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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

no touching dogging

fetish merlinnz 2018-05-15

There was an exchange of pleasantries and then Jane (not her name), said to my girlfriend “you don’t want to play, just watch, right? Jane asked if that’s what she wanted, and my girlfriend said yes. There was a pause when for a moment I thought she was going to, but then she stood back and said that she wanted to watch Jane’s husband fuck her this time. “I want you to watch it come out of me and just put your hand under my pussy to collect it would you” Jane said to my girlfriend and with had she positioned herself between Jane’s legs and did as she was told.

The Past

fetish DieterSchaumer 2018-05-15

I wanted to look my best as I said goodbye to scrawny, skittish, geeky and sentimental Mark Shapiro of old. Hollie hove into view, almost completely covered up by a long rubber raincoat, somewhat like a mackintosh. You've been thinking about her like you did about Hollie, except Ardwen hadn't, and won't, fuck it up. "Ardwen" looked a little off with the staring eyes, but... Though Ardwen's glass eyes were open, I could see Hollie had closed hers underneath. Eventually we detached and "Ardwen" gave me a warm smile- but it was Hollie's voice that first spoke. For a time, I just sort of stood there, confused, as the she wolf occaisonally looked at me before returning to position.

Wet Panties Please!!

fetish neddone 2018-05-15

My girlfriend loves me to lick her through her panties until she comes on my tongue, then she will take them off, sit astride me and slowly impale herself on my hard cock whilst teasing me by holding the gusset of her soaking wet panties just above my nose. I know you are going to say that I should have stayed up and seen if I could have taken advantage of Lisa while she was drunk, but to be honest, I didn't think I would stand a chance with her, so I was just counting on being able to get hold of a pair of her freshly worn panties. I closed my eyes and pressed Lisa's panties onto my nose and began to slowly rub my cock with Vicki's while sniffing and licking Lisa's.

Keeping up with the Neighbors

fetish Billyglide 2018-05-15

Marcy told Nancy that her husband, Jeff, often eats her out after he cums in her. Nancy told Marcy, "It's sounds so nasty!" She went on to tell Marcy, he loves to eat me before sex, but after would mean he's be tasting his own cum. I said, "That's pretty nasty, I love to eat your pussy, but I don't know if I could do that." Nancy said, "Marcy says she loves it, and it makes her cum harder than she ever has before, please just think about it. I went back to licking and sucking her bald pussy, and said, "I love you, I'll think about it." She kissed me again, giggled, and said, "You smell like my pussy after we fuck all night."


The Doctor Visit

fetish SecretsofChar 2018-05-15

I can't believe I have to go waste my time in a doctor's office like everybody else just to get a stupid insurance form signed off on. The doctor tells her, 'please stand up and walk to door, turn around and then walk back to the wall by the examining table'. She tries to scream, the doctor leans in to her ear, 'it's lunch time, the office is closed and those 'bitches' up front? Tracing her labia with his fingers, he dips into her soaking wet pussy and reaches up to choke her with his fingers down her throat, she tastes her own cum and she chokes and feels she'll pass out.

Naughty Peeing with Lily

fetish C4rwyn 2018-05-15

Throughout the ten-minute journey she alternated between crossing and uncrossing her legs in as ladylike a manner as possible, complaining to me that I hadn't let her use the bathroom at the school, and giving me a rapid-fire synopsis of the IntSoc social at which she'd met Ulrike, and how there was a Dutch guy there that turned out to be a housemate of someone on her English Lit course, and how /they'd/ met each other because they'd both been giving out leaflets for - no, wait, that was a different guy, the Dutch guy's housemate was a first year who was staying in a residential flat and not in halls because he was a vegetarian and he didn't like the meal options they had in halls and so anyway, the Dutch guy knew Ulrike's friend who was the IntSoc treasurer although actually Lily didn't think she was a very good treasurer and oh my goodness why didn't I let her use the bathroom this is so embarrassing...

A True Slut Ch. 02

fetish ArminiusMerivale 2018-05-15

I've only been growing wet and awaiting your massive cock," Tori said easily, her pussy growing wetter as she spread out her thighs a little, revealing her juices. With one more thrust, Tori's master removed his cock from her throat, a thick trail of saliva following from her mouth and his cock creating a thick, gooey line of drool that connected his cock head to her smeared lips. With a little smirk on his face, Tori's master easily stuffed two of his thick fingers into her pussy, causing her to buck around and moan, releasing a week's amount of love juice. Thrusting faster and faster, Tori's master let out soft pants, some small moans following as his large cock began to increase in pleasure.

Mother in law arse licker

fetish maytoseptember 2018-05-15

Over the years I must have spent hours wanking over her, sniffing and licking her used panties and most wonderfully drooling over photos of her naked that I found one day whilst going through her bedroom cupboards. I took her panties in my hand and obediently licked away at the 2 brown streaks, tasting her most intimate excretions. “Now I want you to come and lick my arse until you make yourself cum.” “Now you can clear off, but when I call you had better come running and from now on when you are in my bathroom I want my knickers cleaned thoroughly with your lips and I want lots of spunk left for me, understand?”


fetish joeblack1985 2018-05-15

So, I unzipped his pants and pulled his dirty old man cock out. I knew he was about to squirt hot cum into my mouth when he started grunting and shoving his cock into my mouth. His hot dirty old man cum squirted first into my mouth, and then all over my face as I pulled my mouth off of him. He was shoving it all the way in so that I could feel one of his saggy old balls going halfway inside my pussy lips. Then, he pulled out and shot some more hot cum on my pussy lips and clit, and I had a shuddering orgasm and squirted all over him.

We Play with the Foreign Language Student

fetish DiggerDave 2018-05-15

We took all breakfast together in the mornings before I went to work and observing them it was obvious from the knowing looks and jokes that Erik and Sue were building up quite a rapport together. The squeaking bed springs became louder and louder and Sue's moans were becoming more guttural -- she was obviously having a good time. Sues pussy was really gaping wide open -- still stretched from the cock that had been recently sliding its way deep inside her. I pushed him onto his back and straddled him and lowered my pussy slowly down onto his cock until he slipped all the way in, feeling him stretch my lips apart and filling me up inside.


Back at the dentist......

fetish simonenglish 2018-05-15

I want some of that" I just continued to sit there and look at her before I finally said "Well, you certainly have the same effect on me as Jo does" as I slide away from the table allowing Laura to see the buldge in my jeans. Laura was still in her sheer pink underwear so I pulled her thong to one side and like an sex deprived a****l, slammed my cock into her wet pussy. I groaned as I emptied my cock, balls deep into her pussy and held myself there until I had gone soft and Laura had cum again by grinding against my shrinking dick.

A Kinky Evening of Fun

fetish Marabunta 2018-05-15

She fondles his balls, as she slowly takes the tip of his cock into her mouth and gently bites and sucks on him, after a few minutes she stops and lay's back on the bed, she spreads her legs and tells him to get to his knees and start pleasing her. He then lifts her legs onto his shoulders exposing all of her and sticks his tongue in her, as he takes her whole pussy in his mouth, he can feel her tensing as another orgasm starts to grow. Every time she pushes into him with the feel-doe it rubs against her clit and when she pulls out it presses against her g-spot getting her all worked up again.


A Girls sexual perversions, around Edinburgh.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-05-15

I am completely naked and the man knocking on my front door, has been waiting until my husband left, now he is here to have me and fill the void vacated by my husband, fuck me in my marital bed and satisfy my lusting for men, something I have perfected all the way back to my marital night, when the best man took me as my husband lay u*********s, in our bridal suite, he did the honers, and opened my eyes to the joys of extra marital sex. History was repeating itself, like it did on that first day with the man masturbating to me, as I showed him, now it was the best man's turn, only this time, he was taking his cock out to fuck me, as I lay there, with my legs wide apart, awaiting my consummate penetration.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 04

fetish Surprise1997 2018-05-15

I started moving my mouth back a forth on his cock while I squeezed and stroked the thick shaft. "Don't swallow, just keep his cum in your mouth Aaron!", screamed Jennifer. As I pulled away from Ryan's cock, a little more cum dribbled out of my mouth. I used my mouth and tongue to push Ryan's hot cum into Jennifer. My 7 inches impaling Jennifer while we stroked Ryan; her hands on his shaft while I tugged the upper half of his huge cock. Ryan and I leaned in to her face and we all kissed as Jennifer's pussy juices exploded. Scooping up as much as I could, I spread it onto Ryan's cock before Jennifer took him in her mouth.

Navy Shiandras Dominance of Subordinate Ranking

fetish AmaturePhotographer 2018-05-15

fat black lips gave my pussy a wet, open-mouthed kiss. girl," she was pointing at her fat black pussy, "you know you want it baby, "Just what I thought, all you stupid white pussies love the way Shi takes "Don't worry baby, you're going to get daddy's big black dick," Shi assured Shi's big hands opened my butt cheeks and start to rub my aroused pussy Then I felt the cold tip of Shiandra's "Daddy dick" being rubbed "Does my white whore want Daddy's black babies now? white whores want their black daddy to knock them up," Shiandra was smiled at my contorting form as I climaxed on Shi's big ass-fucking dildo. Shiandra ordered Dino and Jim to eat each others cum from the bed sheets

Richards "Little" Problem

fetish Porky_Pig 2018-05-15

On the third day, Julie had allowed him to attain that point of no return, but as Richard started to spew the first stream of his ejaculate, she released Mr. Happy and said, "from now on, if you can't make it to ten, then I will ruin your orgasm so that you will be drained without satisfaction." poor Richard had been devastated. Her young beautiful body made his legs wobbly; her lilting, teasing, deep sexy voice made his heart beat faster; her swaying gait made him want to undress her right that minute; her exquisite fragrance made butterflies flutter in his stomach; and on the rarest of occasions when Linda would brush gently against poor Richard, Mr. Happy almost blew his load in his pants.

Kink Wrestling League Match 01

fetish mrchubbs2017 2018-05-15

There was a collective groan from the people watching see Alisa sitting there with a leg draped over the petite Christy smiling. Alisa laughed as she climber outside of the ring and stood over Christy who was getting to her knees. "Have a good look at that tight little pussy." Alisa said to the men and women sitting at the table humiliating Christy. Alisa smile at the women at the table hearing them talk about how sweet Christy's pussy must taste. "Have a taste for yourself." Alisa said as she pushed a finger inside Christy and moved it in and out a few times. Christy saw her opportunity, she dropped down putting her arm between Alisa's legs and pulled her back over her own body into a schoolgirl pin.

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 04

fetish curriousmatt1 2018-05-15

Our anniversary is only a few weeks away and I know S is planning something special, but the rules do not permit me to ask or mention it, but that is the future and my thoughts are turned towards this evening as S has permitted Mike and I to play alone tonight, well I say alone, S will be there directing our pleasure. I hope I get his cock filling my hole, the mere thought of it is already giving me a raging hard on and my ass is on fire as it continuously contracts around the butt plug, held tightly with a latex thong, which S inserted there this morning.

Private Audience

fetish NaughtyDog777 2018-05-15

I've seen this woman rush into a decrepit building and snatch women and children, dragging them to safety during day time firefights with rag tag militia, but never seen the pain in her eyes that welled and gleamed when she talked about her babies. I pressed my hand into the small of her back, pinning her against my chest while I ran my fingers through her hair, soft and yielding as spun silk. My knife found the edge of her shirt, just above her navel and ribbed through the fabric in a single stroke, exposing her firm and excited breasts beneath. We sat there for what seemed like a blissful eternity, kissing each other and peeling the art work from her skin with precise motions of my knife.

Kim & Kate Ch. 01

fetish cuckoldwishes 2018-05-15

Kate told me once that if she ever saw Kim outside of the classroom she would punch her in the face. When I came in my wife's mouth I was thinking about sinking my cock into Kim's tight pussy. Once Kate had finished I sent her to the kitchen to make dinner while I talked to Kim. It was time to take this to the next level. After we broke off the kiss Kim asked "So when do you want to start that other thing." She had a devilish look on her face. I text Kate ahead of time and told her to go into the guest room and don't come out.

Fat Sharon's Fun Alone Ch. 01

fetish JulesEngland 2018-05-15

It wasn't long before Sharon found herself crossing and un-crossing her legs and pressing her thighs together as she gorged herself with food: what had started off as breakfast had become something more, much more; but hey, today was her special day, she had lots of time and didn't feel the need to limit herself to just one or two portions of Toast, Cereal, Cake, Coffee or Chocolate. It wasn't long before the aroma of her ladycum joined the scent of her piss and Sharon fetched her favourite purple toy from a Drawer and pushed it firmly up her wet fanny; before switching it on and adjusting her big knickers and her leggings to hold it in place.

Breaking The Seal

fetish Liam_Daily 2018-05-15

I want to know him again." Peter looked his young cousin over; the sincerity in her eyes was killing him, and it made him feel both guiltier about the way things had ended and nostalgic for the three idyllic months—three of the best of his life—leading up to that unfortunate moment. The arm Peter had used all this time to hold them both in the air was starting to shake; with a last burst of effort and with his cousin's legs still firmly wrapped around him Peter thrust them both back and to the side so that Peter landed on his back in the sand and Katya, her legs unwrapping at just the right moment, landed straddling on top of him, her cum-coated ass and his equally sopping hand untouched by the sand that would have stuck unwanted to them.

A Gift From God

fetish NTRmaster 2018-05-15

"Tara," the doctor said with sympathy, "I need to do some checks on John, and I think it would be best for the moment if you didn't watch. I know that you're fully conscious and aware, but can't move or express yourself." I was actually glad for a moment, because the doctor knew I was doing better than he was just saying to Tara. "I don't know how a lesser man like you got her," the doctor continued, "but it's time to right that wrong. "This book I'm reading," Tara said, "says that a person in a coma can sometimes still unconsciously understand things they hear even if they won't remember it and they don't have any conscious understanding of it.

Room for Rent

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-15

Yours too." I stare between her thighs and for the first time imagine what it looks like for two people, each with one leg, to make love. "I love Sam, but I adore the feel of a woman." Her hand slides lower and fingers fill my slit. "I love the way you leg feels as if it is not there," he groans letting his hand rub over the folded hip. It was like a nice long vacation, you know." Sam chuckles a few times. I feel comfortable leaving the bedroom door open and listen to the muffled moans of Rachel being fucked long and hard by Sam's wonderful tool and eventually fall asleep.