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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Self Satisfaction

fetish Nieve 2018-05-13

She took out her hand, wet her middle finger with her mouth, and pushed it back down, beneath the trousers and underwear, just below the pubic hair. She spread her legs as far as she could in the chair, and with her head back and eyes closed, she used her left hand, to rub her pussy up and down. Reaching down to wet her fingers with her pussy juice every few rubs, she could feel the sensation start; that tingling that tells you you're on the way. She felt her legs move in together, her lips close over hand, her clit became hot, her juices were flowing, and she buckled forward and back in her chair.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 11

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-05-13

A few minutes later she returned and after a moment I felt her finger again only this time it was coated with something and slid in with ease, "I'm just gonna get you ready here so that when we start fucking I can deliver my promise to help you build to climax, but same talking until I say." She moved her finger in and out a few times before adding a second and then a third, "Well, well...what have you been doing because it's only been a few seconds and I've already got three fingers in you with ease." About that time I started to gyrate my hips and thrust toward her hand, wanting them to go a little deeper like in my dreams.

Short Office Chronicles Ch. 01

fetish Sodomite 2018-05-13

I continued up the stairs to the bathroom on the 2nd floor as it got much less foot traffic at this time of day, and wasn't so noisy. Being fairly lazy if I am in a stall I will sit down to urinate, as this also prevents "footprints" on the seat as well, that the females in the building really dislike. I started to get hard at the thought of this beautiful, panty-less woman, sitting in the stall next to me about to take a piss. As I took my hardening cock in my hand I heard the tell-tale hissing sound as her pee exited her body. I could hear her starting to slow down as I finished my last few shots and milked the final droplets of cum from the end of my cock.

Thank You, Doctor.

fetish votumspecialis 2018-05-13

If you are unable to continue with what we are doing, you will say the word, 'Red.' I will ask you twice if you are sure and should you say yes both times I will remove my hands and any tools or restraints from your body and our session will be over for the day. Cindy's eyes widened, but the doctor wasn't looking at her face anymore. "I am going to add a third finger, Cindy," he said and he did causing her to groan. I want it all." Just then, the doctor pushed the rest of his hand inside her, her opening tightening around his wrist.

Different Type of Strip Poker

fetish TheMadWriter 2018-05-13

Those five pieces consisted of shirt, pants underwear (her bra and panties counted as one) shoes and socks (each pair was considered one) She grabbed her beer lit a cigarette and sat down. The game wasn't a long one so they usually took their time in between hands to drink a little more and smoke another cigarette. With both hands he picked up the little card table and moved it to the side and now stood a couple of feet away from her. I love how you suck cock baby." with that he reached around and used 2 fingers from each hand to pull her pussy open. Once they were totally soaked she took both of them in her mouth and sucked while stroking his cock with her hand.


fetish pcarter 2018-05-13

said she wanted me to taste his cock before he fucked his black cock and took it to the hilt in her hairy watching her fuck his black cock. was so beautiful, legs spread, cunt freshly fucked as area, cock and let her dress me I would be a fucking pubic area and cock I was so fucking horny that I lips, short black party dress that showed the tops of Marcella did look like a high school girl complete with wet cunts and hard cocks. My cock was ready to cum again as I saw men necking I pulled up my dress and let his hand enter my panties, cum from my panties, sucking my prick and I had a cock

passed out

fetish 2018-05-13

Jennifer, like Kelly, is very sexual and open. Kelly got ready and came down just as Jennifer rang the Kelly, so I held Jennifer's arm to help her to the Jennifer walked in just as Kelly had got herself Jennifer sat next to Kelly and handed her drink to her. When I got back to the living room, Kelly and Jennifer started to piss in Kelly's mouth. Kelly said that they got into the bathroom Kelly was watching to and had started to rub her pussy Jennifer looked at Kelly's pussy and watched as she After watching Kelly for a few minutes, Jennifer Kelly got on her knees and cleaned off my soft cock and then, seeing my gooey mess on Jennifer's pussy, Kelly

While You Were Away

fetish HeyHeywood 2018-05-13

This time, I wanted to do things a little differently. Giggling, you ask "Whatcha wearing, babe?" I put my hand on yours in reply, and let out a little laugh. "I want to try something special, so just lay back down and let me have my way with you." You lay your head on your pillow, and I straddle your hips. With my hands still on your breasts, I begin to kiss my way down your stomach, licking your belly button as I go past. I love the feel of your long, strong legs, and spend several minutes kissing and rubbing them. I slow my attack as you begin to settle down, gently withdrawing my fingers and kissing and licking around your pussy.

Long Days, Long Nights

fetish Reggad 2018-05-13

Not only did I help her with a paper (English degrees do have a purpose!) but she’d also set food aside for me on night I got home late from the office and didn’t have time to cook for myself. That’s the nice thing about being a foot guy; you can cop a feel off women you’re familiar with, without getting smacked. “You’re not awesome, You’re a saint!” (God I love Catholic girls) “And as my personal saint I’d like it if you blessed my anointed feet.” And with that she burst out giggling. “This is different,” She said folding her shorts next to her and putting her feet back on my dick, “Because you’re the dance floor and I’m the only one grinding into me.” With that she slid a finger against her slit.

Creampie of Jessica

fetish jdriver 2018-05-13

Jesse slowly pulled almost all the way out of her slippery wet hole, leaving a cool feeling from the room temperature against the slick film that her hot pussy left on his tight foreskin before he pushed steadily back inside of his new hot lover, this time pulling immediately back out and right back in again in a rhythm that caused her eyes to roll back in her head and an audible shriek of pleasure to escape her mouth. He tensed up, and in a fury of spasms that came one after another with each one sending a wild shot of pleasure ripping through his buried cock, unloading every last drop he could get out of his nuts deep inside Jessica's steamy, hot little fuck hole.


The Housemaid Ch. 08

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-05-13

Alex felt John Crawford's capitulation both physically and mentally as he moved his fingers inside the tight hole of the man's big, yoked body. Alex slowly released his tight grip pushed John to stand on his own, setting his hands to guide him, one on his shoulder and the other on the small of his back, to lead his servant to his place on the stool. Count aloud as fill him." Her hands skimmed over John's body and then gripped his ass firmly, opening the taut globes to display his hole. The fire cracked and popped, and both he and Annabel watched mesmerized as John accepted ten beads into his hole.

Out On The Town

fetish Hugme 2018-05-13

Now she walked over to him and she stood behind him and leaned down with her face next to his and her hands running down his chest and looking at his casted leg. He let his hands run over her naked legs and they looked at each other for a moment. He was breathing quickly now and he managed, 'I want you to be the one who will fuck me when I'm in a cast because I like it that way and I know you do too.' Her breaths came quick, her hands were around his neck and he felt like he was getting smothered and he wanted to move his casted leg but he couldn't.


Growing and Learning with Restraint Ch. 01

fetish lauramks 2018-05-13

Partner view: All this attention to her pussy and here he is caged and restrained from feeling his cock. At first he was not sure she would like him being caged but it seems that the pressure forced him to try new ways to get her attention and let him out. Each time he would pay attention to her his wand got trapped in the cage and increased the pressure and pleasure. Soon his cock was smashing itself in the cage as he pushed two fingers into her pussy and kept circling her clit. Her view: Slowing down and feeling the relaxation she now knew she needed to explore how long she could keep this attention on her pleasure.

Hair Apparent Ch. 2

fetish belab 2018-05-13

"I'm going to fuck you next," she announced and bent over offering him her wet hairy pussy or if you want you can slide your cock into my wet perspiring armpit and push it into the heavy pelt of hair their" Both of the other guys pushed their cocks into her mouth at the same time. I was sure that the boss would be turned on by the enormous quantity of hair in her bushy armpits as I got entangled in the carpet, which grew profusely in her unshaven underarms. As he looked down at her hirsuteness he could see that like the hair on her head, the hair between her long legs was thick bushy and black and was a real forest covering a much larger area than Tina or Rhonda but woefully less than mine and covered a much larger area then my own.

Ada's Vengeance | A Fated Thrashing

fetish LokiRenard 2018-05-13

Ada's eyes glittered in the moonlight as she sat crouched below the mansion of the old man they called Suro. That was before Ada had discovered what had happened to her father, how he had been banished from the hamlet, how their family gold had been confiscated by Suro, how her mother had been left to bear and raise her only child alone. I swear to god I will kill you!" She screamed as her bottom burned a deep red and Suro's old, possibly ancient palm seared her cheeks. "You came to me for this, Ada, you should have come earlier, it may have saved you some pain" he replied, slapping the tender skin on the inside of her thighs.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 07

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-13

From Laura's pussy slit and open pee hole was now shooting a torrent of piss which formed a high arching flow of golden urine. At exactly the same moment they both started to piss, jets of golden pee erupting from the end of their semi limp dicks and showering into the air in which the middle of, stood Laura Roft. As the golden deluge continued from the cocks of the two pissing Gimps, Laura's feet were surrounded by a growing puddle of human urine, its warm touch a delicacy against her flesh. As her two consorts continued to hose her down with their strongly squirting golden showers, Laura slowly turned, subjecting her entire body to their splashing piss.

Math Class

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-13

My mouth must have gaped open, or perhaps drool sliding from its corner that catches her attention as she leans back slightly on her long aluminum crutches and points with one finger at my face. I think 'we'll' enjoy having me in front." She giggles and takes the seat, the single leg extending from the knee-length skirt and the brown loafer resting on the floor, the ankle bare and nicely turned with a small anklet. Still lusting, I click on pictures of other women and all the ads read like the first, though a few are more specific about the kind of amputation or they are already amputees.

Anyone But Mom! Ch. 02

fetish DizzyDean 2018-05-13

When Bronwyn first arrived at the firm that morning, Linda Carmichael had shown her a particularly flattering photo of Hendrick that was taken at the office yesterday. "Bronwyn Amherst, this is our bright new prospect, Hendrick Colburn," said Mr. Masters with an outstretched hand. A puzzled Bronwyn smiled at Hendrick and redirected his attention to their case. Looking unimpressed, Hendrick replied, "It's an excellent place, but I've dined at better establishments in Paris and New York." Since meeting Hendrick 10 hours ago, she had all but forgotten about her demand for Alfie to call Trudy Carmichael. "Yes, baby, I'm going out Friday, too, so you don't need to worry about making dinner." Alfie was living with his mother rent-free, and he was a better cook than she was.

Golden Lust Ch. 04

fetish HypnoticGold 2018-05-13

Cindy even joined in the situation that took place with my sister, and called me over after Samantha had finished, to put my face between her legs, and drink her hot liquid straight from her pussy lips as well. Cindy isn't even wearing any pants, just a slightly long gray t-shirt & some white panties of which I'm getting glances at, as her round butt swishes left in right mere inches from my face. God I just want to bury my face in her butt I can't help but think, suddenly Cindy stops causing my face to actually bump right into her bottom.

Playthings, a fantasy: by Erotic7

fetish erotic7 2018-05-13

So that is what we would do,walk about with champagne glasses on trays smilling while the guests chatted to each other,background music playing softly. As we walked around we would be touched by wandering hands,by both men and women,our naked bodies exposed and used by the wealthy clientele. Then an anouncement is made,a surprise auction is to be held with us to be sold to the highest bidder for the rest of the evening. I can just imagine lying on one of those tables fully aroused,my hard cock twitching as wandering hands explored my willing body. The bidding starts vigorously and we are sold one by one,led away by the successful client to be used weather in private or in the main room so everybody could watch.

Shadow Dancer vs Super Michelle - Lions Eye Saga C

fetish Shadow_Dancer 2018-05-13

Super Michelle "AHHHHHHH....noooo...can't be" - she screams in shock and agony, feeling the cold cuffs locked around her wrists and ankles, her body stretched and vulnerable in the X-frame. Super Michelle " nipples....Ohhhhhh...please Shadow Stooooop" - she moans deliciously, her buds swelling inside the villainess mouth, the heroine body squirming in pleasure. her mind lost in sensual reveries while she feel the villainess lips on her nipples sucking, her tongue licking, her buds wet with her salive, her hot breath teasing the girl breasts. Super Michelle "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" - the heroine howls in lust feeling her body burn in pleasure when Shadow's tongue finally slip into her, the wetness between her legs getting more pronounced.

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 04-05

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-05-13

"Yes, it is the same shelf bra that I had on the last time I wore this blouse as well as when you just measured me earlier, but I unbuttoned a third button on the blouse to show you more cleavage and the high turned turned-up collar of this blouse fits so nicely around my posture collar, I think it really sets it off; don't you think?" Donna quizzed teasingly as she turned a full circle in her hobble skirt by taking those tiny one inch steps in those PVA ballet pumps. Ken walked over to the night stand and opened the drawer and again got something from it that she couldn't see because of her posture collar and returned to face Donna and said, "I love that muffle gag, it makes you look so much more helpless and it matches the blindfold you had on a few weeks ago.

Carrie Awakens

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-05-13

She did know, however, that her pussy was soaking wet and her mind was filled with the indelible image of a fit, muscular black man thrusting his big hard dick into her tight married pussy. Chuck moved up his wife's hot sexy body and sank his dick balls deep inside her molten core. She felt bad that she was texting Max behind Chuck's back but she found it hard to admit her new obsession to her husband even though he'd told her countless times that the idea excited him. She didn't like the salty taste of Chuck's dick and she hadn't sucked him without his asking since they were in their twenties but she ached to take Max's big beautiful dick into her wet, eager mouth.

Mother-in-Law Panties Ch. 03

fetish PmelCalTech 2018-05-13

But things changed after I decided to push through my fears and visited her one evening, in her sl**p, caressed her pussy through her panties and ended up having the best time of my life in our game room, ejaculating on her face, on her breasts and on her pussy (not IN her pussy). She took three of her fingers and slowly started to swirl my cum and her pussy juices together and brought it to her mouth where she sucked it clean. But as all comforting mother-in-laws are she leaned closer to me and freed my cock from the restraints of my running shorts and started pumping me.