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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mr. Joe's Lipstick Fetish

fetish justbigjoe 2018-05-17

I'm not obsessed, but to this day when I see a hot woman wearing bright red lipstick I just want to shove my raging hard-on in her mouth and have her suck me off. I lost what little control I thought I had and shot my first stream of creamy hot sperm on her bright red lips as she pulled her head off my spewing meat. The more she talked the less I heard and all I could do was stare at her bright red lips and I wanted my hard prick in her mouth again. She was giving me another incredible red lipstick blow-job when I said, "You know this is something else we won't be telling my mother about!" She never called me Joey again.


fetish Von Hauffen 2018-05-17

I tried to ask him what he wanted, but it started to come out jumbled, and before I really even had a chance he stunned me by saying, "I hope you don't mind, but I saw you a couple of times walking around the store... I felt myself blushing again and even though I wanted to turn away, for some reason the two of us just stood there, looking into each other's eyes for what seemed like five minutes, but was probably two seconds. And yes, I know I was bad; but the thought of that young stranger pleasing me in my husband's bed, with his baby in my belly, just made me cum like you wouldn't believe!

Dear Abby

fetish Vynter 2018-05-17

My legal pad and the two pens are the only items allowed on my desktop, along with the corrective text passage above which Abby had typed and printed, before folding and standing it up like a wedding seat's placard. Abby delights in the humiliation of denying me any modesty, and especially loves making me scrub the floors on hands & knees while she uses her big toe to tease and violate my asscrack and bunghole. With that, Abby moves her foot from the bowl (without having let them touch the oil) and begins teasing my cock with her toes.

How I Learned to Dominate My Man

fetish 425olds 2018-05-17

I didn't see how anyone could take dildos of the size I saw in Anthony's videos anally, but he clearly wanted to experience the whole thing so, since money was not an object for me, I went a little crazy in my shopping. What I was after was to find out if Anthony could be both submissive and still want to fuck me regularly the way I liked and to find out if I could actually enjoy the role of dominant at least half the time. "What I am saying, Anthony, is that one of the things I really love is to strap on one of my dildos, and my man over, and fuck him in the ass just like the women in your movies.

Trapped - Jane's Tale

fetish lofwyrkp 2018-05-17

Jane tried to blink away the tears that slowly formed in the corner of her eyes, as she realized that she could remember all of it, all of what had happened to her, but even as she wished she were anywhere else, her blurred vision caught sight of **her** bag, her special bag, sitting on a shelf above her head. Jane had closed her eyes, her mind concentrating on the incredible feelings that the machine fucking and the new piercing were causing, so she didn't notice the nurse bend over and take out a fresh, clear, freezer bag.

Samantha Takes Charge

fetish BonViv 2018-05-17

"I love sucking your titties any time, and your hand feels so good on my cock." I love it when she shaves her pussy for me, and I eagerly began to run my tongue along the length of her slit, from the crack of her ass to her clit. I wondered what it would be like to fuck her while I was still blindfolded and had my hands tied behind me. Every time I tried it before, you always got ideas as soon as I touched you, but now with your hands tied behind you, I have control of your cock, and I want it to stay hard while I hold it."

The Boss and His Wife

fetish Britguy45 2018-05-17

With a four-month old baby, Bob's lousy salary and me not working, we couldn't afford a new dress anyway. I knew Bob would prefer me shaved, but I just hadn't had time to deal with things like that. I spent a long time doing my hair and makeup and then slipped on the little black and white dress. "Bob has been telling me all about the new addition." We continued to talk about babies until Mrs. Wilson arrived. "I know what the problem is, she said, "And I know how to solve it." She took a wad of toilet paper and as she extracted my left breast from my dress, which was easy to do, applied the toilet paper to the damp spot.

Kinky Adele Mummy Fucker Ch. 02

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-05-17

"Yes Mummy Adele, Michelle is my friend in college. "My name is Michelle Shehan and Im your kinky foster daughter, Mummy adele." Let Mummy Adele dress you up in Michelle Shehan's clothes. My cock was getting harder inside my Michelle Shehan's panties. Watch and learn Tony as I fuck your pretty wife Adele." I love you better than Tony, my sissy Michelle Shehan." I had now fucked Mummy and Daddy Howells and now it was Francesca's turn. Adele wanked Tony off as I fucked their virgin daughter. Francesca fondled my Michelle Shehan breasts. Adele stroked Francesca's hair and Tony held her hand, as we snogged with our tongues, exploring inside each others mouths.

Messy Sex

fetish Cordial 2018-05-17

"It's a girl thing..." Geraldine said softly "I was worried that the pills have failed because I was two days late already...and you've given me so many cream-pies since we started our holiday" she added, protesting slightly. Having pressed on Geraldine's bloody pussy, my cock was now glistening in a thick, red, sticky mixture of menstrual blood, pre-cum, and saliva. "You still feel so tight and juicy Dine" I moaned softly into Geraldine's ear "always making me wanting to fuck you hard!" She opens her eyes and we exchange gentle kisses, not realizing that cum and blood were slowly trickling between Geraldine's pussy lips and staining another spot on the bed.

For the Love of Gaia

fetish DallyG 2018-05-17

In a fit of desperate want, I move to your great breast and feast upon you nipple, sucking manically, your milk spewing forth rapidly into my hungry maw, as I continue to explore your tunnel of sweet mystery with my fingers, gaining in speed, in urgency...I hear you cry in joy and hold me to your breast, helping me empty your teat, my prick rubbing and lapping its love against your thigh, my fingers now squelching inside you with their momentum. I see the look of acceptance in your eyes again, taking me in with such maternal care and clarity, as I push and aim my manhood's head between your lips, you reach up and take a hold and stroke it attentively, lovingly, before rubbing its underbelly with your fingers, giving me ecstatic shivers and making the crooning sound of a mother attending its kitten as you lick and kiss my engorged balls.

Flashing for Hubby

fetish duddrwmn 2018-05-17

As he watched, fascinated I dribbled his seed from the condom onto my still naked breasts and began smearing it around my nipples and over my ample bosom.  With a smile he told me I could cum now and turned the vibrator on high, driving me into a frenzy of squirming and moaning as the intense vibrations washed through my clit and into my body lifting me higher and higher until with a wild cry, my body convulsed and a very intense orgasm surged through me.  And still the vibrations went on giving no quarter as they instantly drove me into another prolonged orgasm.  Gasping and shaken to my core, I cried out gripping my armrests for dear life as I was f***ed yet again to the edge my body jerking and convulsing until I was so saturated with pleasure I had to beg him to turn it off.  

The Automated Dairy

fetish msound1 2018-05-17

The anchor point went about a foot from the end of the room, then a metal pipe rose of the floor around it, surrounding the cable and moving up toward my neck and locking my head in place. A small voice inside my head gently reminded me that I couldn't hold it forever and it didn't look like I was getting out anytime soon, but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to pay much attention. I barely noticed the needle, and it looked like the brand was going to be a one-time thing, thank goodness. I placed took a tentative step out, letting out a happy little moo as I felt cool grass spread between my fingers.

Librarian Finds Long Overdue Love Ch. 04

fetish RVon 2018-05-17

"Well, what do you think?" Angelina excitedly asked Elaine and Lisa, like a teenage girl gushing about her first boyfriend in the girls' locker room. Tom went to retrieve Angelina's silver lighter from the table to light his lover's cigarette holder, but Rocco, who was about to spark up a fat cigar, beat him to the punch. And even though Angelina was being lit innocently enough by her brother-in-law, who only happened to be lighting his own stogie at the time, Tom couldn't help drinking the scene in and feel jealous. Tom couldn't help but feel both aroused and a little jealous, irrationally imagining for an instant Angelina suddenly becoming so sexually attracted to Rocco for lighting her that she proceeded to fuck him right there on the coffee table.

Pissing on Craigs List Ch. 02

fetish westvme 2018-05-17

Judy rolled off me and Tony put his dirty cock in my mouth and told me to clean if for him, which I eagerly cleaned and sucked the remaining cum out, then Judy mounted me with her cum filled cunt and said open wide, I gaged some, Tony's cum from her pussy had an interesting taste, soon Judy began pissing in my mouth and all over my face, what a dirty feeling, and when she was done I continued to lick her pussy, and Tony started sucking my cock, soon Judy was squirting in my mouth.

Alex's First Time (with a man)

fetish daveevans 2018-05-17

It was a few days before I saw Alex at the pool and when I did he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBums. Confusingly, Alex said that he enjoys watching gay porn but only if it involves speedos and admits to reading my blog religiously and evening joining this site once a few years ago. As if I wasn’t hard enough as it was after sucking off a str8 guy in an AussieBum speedo but Alex returned to my living room/kitchen/dinning room wearing a pair of black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. Walking back in the living room was wonderful, I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea’s, Alex was sitting on my couch wearing my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

Christopher Gets a Jeff-Massage

fetish LeslieBlue 2018-05-17

Warming several huge dollops of lotion in my hands for a minute, I then told him softly, "This is just lotion now baby, and it might be a bit cold at first." I began smearing it all over his backside, from the bottoms of the cheeks of his ass all the way up to his shoulders and neck. After a few minutes of massaging his upper back with my boobs, I skidded my giant knockers further down his spine, until they were just touching the cheeks of his ass. And with each circle, each nipple would come to his ass crack, and when it did I would take a break there and run the nipple up and down against his asshole a couple of times.

Learning to Love Pee

fetish PreviaWynne 2018-05-17

Amy slowly brought her hand up closer to her body, letting the pee tickle her palm. Lisa was going to come visit again in a little over a week, and Amy wanted to be ready by then and surprise her. She reach her hand between Lisa's legs and let her girlfriend's pee cascade over her fingers. When Amy brought her hand back to her mouth and eagerly sucked the pee off her fingers, savoring the taste, Lisa stopped peeing early and looked at her friend, who was acting so out of character. Before they left the restroom, they kissed so Lisa could taste her own pee in the other woman's mouth.

This Little Piggy

fetish M.A.Thompson 2018-05-17

"This little piggy cried ...wee...wee...wee," he licked the smallest one, "all the way," another lick, "home!" He closed his eyes and took Tammy's tiny pink toe into his open mouth and began sucking on it gently. Tammy, who had closed her eyes to enjoy the warm sensation of Cosmo's mouth on her toe, opened them and watched as he began licking in between her fifth and fourth. Her excitement building, she continued to rub his spurting member against her clit and in the moment before her own climax, Tammy grabbed Cosmo's foot from off her breast and brought it to her lips, inhaling his toes into her eager mouth. Tammy caught her breath quickly as Cosmo's hand grasped her nylon-clad calf and she felt his tongue begin to lick her stockinged toes through the opening in her shoes.

The XXXorcist Just TRY Not To Cum Ch. 03

fetish tevyus 2018-05-17

By now, my wife Cara's milk-making breasts were pretty well taking over her days. When I found out she was being awoken several times a night by her production, we started donating to the good people at the local hospital's breast-milk bank. That Sunday morning, while we sat and read the paper, she had both pumps going at full speed for an hour, sucking away at her massive nipples, while I got harder and harder. "Look, do you know ANYONE with breasts this size?" I asked her, as I led her to the specially prepared de-programming room. When dusk came, we were exhausted, but the breasts were down to the size of medium beach balls again, and the milk only dripped a bit.


fetish kirok 2018-05-17

She slid them a little lower, reaching all the way back to my ass and pressing gently on it. As the flow stops I quickly slide down her body and shove my tongue back inside of her. "You liked it." I slide one hand up to her head and bring her forward to kiss me again. She loves feeling close during sex, and holding her, pressing her against me always gets her off fast. I pulled her even tighter, one hand on her back, one on her ass, shoving my cock inside her as she hit her orgasm. She brings her mouth close to mine, but every time I pull up to kiss her she pulls her lips away from me.

An Intimate Encounter...In Panties.

fetish Pedigree 2018-05-17

"Your mom sure has a lot of hot lingerie, I would love to see her in it." I said my smile broadening all the while. g-string felt really nice and imagining Scott's mom Anne wearing the teddy made me so hot. "Oh yeah Scott, you are making me so hot." Scott's hand began building pace up and down my shaft slowly pausing at my red hard tip on each stroke. It felt amazing shooting my hot load against the soft fabric of the teddy and feeling Scott's hand through the material. "Sit back on the bed Scott, it's my turn to make you hot!" Scott sat back and I began stroking his hard cock with the open palm of my hand.

The Dance

fetish NightOwl64 2018-05-17

Like most boys at that age, my creative mind entertained fantasies that obviously involved sex, but only after holding the girl down, and wiggling my fingers all over her body until she finally gave into what I wanted. So I waited almost a month, checking her schedule each week until she was finally assigned a late shift -- Saturday, 3:00 to 11:30, one half hour after the store closed. As a final touch, I fastened a leather strap just below her elbows, so she couldn't even bring her head forward to look down and see for herself just how exposed and vulnerable she was.

Bigger Down There Ch. 07

fetish Andrea_E 2018-05-17

Running my soaped-up hands over Helen's curves and letting them probe her holes in the pretence of keeping her clean was an aphrodisiac in itself, and I could imagine some very long showers coming in the future. I knew for sure that I didn't want any barriers, and I couldn't think of anything more exhilarating than fucking with my best friend, and my lover who just happened to be her Mum. I was on edge all week, and I let Helen be even more physical than usual with me in the intervening evenings. Sam wanted to know how much I was 'doing it' with her Mum, how my stretching was going, how often I was letting Helen fist me, and my panties were becoming drenched.

The Librarian Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-17

Within seconds a streaming yellow flow of piss was squirting out of her cunt lips and splashing over the pages of the book. Melanie could barely believe her own eyes as she witnessed her golden piss shower shooting out of the base of her hairy muff and spraying down to rain over the open pages of the book she was holding up to her crotch. The awesome sense of relief as her piss flooded out of her pussy lips combined with the delicious sight of her pee shooting out of her uncovered cunt. With one last long squirt of pee out of her pussy lips and over the sodden book pages, Melanie finally finished her morning wee.