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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Galley slaves

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-05-16

The Overseer makes sure we row all the time... Yes, the Overseer decides which of us is useful and will stay alive and who won’t. It was the young girl who rows next to me... It smells of a****lic sweat and sex and female slaves down here. It comes from these twenty four female prisoners turned into galley slaves and all at the mercy of my prick. I think it’s panic that makes her sticky like that. She’s got small, delicate feet, the kind used to wearing sandals. When I finish, I’ll chain her to the feet of the bunk bed with the handle of my whip up her arse, in case I wake up horny in the night and need somewhere to put it.

The Bride

fetish Erlikkhan 2018-05-16

The first time Julie pulled John's cock from his pants she was disappointed at how small he was. Eventually Julie slid down his body and sucked his cock into her mouth. Julie was amazed at how quickly John's cock grew back to full hardness. Julie discovered that she could stimulate her clit by grinding it against the wiry pubes at the base of John's cock. Tim and Tom were twin lifeguards with bodies that looked like they were sculpted by Greek gods. Julie convinced herself that it was okay to sew a few last wild oats when John wasn't around. Tom fucked her face hard ramming his cock into her throat again and again.

Date On Wheels

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-05-16

I live alone in my own apartment, and I suppose people think of me as a bit of a nerd - in the last couple of years I've rarely dated, and girls don't tend to call me. "Susan", I asked, "you know we have the office party coming up next Saturday - at that classy place Evans has been talking about. I stayed at first with Susan, but it became apparent that she could manage quite well without me, so at times I strayed, trying to circulate a bit, or at least look like I was socializing. Just slip my shoes back on, please!" I did, and she lowered the skirt, rather slowly, as though she wanted to let me keep looking for a bit.

I love pink underwear (part 1)

fetish NoNonsense 2018-05-16

She gasped loudly as I slid my teeth over her under lip and I could feel her raise herself against me as her belly touched the moist glans of my swollen member. I stuck my hand deeper in her pinkies and spread her labia and felt her whole body shudder when I slid my middle finger in her wet treasure. I softened the pace of my lips and circled my thumb around her swollen joy button whilst fingering her deeper and faster until she arched her whole body and trapped my hand in between her thighs. She nearly bit my lip right before she moaned loudly and I felt her warm cum stream over my hand.

Emo girl comes out of her shell

fetish 2018-05-16

Sophie then looked up at me, leaned in, and kissed me again, more than in a friendly way this time. Sophie was wearing a tiny little thong, and I ran my hands over the bare flesh of her lovely bum. She then took my rock hard cock in her mouth, sucking it like a woman possessed. A few minutes wonderful sucking was all I could take, and I held Sophie's head, warning her I was cumming. I moved my head down to her tits, taking each into my mouth in turn, kissing and licking the nipple as Sophie groaned appreciatively. "It's been a great birthday so far" Sophie said "but now I really need cock"

Sammy Ch. 02

fetish mjmurra 2018-05-16

Matt could feel the intense heat and wetness of her tight mouth, causing his hips to instinctively move with Steph's motions. Matt could see her strip of hair disappear between her legs, could feel her weight on his hips, her hot, wet pussy pulling him in. Matt grabbed Steph and rolled her over, pulling her right leg over his shoulder, thrusting harder, faster. "I gotta pee." Steph slid to the edge of the bed, grabbing her shorts and panties and sliding them up her statuesque legs. Running the vibrator down her body, Sammy spread her legs, sliding it over her panties, up and down her slit. Sammy came hard, moaning softly as she clasped her thighs tight around her hand, feeling her pussy contract.

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

fetish footshrimper 2018-05-16

The bold contrast of the emerald silk complimented the delicacy of her own color, and as she swished her hair across her shoulders the shimmering camisole sparkled like freshly fallen snow, emphasizing the darkness and warmth of her long auburn hair. She could picture Virginia now, the silver and pearl rosette at the center of the dipping waistline, reflecting light, like a second navel, and that oh so malleable flesh of her perfectly smooth shaven and plump mound filling her panties so nicely. As the razor began humming with satisfaction, and danced across his skin the creamy satin matt of his shaved testicles quickly revealed his dark and rosy scrotum, so warm and soft.

Breakfast at Lisa's

fetish beachbum72 2018-05-16

I pulled my own cock out of my shorts, already achingly stiff and started to rub as I watched Lisa wrap her hand around his shaft and lick the head. I could hold her head perfectly still and masturbate his cock into her mouth until he was just on the edge of cumming or cast iron stiff as he was it was lovely to guide her face slowly back and forth pushing her just to the limits that her mouth could accommodate. David took the time to scoop some semen from Lisa's pussy and make a big display of licking it off his fingers. David had taken over, my cock in his mouth, dutifully licking up every last drop of cum before moving on to lick the rest from Lisa's face.

Pussy In Boots Ch. 4

fetish Natalya 2018-05-16

Helena kissed him full on the lips and then began kissing her way down his chest until she reached my pussy and Phil's cock. Helena stopped licking my pussy and reared her body up straight, where Phil quickly found her breasts and clamped his mouth and hands around them, gently pulling at her nipples. Helena sat down on the floor next to Phil's waist and then, whilst looking at him directly in the eye she took his full cock into her mouth. I looked over at Phil and saw that he had his eyes screwed shut as he enjoyed the feeling of another woman's mouth, teasing his cock, a new tongue running across and around the head of his cock and giving him deep throat.

My Girlfriend's Strapon Pegging

fetish 425olds 2018-05-16

It all started when she would rub my ass while she sucked me off which felt so good. Her beautiful curvy figure with a hard cock standing tall from her pink panties. "Tell me you love my cock!" Both of them look and feel very life-like. It thrills me to watch her working her cock in and out with such fervor. "Come over here and suck my cock, Bitch," she said. I usually have my hand under the strap-on rubbing her clitoris as she fucks my mouth. "Ooo, Baby, you really do love my cock in your mouth," she cooed. I tried to pull my mouth off of her cock to speak but she gripped the back of my neck.


fetish spice16 2018-05-16

A little bit of thought told me that Sara had spent the night at a friend's and was probably at work. Sara said that was OK, but I watched Leah and she looked like she had something specific in mind. She and Dave grabbed Sara, tied her to the ottoman, and gagged her. Before Sara was untied Leah took the tape out and gave it to me. Sara said Dave wasn't ready for any more, so I should take Leah! Sara told me to do it, then told Leah to push her ass back into my cock. Sara told Dave to wash his cock and come back. Sara gave me the camcorder and told me to get it all and she started whipping Leah again with the belt.

Drink: a Circle of Denial Story

fetish SlaveMasterUK 2018-05-16

"Oh, thank you, girl." Anira said, treating Ellen to a wide smile for the first time since she had broken the bottle. After a while she felt the faintest tickle in her bladder -- the large glass of water before leaving Anira's home and the bottle on the greens had made their way through her despite the heat, but it was nothing that she could not bear -- she could last a while. "Come, girl." Anira said after Ellen had emptied almost half the bottle, standing and making for the path back down to the greens. "You haven't finished the bottle, girl." Anira said, a tone of annoyance in her voice, as they left the trees and stepped onto the hard ground of the greens.

The Party to Remember (Part 1)

fetish kinkster1972 2018-05-16

“Hold him there”, said Shaz as she fumbled with my jeans and pulled them down, taking my trainers off at the same time. Camera phones came out but it was what Shaz had in her hand that shocked me. “Keep him there”, she said as she moved in with a hair trimmer. Laughed Steve, pointing at my cock protruding at a right angle from my bare, shaven body. A hand was firmly on my buttock, her’s I presumed as Lucy got on her knees in front of me and opened her mouth in a teasing manner, her tongue waggling. Shaz pulled out of me, my juices running down onto her hand.

Terminator: System Error

fetish GingerM 2018-05-16

A sudden, wild gust of wind was the only warning, and she seemed startled as the door suddenly slammed open, the glass smashing in a fan of glass shards across the floor. "Mission completion for unit S-X." A new note of assurance in her voice, she resumed her stalking pace toward him, hands undoing the belt of her raincoat which he realized was more nearly a micro-mini - he bet it didn't come down more than crotch-high on her. She moved suddenly, like a striking snake, and before he knew it, her arm had turned to liquid metal, binding his hands together.

The Enjoyable Robbery

fetish spankedpvcboy 2018-05-16

The assistant pointed to the corner behind the till that stored the hard drive.The intruder went behind the desk and pulled the hard drive out from its mounting and wiring and threw it on the floor, causing it to smash. The assistant and I went into the back of the store, encouraged by the intruder waving his gun at us. The intruder quickly looked around the room and took from the clothes rack a rubber dress and crotchless panties. What I hadn't realised was that the assistant had been f***ed to wear a pair of panties with a strap on and that strap on was going to go straight in my anus.

The Physical

fetish A_Nipple_Lover 2018-05-16

The nurse took my vitals and history and then left me to put on the ever so embarrassing exam gown. I was surprised when the doctor entered and was a woman, as my wife had not told me that. I told her usually 3 or 4 times a week, but honestly the lack of actual sex was becoming very depressing. Back in her doctor roll, she helped me sit up on the exam table, placing the blood pressure cuff back on my arm. But what I also had to figure out was how I was going to tell my wife that we needed to have sex more often "on doctors orders."

Harry Hated Halloween

fetish MungoParkIII 2018-05-16

The bartender set down two drinks for each of them and when Harry looked up at him he replied, "It's happy hour now, my one concession to Sonny's frills." By the time she let his cock slip out of her mouth, Harry had already started licking her clit again, so she rested her head on his soft cock and began grinding her pussy onto his face. Harry was amazed at how light she felt on top of him, thinking that he could remain like that for hours, however, not wanting to fall asleep, he waited until she was clearly over her orgasm and he turned and moved out from under her.

Fancy Shoe

fetish MungoParkIII 2018-05-16

The next customer was a lady who must have been a hundred years old so I figured with all the wrinkly, blotched skin, sagging breasts and skinny legs there would be no way I'd get aroused, but sure enough I pulled off her shoe and as I touched her foot to slide a shoe on, my cock quickly grew. I pulled up the little stool we use and slowly slid the shoe off her foot while trying to calculate the square root of two to fifteen decimal points. She then grabbed her old shoe, slipped it back onto her foot and said, "I'll take all six pairs in a five and a half.

All in the Family

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-16

"Mom wants a Coke." Now the woman stood by the man and looked back to the large grassy area where people had spread towels and blankets to rest when they weren't in the water. She let her eyes look up along the leg, past the dark green swim trunks with nothing dangling from the left side, on to the toned, tanned, bare chest. "Your Dad's...." Her hand moved in the direction of the stump then cupped over the end still inside the short pants leg. He stood and slipped his pants and underwear down along his thigh then sat and finished removing them "Oh-h," she cooed as she got her first look at his circumcised cock and short leg stump.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 09

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-05-16

But by now, my darlings, you have most of your accessories and have had enough time to feel comfortable with them. And isn't that thought enough to make your bitch cock shudder and twitch? Yes, that first pair of panties, only days, maybe even just hours way from being soiled, that is your gift to yourself. You are almost ready now, my darling cock whores. Not only will you know where it's going (and doesn't that make your spine tingle?), you will also give the greatest gift a boi can give to a girl. The tubing coming out of your cunt looks like a beautiful tail, doesn't it? P.S. Look at the bottom of the box, my darling girl.

Lost Sub Finds Stable

fetish mayjik 2018-05-16

It was explained to me that to this end, I would be tested the next day to prove my loyalty by continuing to wear the womens clothes to a bar and my mistress would pick up on another male to service her sexually. I thought it strange that when a man came over and offered to buy us drinks, that he sat next to me but being dressed in womens clothes just shrugged it off as he wanted to look at my mistress. I removed his shorts exposing his erection and my mistress sat on her cock and leaned forward pinning me with her weight.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 09

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-05-16

"I can't see there being any other possible reason," I told Jimmy, suddenly concerned the case wasn't really closed and that Detective Haggerty was tricking me again, using the smokescreen of having caught the real killer so she could get Erica to think she'd gotten away with it. This detective gets you to tell him about what happened last night, and after you tell him about how you and Ray were doing you know what with Erica, he brings three other cops in the room and makes you tell them about it. "Okay, so Detective Haggerty announces they've caught the guy who killed Ray and everyone picks up and leaves, case closed, but these cops want Erica's phone number.

Christine's Special Room Ch. 02

fetish NiteWriter 2018-05-15

Bob looked at Christine lying there holding her cunt open for him. Christine looked at Bob saying, "yes I love it." "I'm a slut; just a dirty whore and I love being used." I'm sure from now on every time Bob saw Christine, he would picture her naked with a gaping ass being a dirty little slut. "Fuck, she's aroused isn't she?" "I wish my wife would be a hot little slut like this." He began slowly rubbing it. Bob watched as I inserted the tube through the spread-opened speculum and into her gaping ass. With that Christine turned her head toward Bob. When he dropped his underwear a hard eight-inch cock popped out.

Aired Out

fetish BrockRockhold 2018-05-15

The stranger centered Jackson's body to the sideline, making sure his head, torso, and legs were completely parallel to the bench. The stranger placed a pair of his teammate's steaming socks over Jackson's nose and mouth. The stranger took a new pair of sweat-soaked socks and placed them across Jackson's mouth and nose. The stranger removed the second pair of socks from Jackson's face and replaced them with the third. The stranger would tape a new pair of socks to Jackson's face whenever she felt her captive had inhaled them dry. The stranger pressed her sock against Jackson's nose and mouth, using her bare foot to secure it in place.