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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

MFM story

fetish malesub01 2018-05-15

Mark had said that I should ask my friend if he would be interested in joining us for some threesome action. We chatted about it over drinks and Mark told my friend that he could see immediately that he was attracted to me. Mark and my friend sat close together as they knew I wanted to suck them both and play with their cocks for a while. Mark said, ‘she’s so fucking good at sucking cock isn’t she?“ My friend turned and answered Mark, while gently holding my head on its way back down his cock, “Oh yeah. To feel two cocks in your mouth, fat, veined, touching and rubbing together, is just so fucking hot.

Nicky Takes Charge Ch. 03

fetish gomorrah 2018-05-15

I managed a sideways look at Nicky, who had now laid on the sofa on her back with one leg up on the back of the sofa, and her fingers working furiously in and out of her pussy as she watched Mark fucking my mouth. "I hope you've got more left in you..." She said, looking into Mark's eyes, before tongue kissing him again, and beginning to stroke him back to full hardness straight away. "Now. For this to be just right, I need you to put these on!" Nicky ordered, reaching into the top drawer and handing me what looked like padded leather wrist restraints.

The Scarlet Chronicles Pt. 01

fetish scarlet_letter87 2018-05-15

"That is not Dr. Rute's preferred method of obtaining temperature, the rectum gives a far more accurate reading." Brenda was practically grinning as she saw Scarlet's face widen with terror. Her belly felt like it was going to explode and she begged Brenda to let her release. Brenda instead made a point of setting a timer for 10 minutes and hanging it off the shower head so it was right in front of Scarlet's face. "Alright, Miss Scarlet, these will all be going in your gluteus maximus, but I'll leave the choice to you as to whether you want them all on one side or spread out, but decide quickly," Brenda commanded.

Mistress Pushes My Boundaries

fetish missdotti 2018-05-15

She dances right on the line between discomfort and abuse of power, but she would never hurt me, so I take deep breaths to calm my heart rate while I obey her command to strip. I reach down and grab my cock in my hand, but avoid looking at my Mistress. I felt the head of my cock brush up against something soft, and heard the tiniest gasp come from Mistress. She is entirely turned on by watching me, and the soft thing my cock was brushing up against was the opening to her sweet pussy. I stroked harder and faster, watching her face as she, too, came closer to orgasm. Mistress loves to push my boundaries, but she does so in a way that awakens my gratitude.

Hookers Ch4

fetish panteeluvr 2018-05-14

I asked if I could lick her bum, and she was a bit grossed out but said I could for more money, I agreed and she bent over and spread her firm little cheeks apart. I told her I actually liked to be fisted and she laughed and got up and went to her bathroom and came back with some lube. She asked if I was close to cumming, and when I told her I was, she sped up the pace of her arm, fucking me hard, punching my prostate! The pain made me shoot even more cum and just as I was finishing my orgasm she pulled her fist out of my gaping ass and punched me as hard as could in my balls!

My Gym Teacher Ch. 02

fetish Julie20 2018-05-14

While I had been speaking Alex had levered the top off the treacle tin and, as I finished, she held it upside down over his head so that, very slowly, treacle began to run over his hair and down his face onto his naked body. Fran and I now pulled our leotards down and off leaving us in just little cotton briefs which we very slowly removed and then we stood giving Terry a clear view of our nude bodies and pubic fuzzbushes which we pushed out towards him. At the same time Alex picked up a pair of her lilac briefs which had slipped from his body onto the floor and she pulled them onto his head like a hat.

Schooling the Stepford Husband Ch. 02

fetish jane marwood 2018-05-14

As Constance Marchbank looked around, her eyes rested on Jessica who was comfortably seated in one of the easy chairs and was talking quite earnestly to the young school doctor. Constance watched the blushing young boy, ensuring that he was standing exactly in the way that she had instructed. "Now I am just going to lift your tee shirt so it doesn't get in the way." Constance quickly looked at the young doctor as Jessica slipped her fingers under the short tee shirt that the boy was wearing. She could see the look of amusement on the doctor's face as Jessica sensuously slipped her fingers under the tight material and slowly pushed it up, letting her fingertips play upon his nipples as she left it stretched across his chest just underneath his armpits.

A Consenting Adult

fetish LankM6782 2018-05-14

She wasn't built like a model, but she had a beautiful face, and she was round in all the right places. There was Lindsay, standing in front of my glass patio doors facing out of the living room, completely naked and in full view of anyone who might happen by. She grabbed me by the hair on my head and jerked my eyes up towards hers and got right in my face. But, since you understand, if you promise to be a good little bitch, then I'll let you sit here." There was that phrase again. Slowly, she began peeling their clothes off and soon they too were naked like my Lindsay.

If Women Ruled The World Ch. 01

fetish chronoxxx 2018-05-14

A stern Female voice suddenly crackled through on a loud speaker above where I was sitting, "You must focus on the material before you, or you will void the test, resulting in an automatic zero score." The scene vanished after 5 minutes and a new scene appeared with what initially looked like a man and a Woman. Mistress Nehru continued, answering my unspoken question, "That places you in the rank of sissy." This is coupled with your results on the Aptitude and Sexual Identity test you did about 25 minutes ago. In that test you showed uhm, a high degree of sexual arousal to the blonde Female which was only surpassed by your intense reaction to the transsexual Woman..."

The Good Samaritan

fetish shawnavinyltv 2018-05-14

I step closer, not sure I'm liking her attitude, when I step closer and get a good look at her under her hat. "Yes, my car stopped running and I need to be somewhere very soon." She paused then added, "And someone who should be coming to help me, can't." Suddenly, I understood the source of her irritation. I was trying to sound like a big shot, but it was really pretty obvious, even an amateur mechanic would notice the hose sitting loose in the middle of the engine. "The problem is, there's a clamp that holds this in place, and it looks like yours broke." In a flash, she was in her car and I stepped aside to let her pull out into traffic.

Wet Bus Stop

fetish fmac 2018-05-14

It was definitely raining more heavily now and people were hurrying into shops that were of no interest to them in order to get out of it.She had checked the indicator which said 12 minutes and she knew that might mean anything up to 30 minutes so she was wasting time looking at the big bus map on the wall of the shelter when a figure came barrelling into the dry,almost knocking her over. She heard the hiss of the doors and she was spun round and bundled aboard the just arrived bus.The stranger had slammed down the right money for the driver who was staring at her barely covered tits.The four spectators had run from the shop to the bus and she was carried inside on a small tide of people.As she sat and the bus started to pull away she looked out of the window to see him smile and hold her discarded knickers to his face before putting them in his pocket.

Ultimate Female Massage!

fetish Bi_Siamese 2018-05-14

The object of receiving a sexual massage from your lover is a allowing him to explore the possibilities of orgasmic pleasure in ways you have never imagined. If you enjoy playing with toys let your lover know which ones you want to be used on your orifices making sure they are clean and ready for the massage. Both of you have promised each other to dedicate your time and bodies to giving your lady lover the ultimate orgasmic sexual massage. A woman does not have a prostate so are the pleasure that she gets from anal sex can be the feeling of being completely dominated or the fact that she is giving her lover the ultimate gift of her ass.

Mara's Milk

fetish PrincessErin 2018-05-14

Work was demanding as always and I would never say this to her face but she knew I was a successful defense lawyer when she first met me. Please." Mara kissed me to shut me up and soon our tongues were flicking and sucking. I could see the white liquid coating her fingers and when she squeezed her left nipple gently a stream of warm fluid coated the rest of the breast. My eyes were closed as I held her breast with both hands, gently massaging it. I realized that the harder I pressed on the sides of her breast, the more milk would flood my mouth. The milk flooded my mouth and each swallow just made me suck stronger and harder.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 11

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-05-14

"Come here Chloe," said Rose: "and this time I want you to talk to me." "Then lunch was brought out, and Dawes said: 'Everyone except Mason can have a toilet break.' The girls scuttled off as fast as they could: most of them had been crossing their legs for the last hour: but I had to sit and suffer. "In fact," said Rose: "next time you feel like farting I want you to lie on your back and draw your knees up and say 'Rose, I'm going to fart' and let loose as though you were in a farting competition. It must have been a relief to Rose when the call to Showers finally came, as I had spent the previous hour or so alternately twitching on my bed and pacing the cell like a caged leopard.

I was Now Truly Her Bitch Pegged

fetish 425olds 2018-05-14

I really like having you as my bitch, and I love fucking your ass, and your surrendering your power to me has sparked something deep in me that I'm not going to give up," and as she said these things to me, she tilted her pelvis forward slightly and pushed her cock a little further into my ass. "Show me how much you want his cock in your bitch ass," Monica encouraged me, and I started to wiggle more provocatively and tongued her more enthusiastically. But you probably want one in your bitch mouth right now, don't you?" and upon saying this, Monica pulled away from my tongue and after she moved out of the way, a hard cock was placed just in front of my face and mouth.

Meet My Busty Bride Ch. 2

fetish quad68 2018-05-14

Sandra's legs were almost painfully spread, due to the width of the table, her crotch looking unbelievably hot in her pink thong, the tops of which were now revealed, and extended up high, under her dress, now riding up to her naval. Her form was horny beyond description: her slim, spread legs, her pink porno high heels, her dreamy slit emphasised by her hitched-in g-string, her flexing abdomen, her arms restrained and back arched forward, making her enormous bust bigger and more extreme; her gorgeous face a portrait of caged frustration...I had to laugh, contrasting this image with the self-assured Sandra who'd arranged what may have been a series of private engagements in my absence with her flower-boys.

Sis Piss Ch. 04

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-05-14

I didn't think it was going to be a big deal, but Marion really didn't want Leslee or Kathy to suspect anything had happened. Leslee wore a shit-eating grin and Kathy stood off to her side beaming a wide smile, her face bright with enthusiasm and anticipation. As Marion and Leslee were lifting their legs on either side of Kathy to cross over, we heard voices and some laughing. Leslee and Marion were raising and kicking their legs over Kathy's, resting their feet on one another's opposite thighs, then raising their skirts as well, giggling all the while. "Fuck," said Kathy, "my pee got everywhere..." Indeed, she had not been able to escape her own spray the way that Leslee and Marion had; her crotch was damp with her own waste.

A Little Problem

fetish msound1 2018-05-14

I didn't feel nauseous, my breasts got even bigger and about ten times more sensitive, and most of the guys in my school didn't seem to mind screwing a pregnant chick. I knew there was no way I could possibly go without sex, so I decided to go with the kind that couldn't make me pregnant. As it turned out, they wanted to have a baby of their own, only Julia couldn't get pregnant. Apparently, there were countless horny guys out willing to pay a few bucks to watch horny pregnant sluts like yours truly get drilled. I wasn't completely successful, but even though a couple of guys at the club tried their best to knock me up again, I remained baby-free for a while.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 09

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-05-14

I blushed and sensed the overwhelming embarrassment Miss Jenny was feeling as Sir Tom ordered her to spread her legs wider and to press her slutty head against the porcelain tub floor. I immediately tensed as Sir Tom roughly inserted one of his finger's inside of Miss Jenny's eager and now lubricated asshole...He commented, you are incredibly tight back here slut. It was near impossible to argue with Sir Tim. I was blushing deeply and thought about what the driver was actually seeing in the mirror...there I was from head to toe with a wig, makeup, a black corset pressing my clamped nipples upwards slightly, my clit caged, my boy pussy plugged, black and red stockings held up firmly by the corset and finally, my red heels.

A night in oakwood with Karolina

fetish mickyr11 2018-05-14

Neil by now had come out of the car, stood next too Ray, wanking watching Karolina licking her vomit off his shirt. Pete now pulls his cock out and with out warning, just ram's it deep into Karolina's Virginia, he grabs her hair, pulls back hard. Ray can't miss this opportunity, he just starts to piss all over her face, she try'sputting her head down, but Pete just keeps pulling it back. Slapping her piss soaked face, as Ray's cock fucks her hard from behind. The girl's Melissa & Sharon loved every minute of it, saw hard cock's shooting cum all over the girl they dislike, pissed on her, filmed it all how she is now there little bitch in work.

Juicy Lucy

fetish The Needler 2018-05-14

Her face was broad with a smashed nose, cloudy blue eyes, round cheeks and a double chin, her butt has enormous, but the feature Frank looked forward to were her huge breasts. Throwing the belt aside, he picked up the hair brush and began hitting her tits with the blunt end of it several times, before turning it to hit her with the bristles, making her cry out in pain and wail. Pausing, he looked at the candles and wondered if he could hold out until he visited her with another round of pain, or whether he should pull out his cock at that moment and blow his nuts all over the woman's face and hair.


Pretend Self-Bondage (not a story, what I did toda

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-05-14

Today, while at work, had a strong desire to be bound and gagged. I was sitting at my desk, and the urge to be tied to my chair was pretty overwhelming, not even sure what caused it. Obviously, I couldn’t just bind and gag myself in the office. I clasped my legs together tightly, as if bound at the ankles and knees, to the chair. Next, I sat very straight in the chair, my back against the chair, as if my chest were bound to the back of the chair. I brought my wrists behind the back, and crossed them, again, as if bound behind the chair. Then I would go to the women’s room, get an empty stall and actually bind and gag myself for a few minutes.

Wedgie Fetish, an Introduction

fetish wrbsuperman 2018-05-14

But you can find ways to sneak them in, maybe a playful hug that turns into a wedgie, or if someone bends over and leaves their thong or panty line hanging out. I mean, the last thing you want to do is alert people that you have a wedgie fetish! You wedgie yourself and wedgie yourself, leave yourself in embarrassing jock locks or even go so far as to hang yourself by your underwear just because you're so turned on by the pain that's about to come and that you're such a horny s.o.b. that you'll do anything once you get turned on but you just stay at the burning arousal and can't quite push over the cliff.

My Punishment Continues

fetish azid619 2018-05-14

There was a sudden sharp icy pain hitting my face, I opened my eyes awaking in the morning to see my Mistress Chrissy standing over me holding a now empty yet dripping wet bucket, giggling. I tried to wipe my face but was quickly reminded that my hands were tied to the rack that I slept all night on, then I realised I was needing the loo, and not wanting to wet myself, I decided to ask for my Mistress's permission to go to the loo and also clean myself up. "Hm..." She replied thinking about it, "..That's a privilage you're going to have to earn, and you know it is morning so you know what that means, I'm needing a good start to my day." She winked and grew a big smile.