't know if it was all the spunk, or that my cunt was stretched open with cocks, this time it worked. I was passed like a piece of meat between more cocks than I could count, and almost everyone fucking me took the opportunity to slap my face or ass, squeeze my tits or pull my hair. Baz turned me on my belly in the piss pool that the surface has become, and pulled my breasts from underneath me to attach the nipple rings to two of the table straps.

The List Ch. 02

fetish peelover 2018-05-18

Eva looked at me, and a huge smile appeared in her face. I wish you could lick my pussy, put your tongue in my arse, drink my piss and eat my shit. Mother pisses at the same time in my open mouth. I opened the door and Lucy walked in, kissed me on the cheek, pressed her tits against my chest and said while walking into the bathroom "Give me a moment, Sean, I'll prepare myself. Her massive tits, her huge body and her glorious bottom were the things I longed for. Lick my fat bottom, lick my brown wrinkled arse, please Sean." Lucy crawled away from me and lay on her fat belly with her huge tits beside her body.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 04

fetish thecloned22 2018-05-18

They reached the edge of the town and Jor drew the men up in a defensive battle line. It was an intimidating sight, and as Jor looked down the line of his own men, he saw them wavering in fear. Jor and his men braced against their shields as they advanced spears out, with the second rank close behind. Jor rushed forward using his shield to brush the pikes away as best he could. Before the man's dead body hit the ground, Jor struck another man and another, with precise thrusts. They thrust their spears and bashed their shields against the pikemen, many of whom were forced to drop their pikes and draw their short swords. Limping in to town a heavily wounded Jor came struggling forwards.

Richard Becomes a Pet

fetish subfellow 2018-05-18

Taking a deep breath, he removed his clothes, draping them over a chair and standing in Mistress' living room wearing nothing but the tail, his cock still completely hard. Pushing open the door with one "paw," he saw Mistress lying on her side in bed, wearing only an open silk robe and watching him with a slight smile. Releasing his hair, Mistress pushed his face into the bed and grabbed his waist, lifting his tail-adorned ass into the air. She laid back on the bed and Richard scrambled to curl up against her side as she pulled him close, his face pressed against one breast left exposed by the open robe. Richard's pulse quickened as Mistress stood above the cage, smiling down on him with the same amused look.

Public Service: Dear Diary

fetish LizisReady 2018-05-18

Usually you would expect that they would all be over a sweet little piece of ass like that but the rest of them seemed more interested in tugging each others hairy old cocks. At least he was considerate enough to put some lube on them and I am a big enough man to admit that the feeling of having my cock buried in a moaning twinks ass whilst someone else tickles my rosebud... With big boy's cock nearly breaking my fucking ass and twinkies guts clamping down on me like a fucking velvet vice. Meanwhile big boy is doing his best to get my asshole pregnant with a fucking monster load of cum injected straight up my ass.

The Bet Ch. 02

fetish Chancethedog 2018-05-17

With another milestone of humiliation, Dan was over Crystals lap, the brush spanking his ass. Before Dan knew it he was over Kathys lap, being spanked by his mother in law. Kathy watched intently, seeing her daughters finger slipping in Danny's ass. She saw Crystal aim the head of the cock at Dans asshole. Danny looked over at Kathy, saw her face as if in a trance getting off on his submission. The feelings of his ass getting fucked and the underside of his cock, sliding over the couch, he felt like he could cum! Kathy watched as Danny stood up, she saw his sperm on his on his cock and lower stomach.

When It Rains It Pours

fetish PamelaIsley 2018-05-17

I swear to fucking god I shoulda fired you 30 times already!" He was standing extremely close again and I could smell his cologne, feel the heat coming from his body. The second time around the kiss was even better; like old lovers we already knew the rhythm and the pace we loved. As he continued to fill me with his long hard dick, I was in ecstasy, not knowing what was better: the fact that we were having passion filled wet sweaty sex in our office, on his desk, while outside there was a thunder storm with lightening filling the sky or the fact that I was Pam and he was Jason.

Speed Demon Squishypants at the Club

fetish twiddershins 2018-05-17

I never expected it to happen, but I got drunk with my crush- my roommate, Lisa- and she wanted to go out to a strip club. I got hard watching her, stopped trying to keep my feet from rubbing on Lisa's. At that moment, both of their faces turned to wide-eyed, open-mouthed shock as I bust my nut all inside my pants, staining and soaking my khakis all the way through with streams of cum. good luck with your girlfriend." She licked her lips derisively, and then went away, sashaying her hot hips, swinging her beautiful ass cheeks in that thong all the way to the bathroom or changing room to wash herself off.

Caught by Our Son - Chapter 3

fetish biguy52x 2018-05-17

We headed to the bedroom and my wife pulled off her top before we got to our door. My wife told me she wanted to be eaten so I laid on the bed while she straddled my face and her face was to the door. He came into the door and shoved his shorts down and guided his cock into my wife's dripping pussy. I pulled out of her mouth and told her I wanted some sloppy seconds. My son looked and my wife said mommy needs a cock in her pussy. So mom told dad to clean up their sons cock and get it ready for his next fuck....


fetish Pookiegirl 2018-05-17

A sudden 'snip' sound, the first button has been clipped from my blouse and the blunt side of the scissor blade slides downwards, parting the two sides of the fabric, seeking the next button...and the next...there are 6 altogether. The scissors are open, the blunt side of the lower blade touching me just above the band of my knickers, the blades gape a little, holding my eyes. Master slides the upwards, still open, until the blade burrows under the narrow band of fabric between my bra cups. He slides his fingers back under the edge of the cups again, as he did before, reaching downwards for my nipples, brushing them briefly before he withdraws his hands again.

11 Reasons Why Men Should Start Wearing Thongs

fetish Matt_Thongs 2018-05-17

Some think only women should wear thongs. Actually, men will gain a lot from wearing thongs regularly. It’s similar to the feeling women get while wearing tight dresses. No underwear lets you show as much skin in such an inviting way like thongs for men. But don’t think thongs for men can’t provide your boys good support. Men’s thongs have little fabric where bacteria may get trapped, so as long as you always wash yours thoroughly, wearing them regularly puts you at little risk of infection. You’ll enjoy yourself the same way if you wear thongs for men regularly. Men’s thongs are designed to give men several benefits, making them must-haves.

The French Connection Ch. 02

fetish leekeyone 2018-05-17

Walking over to the balcony I continued to stare at the stream of golden piss leaving Monique's open pee hole. A split second later and a squirt of my hot yellow pee leapt from my bell end and flew into Monique's open mouth. Instantly a strong squirting stream of my flowing urine jetted from the end of my dick and started to fill Monique's mouth with piss. Monique gurgled something in response to my deed but I ignored her and instead enjoyed the sensation of being able to spray my piss where-ever I liked over her fantastic young body. The very same one who had witnessed me with my cock sending a golden piss shower all over Monique's naked body as she crouched down in a pee puddle of her own making.

My first time; On my knees having a suckdate with

fetish 2018-05-17

The place was called AdultMatch and I just wrote down that I hoped to find a man who would want to make me give him oral sex. I decided to just do it, we exchanged whatsapp and sent a few messages and I didn’t dare to tell it was my first time. Then he walked up to me and looked me in the eye and said: “ok little slut, now go on your knees, open your mouth and be a god girl, ok?” and I could just nod. And started moving faster and faster and said: “ok slut, you keep my cum in your mouth when I cum and show me, ok?” I could just nod.

The Vicar's Temptation Ch. 02

fetish Misslexia 2018-05-17

When his wife was really squishy with vodka, Tina deliberately opened Jenny's legs wider apart and Rita accidently tugged her dress a little higher, so that they could all see her knickers! Then Rita added to her sister's request, saying "I want to fuck her as well, please say we can Mum!" The Vicar whimpered as, excited by her daughters' idea Rose gave his cock several sharp tugs. "I am awfully sorry Vicar, but it looks as if my daughters are going to fuck your wife, in front of you, but first let's get you ready for bed." With that she helped him out of the dress and bra and slipped the delicate hot-pink baby-doll short night-dress on him with a pair of tiny lacy red panties.

Brod: Nice Young Man Pt. 01

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-05-17

When she heard it, Jessica asked, "Did I catch you at a bad time, Brod?" Then we started talking about this other girl's writing, and eventually she asked about why that girl, me, and a few other girls missed class on the same day." Jessica paused. "Oh, is that the only important thing in a girl besides your dick?" asked Jessica. Thanks to Yara's training, at this point in my life, it took a lot more than a couple girls to sate my cock. I didn't want to embarrass Jessica, so I decided I'd dress like a decent human being for once. "I don't mean to be brash, but I have to say, you're even bigger than Jessica said," Estelle told me, looking down at the hugely distended bulge taking up most of my lap.

Fat Bottomed Girls

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2018-05-17

I would love to give Danielle and Stacey a baby brother or sister," Lisa urged me, making it clear that she had found something good out of this whole mess, too. I badly wanted you and Mommy to be happy and stay together, not get divorced like I hear that Pastor Jonathan is going to get from Sister Angel," Danielle told me, to my shock. I'm still the assistant pastor of this church and you're just a dumb cuckold hubby whose wife gives up the booty for her exes," Jonathan taunted me, unaware that he had just cussed in church, in front of the senior pastor, "Hell, I fucked Lisa how many times now?"

Dairy Park

fetish StoneAngel 2018-05-17

The grass before her was wet with the sweet sticky liquid and still she was so full, her huge tits holding enough milk to feed an army of hungry, horny mouths. Emma smacked her lips as she watched me stroking my cock, knowing she would get to milk me dry when I shot my load. Grabbing her hair and watching every second of her cock sucking, I growled again and started cumming on her face. I'll never forget driving fast out of the park, Emma sitting there next to me still all sloppy wet from cum and milk, smiling at me with such a sweet grin, fingers still playing with her sopping wet pussy.