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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Humbling Hercules

fetish ThisGun4Hire 2018-05-17

On the other side of that paper was the studio audience, Debra Harper, the stage, and her. "Well, let's learn a little bit more about Mark." Debra Harper's eyes glanced down at the blue card in her hand every so often, but mostly stayed directly trained on Camera 2. He didn't feel like dancing anymore, but he was prepped by several different people before the start of the show: whatever Debra Harper says to do... "You're disgusting," a large, bifocal-ed woman wearing curlers in her blue-tinted hair, garbed in a long black and white checkered muumuu, screamed into the microphone that Debra Harper now held up in front of her snout.

Daughter Becomes a Cumslave pt.1

fetish SafeSexting 2018-05-17

Lucy watched as the man fucked the woman's mouth like a cunt. also a cunt...Does my little girl want to be a slut like her mother?" she asked mouth?...My little slut daughter wants to be a pig-cunt like her mother, so let's teach the slut...Now Lucy-cunt...Carl's going to fuck your mouth like it's slut." Lucy's mother continued to finger her daughter's wet little cunt as she daughter-cunt...Show the men you want to be their fuck-toy." Lucy's mother "Aaaarrrggg...Fucking cunt...Take my cum bitch...Uuggh...Little slut-whore!" Now...Lucy-cunt...When he shoves his cock in your little ass, you star fucking her face buried in her mother's cunt!...Fuck my little slut-girl! "Goddamn fucking SLUT!" Jim said as he pulled his cock from Lucy's ass.

punk meat

fetish Dreadheadlove 2018-05-17

He fucked my wet pussy and ass until dawn, and then some in the morning, i still have his cum inside my pussy from this morning. You know on my emotional part, i do have feelings for this o so handsome peace of sexy punk meat....i love him fucking me and biting my ass spanking me for hours....but beyond that he really is a great guy. Wedding, sparkling wine, pabst, and sexy d***k punk in his suit....i think i enjoyed fooling around inside the bar, in the back of the bar infront of, oh i dont know....40 something people. i think next time ill take him up on the offer of fucking me in waynes front yard in the grass haha.

Don't Leave

fetish Shanbabe4u 2018-05-17

Tina let out a short yelp and I quickly forced my tongue into her open mouth. And while I fingered her snatch, I opened my mouth and took in her cock, giving her a great blow job, or at least the guys say I do. I had her cock in one hand, Tina had one between my legs. Tina climbed up over my body and I gasped as she moved her small cock to my humming cunt and slid it home. I smiled and as I turned around to walk back to her, I played with the rubber cock head in my mouth. Tina gathered her legs up for me and I eased the cock into her snatch.

Pampered Chef Party

fetish nunya_damnbidnezzz 2018-05-17

Back to Mona...after I was stretched out and brushed against her feet I could not help but keep my feet right near hers. Mona kept moving her feet. I mean it didn't take me long to realize what she was thinking when she ran her delicate foot along the calf of my leg as she was speaking to the other ladies. My feet running along her body as she massaged and sucked on my toes. Mona told me as she unwrapped her legs and pushed me back against the floor with her soft delicate feet. When I was close to coming she started to suck and massage my feet. I definitely won't miss another party at Mona's house!

Hard Laced Ch. 04

fetish Learningfast 2018-05-17

The third tighter corset was styled with a distinct waspiness at the waist and to be worn for special occasions and as an "inducement." Throughout the measurement and ordering process, Sophie was excited. Christian opened the parcel and lifted out the first corset; the one in which he wanted to enclose her at this beginning; the long training model with waist of about 24 inches. Christian stood back and Sophie moved about, taking a step or two and bending a little at her waist. Quite soon now, he knew, Sophie would feel the full pressure of confinement within the corset; her body would react with internal adjustments; she would ask him to stop, he expected.

Taking Stock Ch. 04

fetish prettypolly 2018-05-17

I was still wearing black suspender tights over my hairless legs and my engorged dick still had the smeared stains of red lipstick near its base. Chris was attempting to look at a couple of guys trying out different coloured hosiery, but soon gave up and stretched out his legs groaning with delight as I proceeded to give him a good blow job. He was squatting over another guy wearing ripped tights who lay on the floor, he was firmly impaled on a huge erect cock which disappeared up his arse. As he said that incredible feelings rushed through my body and I sprayed hot white spunk long and hard over my chest and tights.

Lesbian Schoolgirl Enema Bondage

fetish bronzeage 2018-05-17

Doctors Hoseman and Buttkiss watched a large monitor, which displayed Rhonda and Joellyn as they sat naked across from each other in the interview room of the lab. When I was little, I couldn't wait till I grew pubes, and then, nothing happened." Rhonda spread her knees and looked down, trying to see something attractive, but it still looked like an unruly mass of hair to her. Joellyn moaned softly and closed her eyes as Rhonda caught her other nipple between her fingers and pulled, filling it like its twin. She looked back at the monitor to see Joellyn pull Rhonda's nipples between her fingers. Rhonda and Joellyn stood nervously shifting from one foot to the other, listening to Dr. Hoseman explain the two strange benches standing in the center of the lab.

beat down by a porn star- Sally D Angelo

fetish lilguy41 2018-05-17

“Well don’t just stand there a look at our tits...go in there and start making us some wine coolers” Sally Said slapping in the ass. They came with their men, trading each other and getting d***k on wine and Sex. Sally was riding a big black guy’s cock, stretching her tight pussy. She grabbed his armed and gave it a twist “Lick Sally PUSSY get deep in there….YESSS lower…higher…right there keep licking your little shit” “After I fucked this little slut in the ass, maybe I let You fuck Sally Tushy” She Said. “Come over her a suck my cock your little shit” Sally Said I see how hard your cock is, take every inch of my cock” Sally Said “That it you little slut...take Sally’s Rubber Cock.

Older lady busts naked into my hotel room!! Great!

fetish Valheru 2018-05-17

Anyway...sorry, that it didn't actually begin life as 'a story', so it's not correctly structured or anything, but rather was all inspired looking at this woman, who may not look remarkable to some people, but I think she still shows how older women may have just as much needs, if not *more* needs to sexually satisfy their lovely aching bodies....sorry, I'll try and cut the drool!! She stands there for a second, looking at you, then opens her arms out with a proud gesture, inviting your eyes to view her near-naked body, her female need to be satisfied still, regardless of her age, and taken to the crazy heights of wild bliss with an able man.

The Client

fetish humminglight12 2018-05-17

This particular client was looking for something very unusual -- he wanted a girl who would be perfectly immobile, almost statue-like, no matter what was done to her. An average looking man stepped into Ashley's vision, a smirk on his face. The client stopped in front of Ashley and started to pull of his clothes. The man didn't pull out until his cock had gone completely limp, every last drop of his cum drizzling out and coating the inside of her throat and mouth. Her client had gotten his earlier arousal out of the way and now took more time looking at her body. Ashley felt the man lean over and turn her head, allowing them to meet eye to eye.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 07

fetish AnimatedSocks 2018-05-17

Lexi carefully fidgeted around the bed, immediately having a mind to throw her entire bedspread in to the laundry before her parents came now, and upon getting out of it, those blue eyes turned to the digital clock on her dresser, the red lines piecemealed together to form the time: 10:14am Fri. "Why don't you let us worry about that, Lexi, hmm?" Tasha said, silencing Lexi once again with a deep kiss past her lips, the toeline of that sock rubbing up against her tongue, teasing as the teen let out a soft moan, and walked in an almost drunken stupor out of her room and to her car.

Invasion of the Buxom Babes from Planet B.B.W (Big

fetish 2018-05-17

"I am unsure Mistress, these seem like the men of prophecy...the ones to end your rule..." Mombie bent over Havana using her mind and whipped her several times leaving more marks on her round pale ass. "And let me guess there's a ship behind me isn't there." The President mouth open nods up and down, Dr. Shlong slowly turns and jumps back as he sees the ship door open. I am Queen Mombie of Planet BBW, we come in peace and good fortune!" the men lower their weapons and the President approaches them. "Lead the way sir." the President leads Mombie and the others away, but Havana stays behind to talk to Shlong.

Ruthie's Story

fetish susurrus 2018-05-17

Ruthie was moaning again at the feeling of her teacher's big, long fingers stretching her pussy wide, and closed her eyes for a moment to concentrate on the sensation. Nothing had been said in the room since Ruthie had been given permission to cum, but she was getting so horny with Mr. Smith's fingers sliding in and out that she started to beg, "Please Sir, that feels so good. Ruthie was delighted that she could make her teacher feel so good, and quickly took just the head into her mouth and flicked her tongue through the little slit at the end, making him moan even louder yet.

Out for a run Part 2

fetish 2018-05-17

Read my previous post to get all the details, but to highlight – I went for a run in a wilderness park close to my home and found a nice secluded area and got naked and had a very enjoyable time playing with myself, and than decided to finish my run in just my sports bra and large t-shirt – no panties or shorts. I put on my sports bra, t-shirt, panties, shorts and running shoes and was heading out the door when I thought – usually thinking gets me into trouble – I made it back from “my spot” yesterday without any problems why not jog to my spot without my shorts or panties on.

My Loss to Arabia

fetish paulb85 2018-05-17

As we drank our beer Abdul explained that he was a member and often came here for a "bit of excitement." He explained that his Arab friends enjoyed the Club as they could meet European girls discretely. "And if you were taken by an Arab would I have to punish you?" I thought of the room with the spanking bench and the Camel's cane in Abdul's club. After half an hour Abdul turned to Laylah and said: "You know this is not the sort of place that a good Arab girl should come to. Abdul continued: "Of course many of my countrymen would prefer to go with an Arab lady such as you as we do not think that English girls are so pure."

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 06

fetish black saphire 2018-05-17

Yes Darling, I just had my period and I know it stinks." Brenda said as she removed her period smelling panties from Dave's face. One more test for you and then you either get to fuck us or get whipped by us both." Brenda said as she fucked up and down slowly and tightened her pussy around Dave's cock as Steph draped another pair of panties over his face. Dave fastened his mouth on Steph's pussy and sucked and licked as his cock was ravaged by Brenda's clasping pussy. Dave's vision was blocked by Brenda's arse sitting on his face but he could feel the clasping of Steph's pussy on his cock and the trembling of both girls.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 04

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-05-17

He told me he'd just come home from the office, and that he hadn't changed because Erica said she thought they should dress up for dinner. "You know, if you aren't willing to do what it takes to please me, I'm sure I can find someone else who will," Erica said and held out her foot with her shoe dangling from it by her toes. "Damn, monkey boy, I thought you would like that, but damn," Erica said, laughing and looking pleased with herself. At dinner, the conversation was very low key until Erica threw a curve ball and asked, "So, Keith, what do you think of Gary?" "Well, that was complete crazy," Erica said after slowly walking into the room and looking at me from the other side of the table.

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 06

fetish Paradiggler 2018-05-17

On a subsequent babysitting evening with Brian, Elaine had decided that it might be a nice idea to throw the young man a bone, so to speak, by leaving some of her soiled underwear in places that they could be readily located for someone who may be looking for such things. Knowing Elaine as I did, I knew there would have been some healthy stains for the young man to enjoy and at the very least, some nice strong vaginal odour still contained within the interiors of her soiled knickers.

The Bet

fetish ksu328 2018-05-16

I unfolded the piece of paper and started to read, number one was that I had to eat my cum anytime Jen wanted me to, number two was that I had to take a gang facial from 15 of Jen's buddies whenever she wanted me to, number three was that I had to suck any guy's dick that she wanted me to, and number four was that anytime I was around Jen, I had to wear a bra and a pair of panties. As we headed towards the register, Jen said, "I am going to tell the lady that these bras and panties are for you to wear." She immediately started laughing and then added, "Oh cheer up Stubby-Dick, you deserve to wear bras and panties, because you sure as hell ain't no man with that tiny little thing you call a penis!!" She started laughing hysterically at me.

Sandy's Milk

fetish JaxsonCurry 2018-05-16

The next day I took Sandy and little Teddy home. were her two now very large hard breasts, small drops of her milk oozing could easily see her hand pumping long slow strokes and feel my testicles Sandy release me, lifted her hands and messaged out mixed fluids into her loving not just her milk but the feel of her very heavy large breast as back after laying little Teddy in his crib loosing her silk robe half way of her body with orgasm finally subsided and Sandy lay relaxed beneath me. eyes gazed at her heave breasts, my hands took and felt them. Please use your hands to milk my breasts while we take of each others

The Curse

fetish 2018-05-16

“Yeah, you fucking pussyboy, oh yeah, you’re a dirtly little fucker, ain’t ya, just a dumb, horny cuntface, lick up that cum, you don’t even know the fellow who shot it, but you love it, don’t ya?” he says as my tongue reaches the end of the strand. “You fuckin’ feel that, bitch, you feelin’ it going out of ya, you feel like a good little bitch now, don’t ya, well you’re gonna feel just as good when I finish with ya” and he grunts and slams into me and I feel the first jet of cum hit deep inside of me and then I’m awash in orgasm.

My First Day Into Womanhood

fetish Tiberius 2018-05-16

‘’MMmm, I like your thong and your scent is very strong my dear , I see that you body wants to play, ha,ha,ha’’ His laugh sounded nasty but i swear I felt more pre-cum escape my cock head and soak my green thong. Shit I thought now I know why he’s so big, and he noticed my reaction when he replied ‘’ Don’t worry my white male slut your my pussy now, no one else will fuck your ass but me’’ He then told me to slowly go up and down his long cock, I thought my inner tubing would come out as well. While this was happening the black French man used his cock to slide the cum on my face towards my open mouth as I let my tongue lick it up and swallow.


fetish Nigel Debonnaire 2018-05-16

"Let me give you a big hug." Outside the door, he took her in his arms, giving her a long bear hug, waiting until her body stopped quivering and relaxed. "You're not ready yet." The soft hands undid her skirt and pulled it aside and down, letting it fall to the floor, then he started rubbing her thighs and massaging her crotch through the material of her panties. But I'm dreaming of that big beautiful smile of yours, with your gleaming teeth and glossy lips, and how the first thing they're going to touch is my dick." He started rubbing her clit, moving in soft circles and probing the softness beyond.