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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Giantess on the Subway Ch. 03

fetish kathryn94 2018-05-16

"How do you feel, knowing that you're going to be featured on it next?" She leaned down and whispered in his ear: "With my cock deep inside you." By the time she finished ejaculating Jake looked like he was 9 months pregnant. She stood up to her full height with her cock still deep inside Jake. Jake held onto her hand with both arms, stood up, and pulled as hard as he could. When she came, she pushed Jake's arms down all the way making his hands touch the table. When she finally stopped cumming she let go of his hand and flipped the table, revealing her cock, which almost instantly started growing.

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 04

fetish Eosphorus 2018-05-16

Bonnie and Charlotte had a good day at the store, the online orders for the Thanksgiving-themed cupcakes pouring in. I'd wake up after Dan headed off to work, usually crossing the street and stopping into the shop to say good morning to the girls and snag a coffee. I bunked with Bonnie and Charlotte spent the night in Dan's bed. "You take care of both these boys while I'm gone," Bonnie said at the door, casting Charlotte a sly grin. "Take care of these boys while I'm gone," Dan said, trying to recall Bonnie's parting words. I slipped my shirt off and stepped out my jeans first, watching Charlotte and Dan kiss.

Eva's Choice

fetish B_Couric 2018-05-16

"So you want a little 'Gulp Fiction' tonight?" Eva bit her lip after she said it, smiling but kept her eyes closed. Matthew knew Eva had positive feelings for Ken, both on a level of friendship and maybe even deeper. But wouldn't you like those you little pervert." Eva flicked water at Matthew with her foot and laughed. "Do you like listening to the story of how another man put the moves on your wife?" Eva allowed herself to float on the surface of the spa, her breasts lazily jiggling on the water's surface while her legs dangled.

Caroline's Spider-Woman

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-16

Before Caroline delivered and installed them she had modified The Goddess so that the victim could breathe normally while confined in The Goddess' womb, a feature she had tried for the first time with The Lamia. Jerry wanted Caroline to produce many more copies of The Partner but without the sex-change ability, and to design more creations that could work with more than one person, either sequentially or simultaneously. As soon as anyone walks into The Room, the door shuts behind them and the walls begin to inflate, reducing the floor area and pushing the victim towards and on to the bed.

Me and s*s Another BJ Part 3

fetish stanlok 2018-05-16

"Well i have been thinking about your penis" she sais,"And i wanted to see how bigger it has gotten." Is it cool if I see it?" Luckily by then my cock had gotten very hard and i pulled back the curtain and there standing before me was my s****r but grown up. My cock exploded like never before as my cum spurted on her milky white tits and brown nipples. She smiled at me" Good boy and now to make up for what you did when you peed in my mouth, I want you to lick and swallow your own cum off my titties." I never tasted cum before, I didnt even knew you could.

Michael the Host

fetish kirakakash02 2018-05-16

The nurse took the stopper out of the vial and handed it to Michael. Do you mind if I see what's been going on inside of you and then we will talk particulars?" He asked Michael already getting things ready. The doctor began probing Michael's stomach. Oh, my sex drive has increased as well." Michael winced as the doctor hit a tender spot in his abdomen. The doctor felt around more and said, "It hurts a bit there doesn't it?" Michael nodded. He moved the probe around and Michael felt a little discomfort from the pressure the doctor was using. As the doctor left he turned to the nurse and told her, "Angela would you please make sure Michael is comfortable before you leave?"

You’re My Bitch Now

fetish KDG 2018-05-16

I then grabbed her by the throat and said, "look you little bitch, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, you know you want my dick in you or you wouldn't have teased with me." I then leaned down and started lapping at her cunt. "Call them I said, I have pictures of you laying on my bed naked and unrestrained, they would never believe you." "In fact, they will most likely consider it a case of a cheating wife that now has regrets and wants to make it look like a ****," I told her as I chuckled. I looked her in the eyes, reached behind her head and pulled together a handful of hair and thrust my cock back into her cunt.

Milk Ch. 02

fetish ep703 2018-05-16

I pulled her leash slowly and forced her head back so that she was looking up into my eyes, "Are you ready to begin?" I asked. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and inserted the speculum into her and opened her pussy slowly in preparation for the examination. Diana gasped as I positioned the tool at the opening of her cervix and slowly pushed it deeper into her. I moved the tool to the opening of her cervix and tapped my finger on the end of the rod to stimulate her in a different way. I stroked her softly on the head like one would to a favored pet, then reached down and took her collar in my hand and pulled her face up to my cock.

Susuruss Pt. 05-08

fetish Macjay 2018-05-16

Stephanie went in first, held open the door and announced, "TADA, please greet Kate in her new kinky rubber mac." Kate blushed a little to herself but did the rounds of hellos while her friends stroked the rubber surface and asked where she'd bought it. Kate gave a glass to Stephanie who took a swig, stood up and pronounced, "It's kinky rubber mac time!" She picked up the SWR mackintosh, touched it to her face, inhaled the scent and slipped her arms inside. Stephanie said, "And then the final confirmation that he cares more about this rubber mac than he cares about me came when I got home late from work and he was wearing it and masturbating.

Something's Aren't Taught in School

fetish acraft 2018-05-16

"Then, if you want cock tonight, you're going to have to earn it." He moved his fingers back to her cunt and began working it again. But, you're so fucking wet, that I'll bet that all you care about right now is getting stuffed with my meat." He let her watch as he stroked his hard cock a few times for emphasis. "Miss Ginny, why are you getting my fist right now, and not my cock?" He rubbed her clit back and forth slowly with his thumb. "Oh, that's right, Ginny." His voice went hoarse, and his cock turned to stone, as his hand passed her pubic bone and was fully engulfed by her cunt.

Hair Apparent Ch. 1

fetish belab 2018-05-16

Tim then lowered his head and started to spiral his tongue around my nipples gazing at the hair in my unshaven underarms as Mark put his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately. Chris had begun to kiss his way up my hairy legs when his mouth reached my hairy pussy he saw a moist spot and he licked his lips and pressed his face between my bushy legs at the junction of my thighs shoving his tongue deep inside me as I reached down and pulled his head closer to my wet pussy. Meanwhile I take Tim's erect penis into my hand and start wanking him as he bends down and buries his head deep into my sweaty armpits inhaling the musky aroma emanating from my hairy underarms.

Lifes Changes Ch. 10

fetish Scribler 2018-05-16

"The owl said that once a human said my nymph name I would remember it maybe I'll be able to speak of the forgetting as well." I didn't feel tired anymore I felt charge I said to Pam "Let me take my shower then we'll go to the computer and see if I can read you the passage I read to you yesterday." "Well I guess I'll have to start thinking of myself as one seeing I maybe one after all." Pam nodded her head and then I said "Well I better get out side before Jenny gets here and those works get here.

Smoke in the Air

fetish Lostinsmoke 2018-05-16

My cock began to grow and twitch at the sight of Dawn taking deep inhales and blowing the smoke into the air. Dawn was taking long drags off of her cigarette and was blowing the smoke down into my face as I tongue fucked her. I grabbed Dawn by the throat and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck your ass, my smoking hot whore." I removed my cock from Dawns pussy and licked her asshole to get it ready for my cock. Dawn screamed out in pain and I grabbed her by her throat again and began choking her, telling her to "Take my cock in your ass." Dawn continued to smoke her cigarette and would take longer drags the deeper I drove my cock into her pussy.

Prize Money

fetish MarthaD 2018-05-16

I knew he would love to see my feet in a pair of amazing designer heels, but I also knew he wasn't going to go walking into a shoe store with his $580 to satisfy that fetish anytime soon. Over the course of his life he's probably spent hours staring at pictures of women wearing shoes like these and imagining them ordering him to kiss their heels. Do not get my stocking wet and do not touch the shoe with you lips, I want to feel your gentle kisses on my skin though the sheer stocking." I want you to stroke your cock, kiss my shoe and stare at my pussy.

A virgin guy ~ A dom lady

fetish 2018-05-16

Often at night would lie awake wondering if her pussy was smooth and soft or if it was slightly hairy and worn in the way a well fucked woman’s pussy should be, he liked the thought of burrowing his tongue into her wispy folds as she came hard on his face, her bountiful tits bouncing as she crushed her crotch into his mouth. Just the thought of her pussy being where his cock was, was enough to send him over the edge and with one long stroke he spurted hard into the panties. Feeling her cum had driven him to the brink and he began to push his hips upwards his hands firmly planted on her shoulders pushing her down to meet his upward thrusts, his cock ready to burst.

BBC Throatfuck in Austin TX

fetish ammohot 2018-05-16

Today I went across town and got on my knees to get fucked in the throat with a huge black cock. Leaving it there while I made little gag sounds like, "gakktttppp..." and "ccchoaktttttt...!" I used my voice to coo and show little submissive "Thank you Massuh for the huge black dick...gakktttppp...ccchoakttttt...mmmm..." Because I know the millions of super-sensitive nerve endings in that cock, are very sensitive and can REALLY feel the vibration of my man-voice. I eased off his cock, and licked his huge smooth ball sack while I looked lovingly into his eyes. I looked into his eyes with that cock in my throat, and I saw them start to water, then got very red.


fetish SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-05-16


Hot Pregnancy Ch. 2

fetish pregnantlover2001 2018-05-16

A huge smile came over Alex’s face and his cock got hard as a rock when he heard the news. Alex smiled back and then went into the nursery and gave Jennifer and the babies all a kiss on the head and then he walked out of the room and downstairs. As Jennifer was sucking on his cock Alex went back to eating at Jennifer’s wet horny pussy. Jennifer stood up a bit and took hold of his cock and slid it up and inside of her horny pregnant wet pussy. Alex also told Julie and Tom that Jennifer had told him about their naked side and that they should feel free to be nude any time that they wanted.

Eat The Rich, Tame That Bitch

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-05-16

Who knows, we might even do something extra..." Katy loved making people feel like crap. I think that will all change..." Katy left just like that and Krista burst into tears. "You need to be spanked little lady" And with one hit, Katy felt her body thrust to one side. " She screamed as the man tightened his grip on Katy's hair and quickly plunged his middle finger in her tight cunt. To Katy's shock, the man unzipped his pants and let out a huge thick cock. Katy felt the man's cock touch her throat. One of the hooded figures showed a video camera that had been playing the whole time and another who was taking photos of Katy's naked body and her cum filled pussy.

Mica, Misty, Max & Mona Ch. 01

fetish rmlooker 2018-05-16

Misty then asked if Mica had ever had a girlfriend and she said no but had thought about it several times. Misty said she had sex a couple of times before her surgery and was very glad she still had feeling in her pussy. They talked very openly for the next 90 minutes and finally Mica asked if she could look at Misty with her hands. Misty reached out and took Mica's hands and placed them on her braced legs. Misty raised her hip and Mica pulled the brace from the upper leg and worked her way down. She spent a lot of time looking at both of them and she could tell the Misty was becoming aroused as her nipples got very large and hard.

Ask Alice Ch. 02

fetish lostindavoid 2018-05-16

Alice said nothing as she watched a couple of guys carry her living room sofa onto the set and put it down on a spot marked with tape away from the window, right where it belonged. You'll just make more work for Ishani." Joy gave Alice a long serious look, shook her head and then said, "I'm a porn star and I get paid big bucks to fuck on film. Joy smiled at him and gave him the finger and said to Alice, "You're fucking crazy baby is all I gotta say." "Okay," Hambone said to the room at large, "Alice will enter the living room with all the men from the Mauve club waiting for her in their underwear."

An Unwilling Captive Ch. 01

fetish thatguyforever24 2018-05-16

Hope ya like Pampers, cause I see a lot of 'em in your future." Megan blushed an even deeper shade of red and tried to hide her face against the van's floor, only to find her cheek resting in a puddle of her piss. While Leslie's face was covered, Megan could see her dark disdainful blue eyes, which lingered on the girl's body, moving slowly over her pretty blonde hair, to her bare pussy, to her piss-stained legs and feet. Leslie pulled her hair hard, causing fresh tears to well up in Megan's eyes. Leslie kicked the girl's legs wide apart, forcing Megan into a squatting position. Tom and Leslie snickered as Megan pushed hard, her eyes squinted shut.

Watching Pt. 01-02

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-05-16

He was a married man with a beautiful young wife Jennifer, but at times his memory and excitement overtook him and he had to visit the bathroom to be alone with his secret thoughts. Bruce had relived the following 2 hours so many times over the next 10 years as the man had encouraged him to go into the woman's house with him and he had felt her up in all ways. Bruce looked at Mrs Smith who smiled "You can visit us, if you really want to Mr Rees." But he was so excited about seeing them again he must have sounded like a grateful little boy as he said "I really really want to see you tomorrow Mrs Smith."

Mistress Puts Me on a Leash

fetish pantysissyslave 2018-05-16

Also this is not a normal dog collar, it is designed for slave puppies like yourself." She told me as she leaned over and clamped a lock in place so I would not be able to get the collar off, not that I would want too, but now I cant. Mistress Emily led me down the driveway while Mistress Janet stayed a few steps back and started taking pictures of me being walked; that made me even more excited as I felt the pre-cum drip out of me and get soaked up by the front of my satin panties. When I heard the door close I looked at the pole and crawled over to it, it was awkward to grasp but I was able to get it so it rubbed against my tiny cock and I started humping it very fast.